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    Dave Note

    Another day, another crime against humanity.

    Where will it stop?

    The Austrian court ruling doesn’t mean anything unless the Court enforces the ruling with Action, not more pontificating gum flapping.

    The judge needs to order the government officials in charge of the Scamdemic to cease and desist or face Jail Time.

    That usually get a sociopaths attention.

    Until the courts use their Force of Action, arrest and jail time, nothing will change

    The beatings will continue until moral improves

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    Dave Note

    Every day Texas does not descend into Plandemic Purgatory is a day that asshat states like New York and California will look like the south end of a northbound jackass.

    The USA 50 state approach to Covid is a 50 part referendum on ‘the science.

    They say you will know who’s wearing a bathing suit when the tide goes out.

    If I extent out to 3rd cousins, I have at least one relative in ever state and the family grape vine gossip will inevitably ‘pin the tail on the Covid donkey’.

    Think Cuomo and Newsom.

    The court system (lawyers and especially judges)in the US is a rotting corpse of putrid racketeering.

    Money = justice or Just Us it’s a club and you’re not in it.

    But there is probably a slim chance that an actually case about ‘Crimes Against Humanity, Nuremberg 2.0’ might see the light of day somewhere in a court room on the Late Great Planet Earth.

    US judges are by and large cowards to the core, hiding behind their black robes like a Murder of Crows.

    The fact that Clarence Thomas dared to make a little judge mouse squeak about Social Media platforms should be regulated like public utilities shows he can at least somewhat overcome the Yellow Streak that runs down the back of most US judges.

    He’ll probably be found smothered with his own pillow if anything comes of it.

    I’ve often wondered why the Nuremberg 1.0 event did not indict the entire German judiciary, particularly the German High Court Judges
    They were totally complicit in The Nazi reign of terror.

    Probably the Allied lawyers and judges didn’t want to go against there follow travelers in the legal racket, like bad cops protecting bad cops at any cost.

    If it had been up to me, I would have put every judge in Germany above the lowest court up on trial and hung the lot of them on the lampposts leading into Berlin. Maybe even a Spartacus like spectacle of crucified judges.

    They’d still be talking about it to this day.

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    Dave Note

    The Chain Lift to Heaven

    Where’s Led Zeppelin when you need them…???

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 20 2021 #71508
    Dave Note

    Amazing that Bidet Biden is completely ignoring the Regime’s international image and playing so narrowly to half of the US steeple. The China – Russia infantile acting out show doesn’t play well to the majority of the voting population who voted for Trump so Bedpan’s audience for bravado is actually quite small to say 6 billion people.

    War-whoring isn’t what it use to be apparently.

    The cowards in the MIC have grown fat dumb and lazy in the 58 years since they murdered a US president in broad daylight.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 20 2021 #71500
    Dave Note

    I’ve coined the word, Sub-adult, to describe the behavior of people over 15 who act like petulant teenagers but think they are entitled to the perks of actual mature adulthood.

    This is the perfect description of the Harris-Biden regime.

    The staff and occupants of the current White House are actually worse than sub-adults, they are the Turds in the Punch bowl.

    The greasy pole they slithered up to ‘win’ the White House has conditioned them to think that that tactic and approach will wash on the world stage.


    Old Bedpan and his circus freaks masquerading as diplomats have pissed on China and Russia’s shoes and are trying to tell them it’s rain.

    Real adults are not amused.

    When China made US diplomats get an anal swab test to enter China, well, that what they think of Old Build Back.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 20 2021 #71499
    Dave Note

    Dr Fauci Faust is the incarnation of pure evil.

    A modern spiffed up high tech Dr Mengele experimenting with children

    Crimes Against Humanity 2.0

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 16 2021 #71248
    Dave Note

    40 minute interview with Geert Vanden Bossche
    an internationally recognized vaccine developer having worked as the head of the Vaccine Development Office at the German Center for Infection Research.

    The plot thickens

    Dave Note

    At this point, the ‘authorities’ have lied and flip flopped so many times on so many critical aspect of Covid, it’s hard to believe even a legitimate reasonable sounding case such as Geert Vanden Bossche.

    Yea, sounds scary.

    So did rigging all the election machine in 2020 for undermining democracy.

    Ivermectin and HCQ have great benefit but were demonized by the ‘authorities’.

    They’re flat out wrong and are pimping effectively untested mRNA cancer therapy knockoffs and PCR tests with cycles set ridiculously inaccurate, which were NEVER even design to be used as diagnostic tests.

