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    Dr. D

    Trump shouldn’t have any trouble, all he has to do is prove a negative!

    Easy, see?

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    Dr. D

    Suborning perjury to a crime they didn’t commit would be illegal, if anyone cares.

    …Certainly the FBI and the whole U.S. population doesn’t, or we couldn’t have these discussions on game theory or a 99% conviction rate.

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    Dr. D

    F’n northern monkeys, complete muppets.

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    Dr. D

    Don’t worry about there being no collusion—a thing that was always obvious to most of us—it hasn’t mattered in the last two years and won’t matter now either.

    ‘Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.’ – Winston Churchill.

    The Green New Deal is a non-binding resolution that means nothing. So everyone can vote yes, happily. However, IF AGW is as serious as they claim and the world will end in 12 years, then this is what is needed. So let’s see – for the 500th time—if they actually believe anything they’re saying, or whether they’re going to continue jet-setting to Davos and building new 5,000sq ft mansions on the waterline while doubling our mining of toxic lithium and investing in non-energy-producing technology.

    The real Green Deal of course is a communist everything-for-everybody promise, which then requires giving government power over everything, everywhere, for all time, with no oversight, because Soviet style totalitarian central control has never gone badly before, either environmentally in Poland and Ukraine, or socially, with a oligarch-peasant model of wealth distribution. It’s also not austerity or anything, and is way more luxurious than the U.S. or U.K. in the 50s through 90s under capitalism.

    “…reshape globalisation in a way that offers the benefits of trade while allaying public fears about the erosion of democracy,” – (Canadian) Mark Carney

    “Globalism” in their Neoliberal model is the antithesis of Democracy. Not only democracy, but sovereignty and the very existence of nations and cultures. All nations always were global and participating in the benefits of trade, always. Remember that guy Marco Polo? How about Rome’s records of trade with China? How about those tea ships in Boston harbor in 1775? How about the tea-and-opium trade in 1840? How about the trade in TVs from Taiwan? How about that iPhone? So at what point was there NOT global trade? IF there are humans, there is trade, as far away as they can get it. …Unless you’re socialist in the vein of the Green New Deal, then trade is highly restricted and poverty follows strong. So will there be Post-Brexit trade? There was pre-Britain trade, Roman Britain trade, peasant Britain trade, Empire Britain trade, EEC trade, EU Britain trade, and someday, however far away, there will be post-EU trade.

    It’s all linguistic bait and switch, just like saying they’re “leaving Europe” they want “more Europe,” they’re “against Europe” and so on. Clever linguistic garbage. Europe is a continent. You are in that continent. You are Europe, nothing can change that, every one of you European and nobody’s going anywhere. Now if you want to be ruled by a bunch of greedy unelected, unaccountable, undemocratic, irremovable Soviet-style bureaucrats, that’s another issue altogether, and your choice. But know it has nothing to do with “Europe” and everything to do with the destruction of all democracy and every ideal of Enlightenment.

    “Brexit can lead to a new form of international cooperation and cross-border commerce built on a better balance of local and supranational authorities. In these respects, Brexit could affect both the short and long-term global outlooks.” And yet this whole sentence means nothing. Changes cause change, and that change is both short and long, good and bad.

    “Give me a one-handed economist. All my economists say, ‘on the one hand… on the other hand.’” – Harry Truman

    Speaking of being unelected petty dictators using violence to get their way, “EU’s Verhofstadt Suggests Brexiteers Could ‘End Up On The Guillotine’ (Ind.)

    “In Britain, for example, we now know that the EU referendum was won with the help of widespread cheating.” Is this even true? How does it compare to owning (legally) every media and network site and issuing 100% articles in favor of or-else-omigad-the-world-will-end? Btw, how did that work out? All that Britain and FTSE and the Pound will collapse if the vote even occurs? Now they’re publically stocking body bags instead of medicine while dawdling the last of their years-of-days. Yeah, since y’all did f-all but goof off at 5-star dinners and golf courses since the mandate, I rather expect things WON’T go well. But don’t worry, I’m quite sure it will be the fault of the poor and powerless in Linconshire and Blackpool and NOT the fault of the powerful in Middlesex. Darn those dirty peasants all to heck. Don’t they get the message that we’re their betters when we lampoon them in every movie? Are there no poorhouses for them to get to but quick?

    “And is propped up by the Catalans.” That’s embarrassing. Crisis never comes from where you expect, because they throw a trillion in sandbags to the breech (DeutscheBank and Italy). Is Spain our trigger bank?

    “Since their peak in mid-2015, investor lending has dropped by almost 48%.”

    Yay!!! Finally low home prices for our children, reducing costs and freeing up income everywhere. Isn’t that what we all wanted?

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    Dr. D

    Collapse now and beat the rush!

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    Dr. D

    “Sánchez-Bayo told the Guardian: “It is very rapid. In 10 years you will have a quarter less, in 50 years only half left and in 100 years you will have none.”

    This scientist is having some trouble with math, but I repeat myself. What is a 2.5% loss compounded? Baseline 100 units, reduce by 2.5% annually, compounded = 97.5 units, 95.1 units, 92.68 units, etc. In 10 years, 76 units remain, a 25% loss. However, since originally losing 2.5% was to lose 2-1/2 individuals, but when there’s only 50, losing 2.5% is losing only 1-1/4 individuals. That is, it’s a curve that REDUCES, unlike positive compounding, like interest, which INCREASES in speed. However, he’s STILL wrong, as in 50 years 75% of the individuals are gone, not 50%. Yet in 100 years the slowing speed means 8% still remain. If you try the other way, losing 2.5 individuals a year it’s even worse: you lose 25% in 10 years and 100% in 40 years, so it’s not a math interpretation problem, he simply doesn’t know math and doesn’t care. Not to fear! The readers don’t know math either, as indicated by the reporter printing this credibly. But, “The Guardian,” ’nuff said.

    I wouldn’t bank on any of these estimates being true, since they have NO IDEA WHAT’S KILLING THEM (great work!), but that’s the math. If anyone cared, AT ALL, what was killing them, instead of having a $50 Trillion Green New Deal that makes more new cars and houses and trains, we would save billions NOT spending money on worldwide pesticides, just as an opener, and we would put all the hedgerows back as any medieval peasant knows. But we DON’T want to stop killing bugs and all other life on earth, clearly: we hate life violently, passionately, more than anything. And if you don’t want to even TRY, I can’t help you: you are all going to die until there are so few you’re too poor and weak to use pesticides anymore. I’m sure your children will be very proud, living in a world with no fish, no frogs, and no apples. Perhaps they can eat grass and you can finally be happy.

    “• UK Public Services Face Post-Brexit Squeeze (R.)”

    Wait: AOC told me we can just print unlimited money in unlimited amounts. Resources are unlimited and no one needs to go hungry. So what’s the hold-up?

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    Dr. D

    That cartoon is so old we have to keep changing the names over the doors to add new ones. …Lots and lots of new ones.

    Funny how the “Foreign aid” nonsense started only when the illegal Benghazi-type gun running (CIA textbook) got intercepted in public last week. A textbook intro here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timber_Sycamore , consensus reality.

    While obviously I’m not fond of Maduro or his policies, I believe far MORE in national sovereignty and self-determination. As does the U.N., who have sold out 100% of any residual belief and credibility they had left, scraping it off the bottom of the jar with a spatula. So, U.N., IF it’s policy and the only legal route under international law, under what legal statute do you presume the right to call “snap” elections in any nation of your choosing, unsupported by any national law? Is it your common practice to decide the leaders of nations and permit other nations to chronically interfere in elections and dictate those leaders by supporting violence? A: YES!!! The U.N. has always existed simply to create plausible cover for illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Serbia and to “vote” to let the CIA overthrow 100-some nations with natural resources we would like to deliver over the dead bodies of their people. And the citizens cheer!

    Well folks, Jacques or Normandie and Jack of North Carolina, thanks to never stopping them before, now it’s YOU they want – YOUR resources, YOUR death. First they came for Indiana, but I did nothing…

    “Lagarde said oil producing countries should look to renewable energy in the coming decades, in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, which stipulates a reduction in greenhouse emissions.”

    So because their budgets are destroyed and they’re dying, they should sell LESS oil? And having unlimited virtually free energy domestically, should instead use expensive energy sources that barely break even EIEO? And this will HELP their economy and their people while we double their trade deficit importing this technology? Yup, she’s an economist all right.

    So the World Bank is a terrible, abusive institution, but anyone who is AGAINST them is a terrible, abusive person? Gotcha. Modern media logic at work.

