Jun 302021
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Debt Rattle June 30 2021

Ivan Aivazovsky The Ninth Wave 1849   • Why COVID is like AIDS (Berenson) • Covid’s Warped Vaccines (Weisser) • Lisbon Court: Only 0.9% Of Verified Cases Died Of Covid; 152, Not 17,000 (AFD) • The BIGGE$T Lie -Perhaps Ever (Kamen) • Pseudopandemic (Iain Davis) • Ohio Lawmakers Ban Requiring Covid-19 Vaccine At Public Schools, Universities (CD) • Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines May Stand Guard Against COVID for Years (HDN) • The War on Reality (CJ Hopkins) • NYC Mayor’s Race

Jun 292021
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Debt Rattle June 29 2021

Rembrandt van Rijn The Adoration of the Magi 1634   • Conflict of Interest in WHO Recommendation Against Ivermectin (TSN) • Evidence of Antibody Dependent Enhancement? (DE) • Did Pfizer Fail to Perform industry Standard Animal Testing? (TSN) • More Crazy (Denninger) • Singapore Doctors Call To Halt Covid Vaccination Of Teens (RT) • Abu Dhabi To Ban Unvaccinated People From Most Public Places (F.) • Greece Offers Youngsters 150 Euros To Get Vaccinated (K.) • Falsehood Rules (Kunstler) •

Jun 282021
Debt Rattle June 28 2021

John French Sloan East Entrance, City Hall, Philadelphia 1901   • Coronavirus Appears Uniquely Designed To Attack Humans (DT.au) • Thousands Of Flights Cancelled As Vaccinated Pilots Fall Ill Or Die (CH) • Why Most People Who Now Die With Covid In England Have Been Vaccinated (G.) • FDA Adds Warning About Heart Inflammation To COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines (ET) • White House Struggles To Increase Vaccinations As Delta Variant Surges (Pol.) • Greek Experts Urge Public To Get A Move

Jun 272021
Debt Rattle June 27 2021

Henri Matisse The pink studio 1911   • Vaccines: Reasons for Concern (Alex Berenson) • European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths (TN) • The ‘Big Lie’ Of Jabs Comes Unglued (Denninger) • Singapore’s Surprising New Plan To ‘Live With Covid’ (News.com.au) • J&J To Stop Selling Opioids In US, Reaches $230 Million Settlement (MSN) • A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction (Whitney Webb) • United States Ranks Last In Media Trust (Turley) • US Food Banks Warn Soaring

Jun 262021
Debt Rattle June 26 2021

John French Sloan South Beach Bathers 1908   • Half Of New Israel Covid-19 Cases In Last Month Were Fully Vaccinated (INN) • Covid Success Stories Australia, Israel Impose New Curbs (Y!) • Long-lived Macrophage Reprogramming And Inflammasome Activation (Embo) • Canadian Group Calls for Off-Label Use of Early Treatment Drugs (CovExit) • Ivermectin: Can a Drug Be “Right-Wing”? (Taibbi) • Most Americans Believe Vaccinated Should Be Required To Wear Masks At Work (F.) • US Doesn’t Have the Data

Jun 252021
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Debt Rattle June 25 2021

Edward Hopper Summertime 1943   • Structural Basis Of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activity of HCQ (RS) • Half Of New Israel Covid-19 Cases In Last Month Were Fully Vaccinated (INN) • Nearly All US COVID Deaths Now Among Unvaccinated People (NYP) • Surgeon Fired For Voicing Safety Concerns About Covid Shots For Children (JCCF) • ‘Single Most Qualified’ mRNA Expert Speaks About Vaccine Risks (WE) • CDC Official Says Coronavirus Vaccine Booster May Not be Needed (GR) • The Delta COVID-19 Variant

Jun 242021
The Risks to the Fully Vaccinated

Vincent van Gogh Memory of the Garden at Etten (Ladies of Arles) 1888     A bit out of the ordinary, I thought I’d give you a piece from our Comments section yesterday, by highly appreciated commenter “Doc Robinson”. Partly because he spent a lot of time weaving it together from the CDC website, and partly because it’s relevant and even somewhat shocking. To see that vaccinated people are hospitalized, and die, at an almost twice higher rate than non-vaccinated

Jun 242021
Debt Rattle June 24 2021

Edward Hopper Rooms by the sea 1951   • The Jabs Must Be BANNED (Denninger) • Fully Vaccinated Israelis Exposed To “Delta” May Be Forced To Quarantine (ZH) • Israel Urges Parents To Vaccinate Kids Ages 12-15 (JPost) • WHO Official: Mask Mandates, Social Distancing Must Continue Indefinitely (SN) • Optimizing Decision-Making Processes in Times of COVID-19 (FIP) • More Than 2m Adults In England Have Had Long Covid For Over 12 Weeks (G.) • England Set to Drop Face

Jun 232021
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Debt Rattle June 23 2021

Edward Hopper New York movie 1939   • ‘It’s Anti-science, And It’s Anti-me’ – Fauci (RT) • Mass Vaccination Drives A Rapid Evolutionary Response Of SARS-CoV-2 (VDBossche) • Ivermectin: The Forbidden Treatment (APL) • Oxford University Explores Ivermectin As Covid-19 Treatment (R.) • Nearly 4,000 Fully Vaccinated People in MA Positive for COVID-19 (ET) • 3rd COVID Wave Will Kill Or Hospitalize 60 To 70% of Fully Vaccinated (GGI) • Daszak Leaves UN-backed COVID Origins Probe (NYP) • Media Allowed

Jun 222021
Let's Save Some More Lives

Giorgio de Chirico The Archaeologists 1927     This is kind of a sequel to Let’s Save Some Lives , published here on June 6, when I said “All we can do is hope our immune systems are strong enough to fight off the vaccines.” and quoted Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer, as saying: “Ivermectin is an off-patent drug that is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, and we know it is able