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    Huawei seems like it is being forced to make a phone which will be NSA free and Google free! A phone which will not track your movements and report back. A phone which is not recording and analysing everything you do. A phone where the microphone won’t be remotely turned on to spy on you.

    I don’t use a smartphone but I would be interested in a phone like that.

    The ‘military-industrial complex’ is becoming an inadequate term. Perhaps ‘The Borg’ is more appropriate. It is obvious that Google, Facebook, Amazon and others have been ‘assimilated’.

    I would have thought that the opportunity to escape ‘The Borg’ would be attractive. I wouldn’t care if it reported to the Chinese government – they wouldn’t be the ones knocking down my front door! Also I would would doubt that it would – I think there is only one government who would be interested in recording the World.

    The US is important because it is 20% of Global GDP. It seems that the choice is to trade with them or the other 80%!

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    When he was arrested I thought that at least he would have medical treatment but it seems he hasn’t had any until now, and I can not imagine the prison hospital is sophisticated.

    This whole episode has degraded and defiled the reputation of every country involved. Some years ago the UK had an international reputation of being fair and honest. I think most people had respect for Sweden, and Australia was seen as amiable and friendly. Ecuador gained some admiration for the sheltering of Assange.

    No more as this trail of slime has tainted every country, all of whom seem to be breaking their own rules to give the US what they want.

    All the citizens of these countries should be worried as it could happen to any of them.

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    NATO is now just a bunch of thugs willing to murder and destroy countries on the whim of their leader, the US.

    It is to be hoped that those responsible will burn in hell with a constant stream of images of all those people they destroyed.

    The main aim now of NATO seems to be starting a [nuclear] war with Russia BUT be in a position to blame Russia for starting it.

    I agree with [candidate] Trump that NATO is a dinosaur that should be scrapped. It is in the interest of all of us.

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    Climate ‘scientists’ insist on only using data gathered ‘since records began’, about 150 years in the UK and about 100 years for most of the world. Much less for arctic ice and CO2 levels.

    The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, can’t science give us more data? Yes of course, but it is the ‘wrong data’ and is ignored. For example ice and sediment cores show there have been three previous warm periods in just the last 3 thousand years, the Bronze, Roman and Mediaeval.

    Each was warmer than today, in fact the Bronze was warmer than the Roman, which was warmer than the Mediaeval, which was warmer than today! These cores also show the relationship between CO2 and temperature : CO2 levels move in step with the global temperature 600 years previously! CO2 is a ‘lagging indicater’, not a cause. Science also shows CO2 levels are at historical lows – it has been as much as seven times higher in the past.

    There was an interesting graph published in New Scientist showing a temperature reconstruction of the Earth for the past 4 billion years. For over 50% of the time it showed the Earth as being several degrees warmer than today! I think 2018 was declared the fourth warmest year ‘on record’, but was more like the 2.7 billionth warmest year on Earth! What was interesting was that there seemed to be an upper limit for global temperature, which suggests there is some feedback mechanism to stop temperatures going beyond a certain point.

    ‘Records’ began soon after the Little Ice Age, so it is not surprising that global temperatures increased. For those ‘scientists’ who ARE surprised it is the same as recording temperatures in February and panicking by June because you ‘know’ that in six months time the Earth will be too hot for life.

    After global warming stopped in 1998 a new man-made disaster had to be invented : Climate Change. It is like a fortune teller saying something bad will happen, but they can’t say what or when. When something bad happens they exclaim ‘AHA, told you!…and it’s YOUR fault’.

    I haven’t followed this for a few years. The last thing I read was that they were concerned people regarded ‘Climate Change’ as just being ‘bad weather’ so they needed yet another ‘man-made’ disaster – a computer model to ‘predict’ species extinction. Now they ‘predict’ one MEEELLION species are heading for extinction. Very suspicious!

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    Trump won the battle but we lost the war

    I was glad when Trump was elected because Hillary promised to greatly expand the war in Syria, and had no concern that it may lead to war with Russia. There were a few articles at the time written by people who feared that this would lead to nuclear war.

    Also, Trump said NATO was a dinosaur which should be scrapped, and said the US should not be involved in foreign wars. In addition he said he admired Putin and hoped to much improve the relationship between the US and Russia. He even expressed some admiration for what China had achieved.