    “Spain went from right-wing to socialist government, and nothing changed.”

    That’s because “Right Wing” IS “Socialist”: They’re both Statists. i.e. anti-freedom, pro-control.

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    Dr. D

    Crikey, how is DeutscheBank still not bankrupt? They haven’t even attacked a second Greece and I bet French GDP is no help.

    “We’re all trying to figure out: who are you, where did you come from and how the heck did you become the head of the Department of Justice,” said congressman Hakeem Jeffries.

    Apparently somebody didn’t have their aide prepare their notes? Maybe he’s unclear on legal precedent and the Constitution? No surprise. He could sound a lot smarter, if boring, by saying, “Boy, we don’t like your kind around here.” I find his contempt of Congress hilarious, mostly because it was strictly legal and strictly official. I find them contemptible too, as does most of the planet. “Golly! The clock said 5 minutes, how dare he say the clock said 5 minutes that it actually said? Cheeky monkey.” If you want something subpoena it, vote against it or shut up, but for God’s sake stop grandstanding. They still haven’t prosecuted the last 50 Clappers and Brennans that openly perjured themselves against the American people and got 6 million foreigners killed in 150 wars worldwide. Go away.

    • US Faces A Catastrophic Food Supply Crisis, As Farmers Struggle (SHTF)

    This was special. Food prices, at least here, are probably at 1,000-year lows, so yes, it’s fair bet that they will rise and also (for malinvestment) be shortages. After 60 years of non-investment, driving out every producer and letting every farm infrastructure crumble bad as pre-WWII Britain, surely that will be true. However, you can’t have BOTH shortages AND low prices/bankruptcies. Oh wait: that would be if a nation has markets, but we don’t, particularly in farming, wiki “U.S. milk pricing per miles from Wisconsin.”

    “The farm economy’s in pretty tough shape,” said John Newton, chief economist…”
    Yeah, where you been? They drove out farmers by 1963, and has been a perpetual free fall every. single. day. since then. Subsidies by nature (they are legal and federal) go to big producers, by definition driving out small producers, who would instead win by exploiting arbitrage and niches in markets, so it is their ground-up, published design to #anticapitalist kill all competition using tax-subsidies and mega-grants to Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Tyson.

    “whether the Trump administration has laid enough groundwork to spur a wider mutiny in the ranks where many officers are suspected of benefiting from corruption and drug trafficking.”

    Wait: did he mean the Venezuelan military or the U.S. military have ranks and ranks of corrupt drug traffickers? Shouldn’t Maduro overthrow US for OUR good and liberate, say, Flint Michigan from the black-hat drug traffickers in the CIA? I’m so confused.

    “blocking much-needed food and medicine could constitute crimes against humanity.”

    He’s so cute. We’ve killed 6 million people in the last 20 years and are actively supporting genocide in Yemen and are arranging a first-strike nuclear war on China and Russia. And he thinks not allowing a grocery truck to go through would be too far? And at this rate it will be a thousand years before we get up to speed, and don’t the bad guys know it: John Perkins put out “Economic Hit Man” in 2000 and it was more than apparent then, although he had to go into hiding afterwards. 20 years ago. Still explaining the same thing. This is a “2”. This is a “4”. This is a “clue-by-four.” It adds up to worldwide genocidal mass murder. Stop playing games.

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    Dr. D

    Ah, the ringworm quote again. Classic.

    AOC’s proposal was worse than anyone could have imagined, a grade-school wish-list written in crayon.

    So: stop all carbon in 10 years, crush every car, melt every train, ground every plane, replace every building, dismantle every nuclear reactor, run every farm, build a dozen transoceanic railroads, and dearest to myself, kill every cow. Now comes the good part: they’re going to do this in 10 years by unionizing all labor, having the government run it (by which should it matter if labor is unionized or not since they’re neither private nor capitalist?) and provide paid vacations, high wages, full medical care, and “economic security for those … unwilling to work.” Sign me up as unwilling to work!!! Very, VERY unwilling! And I want to drive on space trains and get paid anyway!!!

    So although everyone will get a full vacation, medical, dental, and wages, WHO does she think will blow up all the buildings and die under a rock drilling all the dangerous underwater railroad tunnels? We’ll all be home on the PS2 eating Cheetos and smoking weed. And HOW will this be done? What if you don’t like it? What if you don’t WANT to knock down your historic stone farmhouse built by Huguenots 100 years before America was born? We’ll simply TAKE anything we like, DO anything we like, PAY anything we like, including your slave labor at the point of a gun, forever. It’s Stalinism of the first order, “Behold, a Green (Chloros) horse!” A rider of the Apocalypse!

    They’re right. Since this can never happen, it’s AWESOME. Every Democrat signs on to take and to do everything, in full Soviet socialism, and we can finally discuss if this is what we as Americans want or not. I’m guessing no, since it’s destroyed everyone on earth everywhere it’s been tried, and has killed more people than Hitler.

    Italy should get out of their French jam by declaring the Yellow Vest leaders “the official Presidents of France” instead of Macron, since that’s how we do things now. Then they can steal France’s gold and refuse to remit their trade deficit possibly forever! Works for London, why not Rome?

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    Dr. D

    Thank you so much people.

    Sadly I can’t cover everything as I wander too much anyway, but certainly I expect meat use would decline somewhat also as the middle ages, and there are still problems of (unnecessary) deforestation for cattle in zones/soils they are not suited for. –Certainly different production would be astonishing in a 3-crop-per-year tropic though. Can the world feed 7B? They are now under a terrible and inefficient system, so I expect a more efficient and responsible system would be at least as good. Food production can rise 10-fold if you add one human per acre in attention and work. That leads to food distribution issues, as population by now may not be where food production is, but I can’t solve everything. Following 1890 Paris Market Growers (Coleman probably has a book on this) would show how astonishing production can become if intelligence is applied. They basically could supply a city of a million within the 10-mile urban ring, and this was using only horses and window glass — nothing of the deep opportunities we have with central heat, row tunnels, aquaponics, LED lighting and the like.

    Mushrooms, manure, and the secret of French food

    As I sometimes mention, the other, or main point is what we NEED to make those 7B people for “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed.” If they all lived like Japan, or further, like a civilization of Zen monks — or even a civilization of Choctaw — we would not yet have STARTED to tap the resources. You could probably re-forest the whole Northeast. As it is, probably half U.S. oil consumption is spent because we don’t live 5 miles closer to work and exhaust ourselves driving the kids to soccer who only 40 years ago used to walk (safely). That’s a choice, so, so easily undone. That’s an incredible, astonishing liberation of BTU’s that could who knows, terrace North Dakota into year-round production like Machu Picchu or farm the rooftops of Manhattan.

    Any one of these would cut profits, though, and re-route the profits away from Bezos and ADM and to small householders. As they trade with each other and economize without buying, GDP falls, and so does tax revenue. The system cannot tolerate or sustain that. So we must NOT turn off our lights when we leave the room like they did in 1930, we MUST buy a new $15 LED light, and tie it into an always-on, always-connected home surveillance wiretap that has a monthly subscription and can turn our lights on for us when we’re not home (and therefore would never need to). Can we support 7B with a system that insane? Probably, but let’s not. First of all, nobody likes it. We nostalgize and go glamping because we FEEL BETTER in the green, looking at sheep and watching chickens tear into bread crusts we feel good we didn’t have to throw away. It makes us all happy. And when we’re happy, we also tend to stop attacking each other and become safe.

    They’ve gotten so insane, they’re making robotic trees that sequester CO2. They are now so anti-life they will happily tax-subsidize robotic non-trees at 10,000x the cost rather than JUST PLANT A REAL TREE. One that kids and grandchildren will play in, that birds will eat and creates new trees, new soil, new life. Why? Money. GDP. Power. Control. Say no and break them by going out and planting that real tree that will take the power from them by de-centralizing, by feeding 70 years of children, where no money, no taxes, no upkeep, no inputs are involved. Do that everywhere, green the world, and what’s the risk? What could they hold over us then? And that’s precisely WHY they hate life so vehemently: life by nature is bigger than them, it’s beyond their control. And not having absolute, insurmountable, totalitarian control is the one thing they can’t stand.

    Throw out some dandelion seeds and watch. It’s hilarious. When that dies down, cook some up and watch the panic and hilarity begin all over again.

