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    The US Constitution
    As we enter a new year, and ponder the situations we are in, it is useful to consider::
    It is a unique document in History, one of the few pollical systems systems tailored to LIMIT the power of Government.
    History has shown that POWER is the ultimate end of everyone seeking for self aggrandizement or to impose their ideas on others.
    It is not surprising that almost everyone, our political Left to the CCP and the W.E.F. fight to keep the deplorables from mis-directing their gravy train. We need a strong cadre that supports the goals of the Constitution, and applies the term of Treason to anyone who has or tries to usurp it.
    The CIA, The FBI, The White House all say, “without our control, you would perish.” I beg to differ. If every man-jack (and Jill) was required to learn to handle a gun, and every house had at least one good bolt-action rifle, I promise the Constitution would be MUCH safer.

    in reply to: Putin Made a Peace Offer. Take it. #117913

    Unfortunately, for Russia, they made the mistake to largely stick to analog electronic components after an abortive effort to go with semiconductors. They are catching up very slowly.
    The Excalibur GPS missiles that can be directed to exact coordinates pinpointed by US satellites and programed at the point of launching by American “technicians” via Starlink Satellite Internet are much more effective on the battlefield than Russian laser-targeted missiles (KAB-500L) that require a drone to paint the target as a pre-launched missies arrives. Even the KAB-500S-E GPS guided bomb suffers from production difficulties because of a lack of Western-sanctioned non-Russian parts.

    in reply to: Putin Made a Peace Offer. Take it. #117909

    In considering Putin’s options, and the recalcitrance of Eastern Ukrainian Russians to submit to puppet Zelensky, it is wise to look back at some Russian history.
    Overrun for years by invaders (primarily from the East), Russians developed a hard shell that allowed them to snap back after depravations. Then, Hitler, the new Napolean, decided to try the same thing.
    Most Westerners have forgotten that in both incidents, (Moscow and Stalingrad) the Russians burned their own city to deprive the invaders of food–in the height of winter. Many more Russians died than Europeans.
    They are doing the same to all of Europe, although it is the EU, not Russia, that has brought this likelihood forward.
    I pray for the people of Germany (and the UK) as the current triple-dip la-Ninia promises a nasty winter.
    Also, “Climate-change” is slowly wiggling downward over the last 6 years, and probably will continue for a few decades.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2022 #106918

    Now that Paxlovid is being approved as an expensive alternate to ivermectin, the US VP gets it.
    If she recovers, I recommend to you the purer ,cheaper, version of the horse dewormer.

    in reply to: Bankruptcy For Moderna, Definitely Pfizer #102745

    It is useful to examine this simple statement from theBalance.com:
    “subprime mortgage crisis, which itself was caused by the unregulated use of derivatives.”
    And…consider that the real risk was that there was not enough insurance (the derivatives were rated up to AAA, but were in reality very risky.) to cover the insured risk. The lives of the “few” 18 to 65 yr olds were also covered by premiums much to small for the risk launched by the Covid vaccines. As the life policies are paid out, the insurance industry will be rocked by loses.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 8 2022 #100416
    in reply to: An Open Letter to Friends #95826


    1. in US, many of the people who dies WERE lockdowned –in nursing homes.
    2. The pandemic could have been stopped in it’s tracks with readily available therapeutics, but the powers that want to be said go to hospital FIRST. Wrong.
    I take 1% ivermectin, 2 grams (20 mg) each week, in applesauce.

    in reply to: A Simple Christmas Message #95748

    It appears to me that there are two main issues in this current Pandemic. One is the >well-intentioned< decision by coordinated “movers-and-shakers” to use the real (or artificial) pandemic to demonstrate the value of mRNA genetic programming to solve all of man-kind (and ladies’) ills. They may have even considered that eventually this may include genetic disposition to violence and covetousness. At tremendous cost to civilization, this first test is arguably failing.
    Then there is the possibility that the small cadre of Later Day Marxists including some extremely successful American industrialists believe that absolute social control is the best route to aggregate happiness-or to the Club of Rome goal of a population of 6E8 people. In this case, I believe they are wrong. Improving population standards of living, or at least reduction in average family stress automatically moves populations back to the natural (2 child) replacement rate or below.