    The legal grounds for ‘emergency powers’ like lockdowns and masks and especially ‘vaccines’ are predicated, in the ‘emergency powers’ law, as only being legal if there are no effective alternatives, like Ivermectin and HCQ.

    If Ivermectin and HCQ had been honestly studied, they have probably saved more people globally by a large percentage than masks and lockdowns and without the economic Holocaust that lockdowns has produced.

    Just look at Asia compared to the US for economic activity in the Age of Covid

    China, in February, had the biggest movie theatre box office total in history, 2 Billion Dollars from people going to the movie houses.
    The US in February had 14 million in box office from theater goers.

    2,000 million vs 14 million

    That says it all as to Covid approach and economic outcome

    That about 143 times bigger than the US movie going public.

    So who is closer to “Normal” The US or China?

    Even accounting for China being 5 times as large, that’s still 28 times the kind of normal economic activity for something as mundane as going to the movie with friends.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2021 #70751
    Dave Note

    Kevin Gosztola: Jobless benefits were $600/week for 4 months in the COVID-19 relief that passed under Trump in March 2020. Biden and Senate Democrats are cutting jobless benefits for citizens in crisis to $300/week for same period—half of what passed in GOP-controlled Senate.

    Bedpan Biden and his ‘bait & switch’ with unemployment bennies to his Base, how sweet!

    And controlling both halves of Congress, impressive!

    Build Back Better Bedpans!

    The Democratic tagline should be pink hats with MAMA stitched on them:

    Make America Mediocre Again

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2021 #70750
    Dave Note

    The national government can run deficits with little consequence as long as the bond market allows them to refinance the debt at a slightly lower interest rate.

    Having effectively hit zero rates, and now on the event horizon of negative interest rates, something that shouldn’t exist in any sane dimension, the bond market is being squeezed to raise rates not just back to ‘normal’ 5-8% range, but my guess is to ‘Tall Paul Volcker” levels (20%+)

    This will really put the Kibosh on Bedpan Biden’s hopes and dreams of Building Back Better

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2021 #70748
    Dave Note

    This word press seems to fail posting when I included both a link and the same image address as an inline image. Sound like a software bug in WordPress, I’m shocked speechless

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2021 #70747
    Dave Note

    Bonds are in a 240 year high in the US and 300+ years in England.

    That’s a very long time for any financial trend to hold.

    Nature Always balance out the ledger however.

    Bonds are the Foundation Layer of the world economy.

    Far more essential than stocks, equities or commodities

    When the Bonds burst, it really will be

    The End of Days

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2021 #70744
    Dave Note

    can’t post

    how broken is this???

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 28 2020 #66141
    Dave Note

    Hieronymus Bosch The Conjurer 1502

    Shell game Hustle

    Nothing new under the sun

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 25 2020 #66042
    Dave Note

    This is certainly the most interesting game of Chicken I’ve ever witnessed in my life time.

    Sidney Powell vs the Mainstream Media Whores (MMW)
    She strikes me as a very confident actor, someone not prone to bluffing as a tactic.
    More like a federal prosecutor/gunslinger out in the middle of Main St calling the Mainstream Media Whores hand.

    Sidney and Rudi in Open Range.

    I sincerely hope this is how the Dems and Media Whores end up

    …Dobbs asks if Powell thinks the Trump presidency will be saved. She replies that she believes Trump will be elected in a landslide.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 23 2020 #65971
    Dave Note

    James Kunstler on Sidney and Rudi:

    “It’s hard to imagine that Miz Powell and Mr. Giuliani would sacrifice their reputations on some kind of bluff. Anyway, what’s to bluff in this game? I don’t believe this [duo] would bring a wiffle bat to a gunfight.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 22 2020 #65943
    Dave Note

    Sidney Powell was a very competent well respected Federal prosecutor before starting in private practice.

    She wrote a book about her experiences as a Federal prosecutor called License to Lie

    As a former Federal prosecutor, she is well aware of the consequences of making false defamatory accusations. She knows she will be ruined career wise and financially if she can’t back it up.

    A competent lawyer does not show all their cards to MSM outlets, that’s not where the facts are judged, ever.

    In court is the only venue that counts.

    Same goes for the lame Dems screeching about the election has been decided by the MSM, why doesn’t Orange Man Bad concede.

    The election is decided by the electoral college, not the MSM.