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    Dr. D

    This subject is hot and no one wants to bring it up, but note the Cherokee Nation’s exact wording in the statement to Warren/Public, viz. Genetics are NOT an indicator of being a legitimate member of the Cherokee nation/a REAL Cherokee. First, the obvious: genetics are also NOT an indicator of being a real Frenchman, a real German, a real Swede or a real American. …Unless you’re a virulent racist of the kind almost inconceivable in modern society. …But apparently ‘white’ Congresswomen, western masses, think that DOES apply to Native Americans. …Who are all the same, btw, except they’re not, having far more nations, cultures, and ethnicities than Europe.

    …Back to the point, WHY is the Cherokee Nation so strict on this point? Because like the other Iroquois and indeed many other tribes, they had a century of enslaving, and/or adopting captives, just like you see in the movies. So by the time that settled down in 1800 there literally no single, genetic Cherokee “nation”, just an adoptive national/cultural/political one like the United States.

    This goes with the tweeky bulls—t of the “23-and-Me” crowd. Where are they getting their data from? What on earth could possibly be the science that would tell you you’re Italian, Mexican, or African (of no specific nation)? That seems sensible to us, but Italy wasn’t a nation until the 1830s. Germany had changing borders, with colonists going to the frontier in Poland, Ukraine, and even Russia into the 1890s. The Jews and Roma have no home locations at all. So let’s say you were a group of Frenchmen in a war and you decided to move the town/family over the hill, only to discover the border shifted and now you’re “Italian.” Or you and the whole township are of 100% German descent but are now “Polish.” And the 1800s are not the first time. People moved constantly for a thousand years, intermarried, crossed tribes, tribes merged, Scottish Clans, descendants of the Vikings, ceased to exist, moved to Ireland, intermarried with the English, and landed in South Africa. Are they not Africans now, 200 years later? How are they less African than the Indians imported and living there nearly as long? Or are the Egyptians, mixing with the Middle East for 5,000 years, not “Africans”? If not, how long does it take? Does 23-and-Me list the date at which you’re “real” “Spaniard” or “Nigerian”? 100 years? 1,000? 10,000?

    What does any of that even mean? How would you possibly back-date, back-engineer any of that anymore than you can track language back and pretend you’re fluent in Indo-European? It’s quack science. Is it because no one knows either so no one can disagree with you? Although naturally there is some linage, some regionality, some reality, ultimately it’s racist nonsense of the first order. As if we ever had racially-pure, ethnically-cleansed “nations” that were later “corrupted” and “diluted” with a “drop of black blood” as the Americans feared. As if the Franks were one people, never intermarried with the Romans, and there were no Celts and Basques there. That never happened in any history I’ve ever read, going back to Israel brought into Babylon and never coming out, further and further into the past, always the same.

    So welcome to our modern, “scientific,” “enlightened,” “liberated” time when the Congressmen, the press, the public all believe in the ultimate purity of race and that it entitles you to rights and privileges of a superior class, and no one notices a thing. It all seems normal. Even though only 200 years ago these nations had wildly different borders, a dozen sub-groups, and in modern terms, didn’t exist.

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    Dr. D

    Cue the screaming.

    We need to destroy the village to save the village. This will not be seen as irony. My side, right or wrong.

    Sir Thomas More: What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    Roper: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
    More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you — where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast — man’s laws, not God’s — and if you cut them down … d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake.

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    Dr. D

    If you weren’t following the timing, Russia pulls (more) gold from London, and since the stolen Ukrainian and Libyan gold are gone, London can’t make delivery, they suddenly discover they need to take over Venezuela! Very 1st order? London says they won’t give Venezuela their gold. As the custodian. Remember this last year with stealing fortunes of Russian oligarchs, etc? Tell me, how’s your business as a major financial center if you break your word, and the law, AND seem to suggest that the assets and gold you pretend to have are all missing, and only the popular people that we like can make withdrawals? …All the others need to make a case in triplicate asking permission to own their assets, and to wait two years for delivery like Germany did, while we make France attack a small gold-producing African country to get the bars. I mean, this is so bad even normal people may begin to see it.

    But hey, Guido (aka ‘drone’) went to school in Georgetown, that hub of Deep State alma maters, and he told us he was Venezuelan, so apparently he’s the new President. …Without elections, without process, without military, without anything except treason (as he is conspiring with hostile foreign agents to violently overthrow his government), because apparently going to Georgetown makes you a President now.

    Snow in Punjab, which hasn’t happened in memory, if ever, as well as a cold Philippines. I forgot to mention that it was cold through southern China and the tea region earlier, also unknown. Peanut production in the Southeast is ruined as well. For fun, 100f swing in the midwest in a week -50f to 50f. Sadly, that is not as rare as one might hope.

    Cold proves a disaster for EV’s, as expected. Teslas lose 25mi range keeping their batteries from collapsing overnight. Then they lose 10mi range keeping the cabin warm while driving. So sure, they may be adequate for southern regions – if expensive and causing environmental horror in lithium and the nuke/coal plants that run them – but in no way are good for any northern region, a large swath of population in the U.S. This is more than inconvenience too, as IF the battery freezes, it MAY be damaged and ‘explosive’, and must be replaced. That means having a dead battery – let’s say you work overnights and can’t plug in – will be a $10,000 (?) charge, plus your car is inoperable: no jump starts. Getting a new battery manufactured for you every time something fails is super environmental! It’s good for GDP! #Winning!

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    Dr. D

    Norsefire and IngSoc for 2020!!! Those parties will straighten things out but good! And of course draw Britain down into 1,000 year Reich of non-freedom and corporate control, but why change what’s working so well now?


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    Dr. D

    Is it 60 million now? Just a few years ago 30 million was considered a 10x overstretch.

    Yes, I would have to disagree. In my area they have the names of the old towns and their relative sizes, which although not even a nomadic people as the Algonquin were, would scarcely put numbers up to 10M–it’s being super-generous, and that’s even assuming — wrongly — that any place from Ohio to Oregon would have any substantial population at all.

    The native population here was possibly equal to the Colonial one — no surprise since the agricultural methods were similar, being generous again since the colonists had 4-field rotation, dug wells, barns, plows, and draft animals. For example, however, the Seneca fielded some 2,000-5,000 soldiers in the Revolutionary War, making them equal to the NY Army, almost the most powerful army on the continent. That suggests their population was similiar, i.e. 200,000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Province_of_New_York#Demographics

    And this was the most agricultural, most powerful, most numerous tribe in North America. This also matches any archeology ever found in this extensively covered area. 50 x 200,000 would be population 10 million, which is hilarious if you’ve ever driven from Nebraska to Death Valley, but let’s pretend 30 million for fun.

    What would you have to do to increase population over those levels? Find any city, anywhere. London or Rome barely clipped 1,000,000 and we need 30 more of them to exist without noticing. We need the roads and canals that supply them, the fields that feed them, the silos that house the grain. Although Sullivan’s March showed astonishing prosperity of thousands of acres, and scores of prosperous modern towns feeding those 2,000 warriors, it was no more developed than the ensuing colonists who barely numbered 30 million. The whole US didn’t exceed 60M until 1870, and I THINK we might have been more developed, with more visible cities then.

    It’s a pipe dream. He’s making it up. Just like green energy, 60 seconds on Google will prove how unlikely and unscientific such fantasies are. I’m not saying the old conventional history is right. I’m just saying there is an objective reality and the laws of physics and thermodynamics apply to it.

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    Dr. D

    Death Of 95% Of Indigenous People In Colonization Of America Cooled Earth (RT)

    I’ve seen some stunning non-science but this takes the cake. I know of no archeologist who would contend North America was at all agricultural. Yes, 90% of natives were wiped out by first contact (probably fishermen/traders from Portugal and Ireland) but the height of the civilization was never agricultural to begin with. At all. The plains were called the “Great American Desert” even by plow-wielding colonists for a reason: even with oxen and steel plows it was never expected to be farmable. The desert southwest speaks for itself. The central valley of CA never had massive cities or fields, and neither did the southeast. The few agricultural places on the continent are far more noteworthy by their existence than their absence: the Winnebago area, the progenitors of the pre-horse Sioux, the farming Hopi and Navaho, and the Iroquois. Mass areas, such as the many, many Algonquin peoples, essentially weren’t agricultural at all. And even the Iroquois at their height were barely agricultural in Western terms: they used rotating slash-and-burn townships which granted, were massive, but against a virgin forest from end-to-end of New York, from Boston to Cincinnati, from Maine to Atlanta, you’d be hard-pressed to notice their ecological impact against the greater “wild” space.