    The hysteria of Russiagate and Mueller changed all that.

    It is not just America. I read that the European Parliament has recently passed a resolution declaring Russia ‘an enemy of humanity’, and a resolution to stop Nordstream2.

    The media and the politicians seem oblivious to the fact that almost everything they do is bringing us closer to nuclear war. One false flag could start it at any time.

    I do not know if the end of the Mueller enquiry will embolden Trump to pursue the policies he originally promised or whether we continue on this path of doom.

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    Mueller – Is the boot now on the other foot?

    What mostly came to light during the investigation was collusion between members of the FBI and the Democrats. Some have wondered why no special prosecutor has been appointed to pursue this. Perhaps now is a good time for Trump as it would colour the agenda into the next election.

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    There are three current options : Teresa May’s agreement with the EU, Hard Brexit and an extension to negotiate further or prepare for hard brexit.

    British MPs have just voted against all three!

    Negotiating a new agreement in two weeks seems to be a non-starter, especially as the EU has made it plain that the current agreement is non-negotiable.

    Asking for an extension is problematic. If it extends into late May then the UK needs to elect MEPs. Also the EU has said there needs to be a reason for the extension, not just more of the same. An extension needs the acceptance of ALL EU states.

    If nothing happens in the next two weeks the default is hard BREXIT.

    There is a fourth option, which those few who are experts on the subject agree is the best [least worst] option, and that is the EEA/EFTA option, also known as the ‘Norway solution’.

    This would be a compromise but would give something to all sides. For the remainers it would still give ties to the EU, and for the leavers it would give some independence to allow the UK to develop trade with the rest of the world. For business it would mean a minimal disturbance to EU trade. It is the only realistic option. It could be regarded as ‘stage1’ with steps in the future to even more independence from the EU. [If the EU still exists!]

    It would still take some time to negotiate so it seems the way forward would be a two year extension while it is negotiated.

    Unfortunately it is more likely that UK politicians will thrash around for two weeks and we will have a hard BREXIT on the 29th, possibly the worst of all worlds.

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    The problem with ‘green initiatives’ is that they are usually thought up by activists who have no clue as to the implications. For example AOC calls for the removal of greenhouse gases, and I am sure CO2 is top of the list. If CO2 levels were halved no plants could grow and most life on Earth would die. Is this what AOC wants?!

    This is just one example, but being ‘green’ is a case of ‘the king who wore no clothes’! If you are ‘green’ then you MUST believe all green initiatives without question, which unfortunately includes many politicians. If you DO question then you are an ‘enemy of the planet’ and must be ostracised.

    Any green initiative must be looked at by intelligent people such as engineers and accountants with the basic questions such as ‘is it viable’ and ‘what would be the actual effects if implemented’.

    For example, here in the UK the governmnet spent 30 billion pounds to provide as much electricity as a 2 billion pound gas fired power station. This is achieved by converting fossil fuels into wind turbines. To save the same amount of energy the money should have been used to better insulate homes, actually reducing the amount of fossil fuel used in the first place.

    Civilisation is totally dependent on the use of energy and I would like it to last as long as possible which means conserving energy. I read that oil may only last 50 years yet the emphasis seems to be getting it out of the ground as quickly as possible, making it as cheap as possible, and using as much as possible! [Sod the kids!]

    Conserving energy [or saving CO2 if that matters to you] is a combination of technology and personal choices. I am impressed that cars can have twice the miles per gallon than older ones, that my 46 inch TV only uses 100 watts, and LED spotlights are now extremely energy efficient.

    I do not use central heating but for those who do are you heating parts of the house you rarely use, like bedrooms, utility rooms, etc. Fan heaters can be used to provide temporary heat as required. Also turning the temperature down and wearing more clothes. I tend to think of wasted heat as ‘heating the universe’!

    It would be useful to have a website which suggests ways that energy can be conserved, but they need to be rational. For example in recent years there has been a trend to massively insulate walls, yet the thermal effect of walls can add heat to a home.

    Greens also need to live in the real world more. Nuclear energy is opposed but the only reason uranium is used in reactors is to create plutonium for weapons. Thorium can be used in reactors and eliminates most of the issues, not least the fact that the waste only needs to be stored for 100 years. I think green organisations should look to backing the development of thorium reactors as way of saving CO2.