    Hell, even Al Gore knows that.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 17 2020 #65702
    Dave Note

    I admire Sidney Powell. She is not only a brilliant lawyer and former prosecutor but possesses great moral integrity.

    However, the clock is running out on any type of legal challenge that would practically make a difference.

    Look at the incredibly biased corrupt behavior of the judge in the Flynn case, Emmet Sullivan. What a sorry excuse for a justice. The guy should be disbarred for his disgraceful behavior.

    Sidney prevailed against Sullivan to a point and then he stonewalled her by illegally refusing to drop the case and proceeded to put on an astonishing display of conflict of interest and outright political bias against Flynn and her.

    This is just a tiny sample of what she will face appealing to various judges on the grotesque election fraud.

    They can simply run the clock out like a sports game and win by grand premeditated inaction.

    The U.S. is looking like Germany in the 20’s

    It’s so time consuming to evaluate all the totally weaponized, confirmation biased, conflicting info on what is happening that I’m starting to not give a damn.

    Bernays and Goebbels have won. The Big Lie works like a charm 100 years later, with virtually infinite informational resources, humans have actually devolved. How pathetic and with the stakes so high.

    I listened to a podcast of Nate Hagens recently. He spoke eloquently as usual about how human ‘economics’ is merely a sub-set of Ecology, the study of real energy flows in real time in the real world.

    He said the virus was a trigger but not the cause of the global economic meltdown. It was a house of cards before the virus. He said governments had better bailout real people soon, not just bankers and .001% percenters,

    The economic help for the small person and small business is hopelessly stalled in politics. Big banks and big tech got billions in a day for relief, everyone else got a single $1200 check, if that,

    Far as I can see were headed toward a Mad Max Greatest Depression plus civil war, the 70 million cheated by the election will be out for a blood sport event.

    in reply to: A Society of Emasculated Liars #62536
    Dave Note

    While its obvious the Days of Corona were weaponized from the get go, the lame claim that the clustef*ck reactions of the majority of countries to the covid crisis using lockdowns killed their economies is dubious at best.

    The Big Lie is that the global and national western economies were doing great before Covid. Wrong, they were mere shells, Potemkin Ponzis.

    The global banking system collapsed in 2008. Collapsed. The banks and financial system were never fixed the last twelve years. The banks were stone cold dead in 2008 and the Fed pumped them up with fiat formaldehyde so the corpse would not visibly rot in plain sight. They let the banks value their own assets instead of mark to markets valuation, absolutely insane move. They redefined the legal definition of solvency so that the banks were solvent when they obviously weren’t.

    The US economy right before Covid was a Dead Man Walking.

    The Repo markets had gone tits up the fall of 2019. That was the incredible stench of the US zombie corpse economy breaking wind in the front parlor. Who cut the cheese!

    Lockdowns were the feather that broke the camel’s back. They unmasked the gross decomposition behind edifice of deceit and lies that is the US and global economies.

    Please put a sock in the chin music ditty that if the governments had just kept things ‘open’, i.e. no lockdowns, things would have been hunky-dory. False, the facade economy of monkeys scratch each others backs at Starbucks after their Uber ride from the Google campus is a joke.

    Two thirds of the staggering amount of US unemployed people were making more money with unemployment benefits plus an extra $600 aweek than they were actually going to work. THAT shows how truly poorly payed the average US worker is and how pitiful the economy really was leading up to Covid.

    Lockdowns just Blew the Man Down

    Blow the Man Down

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 8 2020 #61932
    Dave Note

    Trump has to deliver some actual goodies to his based, not promises. The EO to allow cheaper drugs from Canadian sources is one such goodie. It doesn’t mean he’s benevolent, it’s simply the cost of doing business in an election year.

    A lot of people I know would not have even mentioned the TBTF banks being constantly bailed out a year ago, now they are ranting about it at me when ever I meet them, that’s quite a shift in consciousness for these folks.

    I saw an old faded probably pre-2016 bumper sticker that said,

    Be the Change in Your Sofa

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 7 2020 #61908
    Dave Note

    Wait until AG Barr and Durham indict Comey, Clapper et al for sedition and treason a month before the election

    I can hear the howls it’s politically motivated.

    No it isn’t, it just took this long to assembly the case against the traitors.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2020 #61636
    Dave Note

    Dr ‘Faust’ Fauci

    Brad Pitt shamelessly kissing his ass

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 20 2020 #61331
    Dave Note

    John Day

    the Ethiopian Church Forest

    Maybe you could start one down in Yoakum

    Ethiopian Church Forest

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 20 2020 #61327
    Dave Note

    The haunting photo of the SS Coamo at the beginning of a very tragic war.