    So their premise is – and let’s grant that CO2 not only has some effect, but an enormous one, far greater than any science so far has attributed – the 30 million essentially non-agricultural peoples, in one continent over a planet virtually uninhabited by today’s standards caused global cooling? Who makes up this crap? The Mongol invasion and the collapse of Europe, falling back in the forests of the Brothers Grimm of an ACTUAL agricultural area? I could barely buy that since the entire rest-of-planet remains nothing but rainforest and savannah, but North America? You couldn’t get within 10,000 miles of proving that, even with a computer model turned up to “11” on every parameter.

    Okay, let’s suppose it’s true that the agricultural 10% of 0.03% of the world’s population in 1500, or 3 million people can affect the entire planet’s temperature in just 20 years. Hey, the CO2 taken up by corn is identical to the CO2 taken up by an acre of chestnut, but let’s assume science doesn’t apply here: everybody else does. So when the Colonists arrived, their 3 million did NOT affect the weather? I remind you that NY harbor IN THE SALT WATER froze regularly into the 1800s. They put the 3M people back and had 100x more agriculture, but apparently it had no effect? Okay, so suppose this was true, and worked on a steady cause-effect. So by the time they colonized through to St. Louis (capturing the same CO2 in the wheat fields as the prairies used to do, but WHATEVER) and cut down all the forests of California, the temperature should have been 500,000 degrees. Instead, the cold remained record through the 1850s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and right up to 1930s and 40s – 100 years of modest, if any, effect. That’s why this is literally the worst idea I’ve ever seen in print.

    I’ve got a far more likely idea: whatever the cycle is — and NASA’s sun-cycle guys pick up speed every day – the overall cooling CAUSED the Mongols and Vikings to get starved out, restless, and invade. They CAUSED the diseases and collapse, which as a 2nd effect, collapsed Europe and re-grew the forests. Surely madness, right? Except we can see and even prove this in the fall of Rome, which was WRITTEN DOWN, in FIRSTHAND ACCOUNTS, that the sun didn’t shine for a year and crops failed, making them weak enough to be attacked by similarly desperate barbarians. But why believe Caesars and world-famous authors? They probably just made it all up. Certainly British researchers do, and get caught again and again with no punishment.

    OMG I thought I had read some bone-headed made-up garbage before, but this takes the cake. You can’t just make up history ‘cause you feel like it. But what am I saying? Every day they do, and every day I read it, and every day somebody believes it without cross-checking anything, even so much as to click two sites and watch a 10-minute video made of cartoons and 3rd-grade words to make it easy.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 31 2019 #45109

    Dr. D

    I’m sorry but what part of federal law says that you can be accused of a crime but the prosecution doesn’t have to provide the evidence used against you? I have this funny feeling that’s been completely, totally illegal since day one.

    “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.”

    What Mueller is refusing is to “be informed of the nature and cause”, wherein under U.S. law, the Prosecution MUST provide the evidence and case they intend to make, while the Defense does not. But why do I talk? No one’s followed the Constitution (i.e. “The Law”) in 100 years, and apparently nobody cares.


    I don’t think it matters if it leaked or who leaked it. The Prosecution has to provide evidence, and the evidence will be presented in court so it is by definition public as we claim to have open, public trials. How are you “discredited” by your own evidence if the evidence is good? And when the FBI has had open leaks for years, why would Concord be the source? Given these jokers, it’s just as likely to be the Justice/CNN corporate merger. So if Justice leaks, they can then stop that evidence from being legally presented by the Defense? How would that work? Every time the Defendant is winning, you then leak the argument evidence involved. 99% conviction rate, higher than Stalin and Hitler, which is what we have now.

    in reply to: Flash-Balls, Pitchforks And A Backstop #45107

    Dr. D



    We do not stop the wheel of time.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2019 #45086

    Dr. D

    What’s the point of pointing out the support of Democracy in Ven. by overturning the elections (such as they were) toppling and overturning the elected President? And they call that legal and Constitutional, which means they use a different dictionary than I do.

    Or the Stone indictment with de facto exonerates Trump – surprising in itself. So, literally, they say that wikileaks released the DNC servers, (which were not hacked) and a few days later Stone pipes up and says, “Hey, do you think they have any more?” AND THAT IS A CRIME? Every journalist on earth was asking that question to themselves, to anyone they saw, and to wikileaks. Just as the Trump Tower affair, it is not illegal to become aware of your opponent’s misbehavior. It would not be illegal to even publish and publicize such behavior, IF TRUE. (It has never been disputed). Besides, why bother? Everyone already knew a laundry list of Clinton misdeeds going way back. That is also the PURPOSE of the campaign process, to publically vet candidates and place them in the public eye. Since a candidate is not going stand up and name their OWN misdeeds, then clearly the responsibility falls to the media and opposing candidate. They are REQUIRED to know the dirt on their opponent and speak up about it. Certainly Hillary did, as have candidates for 227 years.

    So Stone asked – or was asked to ask – if wikileaks had more bombs that would alter the 2016 election. And John Podesta was NOT asking if wikileaks had more documents coming? What is this horses#!t?

    Anyway, no love lost for grifter Manafort (a lifelong lobbyist who worked for Hillary and also worked for Sanders), for Bannon, or for Stone, a long-time creep. But seriously. Can someone please explain to me how you run a campaign without knowing—even asking—what the other side has?

    “• Facebook To Create ‘War Room’ To Fight Fake News (G.)”

    Facebook IS the fake news, if you didn’t know. This week they got hammered by the actual founder (that Zuck stole it from) who could prove that +50% of FB profiles are fake. Therefore ads are fake. Therefore revenue is fake. Therefore they will be sued for massive, bankrupting fraud for charging 50% more for ads than is legal. Facebook’s response? Shut off the data stream that allows researchers (and ad lawyers) to see anything that is going on inside. Without telling them. All the data feeds just accidentally “broke” and haven’t been turned on. Hey wait: didn’t/doesn’t that mean Zuck lied to Congress? And he’s not reforming but getting worse every day?

    Yes! But we don’t follow the law, and we don’t prosecute any crimes ever, but especially not perjury.

    “Supermassive Black Holes Reveal Universe Expands Faster Than Thought (Ind.)”

    Because “The Independent,” Hawking, the founder of black holes, has already said there are no black holes. Short: the math that allows the Big Bang contradicts Black Holes. They don’t know what they are, they don’t know what Dark Matter, is, they aren’t sure of anything because it all contradicts itself. What, Herr Docktor? How dare thee? Paragraph two: the bodies, black holes at the center of galaxies, spew out radiation “Black holes are the most luminous persistent sources of the universe…” Nothing escapes a Black Hole. THAT’S THE DEFINITION OF “BLACK” HOLE. So these new Black holes, gravity wells that suck in light actually EMIT light? Hey, whatever. A thing and its opposite are always the same now. #StarkRavingMadness. #antilogos. Gosh I hope they get their theories together soon or they’ll discredit science itself and tear post-enlightenment reality apart and cast us into a new dark age.

    Considering how little truth is reverenced, I fear it is already too late.

    P.S., because “Science”, it will be the coldest ever recorded in America this week. Colder than any living person has seen, however old, guaranteed. This is after snow in Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy, nation-stopping snow in Austria, the coldest winter in England, and similar cold in Germany. The grid itself may fail, and it will be cold right down to Florida. I don’t remember this being in the models. Snow was going to be banned from planet Earth by 2014. Children would never see snow again. Now I fear more than a few may die of it before sunrise Sunday. This is wildly outside the design parameters for everyone: grids, pipelines, fuses, furnaces, houses, cars, people, window glass, gasoline, clothing. And this is in a place like Chicago where they know real cold. Nice going Science, you really showed us this time. If you’re anywhere in North America, buckle down with 5 layers of backups, because at least one will be overrun this time and you couldn’t walk to the next house over and open the door without getting frostbite. Death is a very real possibility, and certain for some this week. Beware.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 28 2019 #45072

    Dr. D

    Another day, another “crimes against humanity” under international law.” So what is the UN going to do about it? When are they going to start? If they’re not going to stop crimes against humanity and Syria and Yemen, shouldn’t we just disband them? Their existence is preventing a real international group that actually uphold international norms and laws, instead of overlooking mass murder and actively supporting child rape in countries they ‘help.’

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 26 2019 #45049

    Dr. D

    “ordered [them] to bring them into the loop on the fruits”

    They brought them into the loop of the fruits all right. Now they’re all fruit loops.

