Apr 302023
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Debt Rattle April 30 2023

Mark Chagall I and the village 1911   • Zelensky’s Top Adviser Threatens China With Economic Ruin (RT) • Poland’s Top General Has Some Unpopular Truths About The Ukraine Proxy War (ZB) • Medvedev Calls For ‘Complete’ Dismantling Of ‘Kiev Regime’ (RT) • Medvedev Sees No Point In Maintaining Diplomatic Relations With Poland (TASS) • Russian Next-Gen T-14 Tank Makes Ukraine Debut (ZH) • Merkel Says She Used Everything To Try To Prevent Conflict In Ukraine (TASS) • Europe Is

Apr 292023
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Debt Rattle April 29 2023

Fayum mummy. Portrait of a boy, with a golden pendant. between 50 BCE and 250 CE   • On War and Wars (James Howard Kunstler) • Russia Won’t Play By ‘Rules’ Invented By Anyone – Putin (RT) • Lavrov Points To Failed US-led Attempts To Isolate Russia (TASS) • US Helping To ‘Kill Russians’ – Zakharova (RT) • Western Arms May Not Be Enough, Ukrainian Troops Tell NYT (RT) • ISW: Ukraine Can Expel Russian Troops From Country With Counteroffensives

Apr 282023
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Debt Rattle April 28 2023

Edgar Degas Danseuse au Tutu Vert 1887   • Ukraine Peace Talks – A Grown Up Is Taking Charge (MoA) • Complicated Ukraine Crisis Must End By Negotiations – China (TASS) • Kremlin Explains Which Contact With Kiev Is ‘Welcome’ (RT) • China Shifting Away From Dollar In Cross-Border Transactions (RT) • FBI Claims China Has 50x More Hackers (RT) • De-Dollarization Kicks Into High Gear (Pepe Escobar) • Mr. Lavrov’s New York Shuffle (Pepe Escobar) • West No Longer

Apr 272023
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Debt Rattle April 27 2023

Pablo Picasso Woman sitting in a armchair 1910   • Pentagon Top Brass Pleased With Carlson Exit – Politico (RT) • Tucker Carlson Reappears In 8PM Time Slot, But Not With Fox (ZH) • Poland Seizes Russian Embassy And Trade Mission Funds (RT) • Russia Understands Western Sanctions Aren’t ‘Temporary’ – PM (RT) • Moscow Reacts To Xi-Zelensky Call (RT) • Kiev Could ‘Capture Small Russian Towns’ For Leverage – WaPo (RT) • Ukraine Conflict Helps Prepare For Potential China

Apr 262023
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Western "Thinking" on Nuclear Weapons

Mark Chagall I and the village 1911     My good friend Wayne brings up some interesting questions about weapons, in the view of the current Ukraine conflict. Are nuclear weapons the most terrifying ones we know? Or have hypersonic precision weapons taken that “crown”? The answer is not all that obvious. There is a persistent rumor that sometime in March, Russia hit a secret NATO base deep underground near Kiev with a hypersonic Kinzhal missile and took out some

Apr 262023
No Conspiracy: Left & Right Working Together

Mark Chagall Peace window, UN 1967       Andrew Korybko:   The US’ Weaponization Of Anti-Russian Fake News Against Germany The Washington Post (WaPo) pushed several conspiracy theories in their recent piece alleging that “Kremlin tries to build antiwar coalition in Germany, documents show”. Citing what they claim to be “a trove of sensitive Russian documents largely dated from July to November that were obtained by a European intelligence service”, WaPo reported that elements within Germany’s left-aligned Die Linke

Apr 262023
Debt Rattle April 26 2023

Vincent van Gogh Tulip fields 1883   • Can a Woke Military Win Wars? (Kimball) • The Status Of Ukraine’s Much-hyped ‘Counteroffensive’ Against Russia (RT) • Ukraine Risks Losing Western Support If Counteroffensive Fails – NYT (RT) • British Depleted Uranium Already In Ukraine (RT) • West Turning Ukraine Into ‘Radioactive Landfill’ – Embassy (RT) • US May Be Preparing Biological War Against Russia – Patrushev (TASS) • G7 Ban On All Exports To Russia ‘Not Doable’ – FT (RT)

Apr 252023
Debt Rattle April 25 2023

Piet Mondriaan Composition No. 10 1939-42   • Western Minority’s Place In a Multilateral World (Sputnik) • No One Authorised The West To Speak On Behalf Of All Mankind – Lavrov (Pravda) • Biden Prepares For Ukraine Failure – Politico (RT) • Ukrainian Commander Laments State Of Army – El Pais (RT) • Ukraine Gets Afghan-Style Warning From US – Politico (RT) • US Had Secret Plan To Kill Wagner PMC Commanders – WaPo (RT) • US Talked Ukraine Out

Apr 242023
Debt Rattle April 24 2023

Piet Mondriaan Victory Boogie Woogie 1942-44   • America’s Empire Is Bankrupt (John Michael Greer) • West Knows Ukraine Weapons Leaking To Black Market – Seymour Hersh (RT) • Ukraine Says Western Military Aid Is ‘Not Enough’, Demands 10x More (RT) • Revolts Erupt Among Ukrainian Troops In Donetsk Cities – Prigozhin (TASS) • Seymour Hersh Reacts To NYT Helping Track Down Pentagon Leaker (RT) • Russia Warns Of Repercussions From US Visa Refusal (RT) • Musk Claims He Donated

Apr 232023
Debt Rattle April 23 2023

Banksy   • Western ‘Experts’ Failed To Destroy Russia’s Economy (Strelnikov) • G7 Allies Consider Outright Ban Of All Trade With Russia (ZH) • Feds Have No Data on How Regulations Reduce Emissions: Audit (ET) • German Tanks Pose Logistical Problems For Ukraine – Foreign Policy (RT) • Berlin To Expel Russian Diplomats En Masse, Moscow To Mirror That Decision (TASS) • Vatican Refuses To Commit ‘Grave Sin’ – Media (RT) • Trump Lays Out Timeline To End Ukraine Conflict