Jun 222021
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Debt Rattle June 22 2021

Edward Hopper People in the sun 1963   • More Australians Have Died From AstraZeneca-Related Clots Than Covid (USAT) • Sen. Johnson: Media Suppress Information About Over 5,000 Vaccine Deaths (OAN) • Lab Lies: A Conflict of Interest for Dr. Daszak (HE) • Vaccines Exhibit “Reduced Efficacy” Against “Delta” Variant: WHO Doctor (ZH) • The WHO Is NUTS (Dr. No) • Lockdown Trauma Causing 5-Year-Olds to Suffer Panic Attacks (SN) • WHO To Establish First Vaccine Tech Transfer Hub In

Jun 212021
Debt Rattle June 21 2021

Theodoor Rombouts (1597-1637) Prometheus   • The Pandemic Is Over; Shots are Worthless (Denninger) • The Failure of PCR Mass Testing (SPR) • Is a COVID Vaccine for Children Still Necessary? (WebMD) • What I Know (And Don’t Know) About SARS-CoV-2 (Curtin) • Study On The Electromagnetism Of People Vaccinated In Luxembourg (D.fr) • Manufacturing (New Normal) “Reality” (CJ Hopkins) • Have The Great Reset Technocrats Really Thought This Through? (SCF) • Meet the Censored: Bret Weinstein (Taibbi) • Assange

Jun 202021
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Debt Rattle June 20 2021

Pablo Picasso Femme au Béret et à la Robe Quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter) 1937   • Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection (AJT) • The Mechanisms Of Action Of Ivermectin Against SARS-CoV-2 (JoA) • Regarding Dosing Of The Covid Genetic Vaccines (Malone) • How Many Lives are Expendable for a 100% Boost in Vaccine Revenue? (TSN) • South China Airport Cancels 100s of Flights After Covid Case (F24) • CDC Can’t Regulate Cruises: Judge (Hill) • Florida Lab Finds

Jun 192021
Debt Rattle June 19 2021

Vincent van Gogh The sower 1888   • Why Has “Ivermectin” Become a Dirty Word? (Taibbi) • Feds Now See the Need for Funding Antivirals (TSN) • What If The Mainstream Media Had Told The Truth? (PF Whalen) • AstraZeneca Vaccine Not Good Enough to See ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ (NM) • ‘I’d Rather Die Actually Living’: Buffalo Bills’ Wide Receiver (G.) • EU Regulator Won’t Impose 50% Efficacy Threshold For Covid-19 Vaccines (RT) • Only 41.9% Of French Nursing Home

Jun 182021
Debt Rattle June 18 2021

Roy Lichtenstein Crying girl 1964   • Kids, Adults Have Similar Seroprevalence (HT) • Avalanche of Numbers (D’Eramo) • VAERS ID: 1026783 (OpenVaers) • Hong Kong Pays Off 3 Patients Who Suffered “Adverse” Reaction To Vaccines (ZH) • Vaccine Passports: Business Rights vs Personal Freedom (Smith) • Scientist Backing Probe Into Wuhan Lab: We Waited Because Of Trump (DW) • The Real B3W-NATO Agenda (Escobar) • Swexit (Streeck) • The Role Of Public Debt And Private Debt In The Next

Jun 172021
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Debt Rattle June 17 2021

Roy Lichtenstein Crying girl 1963   • They Denied A Lab Leak At Wuhan. They Are Wrong About Other Things (Pfeiffer) • Novavax CEO: Covid-19 Booster To Be ‘Biggest Market’ In US (Fox) • A Quarter Of Parents Won’t Let Their Children Get Covid-19 Vaccine (F.) • Germany’s CureVac Vaccine Shows Only 47% Effect Against Covid-19 (RT) • Canada’s Treatment Of Religious Communities: Using Covid To Bully (RT) • Rand Paul Demands Exclusion Of Wuhan Lab Funders From Investigations (ZH)

Jun 162021
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Institutionalization on Steroids

Nikolay Dubovsky Became Silent 1890     Ivan Illich (1926-2002) was a Austrian priest and philosopher who used the term “institutionalization” to describe what happens in several fields of knowledge, when these fields are monopolized by a subset of that knowledge. For instance, he saw schools and universities claim a monopoly on education, and doctors and hospitals (medicine) claim a monopoly on health care. This is both utter nonsense and at the same time widely accepted. In reality, your education

Jun 162021
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Debt Rattle June 16 2021

Wassily Kandinsky Moscow II 1916   • Human Cells Can Write RNA Sequences Into DNA (STD) • WHO ‘Highly Compromised’, Unfit To Lead COVID-19 Investigation – Redfield (ZH) • Sen. Johnson Shares Letter From Grateful Constituent About Ivermectin (JTN) • Biden Aides Lower Expectations Ahead Of Putin Summit (NYP) • Empire Of Clowns Versus Yellow Peril (Escobar) • Bipartisan Support For A Government-backed Digital Dollar (MW) • The G7’s Reckless Commitment To Mounting Debt (Lacalle) • New Study Proves Hawking

Jun 152021
Debt Rattle June 15 2021

Wassily Kandinsky Moscow Red Square 1916   • COVID-19 Natural Immunity vs Vaccine Immunity (CureHub) • CDC: Heart Inflammation In Young Men Higher Than Expected After mRNA Jabs (R.) • University Vaccine Mandates Violate Medical Ethics (WSJ) • California Removes Most Restrictions But Newsom Keeps Emergency Powers (JTN) • Coronavirus Outpacing Vaccine Effort, Says WHO (G.) • Live Bats In Cages Kept In Wuhan Institute of Virology (News.au) • Zuckerberg Group Funnels 6 Figures To Wuhan Lab Partner (NP) •

Jun 142021
Debt Rattle June 14 2021

Vittorio Matteo Corcos Sogni (Dreams) 1896   • 79% Of Democrats Support Employers Forcing Workers To Get Covid-19 Jabs (RT) • ‘Pretty Safe’ Jab Will Protect Kids From Variant (ST) • CDC Claims Covid-19 Kills ‘Healthy Young Children’ (JTN) • The Killer in the Bloodstream: the “Spike Protein” (Whitney) • UK Lockdown End To Be Delayed (Pol.eu) • MP Warns Brits ‘Have To Learn To Live With Covid’ For ‘Rest Of Time’ (RT) • Why Is Britain Now The Capital