    They key here is no evidence whatsoever has the slightest effect. Even straight-up reporting debunking everything has no effect. Things becoming consensus reality, easily approved on wikipedia has no effect. Which brings us to this long-engineered process of MAKING the people unable to think clearly. From where? Let’s leave that aside. But here’s a Russian defector saying this had been decades-long policy even by 1984. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Bezmenov

    “As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore,” said Bezmenov. “A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him [a] concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it … That’s the [tragedy] of the situation of demoralization.”

    And so today. Regardless of any information, regardless of other, more pressing concerns, regardless of hypocrisy, practicality, regardless of if it works, regardless if its embarrassing, if they are revealed as empty, wrong, whatever, these sides go on each morning as if the previous day never happened, and can continue shrill calls for the saving of some random child for some pop-cult reason while calling for or actively funding the deaths of millions of identical children in the next town or worldwide. Nothing, NOTHING can wake them up. If you even attempt to say, “hey, possibly heroin and random gay sex is not a healthy life choice?” “omigwd youcantjudgeme!!! hateyoufoevahdiebigot!!!” Clearly, forwarding the science – which is also for hire, ask Perdue Pharma – is not going to be help in persuading anyone. And yet, there your friends and neighbors are being actively destroyed by easily apparent, avoidable things, and yet the one who doesn’t want children raising themselves in a collapsing, foodless house visited by random abusive strangers spiraling into a hole of despair, is the villain, while the one asked politely not to kill their children with neglect is the victim. Later, when it ruins their health, and having not worked for years although being healthy and now have no money they’ll say, “I’m poor! I’m sick! You have to help me! Why didn’t you help me when I was down???” I did. I said doing drugs and having four babies with four men while studying underwater basket weaving probably wasn’t the road to riches, but it’s a free country. But it’s not free if I have to pay for all your BAD habits, but have no say in your good ones.

    That’s the more obvious places where being irrational against all evidence is (highly) visible, but it’s no less true in doing things that reduce your ability to cooperate or being a functional nation or society, destroying your cohesion and military, bankrupting your finances, corrupting your institutions, the things that keep you from laying awake paranoid and unproductive all night, and be able to distinguish actual threats, like health and opioids, from illusions like asteroids, sharks, and terrorists. Or Russian interference, which Obama said two years ago was a non-issue that had no effect on elections. So what are we investigating again? A thing we’ve admitted isn’t a thing? Which every new indictment conforms is not a thing?

    My question though: clearly, Bezmenov knows there IS such technology to brain-cripple people. It was well-refined then although it apparently takes time to install. And we can identify from the symptoms that we may have been infected with it. Aside from the USSR, gone 30 years if anybody noticed, who else might be interested in using such technology? What might they use it for? Because surely this IS happening, exactly as he warned in excruciating detail, but the culprit he described has been missing the whole time.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DTXO0J3ir8 Worth the time and interest.

    Opinion: nothing can cure this. Only starving in a ditch after watching your family get shot in the head by the people who played you as a fool might, if you can survive it, that’s why it takes a war. Most won’t even wake up from that, and write down new lies in the history books. Who is first against the wall in a revolution? Traitors and brownshirts since you already know they will subvert authority. Idiots who outlived their usefulness but can’t get with the program. That is to say, all the people in there now, lapping up the rewards. It’s not rocket science. Any history book will tell you.

    But how do you counter such technology if honest reporting has great risk yet no effect? If speaking the truth is in fact the enemy, attacked on sight?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 25 2019 #45035

    Dr. D

    “…on the side of the Constitution”? By going around elections and installing yourself? I just swore myself in on the Holy Bible, and I promise to give Trump amnesty if he resigns quietly. I’m sure that’ll work fine. Let us know how it goes, Guaidó. Hey, isn’t that sedition? And if you are backed by a foreign nation, ie. the United States, treason? Asking for a friend.

    “The U.S. has voted and Trump is the president and maybe he will be re-elected … So we have to work with him, and I think he is an opportunity,” Rutte told CNBC”

    Yes, you USE him. If he’s an idiot, take advantage of him. If he’s a wrecking ball, use him to wreck things. One thing that would show how stupid and useless you are as leaders would be to whinge and pine about it. This ain’t rocket surgery.

    “the RFC that had been set up earlier by President Herbert Hoover,”

    Because as I often say, Hoover was the SAME as FDR. FDR ran as a hands-off, anti-war candidate, then out-hoovered Hoover. He tried to HELP and centrally plan, and both failed, dragging out a 1-year Depression into 10+ years by slashing the people to protect the banks. Yes, this infrastructure plan can work, it’s sometimes called the “American Plan”, prototyped by Alexander Hamilton, where a nation creates its own credit and doesn’t borrow it from a cartel of private (foreign) banks at interest. The infrastructure also needs to not be stupid and pay for itself, and there’s a limited pool of such projects. This is how Germany got out: post-war the allies shoved a private bank and money down on Germany and it languished like the eastern bloc. Germany threw it off and got their independent money back and instantly Germany boomed, leaping forward economically despite their far worse condition than say France. The U.S. (deep state) hated this deeply, but with Russia in Berlin, they couldn’t make waves right then and Germany got away with this defiance of foreign occupation.

    “CO2 Levels Expected To Rise Rapidly In 2019 (Ind.)”

    When they’re wrong again for the 20th time in a row will it be reported? Will anyone care? Will they be discredited? A: no. Of course not. Same as the last 20 years. This chart shows CO2 rises rapidly every year and falls every winter. Do they mean it will do the ordinary, or that it will rise MORE than 2018? Because sounds like they’re trying to say it will rise far MORE than usual for a reason the article doesn’t say because it’s not science. Hey, aren’t the “higher use” of fossil fuels being done by China and India, who were not restricted by Paris? Isn’t the planet in an economic slowdown that will curtail this fossil fuel use by creating great hardship? What are you talking to me for? My use IS going down when I’m broke and the U.S. and Europe ARE reducing fossil fuels more than anyone. Why? Because The Independent. The people who can’t wiki what a U.S. President is.

    in reply to: The CIA Lost In The Orinoco #45033

    Dr. D

    Gosh, it almost looks like the corporations and state are permitting fake accounts that have specific calls to violent crime, ie. multiple felonies? Isn’t that against social media policy? I mean, except when you do it against Kentucky schoolchildren?

    Good thing such methods are totally never done domestically. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/19/us/alabama-senate-roy-jones-russia.html

    Agree Palloy, this is the worst, most ham-fisted job ever. Almost suspiciously bad. Rush job? Diversion? Or are they really a bunch of clowns? And Socialism was gutting the PDVSA, just as it was helping the people, but not all people’s patterns fall so easily on a left-right line. China, for instance. I’d bet 2/3s of Venezuela’s problems were created, or more like exaggerated by deep state market-rigging to harm and antagonize them, which is pretty-well researched and can be found on wikipedia. Surely they’re not shy in admitting they invent candidates, rig elections, and cut off funds, totally illegally of course, almost certainly also a legal act of war/blockade/embargo. But like I say, when nobody’s followed the law in 100 years, these things get hard to tell.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 24 2019 #45014

    Dr. D

    Since I’m usually on the plus side, let me just say I can’t believe how tone-deaf the policy to Venuzuela is. It’s numbing.

    If they had any principles, they would speak of self-derminiation, UN elections, the good of the people, lada da, although nobody seriously thinks we believe that stuff.

    While if they had any practical sense, they’d keep their mouths shut and not highlight the U.S.-as-enemy meme, how we get involved, and think-we-have-the right, and pick leaders, for the price of a single yacht in Chelsea, $20M, insulting. Go ahead and let the CIA get involved in rigging, undermining, illegally election tampering — we all know you do anyway — but for God’s sake keep your mouth shut about it and look innocent and unconcerned.

    Nope. When they literally DON’T think running every country in the western hemisphere for their amusement — and 60% of the old world — they are unable to conceive that their dialogue is if not just immoral — because who cares about that anymore? — but actively counterproductive.

    When will these dinosaurs stop roaming the earth?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 23 2019 #44985

    Dr. D

    “people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health”

    Again the intense dumb. So dumb!!! Hey, if you want to point out income disparity and health care access, good on ya! However, the way you get ringworm is just to go barefoot in the right climate. The south is one of those climates. And the way to cure it is to go to Walgreens and buy an antifungal off the shelf. She may as well as why we haven’t eradicated rabies or why people are still getting heart attacks. It’s not GETTING them that’s the problem. A walking gaffe machine, but thankfully her followers aren’t able to notice.

