Apr 302014
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Debt Rattle Apr 30 2014: The Boy In The Bubble

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Alfred Palmer Nose section of B-17F “Flying Fortress”, Douglas Aircraft, Long Beach, CA. October 1942 That’s how I feel these days, or I should say these years. Since the name of this site comes from Paul Simon’s song by that title, it comes easily. Funny enough, I watched one of the Making of Graceland docs on Sunday night, and then on Monday morning read that the grand small 70-year old songwriter has been arrested because his wife’s mother had

Apr 292014
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Debt Rattle Apr 29 2014: Economists Are Stupid, Useless And Dangerous

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Andreas Feininger Production of B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, Seattle March 1936 Economists are stupid because they have studied economics. Which doesn’t mean they weren’t born stupid, but that’s hardly relevant. Economists are useless because, well, they have studied economics. And economists are dangerous because they have studied economics, and people still listen to them; entire government policies are built around what they say. Now, you may think: isn’t that a bit harsh?, but don’t worry, I have proof. In

Apr 282014
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Debt Rattle Apr 28 2014: Why A Market Collapse Would Be A Good Thing

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Russell Lee Love Shack, South Side Chicago April 1941 I’m not going to argue here that a market collapse would be a positive thing no matter what, because the implications of a true collapse would be so deep and widespread that they’re too hard for anyone to oversee. But having said that, truth finding and price discovery are crucial for a functioning economy, and there is not a shred of truth left in the markets nor is it possible

Apr 272014
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US Housing Is Down For The Count

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Lewis Wickes Hine Alma Croslen, 3, and mother. Both work at Barataria Canning, Biloxi, Miss. February 1911 Recent news, graphs and data confirm what we have long said would inevitably become clear: the entire global economy appears to have “functioned” through an orgy of refinancing, LBO and M&A lately. That is to say, zombie money has been enthusiastically slushed and re-slushed around to provide commissions, bonuses etc. to bankers and brokers, a process enabled by central bank and government

Apr 252014
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Debt Rattle Apr 25 2014:  Is America Preparing For The Wrong War?

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Roger Sturtevant Auburn, Placer County, California March 27, 1934 Arseniy Yatsenyuk, PM in name only of certain parts of what was once Ukraine, today solemnly declared that Russia wants to start World War III. I am not kidding you. He said it this way: “The world has not yet forgotten World War II, but Russia already wants to start World War III.” An estimated 28 million Russians died in World War II, which might be more than in all

Apr 242014
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Debt Rattle Apr 24 2014: When Does Government Policy Become Criminal Behavior?

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Unknown The Peninsula, Virginia, Lt. George A. Custer with dog 1862 That’s always a hard question to answer. At what point does government policy become criminal? Since governments make the laws, perhaps never. But then again, countries tend to have constitutions, and government actions can violate those. Still, before you know it, you get trapped and stuck in lawyer lingo limbo, and that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m wondering to what depths a government can go in its

Apr 232014
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Debt Rattle Apr 23 2014:  QE Is A Fraud Perpetrated By Made Men

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Arthur Rothstein Planting beans near Belle Glade, Florida January 1937 QE Is A Fraud Perpetrated By Made Men A lot of words are being spent again these days on deflation and the QE measures that are supposed to “cure” it. Paul Krugman, who when it comes to stimulus is a hammer seeing nails only, now has it in for Sweden’s central bank, which he labels monetary sadists for not opening the spigots. But it’s all a hugely deceptive false

Apr 222014
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Debt Rattle Apr 22 2014: What Is The Earth Worth (6 Years Later)?

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Edwin Rosskam Workers and hurricane shelter in tobacco field, Puerto Rico January 1938 Once more for everyone who’s got even the lightest slightest shade of green in their thoughts and dreams and fingers, I’ll try and address the issue of why going or being green is a futile undertaking as long as it isn’t accompanied by a drive for a radical upheaval of the economic system we live in. Thinking we can be green – that is to say,

Apr 212014
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Debt Rattle Apr 21 2014: The Twilight Of The Rising Sun

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Detroit Publishing Co. Nightfall on the Ohio River at Cincinnati 1910 US President Barack Obama begins a three-day visit to Japan on Wednesday. As for what he’s going to be talking about, I can give you a hint or two. First of all, there are ongoing tensions between Japan and China, something both nations have a very long history of. And second, these tensions risk flaring up as they move towards intensifying domestic economic troubles, as their exports dwindle.

Apr 202014
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The United States' Desperate Solutions For Not Sinking Alone

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail Jack Delano Farwell, Texas, at the New Mexico state line. March 1943 LEAP2020 is a European political/economic research institute that doesn’t shy away from volunteering opinions on the topics it researches, something that works both for and against it. It publishes a new GEAB (Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin) report every month. I thought I’d share the ‘public announcement’ of the April 2014 issue with you, because it provides a clear idea of what some people think is going on