    There is much that can be done but it needs a sensible approach.

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    Huawei committed two major crimes.

    Firstly they became global leaders in 5G, making equipment far superior to their competitors.

    Secondly they refused to install an NSA backdoor in to their equipment.

    The idea of it being ‘illegal’ for a Chinese company to trade with another country is absurd. Also it is normal in these situations to blackmail a company with a fine in order to continue trading with the US, eg. BNP Paribas. The threat to imprison a member of the company takes it to a whole new level.

    It is always interesting to reverse a situation and see if it is still valid.

    So what if the Chinese government started making it illegal for some US companies to trade with a specific country [eg. Taiwan], and promising to jail their executives if they did not comply.?!

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    I do not see any problem with this scheme. Having set up a reserve for a large population of chimps they should not be penalised for this. The loss of less than 10% of the chimp population is acceptable.

    Large animals usually reproduce every year or two, but the population does not double because most of them die. Death is normal in nature – nature is not Disneyland.

    I favour true renewable energy, which means it has to produce so much energy it does not need a subsidy. Hydroelectric may be the only one to qualify.

    There does seem to be a general campaign against hydroelectric schemes, which I assume is because they can make money from heavily subsidised not-so-renewable energy like wind turbines. While hydroelectric schemes have a one-off effect on the environment wind turbines kill birds and bats forever.

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    Not sure I agree with the death penalty for poachers. They are usually poor people trying to earn a living.

    I do agree with the death penalty for those who create the market – those who buy and ship the ivory, etc. This would have a far greater effect on poaching by making it unprofitable. By removing the middle men it would destroy the chain.

    I also favour legal trade in, say, elephant ivory. I think it is South Africa which has a surfeit of elephants. While we like elephants they can be very destructive on the habitat. I think South Africa should be allowed to cull elephants and export the ivory legally, again reducing the profitability of poaching elsewhere. By creating a legal market it makes it far easier to stamp out illegal markets.

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    Recently some Jews have redefined anti-semitism to mean ”critical of Israel’. It is also applied to those who are sympathetic to the Palestinians. This has lead to the UK Labour party expelling several Jews for being ‘anti-semitic’, when in fact they were just critical of Israel.

    Most or all of the breakaway group were ‘Friends of Israel’. The question is whether they are being controlled by Israel in an attempt to bring down Jeremy Corbyn. If so then this is serious and needs investigation of whether elements of the UK parliament are under the control of an outside government.

    There is a ridiculous witch-hunt for the tiniest possibility of Russian influence, but which ignores the far more blatant influence o the US and seemingly Israel. It is thought that Corbyn could disrupt this influence and so every effort will be made to ensure he never comes to power.

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    The German Economy

    What have the Germans done for their economy in recent years?

    They backed US sanctions against Russia – harming their economy. They were forced to stop trade with Iran – harming their economy.

    US sanctions did not really affect the US, it was really Europe. Trump did explain that Europe were competitors and so were fair game. The Nordstream sanctions are more expicitly anti-European. Also now a trade war. I am sure the US will soon tell Germany what it can sell to China. They are just about to impose more sanctions on Russia – they do not know what they are until the US tells them!

    Germany was said to benefit from the Eurozone, so they imposed austerity!

    They followed the orders of Soros to allow migrants to flood in and are spending tens of billions of Euros every year to support them.

    After Fukushima they decided to abandon nuclear power and depend in part on energy imports from France and Norway. Now they want to get rid of coal power. Modern industry depends on a stable power supply. A few years ago Germany had a major power outage. It was only for a fraction of a second but was enough to cause huge damage to German manufacturing.

    They also give large subsidies to the middle classes for solar panels. If solar panels in Greece need a subsidy those in northern Europe are going to be much, much less productive.

    Generally by being an American puppet and imposing trendy ‘Green’ initiatives it is no wonder that the German economy is failing.

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    With the UK having to renegotiate trade with the rest of the world it did not help that on Monday the defence secretary said how he would love to go to war with Russia and China. He is also planning to send the UK’s aircraft carrier across the South China Sea. This has lead to the cancellation of trade talks with China this weekend, and won’t help with post-Brexit negotiations!