    And “The Super Rich At Davos Are Scared Of Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Proposal (CNBC)”
    No. No they’re not. Not afraid at all. They had no trouble, not even a little bit back when tax rates were high and in fact increased their concentration of wealth. The “Socialist” system she advocates is the most unequal, with the most insider oligarch control of any system ever created, anywhere in the world. How does socialism’s disparity look under Maduro? With Peron? Under Kruchev? Not so good? Dumb. So dumb, and worse, she will kill 1-10 million people with her deep, compassionate helping, so much helping! just as all those men did. It’s little consolation that her supporters, poor and in cities, will be the first to go.

    “21% of Americans have more than $10,000 in savings”

    They do? Who are these idiots? The few wealthy survivors of the Depression? Thanks to Bernanke, interest rates are 0% for 20 years, with inflation between 3-10%. This is the method of de facto stealing every one of those 10,000 dollars and handing it to insider banks. So the only defense, for anyone where $1,000 checks are not flying in each week, is to have no cash savings. Now they kvetch, meshuga? This is literally their plan, well-advertised and reported. It’s literally what “stimulus” means. But don’t worry, I’m sure the poor and vulnerable are the cause of it all. It’s their fault for being reckless, lazy savers, not JP Morgan’s.

    “Their purpose – canceling Brexit democracy.” Fixed it.

    “Corbyn can nationalize the railways and hospitals, and remain.”

    All part of the plan: the taxpayers put money into things which are then sold to private billionaires, a la Greece. They then mine every dollar of wealth the taxpayers put in and hand the fiasco back to government for a cash refill. We all play our part, particularly Corbyn. Without one side washing and one side rinsing, it wouldn’t work.

    “• France And Germany Take Major Step Toward EU Army (ZH)”

    Very disturbing. Moreso because the avowed and sole purpose of this army is to attack their own people, eg the gilet jeunes. I’m sure that’s never ended badly. In France. Where they meet in Versailles while Paris is burning, and claim the people are les idiots who just need more reform. I’ll watch from here, but a nice civil war will establish a military or fascist state that keeps the oligarchs going and lets them kill all the undesirables — identifying them on social media and killing them by cutting off their cards, accounts, and social access. It’s going super, thanks for asking.

    • Chinese App ‘Live-Shames’ Debtors Within 500-Meter Radius (ZH)

    They want this here and are making it happen, as some Catholic kids discovered.

    “‘Never Good News Having Particles in Your Brain’ (Spiegel)”

    If you don’t have microfibers, sounds like you need sheep. But sheep are alive and we hate anything living, especially if it’s cute and loving and innocent, grazing in the green, so quite obviously we need to create our clothes in 0-gravity on Mars with imported carbon fibers hand-spun by Elon Musk. Because who loves sheep except everyone? And how long does it last except 1,000 years like the Bayeux Tapestry? Nobody wants that. Neiman-Marcus won’t be able to sell us a new, even more disposable shirt tomorrow. #GDP #GreenNewDeal #Winning.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 22 2019 #44970

    Dr. D

    Gosh, I feel like Nassim sometimes.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 22 2019 #44969

    Dr. D

    • With Kamala Harris In The Race, Trump Stands No Chance Of Winning (Ind.)

    Going back to that quaint thing called “law” and that quaint time when we used to follow it, “The Independent”’s breathless gushing of Kamala Harris overlooks that she is not a Natural Born Citizen.

    “Neither parent reportedly was present in the U.S. as a legal resident for five years prior to Harris’s birth, a requirement to apply for naturalization, Wilmott observed in an interview with The Post & Email on Thursday.” https://www.thepostemail.com/2018/08/19/is-kamala-harris-eligible-to-be-president/

    What people miss is that you can be a U.S. citizen, but not a “Natural” Citizen, which is a narrower definition. While this has never been tested in court, there were questions even concerning McCain, who was born on a military base in Panama, to say nothing of Cruz and Rubio, both probably not “natural”, born in Canada and having dual citizenship. …But I don’t know why I bring it up, since no one’s followed the law, i.e. the Constitution, in decades, if not a century. But that’s journalism for ya! The “expert” who is supposed to ask questions and cover these things, asked “exactly no” questions and knew exactly nothing, which is what I’ve come to expect from The Independent. Weren’t they listed as Britain’s least reliable paper? Not kidding.

    Same lately with practically everything. Can a reporter just CALL the object of their story for comment? No? Can they just spend the 2 hours and WATCH the actual, public, video footage before calling for open violence against children? No. Can they then keep their profile on twitter, keep their “fact-checking” cred, blue checkmark, erase their calls to violence without retracting, pretend they didn’t, and join Buzzfeed (and the NYT) in being horribly, violently, obviously, disturbingly wrong? Yes they can. And tomorrow they’ll do it again, and their readers will be HAPPY they were wrong, believe them all over again, keep clicking, and play along. #Winning!

    #My side, right or wrong. (Usually wrong). #Often wrong but never in doubt. #StarkRavingMadness

    P.S. Jack Dorsey again says OBVIOUSLY we social media companies coordinate to erase people and ideas we don’t like, duh! …Which means when accounts from Isis, the Taliban, or these SJWs calling for attacks against children remain happily undisturbed for years despite blatant breach of conduct, that is approved and coordinated by Dorsey, Zuckerberg, etc too. …And wouldn’t it be fun to know who they are coordinating with and why? Most interesting.

    Greenland’s Ice Melting Four Times Faster Than In 2003 (Ind.)

    That’s odd, because “In addition to the bitter cold, snow and ice accumulation throughout Greenland has been running at the high end of normal since the fall of 2016 – at times at or near record levels.”



    So it’s reported it’s both increasing and decreasing, and the maps show a mild snow increase with long-term data basically unchanged for 30 years? Somehow that does not add up to 4x faster than ever. Oh wait: “The Independent”, the ones who don’t know how presidents are elected? That’s right.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Martin Luther King Day 2019 #44964

    Dr. D

    “racism that created the Electoral College and Senate”

    I have heard this before by AOC, but what can you do with something so ignorant and ill-informed? People: racism had literally nothing to do with the electoral college. Neither does it today. It was created to allow small states to have any chance of representation among the original 13 colonies. You might say that would be Delaware vs New York, but it was no less representative for Rhode Island vs Virginia. And so it is equally relevant today, possibly moreso. In a direct democracy, which the founders feared above all things, only two states and three cities would need to vote. All other 48 states would fail to be heard, a level of oppression unprecedented yet much desired lately. And, just as in 1789, were we to attempt popular vote, there would be a civil war the next day, something also much desired by many as an excuse to kill their deplorable countrymen, and spoken of on front pages and in comment sections near-universally throughout America.

    But racism? No. It was needed, and is needed today, yet no one bothers to so much as wiki “Electoral College” and look.

    The Senate is less well-known and more forgivable. I don’t know what on earth they mean since the Senate WAS changed to popular vote with a Constitutional Amendment back in that quaint era when we used to follow rules instead of outlawing objects and substances clearly outside their mandate just ’cause. The Senate was SUPPOSED to be the standing representation of the individual States, so states wouldn’t get trampled, since the U.S. was SUPPOSED to be a union of independent sovereigns, with power over almost everything being the prerogative of the states, i.e. the 10th amendment. Therefore, it was entirely reasonable that the states, whatever the size, would represent the GOVERNOR, the STATE ITSELF, and not the PEOPLE of the state. Why? Because the House already existed to represent the people. Now we passed an ill-advised amendment to have two houses that represent the great unwashed, and they’re still not happy.

    So how is it racist again to have Congressional representatives elected directly by the people of the states?

    Nevermind: when I ask people to read anything — wiki articles, biographies, white papers, they just say “I’m done talking about this” and leave. And supposedly I’m the dumb one with a closed mind.

    Speaking of, and simply to draw fire for amusement’s sake, Cardi B says Trump should work without pay until the shutdown is over:

    “Soo many people under my comments talking about I shouldn’t talk politics ,I don’t know what I’m talking about , I’m dumb !” [sic]

    The joke being Trump is the only one NOT getting paid right now. He makes $1/year, well-advertised not long ago right on Twitter. It’s Pelosi, Schumer, and granted, the Republican Congress that ARE getting paid right now while (some) Federal workers don’t (for a short while, since he already signed their back-pay, unlike the rest of us in America, who are unemployed).

    He’s also in the unique position of negotiating with himself, since Congress won’t negotiate with him. Democrats could and SHOULD say: “OK, end to all foreign wars, and medicare for all,” but they don’t. So Trump said, “I’ll give you DACA as an opening volley, plus some other stuff we already agree on,” and they turned him down BEFORE HEARING it. SMH. Now they don’t like DACA? What can I say?