    in reply to: “Mistakes” #90293

    I just checked date on the hydroxychloroquine (and azitromycin) prescription my Dr. gave me (7/30/2020) and a local pharmacy filled with no complaint. I have not taken it. I took 2 grams of 1.0% ivermectin (in Propylene glycol/Glycerol formal) added to applesauce (with a ts of sucralose) instead, monthly for a while, now weekly at the advice of FLCCC.
    And I literately cry when I see the comparison of cases in Uttar Pradesh vs Kerala in India. I have been luck to have visited that country in the past, and I loved the people.
    No need for a translation:https://www.francesoir.fr/politique-monde/inde-assignation-du-ministre-de-la-sante
    It is sad that the fight between good and evil seems to involve loving doctors and ambitious American companies/foundations:

    Alleged Corruption in India as Drugs, Money, and Politics May Combine to Block Generic Early Onset COVID-19 Treatments

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 13 2021 #89867

    The ballot box, the basic bulwark of democracy, has failed.
    Lying scum get in, and our only defense is to vote them out in two to four years.
    Not good enough. Need something better.
    I had dreamed, with the Internet, and something like retina scans, we might have REAL democracy. The founding fathers were afraid of THAT too.

    in reply to: The Vaxx is Dead. Now What? #89528

    There is a saying, “A conspiracy theory makes it half way ’round the world before the Truth gets it’s pants on.”
    My experience, since February, 2020, is that the conspiracy theory usually turns out to be correct.

    in reply to: The Great Big Delta Scare #78892

    I feel fully protected by the Ivermectin I take.
    But I wonder if that is wise? Does anyone know if antibodies are formed during Ivermectin prophylaxis?
    Perhaps I would be better off “catching” the virus, and then take Ivermectin & .HCQ to shake it off, and be then protected by antibodies?
    Since I am 78, almost 79 years old, this could be risky. For youth, it seems a valid course.
    Or, has anyone considered inoculating youth with the virus, and 5 days latter, 3 days of Ivermectin?

    in reply to: Let’s Save Some Lives #76741

    In these veins, let’s not forget Science.
    Science isn’t a thing, its a process. Today driven by consensus thinking, but as noted, that’s dangerous.
    Dangerous not just in the loss of polishing that comes from expressing divergent hypotheses, but dangerous because of the bias that steers the result in a consensus direction that will likely be to the advantage of a powerful elite, not the population in general.
    Let’s not go there.

    in reply to: Testing 1,2,3 #72080

    I agree. It is absolutely criminal that Fauci, with his medical “knowledge,” did not recommend Vitamin D3, zinc, and better ventilation from the get-go. If he has the guts to say “I didn’t know.” he should have his license lifted.
    And who, after H1N1, let the inventory of N95 masks in the strategic stockpile drop from a “full” 200E6 to 27 million. And then, didn’t put in a replenish order until the hospitals yelled, and first responders were wearing low grade surgical masks at best? Totally criminals.

    in reply to: Automatic Earth in Athens Spring 2021 #71858

    I am sending you $100 USD by PayPal. No designation, use it as you need to. But if ivermectin is available, cheaply, OTC in Greece, please make sure that everyone you can gets a 20 mg dose, with a zinc pill and maybe D3,
    I have written before.

    Ivermectin in COVID-19

    in reply to: The Consent of the Governed #71190

    There is a growing crescendo that the reason that India, a much more populous country than the US, now has much less Covid-19 cases and deaths because of the willingness of local authorities to sponsor early use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Even worse, medical authorities are beginning to ask if the design of current vaccines is responsible for the towering risks of SARS-CoV-2 variants, which will require even more different vaccines.
    I am scared for the USA.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 24 2021 #68786

    Surely one of the greatest scandals of last year, if not of all time, are the attempts to withhold from the consuming publics information on Hydroxychloroquine (+ zinc) and Ivermectin.
    Whether protecting profits of Big Pharma, or just OrangeManBad, the evidence shows that many thousands people dies unnecessarily.
    Both Ivermectin and HCQ are considered as ionophores, compounds that facilitate replenishment of tissue zinc, consumed by the initial efforts of the bodies’ immune system to prevent replication of an attacking virus. Yet most studies of the Lancet article era totally ignored zinc or administered HCQ too late in the disease progression. Physicians supporting HCQ were adamant in recommending early treatment, supplemental zinc, and often the crucial Vitamin D3.
    How do we know this is an avoidable tragedy? Look at India.
    According to the latest WHO data, India has half the covid-19 cases, HALF the total deaths, and three times the population. But in September, cases were rising rapidly in both countries. The rapid fall off in India is attributed variously to herd immunity, and ready availability of Ivermectin and HCQ, often supplies by Governmental agencies.
    Graphing the data https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html is enough to curl your hair.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 16 2021 #68465