    It is perhaps more surprising that the UK’s ‘allies’ do not seem to want to be cooperative.

    Interesting times!

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    the US & Socialism

    It can be sometimes quite amusing reading articles written by Americans on ‘socialism’. You can almost feel their blood vessels bursting as they write! They seem to ignore one important fact :


    The DoD, CIA, NSA, FBI, etc are products of Socialism. A non-Socialist military would be volunteers and private militias sponsored by public subscription and wealthy individuals.

    A bit of cognitive dissonance allows them to ignore this, so what do they mean by ‘Socialism’. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the banking crisis. There was no issue with the banks being bailed out with 700 billion from the government, but a 13 billion dollar loan to GM was written about as being akin to the apocalypse! It was ‘SOCIALISM’!

    So what Americans seem to mean when they talk of Socialism is anything which helps ordinary people.

    I think this is based on a perversion of Christianity called the ‘Protestant Work Ethic’. The idea is that if you are doing well it is because you are favoured by God. Conversely if you are not doing well then you are not favoured by God and deserve your fate, and do not deserve any help.


    For some years now I have felt that the US is moving closer to emulating Russia under Communism. For example the Deep State equates to the Politburo, the NSA is the STASI, the media is now PRAVDA, and it is [excluding Trump] a one party state.

    It may fail for the same reason – excessive military spending which the country can not afford.

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    Death Of 95% Of Indigenous People In Colonization Of America Cooled Earth

    I echo previous comments that this is utter garbage. At the moment Mankind is responsible for about 3.5% of global CO2. I doubt the global population at this time was one billion, so 0.5%, but it was all renewable energy so carbon neutral, or 0.0%!

    All too often I find those who believe in man-made [insert name of disaster here] will suspend any intelligent thought or critical thinking and believe ANYTHING.

    For example renewable energy should never need a subsidy because the energy produced will pay for it. I am sickened by the waste of fossil fuel used to create these ‘perpetual motion’ machines, and the harm it does to people who face large increases in electricity prices.

    Similarly, the idea that plugging millions of electric cars into the grid has no consequences, Ignore the fact that they actually need electricity so new power stations will be required, also the whole grid will need to be replaced to cope with the amounts of current. In any country it will cost hundreds of billions, and of course use huge amounts of fossil fuel.

    There are other areas where people will uncritically believe anything, no matter how absurd. The main areas at the moment are Trump, Putin and Russia where there is vast amounts of propaganda.

    All this seems to coming together in to one solution : Nuclear war with Russia

    This is not as bad as it seems for anyone worried about man-made climate change :

    The massive reduction in population, say 4 to 6 billion, will almost eliminate the use of fossil fuels and the CO2 they produce. Civilisation is unlikely to recover so it will be a long term solution!.

    Wildlife should recover relatively quickly as they breed rapidly, and evolution will fill in any gaps. I can’t think of many targets in the southern hemisphere so it may have the best survival rates.

    The US would like Russia to start the war, which is unlikely, so a false flag could be organised. Possibly an EMP weapon over America. The public has been primed so it is all ready to go!

    It may seem drastic but to stop man-made climate change sacrifices will be needed.

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    Juan Guaido never stood in any election but is being promoted as the ‘democratic’ choice!

    Anyone can do that.

    What if a Yellow-Vest declared themselves President of France, or Bernie Sanders declared himself President of the US. Just to add to the fun what if Russia, China, Iran and others acknowledged them.

    I think they would find a lot of support from their own countrymen, so could not easily be laughed off.

    It won’t happen but it’s a fun thought in a depressing week.

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    Even after more than two years the ignorance on BREXIT is immense.

    On BREXIT Theresa May is beyond the control of Parliament, including last week’s vote, so Yvette Cooper can not force an extension.

    If Theresa May wanted to ask for an extension it would require the agreement of all other EU members. Failing that, at the end of March the UK leaves the EU.

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    Huawei has created two issues for the US. Firstly it produces excellent 5G hardware which has made it a world leader. Secondly it uses encryption which the NSA find difficult to break.

    By saying that Huawei equipment is bugged, without a shred of proof, we now have all the US minions scrambling to replace Huawei equipment with ‘NSA friendly’ equipment.

    A bill has just been introduced which would ban selling any US components to Huawei. Just another example of the US saying ‘Never let your business depend on anything made in America’.