    Wednesday, December 9, 1942
    U-Boat Attack near Bermuda

    SS Coamo was torpedoed by German submarine U-604 off of Bermuda while en route to New York.

    The ship was detached from the convoy she started in and was never heard from again.

    This was the greatest loss of a merchant crew of any US Flag merchant vessel during all of WWII

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 1 2020 #56475
    Dave Note

    So NIH director Francis Collins was bending over backwards, and bending over forwards, for the Chinese Communist Party, rather than actually doing his job of protecting the U.S. public from infectious diseases.

    He reminds me of the SJW mayor of Florence and his ‘hug a Chinese’ stunt shortly before the Plague got rolling which greatly contributed to actually deaths in Italy. Instead of virtue signaling he should be swing from a lamp post by now.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 1 2020 #56474
    Dave Note

    Tucker Carlson’s commentary the Origins of the China virus is the only non virtue signaling account of where this Beast came from.

    The paper was written by Chinese scientists, then suppressed.

    The director of the NIH, Francis Collins, wrote a self righteous and adamantly worded defense of the CCP’s denial that the virus came from one of the two the Wuhan Level 4 labs, which admit they were in fact conducting research into coronaviruses in bats, specifically Horseshoe Bats, which were not sold at the Wet Market and only exist 900km from Wuhan.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 17 2020 #55462
    Dave Note

    Watched an interview with a guy who headed infectious disease task forces over the decades, the big bad ones ebola etc…

    He said SPEED

    Don’t be afraid to be wrong because epidemics are almost ALWAYS faster than human decision making.

    You have to try and keep in front of the wave like a surfer on a 100′ breaking wave.


    Most ‘over reactions’ after the wave breaks on a community look like pitiful too little too late UNDER reactions.

    So to the US political and apparatchik class, grow a pair.

    On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.

    Adlai Stevenson

    Adlai Stevenson

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 17 2020 #55461
    Dave Note


    200mg 50 tablets $40.16


    Hey, you need a prescription, but cheap. In quantity the bulk price would be lower.

    Will it be uswd widespread? Hell no.

    None of Us is as Dumb as All of Us

    None of Us

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 17 2020 #55458
    Dave Note

    Interesting bit from Kark Denninger yesterday as relates to Hydroxychloroquine :

    South Korea had a materially lower fatality rate. Not a bit lower either — close to an order of magnitude less, depending on where you’re comparing against. Why?

    We’re not sure but they used a cheap, off-patent anti-malarial and apparently it was effective enough to severely limit progression.

    Look folks, if you get to the point of needing a vent, you’re odds off to live. Period.

    Therefore the goal has to be preventing that, not having a lot of vents, assuming the intent of the strategy is to actually keep people alive instead of maximizing the amount of money the medical system extracts from the economy.

    The second is extremely important. Why aren’t we recommending that any person at elevated risk who can tolerate said anti-malarial take it right here and now? If it takes a zero off the serious case and fatality rate of this disease among that population and it appears from the data in South Korea that it might then using it as a prophylaxis may well take this virus from a serious public health problem with the potential to overload the medical system to nothing significant at all…”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 15 2020 #55357
    Dave Note

    From watching the first wave of asian countries and their response to containing SARS CoV2 I can say that only two options are on the table for Europe and North America.

    #1 Lock downs and quarantines, enforced by police and military with guarantied jail time and fines for those who break it.

    # 2 Intensive fast free accurate testing and contact tracing, with transparent ubiquitous cell phone location and neighborhood level alert apps, like South Korea deployed without having to resort to the above lock downs and quarantines, coupled with CLOSING the borders.

    You know borders, those things that define the boundaries of actual countries.

    Like Mexico is contemplating closing their northern border to keep the contaminated Gringos out! hahahaha

    The suicide cult of neoliberal Globalism doesn’t believe in borders. George Soros is their buttboy poster child.

    The suicide cult of ‘just in time’ supply chain, the keystone of the Globalist Death Cult, is not going to be able to provide enough ventilator to the hospitals and many thousands will be dying in the hallways and outside the overwhelmed ER’s.

    Globalism is a pathocratic Death Cult and it’s time has come hither.

    Let all the people of the world join hands and be one big contaminated family, all together now!