    A reminder to take note that India, not afraid of Trump, or taking off label drugs, has used Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (+ zinc and Vitamin D) with great affect after September, greatly outstripping Covid-19 case reduction compared to the United States.
    see https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/healthcare/biotech/healthcare/ivermectin-is-indias-new-hcq-against-covid-19/articleshow/78692006.cms

    in reply to: Cows and Acres and 1840 #67144

    There is a lot to learn in this issue from the rearrangement and partition of land in South Africa. The Xhosa were assigned fertile land best thought of as a potential Hamptons. The new owners converted it to cattle farming, and destroyed the environment. .
    A general history of this time is at https://www.sahistory.org.za/article/natives-land-act-1913

    in reply to: Slouching Out of the Fog Toward Pennsylvania Avenue #65572

    As usual, the information is incomplete. This is how conspiracy theories propagate.
    My understanding is that the original Dominion Software fault was because ONE county ignored a required software update.
    No information as to how many copies of the software were not updated. The vendor should have this information automatically.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 6 2020 #65236

    Cross-posted fro ZeroHedge (my creation)
    Zerohedge 2020.11.06 UK To Ban Protests Of Two Or More People Ahead Of National Lockdown

    People of Britain (and the world): You are being sold a rotten tin of goods….

    Some people wonder where I come by my attitude of certainty.. It comes from many decades of technical problem solving. Search out the root cause(s) determine the “handles” that manipulate them, design tests to question your theories…Listen to ALL participants, don’t just follow a Napoleon, Churchill or Hitler…

    And…The answer is…since a little snippet of DNA, possibly from HIV, was added to a Corona-virus, to better enable study of vaccines..(Ferrets are hard to infect without a Gain of Function for Bar viruses) this virus can target the ACE-2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) cells in the mouth, throat and nose. Once established there, breathing, singing yelling or sneezing fluidizes small droplets called aerosols that contain active virus particles. The smallest, especially in low humidifies, become Brownian Motion-sized, and can accumulate in air spaces (like bars, pubs, homes, anywhere with insufficient make up air, to be breathed back in by the next customer.

    Each person’s immune system can counter many viruses in low quantities. For SARS-CoV-2, the virus invades the ACE-2 cells using it’s spikes, but cannot reproduce until it has overcome the bodies’ built-in defenses. For Covid-19, this mainly uses up the small store of tissue zinc the body has available. Eat more Kale, Broccoli or Spinach, or take supplemental zinc. Hydroxychloroquine definitely helps, as it acts to replenish tissue zinc.

    If, as the Fall season comes on, you have turned off the A/C, or whole-house fan, you are concentrating any virus particles floating around in your air space. Open windows. Use supplemental window or doorway fans. HVAC engineers, here is a Golden opportunity to modify HVAC systems for more make-up air, HEPA filters, or temporary heaters blowing in a convenient window opening. DILUTE THE VIRUS!

    Here’s how your government and health authorities have mislead you. Masks largely do no good (you were coughing into your elbow, anyway? Typical cloth masks just increase the initial velocity of a sneeze, and probably do more harm than good. They are also a good breeding ground for viruses. Better masks, n95, may be of benefit, but the increase blood CO2 by re-circulation, and may also be net harmful.

    Contact tracing should not be used just to stop superspreaders, it should be used to discover the pattern of infections. How are people being infected. Is it mainly from contaminated air spaces? Prove it! Use Science! Don’t continue to use what amounts to witchcraft.

    Open the windows. Keep humidity at 45-50% (actual grains H2O per cubic foot is MORE important) Eat outdoors. Take supplemental zinc and Vitamin D3. Fight! Don’t be passive. And avoid lockdowns. Confinement in closed spaces if the worse response. Wear masks if you can get n95 with valves (some agencies have BANNED them!) More ventilation good, lockdowns bad. Don’t get depressed, LIVE!

    in reply to: Trump, COVID and Your Mental Health #65176

    Forthright reporting is not appreciated as well as it should be. How I pine for John Cameron Swayze.