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    Apart from stimulating plant growth CO2 is unlikely to have anything but a miniscule influence on global temperature.

    There is a relationship between the solar sunspot cycle and ‘oscillations’ in the ocean. An oscillation is where the warm surface water sinks beneath the surface, in the case of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation for 10 years at a time. Other oscillations which come to mind are the Atlantic Oscillation and the North Atlantic Oscillation.

    The combination of these two factors mean that there is general warming for 30 years followed by general cooling for 30 years. So there was warming from 1910 to 1940, cooling from 1940 to 1970, then warming up to 1998. This is superimposed on the general warming from the Little Ice Age.

    When global warming stopped in 1998 the climate activists panicked and promoted the idea of ‘man made climate change’. As the climate has been changing for over 4 billion years it was a safe bet. Take any incidence of bad weather and say it was ‘man-made’! In the dark ages such weather was blamed on God, but now it is blamed on Man. It is why some think of today as being the ‘New Dark ages’.

    Climate activists also want charts limited to ‘when records began’, 150 years at most. Temperature reconstruction has shown that the Bronze Age Warm period was warmer than the Roman Warm Period which was warmer than the Mediaevel Warm Period which was warmer than today. An obvious heresy which has to be suppressed!

    The Climate is extremely complicated. For example there has been some concern this year that the Sun has been very quiet – no sunspots for many days. This can lead to global cooling in due course. The Sun heats the Earth by about 300C and lack of sunspots means less heat reaching Earth. It also means a weaker solar wind which in turn means more cosmic rays can reach Earth. It has been shown that cosmic rays at sea-level can act as condensing nucleii and aid the formation of water droplets. This leads to increasing cloud cover which also produces a cooling effect.

    The main support for climate activists is ignorance. It is why climate skeptics tend to have a scientific background. It can be difficult to take claims by climate activists and separate the truth from the propaganda.

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    – The US. France and the UK [and possibly Germany] threaten reprisals if Assad uses chemical weapons
    – Anonymous US sources say Assad has signed off on the use of gas.
    – US sources suggest that Russian and Iranian positions may also be attacked.
    – There is a large collection of Russian warships in the area.
    – The Russians have supplied a large amount of detail about a potantial false flag operation in the area.

    The US seems determined to carry on with this farce. In the past Russian forces have been restrained and have not responded. It may be that this time they feel they have to. If so, where will it end?

    I can not see that the US will gain anything by this provocation, unless thay mean to escalate it in to a major offensive. Why risk WWIII for a bunch of terrorists?

    I am concerned about an article I read a few years ago about an American ‘Christian’ cult. The article claimed the cult to be a million strong and to include senior military and politicians. The quirk here is the belief that a global nuclear war would count as being THE biblical Armageddon, and call forth the ‘Rapture’.

    The Rapture is where the ‘good’ are physically swept up in to Heaven just before the elimination of all other human life on Earth. I have not seen any other articles about this cult so I do not know how accurate it is, but the idea of such a pseudo-Christian death cult existing in the States is believable! Certainly in the current climate they could easily succeed.

    I am seriously worried about what might happen in the next week.

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    The killer phrase is ‘since records began’. For most of the world this is around 100 years, but far less for the Arctic. For example there is a snippet from a 1926 newspaper when an Italian airship journeyed to the North Pole. The article said they did not see a speck of ice on the whole journey to the pole.

    A few years earlier a Norwegian travelled to the Arctic and saw that the ice had gone. He went back to raise interest in exploiting the resources uncovered. No-one was quite sure why the ice had disappeared but speculated it was due to German secret weapons used during the First World War! [The ice came back!]

    Of course records can be altered. In true science raw data is sacrosanct, but in the pseudo-science of climate it can be altered, principally to make the past seem colder so that global warming appears more dramatic. One article I read some years ago had a graph of global temperatures from an old copy of National Geographic from about 40 years ago. It was dramatically different from what you would see today!

    Obviously climate ‘science’ wouldn’t be so heavily funded if there was no ultimate reason. The only suggestion I have seen is that it was to create a global threat of such magnitude that forming a World Government would be a major part of the solution. Certainly one of George Soros’s aims.

    Of course this became a blueprint.

