Mar 022021
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Debt Rattle March 2 2021

Pablo Picasso Acrobat 1930   • “Did You Agree To This? Everybody’s Locked Up” – Edward Snowden (ZH) • Coronavirus Crisis Unlikely To Be Over By The End Of The Year – WHO (G.) • WHO Panel: Hydroxychloroquine Should Not Be Used To Prevent COVID-19 (Hill) • Data On Long Covid In UK Children Is Cause For Concern, Scientists Say (G.) • A Return To Normalcy Seen In November (K.) • Party Like It’s 1984 (Jim Kunstler) • US, EU

Mar 012021
Emergency vs Humanity

Lucien Hervé The Accuser, Delhi, India 1955     As I was trying to get this article together, I read something in the Greek press just now, and wondered how far one can move goalposts without it being noticed: A Return To Normalcy Seen In November Experts say the return to normalcy will happen when “herd immunity” is achieved. For that to happen, they say, 70% of the population must be vaccinated. Then, of course, there are questions of how

Mar 012021
Debt Rattle March 1 2021

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Dance at Bougival 1883   • Guidelines To Place Children In Solitary Quarantine ‘Cruel Punishment’ (TSun) • Bill Gates Warns Post-Covid Return To Normal Could Take All 2022 (F.) • Brazil Variant May Make Foreign Summer Holidays Impossible, Ministers Told (G.) • Why “New Cases” Are Plummeting (OffG.) • Trump On 2024: ‘I May Decide To Beat Them For A Third Time’ (SAC) • Biden’s Message To Iran: The Battlefield Has Been Inaugurated (Magnier) • Cuomo Cedes Control

Feb 282021
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Debt Rattle February 28 2021

Dome ceiling at the Ambassadors’ Hall in the Royal Alcazar of Seville, Spain 1427 (click to enlarge)   • Vaccine Passports Are A Technical And Ethical Minefield (FT) • I’ve Had The Covid Jab – And All It Cost Me Was My Freedom (Hitchens ) • First Vaccine To Fully Immunize Against Malaria Builds On RNA Tech (AT) • Czech Leader Asks Putin For Sputnik V Vaccine Without EU Certification (RT) • Biden Says US Will ‘Never’ Accept Russia’s Annexation

Feb 272021
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Debt Rattle February 27 2021

Paul Klee Dancing Under the Empire of Fear 1938   • House Passes Second Largest Stimulus Package In History At $1.9T (JTN) • What IS the Truth About Covid Deaths? (DM) • Nearly 1 In 5 US Adults Have Now Gotten At Least One Covid19 Vaccine Dose (F.) • Johnson & Johnson One-Shot Covid Vaccine Gets Nod From FDA Advisory Panel (G.) • What The Neera Tanden Affair Reveals About The Washington DC Swamp (Sirota) • Biden Doesn’t Penalize Saudi

Feb 262021
Debt Rattle February 26 2021

Jean-Francois Millet The flight into Egypt 1864   • Ivermectin Could Cut Covid Deaths By Up To 75% (DM) • CDC Reports Shocking Data About Asymptomatic Spread (Fed.) • Report Says Spirulina Algae Could Reduce Covid Mortality Rate (JPost) • Latin American Govts ‘Held To Ransom’ By Pfizer During Vaccine Talks (RT) • US Bombs Facilities In Syria Used By Iran-Backed Militia (AP) • Russia Is ‘Existential Threat’ To West That NATO Must Neutralize (RT) • Senate Parliamentarian: Minimum Wage

Feb 252021
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Debt Rattle February 25 2021

Rembrandt van Rijn The flight into Egypt – a night piece 1651   • Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide Fell By 20% Last Week – WHO (F.) • Researchers Find Emerging COVID-19 Strain in New York (NYP) • COVID Aid Bill Pays Federal Employees With Kids Out Of School Up To $21K (F.) • US Senators Weigh Paring Back Biden’s $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Aid Plan (R.) • New US Report To Blame Saudi Crown Prince For 2018 Killing Of Khashoggi (NBC) •

Feb 242021
Debt Rattle February 24 2021

Rembrandt van Rijn The Storm on the Sea of Galilee 1633 On March 18, 1990, the painting was stolen by thieves disguised as police officers. They broke into the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, and stole this painting, along with twelve other works. The paintings have never been recovered, and it is considered the biggest art theft in history. The empty frames of the paintings still hang in their original location, waiting to be recovered.   • The

Feb 232021
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Debt Rattle February 23 2021

MC Escher Convex and concave 1955   • It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin) • COVID-19 And The New Great Depression- Jim Rickards (Diana) • Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming (ZH) • Hospitals Across US Report Sharp Drop In New COVID patients (JTN) • Spectacles-Wearers Two To Three Times Less Likely To Get Covid-19 – Study (RT) • The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science (AIER) • Resign, Andrew Cuomo (Week) • How Wall Street

Feb 222021
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Debt Rattle February 22 2021

Thomas Abercrombie Beirut 1957   • Biden’s $1.9-Trillion Big Spend Is A Big Bet On MMT (LAT) • Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal May Rise To Federal Level Of Criminal Offense (Fox) • Scalise Requests Data On NY Nursing Home COVID Deaths (SAC) • More New York Politicians Accuse Cuomo Of Threatening Behavior (F.) • Why Do Democrats Pretend Andrew Cuomo Did a Good Job With COVID? (Slate) • Psaki Declines To Say Whether Biden Still Views Cuomo As ‘Gold Standard’