    If you don’t know who’s getting paid, who offered DACA, who votes in elections, or why the Senate exists — even though you have Google and everybody on Twitter is trying to tell you, including exhaustive daily facts from TAE — I don’t know what to say. I’ll just sit here and nod. But I know they’ll be coming to my house soon, intending violence, the violence of pure tolerance and love. How? Because they tell me so, every day. Why would I not believe them?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 19 2019 #44923

    Dr. D

    Still can’t tell where they’re headed on Brexit. Maybe they don’t know themselves. Yanis’ seemed to have the most practical read on the pathway. As for polls, are these the same polls that said UKIP had no supporters and that Brexit would never happen? Well, even off by 10-20% they’re still more accurate than the American ones.

    So the EU’s official position is that May can have as much time as she wants, but only to push the same terrible deal no one in Britain wants. Or she can surrender unconditionally, either way. …Well sure they do, but that’s silly. What are the odds that can ever happen? How is this complete non-negotiation plan helping them? It’s sure settling Italy and the Gilet Jeunes, n’est-ce pas?

    If it’s printed, it’s fake. It’s proven, by a reporter who was busted near 10 years ago fabricating fake indictments on Karl Rove. By 9 o’clock it’s forgotten, there’s no fake news, and Buzzfeed is credible again, the reporter writes another story, and TAE and other sites are lambasted for being biased non-journalists. As the “Free Press” NGO would then ask Automatic Earth to be officially censored into Alex Jonestown, as they did a hundred leftist “Occupy” voices last month once such de-personing was accepted. And the people cheer! They claim, as falsely as Buzzfeed, that TAE was a racist, Nazi group violating European hate laws! Jimmy Hoffa said so! He may have even been seen with Pewdiepie. And TAE cannot protest because — poof! — they have no platform and no voice. Raul is sued. GoFundMe pulls his legal countersuit at Visa’s request. The truth is now Buzzfeed and what multi-national billionare oligarchs want, because isn’t that what the left stands for? Isn’t handing all power to fascist corporations #Resistance?

    THAT’S why is has to be taken so seriously. And so gruesomely, unpleasantly repeated, day after day. Because You’re Next.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 18 2019 #44908

    Dr. D

    “Years of underinvestment have resulted in longer waiting times, critical staff shortages and “substantial deficits” that have been covered up by raiding funds for long-term reform,”

    This should be written on the tombstone of every socialized program ever, be it the NIH or Venezuelan oil production. Governments ALWAYS steal tomorrow’s money to buy favors today, hollowing out the systems until they collapse. Always. Socialism ALWAYS works at first while they are spending this capital savings and infrastructure. Always. If it didn’t work great at first, no one would try it. But it is always good for us while it will kill our children. Which is why they vote for it, I think. I’ll get mine: too bad about yours. That’s the “love” and “brotherhood” of socialism, the only system that’s killed more people than capitalism, the death of 300 Million in the 20th century, all marked by the words “Years of underinvestment” have been “covered up” by “raiding” someone else, internally, in oppression and poverty, or externally, in war.

    “Where were the ‘pay-fors’ for Bush’s $5 trillion wars and tax cuts, or for last year’s $2 trillion tax giveaway to billionaires?”

    Don’t worry my dear, we were screaming bloody murder about it the whole time and being shut out just like you are. That’s the reason for the existence of the Tea Party which shattered and ultimately steamrolled the GOP policy. So don’t talk about it being in “bad faith”, unless you mean by Congressional incumbents from both aisles. Unfortunately for us, Osacio’s problem here is not economics, which MIGHT see a payback of investment, or Congress, who would be happy to spend and buy jobs, but the laws of physics: none of the green energy demonstrated so far return anywhere near the ERoEI required to cut down another forest and poison another lithium mine. After 30 or 50 years of such projects, you would think the companies getting multi-billion dollar subsidies would notice, but I think I just answered my own question.

    “The news just keeps on getting better for Vladimir Putin. On either side of the Atlantic, the United States and Britain, the two great English-speaking democracies that orchestrated Moscow’s defeat in the Cold War, are undergoing simultaneous political breakdowns.”

    And Russia literally had nothing to do with it, nor needed to. We did it all on our own, and we got up extra-early this morning to do it again.

    Trust me, V, I am living this movie. I mean that my nation is occupied and run by violent Nazis, but also that the citizens belong in a mental institution.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2019 #44892

    Dr. D

    For entertainment, some people watch the magnetosphere and the solar winds. The disturbing part here is, they’re not solar. Or not according to any data/sunspots being tracked.

    The magnetic field fluctuates on a 10,000-ish cycle and last flipped 41,000 years ago. It’s weakening 10x faster than usual, and as expected, when it weakens it’s able to wander. This has been associated with Ice Ages, appearing as fast as 20 years, which means it is associated with interglacial warm extremes as well.

    Why are they associated? It was a long time ago, so they are not certain. However, the declining magnetosphere seems to be associated with increased volcanism somehow, which may precipitate a volcanic winter, leading to a positive feedback loop that tips from long, steady warm into 10,000 years of cooling. That may seem unusual or unlikely, but we can as easily chart minor volcanic winters on a clear time clock such as the one near 535AD, it stands to reason there could be a fractal that gives larger effects on larger timescales.

    So we have a lot of historical data that suggests global heat/cold is associated with the rhythms of the sun and earth’s magnetosphere, and we are unhappily at one of the earth’s magnetic extremes right now, at a time when indeed seismology and volcanism are increasing rapidly at an increasing pace.


    Interesting data side, earthquakes in general have not increased (although that’s hard to tell when seismographs are so young) but large earthquakes have. Why? More research as it would seem counterintuitive to the theory.

    Anyway, supposing a huge body having an earth’s worth of electrons does have a bit of electric charge and magnetism: that’s why we have a magnetic field in the first place. Now suppose your magnetic metal-shaving- ball loses its magnetism. Does it fall apart? Make sinkholes? Get loose and sloppy? How much? When these huge parts move, wouldn’t they set off volcanoes, particularly undersea volcanoes such as those untracked on the mid-oceanic ridges or the new ones found under the Antarctic ice sheet?

    Only one thing’s for sure: we’re about to find out, and I blame Putin. He controls everything else, why not the sun and earth?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2019 #44891

    Dr. D

    There’s only one explanation: Trump GAVE Putin the north pole. This is the smoking gun!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2019 #44885

    Dr. D

    Here’s the kinder, gentler EU, that won’t have national wars anymore. Why? Because each nation will individually declared war on their citizens.

    Trigger warning, and for a change, that’s not a joke.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2019 #44881

    Dr. D

    “they may have been an “effective tool” in getting China, Canada, Mexico and others to negotiate on trade.”

    And here I was told we had no leverage and needed to surrender without trying anything.

    “[Trump] just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?” … “those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back,” – Barack Obama

    Is it fun and painless? No. When the Boomers burned down the house and have left us freezing in a dung heap, it’s not fun. All answers now are very hard and require work and sacrifice. But their answer to X, Y, and Z was “There’s nothing you can do but die in a hole so shut up about it.” There is always something to be done, the trouble is, we’re still not trying any of it.

    Example: German cars are the primo example of why you can’t have a green economy. Any green reform that follows the laws of physics is going to radically cut consumption and therefore GDP. Because GDP = Energy use, so cutting energy use = cutting GDP. So where are you going to find a coalition that wants to radically cut GDP? Cutting GDP will also set off a worldwide financial collapse because debt-economies and debt-money require ever-increasing debt leverage at an every-increasing rate. I’m not against cutting energy, consumption, and replacing the entire money-debt system, in fact I am strongly for it. However, no one – and I mean NO ONE – except stalwarts like me are going to actually bite on the medicine like this and save their children. Save them from debt, centralization on par with vicious fascism, from resource depletion, from plant, animal and area extinction, from the violent destruction of childhood, from global warming or other effects of radical, suicidal unnecessary overuse that every day makes our lives a little more miserable. No. They will NOT take up that fight and WILL leave the world a little – or in fact a LOT – worse for their children.

    So they’re all going to signal and blather on and pretend, and not work, not try, do nothing, party on and murder their children and communities. And so they have, and attack me for telling them the obvious, provable, daily truth of it: that they CAN change, that this IS happening, and they CAN fix it. But nothing for it. Chattering on twitter is much more satisfying than buying less and planting a tree with the savings. So who am I to say? I did my duty to tell them, it is not my duty to violently overrule their free choice the way they are so happy to violently overrun mine.

