Jul 212022
Debt Rattle July 21 2022

Pablo Picasso Marie-Thérèse Walter 1937   • Ukraine Must Win By Winter – Zelensky Aide (RT) • The Power Troika Trumps Biden In West Asia (Escobar) • US and UK Want ‘Real War’ Between Russia and EU – Lavrov (RT) • Putin Blasts “Globalist” World Order as “Totalitarian (SN) • China Blames US For Ukraine Conflict (RT) • Ukraine Offers Itself as a ‘Testing Ground’ for NATO Weapons (Antiwar) • Russia Warns Of ‘Tougher’ Terms For Talks With Ukraine (RT)

Jul 202022
Debt Rattle July 20 2022

Gustave Moreau Helen on the Walls of Troy 1885   • In The Multipolar World Iran Will No Longer Fear U.S. Sanctions (MoA) • On Liberating Europe (Batiushka) • Kiev Names Condition For Peace Talks With Moscow (RT) • Kiev Threatens To Destroy Russia’s Black Sea Fleet (RT) • Zelensky Widens Purge Of Security Services (BBC) • Timetable For Return Of Nord Stream Turbine Revealed (RT) • Costs Of Ukraine War A Test For European Leaders – And It May

Jul 192022
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Piet Mondriaan Trafalgar Square 1939-43   • Operation Z – Don’t Interrupt (Larry Johnson) • Gazprom Declares Force Majeure, To Halt Gas Flows To Germany Indefinitely (ZH) • Russian Economy Expected To Thrive By Year’s End (RT) • Germany’s Energy Crisis About To Get Worse As Rhine Water Levels Plummet (ZH) • Staged Incidents As The Western Approach To Doing Politics (Lavrov) • Germany and France ‘Killed’ Minsk Agreements – Lavrov (RT) • Ukraine Treated Donbass People As Sub-humans, Making

Jul 182022
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Salvador Dali The hand 1930   • Ukraine’s Zelensky Fires Spy Chief And Top State Prosecutor (SCMP) • Germany Won’t Survive Winter Without Russian Gas – Official (RT) • Satellite Imagery Shows Global Crop Declines – Except For Russia And China (ZH) • Ex-White House Doctor Makes Biden Prediction (RT) • London Falling: Britain’s Military Decline Exposes NATO’s Collapse (Ritter) • The Collapsing Euro And Its Implications (Macleod) • Twitter Reverses Ban Of Epidemiologist After Legal Threat (RTN) • War

Jul 172022
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Pablo Picasso Guernica 1937   • Germany Is Facing The Biggest Crisis The Country Has Ever Had (Cody) • Berlin’s Quit Decades Of Courting Both Moscow And Washington (Davydov) • The War Of Economic Corridors Is In Full Swing (Escobar) • Republicans Wince As Their Ukrainian-born Colleague Thrashes Zelensky (Pol.) • In Search of Enemies (Femi Akomolafe) • Italy May Soon Be Unable To Arm Ukraine – Foreign Minister (RT) • To Hell or Not to Hell? (Batiushka) • ‘Experts’

Jul 162022
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Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] V 1937   • Useful European Idiots (Vilches) • The Imaginary War (Lawrence) • Is A US-Russia War Becoming Inevitable? (Pat Buchanan) • The Stupendous Tale (Tarik) • Europe’s Thirst For LNG Is Causing Blackouts In Developing Countries (OP) • Geert Vanden Bossche: Mass Covid Vax Triggering New Pandemics (NA) • Low Demand For Young Kids’ Covid Vaccines Is Alarming Doctors (Pol.) • Health Experts Are Quitting The NIH and CDC In Droves (DM) • Elon

Jul 152022
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A High Chance of Meatballs

Edward Hopper Chair Car 1965     The situation in Ukraine is terribly, painfully simple. Russia has been winning since February 24, and Ukraine has zero chance of turning the odds around. But Zelensky is willing to sacrifice the lives of ever more of his citizens -this now includes people up to 60 years old, and women (men can’t even leave their cities)-. Zelensky’s western backers, meanwhile, keep on promising to send him lethal weapons (remember their words 5 months

Jul 152022
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Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] III 1937   • Old Way, New Way (Dmitry Orlov) • Russia Continues To Earn More By Exporting Less Oil (ZH) • Germany To Halt Russian Coal Imports Next Month (ZH) • Lithuania To Allow Rail Transit Of Russian Goods To Kaliningrad (ZH) • Three More Countries Set To Join BRICS (RT) • Two More Gone (CTH) • Macron’s Minority Government Defeated on Vaccine Passports (SN) • Don Lemon: Republicans Must Be Treated As Danger To

Jul 142022
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Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] II 1937   • Russia And China Haven’t Even Started To Ratchet Up The Pain Dial (Escobar) • Russia State TV: War Will Expand To Poland If US Continues To Arm Ukraine (NYP) • NATO and EU Sound Alarm Over Risk Of Ukraine Weapons Smuggling (FT) • The International Political Debacle: The Unipolar System Is Crumbling (Wilbert) • The Fed’s Financial Nuke Will Obliterate The Global Economy (McDonald) • Letter To My Friends From America (Faina

Jul 132022
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Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] 1937   • The Judgement of the Nations (Batiushka) • No, Iran Will Not Deliver Armed Drones To Russia (MoA) • Joe Biden’s Oil Gamble Set to Backfire as Saudi Arabia Sticks With Russia (NW) • The World Braces For Europe’s July 22 “Doomsday” (ZH) • Washington Isn’t Ready for Higher Interest Rates (NR) • Democrats Defend Trump Officials’ COVID-19 Response (NW) • Covid Booster Significantly Delays End Of Infection (INN) • FDA Colluded With Moderna