    4 Horsemen

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2020 #55268
    Dave Note


    “Italy’s high death rate — currently over 7% and double the average globally — has been blamed on its unusually old population, which is second only to Japan’s. But about a third of the ICU patients in Lombardy are aged 50-64, meaning the virus isn’t just striking the very old, but also Italians still in their working prime…”

    “..Doctors Without Borders dispatched teams to four Lombardy hospitals, including hard-hit Lodi and Codogno, which had to close its emergency room to new patients because it was so overwhelmed. The extra support of nurses, epidemiologists and other experts will enable the hospitals to reopen 20 more beds to patients.

    But in some hospitals, even with extra hands to help, there simply aren’t enough beds to go around…”

    The World Health Organization ranked Italy No. 2 medical system behind France (No. 1), the U.S. is 37th

    Beds per 100 by country

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2020 #55267
    Dave Note

    Two days ago

    First-hand coronavirus report from Italian health workers )subtitles)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2020 #55266
    Dave Note

    “If you are not elderly and don’t have an underlying health issue, you will most likely not experience this as anything different than the flu”


    Twitter is full of accounts by Italian doctors who are in the belly of this beast and they are saying the first wave of patients was indeed elderly but following waves have larger and larger percent of younger patients, and most have NO underlying health issues.

    Some hospitals are so overrun they are not treating those over 60 so they can save those younger patients.

    They tried to distribute their case over flows to other parts of Itly but the tide of new cases has swamped even the other hospitals. It’s like battlefield triage.

    One Italian doctor said if you only have 3,000 ventilators in the region and 6,000 cases, very hard decisions have to be made.

    A large number of the doctors and nurses are now sick, even having used protection, and they are exhausted and demoralized.

    Dr. Daniele Macchini
    Dr Giacomo Grasselli

    This was 3 days ago, it’s worse now

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 12 2020 #55202
    Dave Note

    China is pitching the storyline that SARS-Cov2 came from the US.

    From Peter Koenig at Global Research

    Looking back in the timeline;

    “First, there were the Military Olympics in October in Wuhan (18 – 27 October 2019), where about 200 American soldiers participated; the first cases of 2019-nCoV fever were discovered about two weeks later – two weeks is the average gestation period from infection to outbreak.

    Second, there was Event 201, on October 18, 2019, at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF – the corporatocracy representing Big Weapons, Big Pharma and Big Money), and the John Hopkins Institute.

    The theme was simulating a High-Level Pandemic Exercise – and yes, the simulation produced 65 million deaths. Just a couple of weeks before the first COVID-19 victims were identified.

    Curiously, in their defense the sponsors of Event 201, now say,

    “We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 (which was also used as the name of the simulation) outbreak will kill 65 million people. Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019.”

    One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that the simulation and actual outbreak is a very strange coincidence.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 11 2020 #55142
    Dave Note

    So the myth about only older people getting SARS-Cov2 is falling apart.

    From an Italian doctor in the eye of the storm, a theory on age and corona:

    In an alarming development, Dr Giuseppe Nattino,an Italian intensive care doctor, from the Lecco province in northern Italy said younger patients were being affected, saying the ages of patients ranged from 46 to 83 with only a small number having important underlying conditions.

    (“with only a small number having important underlying conditions…’ this means most were healthy!)

    He added: “The last days are showing a younger population involved as if the elderly and weaker part of the population crashed early and now younger patients, having exhausted their physiological reserves, come to overcrowded, overwhelmed hospitals with little resources left.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 11 2020 #55122
    Dave Note

    It’s clear to me after extensive reading about countries that seem to have leveled out new cases or actually have declining numbers that the only strategy that works is ‘extreme social distancing’

    i.e. quarantine – lockdown

    No exceptions, nobody is ‘special’

    Banning gatherings bigger than 250, 1000 etc is STUPID beyond belief.

    How about gathering at all, like zero. That is what it will take. Anything else is not just halfass, it’s dead ass.

    The UK Health Minister got it, she’s not special.

    The Pathocrats who think they control things are not special either, but they think they are.

    You can get an idea of how much the Chinese lied about their numbers by looking at Italy.

    The mortality rate in Italy is running at 7.5% (that’s 75x the seasonal flu which is .1%)

    The northern Italian medical system, which was quite good at the start, has now effectively collapsed under the load and the cases are still DOUBLING in less than a week.