    “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” – Thomas Paine.

    Would that we had such men today. I can get them through a green GDP contraction without killing 1-2 Billion people, as they so earnestly and publically desire. I have the toolbox. But they will not do it if they have to cancel Netflix and not add that free shipping item on Amazon. They will not do it if they have to eat an apple that is NOT poisoned and won’t cause childhood leukemia, because it’s smaller and slightly less red than they’re used to. I know because I’ve tried and every day I try again. This is not actually going to change, but success is not my duty. Only my actions and intent are my duty. And now I have to get back to work.

    UK Tree

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 16 2019 #44863

    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 16 2019 #44862

    Dr. D


    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 16 2019 #44861

    Dr. D

    “The main problem the British have had is that they made a mistake 40 years ago deciding to go with services rather than manufacturing.” … “So, that is the key problem for the British economy and it really has almost nothing to do with Brexit,”

    Keen is quite correct on this, which could be applied everywhere, not just to various nations’ economics, but the “backlash” in “populist” (ie ‘democratic’) leaders. It was screwed before you and I were born, then they kept riding to sunset, hell-bent for leather, for another 45 years. Thanks grandpa. Don’t worry, we’ll clean up the rotting, gutted corpse of the economy you left us.

    “desperate attempts to stimulate domestic demand fail miserably. You can’t force people to consume, and the more you try, the more suspicious they become, causing them to halt spending.”

    This should be the motto for FDR and the Great Depression, failing without fail for 12 years and three administrations. You know what does restore confidence? A free market, strong property rights, and fair rules that prosecute the corruption of insiders.

    • Rosenstein, DOJ Explore Ways To More Easily Spy On Journalists (Solomon)

    But of course it would be terrible to fire Rosenstein, the man who approved Trump’s firing of Comey then investigated him for it. It’s nice to see he got some mischief against the people going, against the very reporters who are screeching defense of him, during the few weeks Trump has had him pinned down and out of operation. Don’t worry: the NYT will scream for impeachment and a new investigation when he fires Rosenstein for attacking the press. There’s nothing the press like better than people who attacking whistleblowers and sources. Ask any Australian.

    Here Is A List Of All The Good Things Trump Did For Russia (MoA)

    A meeting so private that Tillerson was at it. Because Tillerson works for Putin now? Why not, everybody else does, we are all helpless before them and should surrender, lest we see a Facebook ad of a puppy and be brainwashed like “Telephon”.

    Russian Security Chief Calls BBC A ‘Fake News Factory’ (RT)

    Sadly, this is now confirmed reality, with MI6 getting caught funding open disinformation campaigns against their own people and the world. Thankfully people outside the Anglo nations are smarter than a potato and can see through it. Within? Not so much.

    “We are in no way meddling in Greece’s internal affairs, but Russia will be expressing its point of view on the issues”

    Opinions are treason. You must believe the 75 self- contradictory things we tell you to, or else.

    • Canada Sees No Cancer Risk From Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer (RT)

    Oh Canada. Thanks to all the lasses that voted in a hunky PM. Fine piece of political work there. When your children die of cancer, I’m sure you’ll be proud.

    Immediate Fossil Fuel Phaseout Could Arrest Climate Change (G.)

    It will also ‘arrest’ 2-3 Billion human lives on planet earth. But gotta break some eggs, amirite? If they phase this out, how are they going to heat Mexico and Arizona, which has snow, the coast of Greece and Italy, which have snow, Charleston and Savannah, which have snow, Spain and Morocco, which have snow, and Victoria, Aus, which had snow in the summer? Nevermind: it’s global warming snow, which is not cold, nor does it kill crops and collapse greenhouses. We’ll just cut off the natural gas and wear a sweater.
    Greek Coast

    From yesterday:

    “The mainstream media has degenerated irreparably. Here’s a reliable rule of thumb: if it’s important it’s not covered; if it’s covered it’s not important.”

    The Yellow Vests Get it Right, by Robert Gore

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 15 2019 #44842

    Dr. D

    If you mean the people they treat like dogs, too late. They’ve been pretty well kicked already.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 14 2019 #44820

    Dr. D

    So they are alleging that the number of protesters equals the number of policemen, 1:1?

    Does that seem likely to you? The pictures I see are 500 : 1, and that’s in Paris where the most police are. If they were actually 1:1, why would the government worry? When it’s 1:1 can they explain how 80% of police cameras were destroyed in the first two weeks? Are the police not doing their jobs?

    By why argue? If it’s printed, it’s fake, and nobody notices.

    One thing we saw here after the address: all news reported that Trump was lying, however, none of the reporters could agree on what the truth was — CNN, NPR, NBC. Wait, you’re the reporters and YOU can’t tell what the truth is? But if we — or Trump for that matter — don’t slavishly agree with them on what they can’t agree about themselves, it’s lies and fake news. And they don’t follow their own rules, norms, procedures, and principles, get caught daily, and don’t care. It’s almost like being Protestant.

    Reminds me of why they had to put the feral King John down in a ditch in Runnymede, who said, “The law is in my mouth.” Even the upper class of England couldn’t tolerate the driveling insanity of no rules but what his last keg-party said. #antilogos #StarkRavingMadness. Truth, justice, innocence or guilt, are whatever I want them to be when I want your stuff. So with the media, and social media, today who say “The truth is whatever we say it is, even though we ourselves can’t decide, and contradict ourselves and our conclusions from paragraph to paragraph, YOU’RE responsible for figuring it out and pleasing us. OR ELSE.” Or else your job, your career, your income, your communication, your family, because we’ll lie about you, just see if we won’t. YOU must obey 5, 10, conflicting, proven false voices and believe whatever you’re told, even if it means holding a dozen opposing views simultaneously.

    Orwell was supposed to be a warning, not a road map, people.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 11 2019 #44799

    Dr. D

    Sob stories for Government employees when they make 50% to 4x what everyone else in America makes. Paycheck to paycheck?

    “Over the last 25 years, the percentage difference between average federal pay and private sector pay has doubled.”
    In 2014, the average federal employee salary was $84,153, approximately 50% more than the average private sector worker… This discrepancy increases to 78% when benefits are included. The average federal worker costs the government (aka taxpayers) $119,934.”


    Average wage in most of America, $35,000. Statistically, the 12 blessed cities and the oligarchs skew this number wildly. THOSE are the workers living paycheck to paycheck. Why? Because they’re paying 30M employees and contractors 4x what they themselves make. Cry me a river.

    Powell is worried about the amount of product his industry group is selling: debt. He may have saturated the market.

    “The money would also have to come from funds allocated by Congress for other purposes”

    Not entirely. They’ve preparing for this since he got in. One, yes, he can declare a national emergency. Presidents traditionally do that whenever a sparrow falls, and if he finds even one terrorist or drug cartel member, the caravans will have given him all the justification he needs. If a President can attack 10 foreign nations and build a $50B wall in Jordan and Israel, surely he can build one here, no? Second, Congress already gave him the money: like the spineless weasels they are, they passed NOT a budget, but an Omnibus funding bill, which unlike a budget suggests but does not require the Executive spend the money. That’s WHY we pass budgets and why they’re so important, in fact, their only job. But they didn’t, and Trump can shuffle money willy-nilly if he wants, but that has political, not legal consequences. Third, I would bet a lot that the wall is already being built, in that he is “repairing” any section that ever existed.

    But the opposition sure got one over on him! They’re negotiating to build a “Steel Barrier”, exactly like the one we have and the border control suggested, not a “wall.” If you rename a rose, it’s not a rose anymore, it’s a rhubarb. So say the lawyers. We solve all problems by renaming and redefining them: that’s why the country is in such great condition and works so well.

    What a Moran, I don’t know what to say. Note this wealthy protected view that Brexit is the largest self-harm, not 30 years of driving non-London Britons into crushing poverty and despair, such that their social support and national health now rivals Romania. Nope. Never happened. Never sent back the Windrush fellows. Nope. Never made London housing go up 10 fold by attracting Russian oligarchs and helping them offshore and avoid taxes as Britain’s de facto sole industry. Never bankrupted the nation with war spending in Iraq, Libya, Syria, building ships that can’t sail for planes that can’t launch. Nope: it’s Brexit. Brexit is your enemy. Honest; when has a British Minister ever lied to you?

    Brexit DOES threaten he national security, but not as much as ceding all sovereignty forever to an unelected, unaccountable EU. Complete surrender just MAY be worse than keeping yourself together badly. And far worse than that if you cede control to board a sinking ship.

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