Jun 242016
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Brexit: The System Cannot Hold

Well, they did it. A majority of Britons made clear they’re so fed up with David Cameron and everything he says or does, including promoting the EU, that they voted against that EU. They detest Cameron much more than they like Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson. It seems that everyone has underestimated that. Cameron just announced he’s stepping down. And that points to a very large hole in the ground somewhere in London town. Because going through a list of

Jun 232016
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Debt Rattle June 23 2016

• World’s Central Bankers Will Be Holed Up In Basel For Brexit Fallout (BBG) • Who Is The “European Movement”? (Werner) • Vancouver Proposes Tax on Empty Homes If Province Fails to Act (BBG) • IMF Warns The US Over High Poverty (BBC) • China’s Xi Lauds New Silk Road (R.) • Tesla: Incessant Cash Burn, Looming Competition No Trillion-Dollar Formula (WSJ) • Tesla Bid For Solarcity ‘Shameful’: Jim Chanos (BBC) • ECB Restores Bond Waiver, Lets Greek Banks Tap

Jun 222016
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The European Union: Government by Deception

I stumbled upon an article by Day of the Jackal author Frederick Forsyth, published last week in the Daily Express, that I think every Briton and European and everyone else should read. Forsyth doesn’t delve into the American pressure to form a European Union as a counterweight to the Soviet Union, he sticks with ‘founding father’ Jean Monnet and his reasoning behind the particular shape the Union took. And that is bad enough. All Forsyth has to do is to

Jun 222016
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Debt Rattle June 22 2016

• Nervy Global Investors Revisit 1930s Playbook (R.) • Fed Warns of Commercial Real Estate Bubble (BBG) • Federal Reserve Says US Stocks Have Gotten Expensive (MW) • Amsterdam Housing Market Is Overheating (BBG) • ECB Balance Sheet Hits Record High -With Stocks At 18-Month Lows- (ZH) • Some 66 Million Americans Have ‘Zero’ Emergency Savings (MW) • Increase In Refugees Reaching Aegean Islands Fuels Concern (Kath.) Not a bad article, but it is really simple. 1) Centralization stops when

Jun 212016
Debt Rattle June 21 2016

• The Big Guns Are Out: Soros, Rothschild Warn Of Brexit Doom (ZH) • When Brexit Has Come And Gone, The Real Problems Will Remain (ZH) • IMF Calls On Japan To ‘Reload’ Abenomics (Nikkei) • India’s Rockstar Central Banker Defeated As Modi Revolution Stalls (AEP) • Yellen Makes ‘Uncertainty’ New Mantra (R.) • “Whatever It Takes” Wasn’t Enough (Noland) • The World’s Newest “Reserve” Currency Is Anything But (Balding) • China’s Developers Can’t Stop Overpaying for Property (WSJ) •

Jun 202016
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Debt Rattle June 20 2016

• IMF Calls For Overhaul Of Abenomics (R.) • The Economy Is Not What It Seems (Roberts) • Asking Prices For Homes In England And Wales Rise To Record High (G.) • City of London Fears Brexit Will End Golden Age (BBG) • Brexit Is The Best Outcome (Gambles) • Brexit – The End of the Universe (Rose) • The Progressive Argument For Leaving The EU Is Not Being Heard (G.) • Economic Gauges Raise Specter of Recession (WSJ) •

Jun 192016
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Murder, Lifeboats, an Iceberg and an Orchestra

The reason the Brexit debate has gotten so out of hand is nobody understands what it’s about. The Brexit campaigns have started anew in the UK, and from what I’ve seen here from left field barely a thing has changed since the murder of MP Jo Cox. Neither side has any qualms about using her death to make their respective points. The main, and perhaps only real, point is that nobody understands what the vote is about. Jo Cox, bless

Jun 192016
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Debt Rattle June 19 2016

• Tracing The Global Market Thread That Could Be Unraveled By Brexit (R.) • Britain’s Rival EU Campaigns Restart (R.) • Hogs to Slaughter (HFarmer) • The Dumbest Monetary Experimental End Game In History (Bohm-Bawerk) • A Palace For Fannie (Mae) – Why The Imperial City Must Be Sacked (Stockman) • Over $50 Million Hacked Dashes Hopes in the World of Virtual Currency (NYT) • Assange Starts 5th Year Cooped In London Embassy (AFP) • Rome Set To Elect First

Jun 182016
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Debt Rattle June 18 2016

• Stocks Slump Most In 4 Months As Global Financial Stress Nears 5-Year Highs (ZH) • The Fed And Other Central Banks Have Lost Their Magic Powers (Das) • ECB Closes Ranks With Bank Of England To Avert Brexit Crunch (AEP) • Canada’s Housing ‘Affordability Crisis’ Fueled By Overseas Money: Trudeau (G.) • Rio State Declares ‘Public Calamity’ Over Finances Weeks Before Olympics (BBC) • Japan: A Future of Stagnation (CH Smith) • EU Is Too Big and ‘Sinking’, UK

Jun 172016
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Debt Rattle June 17 2016

• Stocks, Sterling Surge After British MP’s Death (ZH) • ’I’d Risk Life And Limb For My Babies’: Jo Cox (G.) • There’s A New Kind Of Housing Crisis in America (MW) • US Housing Bubble 2.0: Shadow Demand vs Shelter-Buyer Fundamentals (Hanson) • America’s Dying Shopping Malls Have Billions in Debt Coming Due (BBG) • Sell The Stocks, Sell The Bonds, Get Out Of The Casino: Stockman (Fox) • Default Cycle: ‘It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Many