Jan 312022
Debt Rattle January 31 2022

Pablo Picasso Women running on the beach 1922   • 1 in 5 Canadians May Never Be Comfortable Without Masks, Vaccine Mandates (I.) • Did Justin Trudeau Pick the Wrong Fight With Canadian Truckers? (Bridge) • Unvaccinated and Undeterred: Austria Holdouts Dig In Despite New Law (Y!) • Concern As Republicans Push To Make Dubious Covid Cures Easier (G.) • University of Minnesota Ivermectin Trial Nearing Completion (Star T.) • Japan’s Kowa Says Ivermectin Effective Against Omicron In Phase III

Jan 302022
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Debt Rattle January 30 2022

René Magritte The menaced assassin 1927   • ‘Government Overreach Is Coming to an End’ (ET) • Media’s Handling Of Trucker Convoy One-sided, Inflammatory, Shameful (Lilley) • Covid Vaccine Tricks (IP2) • Truth or Covid? -or, “Why We Know Everything They’re Telling Us Is A Lie”- (OffG) • Fauci-Shaped Paper on Origins of COVID-19 ‘Antithetical to Science’ (ET) • The Story of N-Antibodies And Why They Are So Important (Kirsch) • How a Sarasota Nurse Practitioner Saved Covid Lives Without

Jan 292022
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Debt Rattle January 29 2022

Paul Gauguin Osny, rue de Pontoise, Winter 1883   • Old Man, Look at Your Life…. (Kunstler) • WHO Director Thanks Neil Young For Pulling His Songs Off Spotify (Blaze) • Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots (Kirsch) • Fauci Says Kids Under 5 Might Need 3 Shots (CHD) • Israel Is Overrun With Covid. The Vaccines Have Failed (Berenson) • Let’s Face It: You Like It Salty (Denninger) • EU Watchdog Orders Ursula Von Der

Jan 282022
Debt Rattle January 28 2022

Pablo Picasso Bust of woman with arms raised 1922   • White House Calls CNN Report On Russian Invasion ‘Completely False’ (RT) • The Covid Evidence Dismissed By The BBC As ‘Conspiracy-laden’ (Beck) • The High Cost of Disparaging Natural Immunity to Covid (Makary) • 4 Out of 5 Americans Have Covid ‘Natural Immunity’ (KB) • Denmark Declares Covid-19 No Longer ‘Socially Critical Disease’ (TH) • Sweden Opts Against Covid Jabs For Children (RT) • Vaccine Failure In Two Charts

Jan 272022
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Debt Rattle January 27 2022

Alfred Sisley A Village Street in Winter 1893   • Whistleblowers Share DOD Vaccine Data (Horowitz) • CDC Study Suggests Unboosted Vaccines Become Worse Than Nothing (JTN) • Fauci Says Children Younger Than 4 Will Get Three Doses Of Covid Vaccines (NYP) • Quebec Bans Unvaccinated From Buying Groceries At Walmart, Costco (TNC) • Mayo Clinic Expert Predicts Covid-19 Will Be Around Until Next Century (DM) • Florida Doctor: Families Sneak Ivermectin to Loved Ones in Hospitals (ET) • OSHA

Jan 262022
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Debt Rattle January 26 2022

Johannes Vermeer The soldier and the laughing girl 1657   • Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With Omicron In Southern California (medRxiv) • Omicron Covid Strain Evolved In Mice – Chinese Study (RT) • Ivermectin: An Uncomfortable Truth (Uncut) • FDA Prohibits Florida From Using Monoclonal Antibody Treatments (PM) • Welcome to VEI Hell? (Denninger) • Expert Panel Backs Fourth COVID Vaccine Dose for Israelis 18 and Over • Thousands Needed To Try A New Covid Antiviral Treatment (BBC) • Patient

Jan 252022
Debt Rattle January 25 2022

Pablo Picasso Female bust 1922   • A Real American Hero (Jim Kunstler) • ‘Obscene’ COVID Policies Serve Big Pharma Not People, Experts Say (CHD) • Nervous System Disorders After The Jab – A Case Study (Beck) • BA2 Omicron Variant is Worth Discussing (Chudov) • Omicron Variant Breaks The Evolutionary Lineage Of SARS-COV2 Variants (GHA) • Omicron Showing Merits of Targeted Protection, Great Barrington Signers (NW) • Covid Still ‘Full Of Nasty And Cunning’ Surprises – WHO Official (RT)

Jan 242022
Debt Rattle January 24 2022

Johannes Vermeer The astronomer c1668   • End Of Pandemic In Europe ‘Plausible’ After Omicron, Says WHO (ToI) • Covid, The Strange Death of Medicine (TCP) • The Mystery of the Disappearing Flu (Ruechel) • We MUST Start Treating Covid Like Flu (Dr Charles Levinson ) • The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now (ET) • My Speech At “Defeat The Mandates” March (Steve Kirsch) • Fauci Predicts ‘A Bit More Pain & Suffering’ For Unvaccinated (RT) • John Lewis Will

Jan 232022
Destroy the One Ring, Frodo

Edward Bawden Sahara 1928     “Huskynut” in New Zealand sent me this, and introduced it by saying: I was reality-checking with an old (used to be contrarian) friend a couple of days ago on Covid. He challenged me – “I don’t believe our politicians and medical community are evil people”, which is an excellent question. I find Mattias Desmet’s Mass Formation theory compelling, but it’s somehow not the full picture. That thought train led me to the Lord of

Jan 232022
Debt Rattle January 23 2022

Ivan Aivazovsky Moonlight Reflecting On Water c1850   • Organized On Facebook, A Who’s Who Of Anti-Vaccine Activists Head To DC (NBC) • CDC Plans To ‘Pivot The Language’ On Vaccination, Walensky Says (Fox) • Fauci, Walensky Dodge When Asked About Number Of Vaccine Deaths (WND) • Hiding the Bodies (Diana West) • The Omicron Hypothesis, Part 1 (Crawford) • The Omicron Hypothesis, Part 2 (Crawford) • Will These People Be Charged With Genocide? (Mercola) • Wife Stands Off With