    I’m sure Mr. Sayze had an agenda, but I do not remember noticing. Today, nearly every voice we hear declares FACTS that are disputed by all available evidence. This is most scary when the origins are our governments and medical authorities.

    Lockdowns were not justified by the then-available data, except faulty models of expected deaths-performed with the same mathematics that has justified the Climate Hoax, but that’s another issue. As a Professional Engineer, my opinion is expressed below:

    As I have notified many before, evidence is building that the primary mode of spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is via airborne aerosols.

    Each individual has the ability to combat virus attacks, based on a number of factors. For Covid-19 these include having adequate tissue zinc and Vitamin D3.

    When the quantity of viral particles in an airspace and the individuals time in that space exceeds his/her Minimum Infective Dose, the virus may reproduce at a rate the immune system cannot overcome.

    The solution to this is to increase ventilation, that is, bring in more fresh air to dilute the virus concentration. This is beginning to be seen clearly in the current virus outbreaks as the seasons change.

    Particularly, in Europe, as people withdraw indoors, the pleasant weather tends to reduce the use of ventilation systems, either fans or A/C . Although a typical HVAC system has much too little fresh make-up air to be very efficient at diluting viruses in a pub or restaurant, it is fairly effective for small single-family flats or houses. Whole-house fans, popular in Europe, are very effective. Cooler fall weather means they will be turned off, and the airborne viral load will increase.
    Thigs are even worse in the Winter. Since diluting with fresh air quickly increases heating costs, too much attention is paid to preventing air infiltration, and the airborne virus concentration soars even higher. These factors account for flue and other virus episodes much more than humidity and temperature alone.

    I must finish by mentioning a regression analysis experiment that regresses number of viral flu cases against humidity. As I have mentioned before, the fit was weak, around 50%. But when absolute air moisture, in grains H2O per cubic foot was used, R^2 jumped to over 80%. There are reasons for this, but ventilation is more important.

    PLEASE do something to spread this information. It is critical.

    Sincerely worried,
    George M. Hebbard PE
    Registered Florida Professional Chemical Engineer
    Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle June 25 2020 #60436

    As I noted yesterday, the summer heat, driving people back into air conditioned spaces with recirculated air is counterproductive in eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    It was called to my attention that areas where less people have access to air conditioning – Greece, some poor areas in Africa – many others, are less-affected by Covid-19.
    “Open the windows!”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 12 2020 #53855

    Kunstler Article – Wealth vs Karl Marx
    This constant hammering on populist issues without updating what Marx said, nor examining what brought the razor to the French Revolution is just smokescreens and mirrors.
    Our modern emphasis on kleptocracy, where the representatives of the people accept election money from the power structure to keep the rent slaves in subjection is absolutely no different than what Karl was concerned with. The foolishness of swinging wealth onto the 0.1%, the 1% or the 10%, while hanging the debt on the lower 90%, never, under “MMT” to be repaid is beyond comprehension. It is not what the Founding Fathers intended.

    It cannot continue.

    in reply to: Elizabeth Warren’s “Foreign Policy” #52067

    Pocahontas speaks with forked tongue. Just like white man who promised Injuns land, then lied cheated and stole it back, ever expanding Westward.

    “46 % of US military families consider Russia an ally. ”

    NATO is not our ally. It is a trap like the WW I murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Imagine going to war to protect the Saudi Arabian monarchy. Or Turkey.

    in reply to: Renewables Are Dead #47262

    There will be more on this. One one side, after we moved from farms to offices, we did not need more than two children per family. We could not sustain 7.7E9 people without synthetic fertilizers (NH3) and the wonders petroleum and coal energy bring. On the other side, MORE energy will allow us to reverse a lot of the positive entropy that so contaminates our shrinking world.
    The Tokamak has been a ridiculous waste of money; better things are coming. For techies, see
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keJAQIWEyzY Even these people are only just beginning to see what is ahead.