    So the US has tested a couple hundred times, when it needs to test several hundred thousand times, and now the test kits won’t work without reagent chemicals that are almost exhausted. Sweet

    The US is such a pitiful clusterfuck of a country, this Sars-C0v2 is going to plunge it into a Dark Age.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 5 2020 #54845
    Dave Note
    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 5 2020 #54842
    Dave Note

    Continuing from the Taiwanese Tv show:

    “The Virologist further stated that the US has recently had more than 200 “pulmonary fibrosis” cases that resulted in death due to patients’ inability to breathe, but whose conditions and symptoms could not be explained by pulmonary fibrosis. He said he wrote articles informing the US health authorities to consider seriously those deaths as resulting from the coronavirus, but they responded by blaming the deaths on e-cigarettes, then silenced further discussion. …

    The Taiwanese doctor then stated the virus outbreak began earlier than assumed, saying, “We must look to September of 2019”.

    He stated the case in September of 2019 where some Japanese traveled to Hawaii and returned home infected, people who had never been to China.

    This was two months prior to the infections in China and just after the CDC suddenly and totally shut down the Fort Detrick bio-weapons lab claiming the facilities were insufficient to prevent loss of pathogens. (10) (11)

    He said he personally investigated those cases very carefully (as did the Japanese virologists who came to the same conclusion).. This might indicate the coronavirus had already spread in the US but where the symptoms were being officially attributed to other diseases, and thus possibly masked.”

    This makes me wonder whether a variety of Covid19 is already widely distributed in the US since Sept 2019.

    The US still has no test kits widely available NOW at the local level, and certainly not back then in Sept 2019.

    News Flash:
    “South Korea has just managed to test more than 140,000 people for the coronavirus, using kits with sensitivity rates of over 95 per cent from kits made from local factories”

    The US to date has tested a couple thousand, well played!

    The US response is a clown show.

    The logic seems to say, “If we don’t test we don’t have it!”

    Kinda like the dumb blond who told the bank manager after being called about an overdraft,” I can’t be out of money, I still have checks!”

    China’s Coronavirus: A Shocking Update. Did The Virus Originate in the US?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 5 2020 #54841
    Dave Note

    Japanese virologists have agreed and concluded the same as their colleagues in Taiwan

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 5 2020 #54840
    Dave Note

    We’re just getting started on reverse engineering the origin of Covid19 using genetic forensics coupled with know mutation rates of many viruses that have been cataloged.

    Any virus mutates as it goes through host populations. They tend to get selected to be less virulent because they will run out of ‘host’ if they kill everything in sight.

    Who ever let this baby out, it’s origin will be found.

    From Taiwanese TV

    (Note: haplotypes are used to differentiate mutations from a common source, they provide a timeline pointing back to a source, they are not different viruses, just flavors of a single one if you will)

    “The man in the video is a top virologist and pharmacologist (Taiwan) who performed a long and detailed search for the source of the virus. He spends the first part of the video explaining the various haplotypes (varieties, if you will), and explains how they are related to each other, how one must have come before another, and how one type derived from another. He explains this is merely elementary science and nothing to do with geopolitical issues, describing how, just as with numbers in order, 3 must always follow 2.

    One of his main points is that the type infecting Taiwan exists only in Australia and the US and, since Taiwan was not infected by Australians, the infection in Taiwan could have come only from the US.

    The basic logic is that the geographical location with the greatest diversity of virus strains must be the original source because a single strain cannot emerge from nothing. He demonstrated that only the US has all the five known strains of the virus (while Wuhan and most of China have only one, as do Taiwan and South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, Singapore, and England, Belgium and Germany), constituting a thesis that the haplotypes in other nations may have originated in the US.

    Korea and Taiwan have a different haplotype of the virus than China, perhaps more infective but much less deadly, which would account for a death rate only 1/3 that of China.

    Neither Iran nor Italy were included in the above tests, but both countries have now deciphered the locally prevalent genome and have declared them of different varieties from those in China, which means they did not originate in China but were of necessity introduced from another source. It is worth noting that the variety in Italy has approximately the same fatality rate as that of China, three times as great as other nations, while the haplotype in Iran appears to be the deadliest with a fatality rate of between 10% and 25%. (7) (8) (9)

    Due to the enormous amount of Western media coverage focused on China, much of the world believes the coronavirus spread to all other nations from China, but this now appears to have been proven wrong. With about 50 nations scattered throughout the world having identified at least one case at the time of writing, it would be very interesting to examine virus samples from each of those nations to determine their location of origin and the worldwide sources and patterns of spread….”

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