    in reply to: Renewables Are Dead #47209

    It does my 76 year old Engineering heart good to read you thinking like this. So thank you, But unfortunately, I need to disagree somewhat.
    Entropy speaks more of order or disorder, not energy, per se. This is why it has a foundation in morality, where evil is equated to positive entropy, and life, classical literature, love, and the like are equated to negative or reversed entropy.
    The classical entropy example is steel and rust, with the rust the higher in entropy. But just because rust contains oxygen atoms does not make it more energetic. Recall that the Redox reaction of oxidation has the memory refrain, LEO, lose electrons-oxidation. Any LENR aficionado will tell you that electrons are the key to free energy.
    But entropy can be reversed. It takes outside energy, of course. Think of a bunch of troublesome boys, just going around destructively, annoying everyone. Evil. The add the energy a a loving youth leader, who gathers them, teaches them a skill, and produces a coherent band of do-gooders. Not evil.
    Was his energy free? Of course not. that is not what the math is about. Its about the battle between disorder and order.
    Speaking of LENR (we were, weren’t we..?) Remember Fleischmann and Pons? Their sad story is reaching a brighter end as numerous (NGO!) researchers have found that the right atoms in the right combination with Deuterium releases very clean thermal energy in copious amounts.in the presence of a stabilized low-energy plasma. This will, indeed lead to almost free, clean energy which will allow us to undo untoward amounts of positive entropy. No need to skimp, as you suggest.
    Separate the wheat from the chaff, but see https://e-catworld.com/

    in reply to: Signed Away by Midgets #47127

    As an aged American, I am familiar with the pronouncements of the Founding Fathers against pure democracy. Hence the Senate (“elites”) and the House of Representatives (hoi polloi). How has this worked for us?
    I do not remember the word kleptocracy (nor, oligarch) from American history. But times change. Come to think about it, it takes Kunstler to remind us of them today.
    Remember Reagan and the Trickle Down Theory? Well, at least the upper 1% need us to rent the real estate that they build with the money they are unwilling to invest in real, productive enterprise. They DO let enough trickle down for that purpose. EU, same game plan.

    in reply to: A Life Wasted #40624

    “Economic Consequences of War / Institute For Economics & Peace” http://www.economicsandpeace.org provides an interesting review of the direct effect on GDP from various wars. It seems that war makes lots of people lots of money even if they are not won.
    It is not clear how much of this $ reaches the upper 10% or 1% via our non-term limit Kleptocrats.

    in reply to: How to Drain the Deep Swamp #33047

    Cooler heads look at the people rioting against Trump as the true deplorables. I see them as mostly scared leftists and millennials who just cannot accept that their actions have largely allowed and strengthened the deep state. Our education system is mostly responsible. And possibly the inability of their parents to encourage them into moral religions.
    No matter what you think about the relationship between mankind and God, the major challenge is that we think of ourselves as omnipotent, and in no way in need of self examination or responsible for the mess we are making of this world..

    in reply to: How to Drain the Deep Swamp #33045

    The comparison to Trump has often been made with Andrew Jackson. For better or for worse, it appears appropriate. But just like for Jackson, the true enemy is the banking system and our proclivity towards debt, and kicking the can down the road…like we will have to do again by March 15.

    As long as we allow (or propel) ourselves into debt slavery, it will be as fruitless to fight the deep state as to build a wall North of Mexico. “Just say No” is the solution to the drug war, and we just cannot do it. No can you refuse to buy that shiny new F150, instead of nursing your old Capri a few more miles.

    in reply to: The Media Choir Worked So Hard All Week.. #29743

    For those of the “military-industrial-complex had JFK killed” persuasion, Trump doesn’t stand a chance. However, Putin may just have him protected enough….

    in reply to: What Resilience Is Not #21138

    Many resilient types consider junk silver coins as the best form of exchange when fiat money goes poof. To se how this would work, in th obvious batter economy to come, you trade some of your lettuce or tomatoes you grew for a dozen eggs, throwing in a could of real silver dime for good measure.

    As regards climate change, the US Govt is totally unprepared for the next 30 – 40 years of cooling expected by Russia and China. China, of course, is tying farmland in Africa, which should be largely unaffected The US will not get with “Sustyainability” until someone starts to explain “entropy” at the high school level. Since most college grads, even in STEM subjects cannot, it will be a while..

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