    For Trump, Russia, Iran, etc. it is determined what the perceived truth should be and the media religiously follow the guidelines. Skeptics are left to try and find alternative sources to find information which might actually be true.

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    Scenario 1 : A very short time after Erdogan suggested joining the BRICS their currency is in freefall and they are facing hyperinflation. They will need to take a loan from the IMF and become another Greece. No doubt a regime change will be needed.

    Scenario 2 : Erdogan burns all the bridges to the West. He baits the US to take this action and is prepared for it. Turkish businesses are forced to default on over 500 billion dollars of loans. He leaves NATO, de-dollarises, throws Turkey’s future in with China, Russia and Iran. He uses the chaos to further his control of the country and de-Americanises it. He might also chuck a couple of million Syrian refugees over the border!

    The US expect Scenario 1 – they’ve done it before, but Scenario 2 might be the only viable future for Turkey [eventually!]. US actions mean he can say he has been forced in to this course and that he had no choice.

    Time will tell!

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    If a country cold be portrayed as a person then the US is best thought of as a spoiled 6 year old brat who has tantrums if it doesn’t get what it wants. This idiot child never forgives or forgets if it loses and will go to any length to destroy its opponent.

    This little psychopath has no concept of how its’ friends could disagree, but is willing to cause them pain if they do.

    For Europe it started with the sanctions against Russia. Actually they were also sanctions against Europe as US companies were little affected. Europe is a competitor so harming its’ economy is a benefit. The sanctions regarding Nordstream2 are more obviously anti-European. Now it is Iran which again affects Europe far more than the US. I am sure that soon it will be China that Europe is not allowed to trade with.

    While it can be argued that trade with the US is more important than these countries individually, as a whole they will weaken Europe considerably. Over time Europe will become so weak it will be beyond saving.

    What can Europe do if the US imposes penalties, etc.

    – Withdraw all military forces from the Syrian conflict, or even aid Assad to stabilise Syria and enable the repatriation of the refugees
    – Import tariffs on US LPG.
    – Cancel all orders of F35s – The Eurofighter is a capable plane and there are still a few aircraft companies left in Europe which could develop new aircraft.
    – Leave NATO and form a European organisation. Militarily Europe is ridiculously weak compared to the size of the economy.
    – Request the US to withdraw all military forces from Europe. It seems the US is preparing to go to war with Russia and it also seems obvious that in this event Europe is expendable.

    I still wonder if Trump is being very clever. He wants to create US jobs and by the use of sanctions and trade wars this will happen by necessity! All with the backing of the Deep State and Neocons!

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    Mueller has spent over a year trying to find Russian collusion and found nothing.

    IF he had been doing the same with Israel then almost everything that Russia has been accused of would be true for Israel!

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    MSM promotes WWIII

    Last weekend world war three almost started. Trump was under pressure to mount a massive attack in Syria on such a scale that Russia would have been forced to respond. Thankfully he was persuaded to mount a symbolic attack instead.

    Ahead of the attack Russian warships in Syria moved into position and were joined by Chinese warships in the area. Four Russian TU160 bombers were moved to Iran. Along with the S300 and S400 systems in Syria plus other forces Russia would have been in a position to not only defend but to attack.

    Russia can easily sink any US warship, including aircraft carriers. What if it had sunk US and allied ships? Would it have escalated and to what level? I think it would have escalated all the way unless the US military command decided to stop the US committing suicide.

    Despite this extremely close call Western mainstream media is still pushing propaganda to promote further escalation in Syria. They do not seem to realise that if they succeed then they will die! Their families will die! Their readers will die! They show impressive loyalties to their masters.

    I remember reading about a well-respected German journalist who, when he retired, said that if he had not followed CIA ‘guidance’ he would have lost his job. Certainly the media is being coordinated by someone.

    Western media is now so full of propaganda that it is not worth reading. They need to realise that the stakes are far higher than they seem to think.

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    Two business partners were talking. One complained that they lost money on everything they sold. His partner said ‘Don’t worry, we’ll make it up on turnover.’

    This is supposed to be a joke. For Tesla it seems to be a business plan!

    Perhaps Tesla should register as a charity as it seems to be totally dependent on donations to keep it going.

    When I read about Tesla I keep thinking ‘DeLorean’!

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    My real worry last week was that the attack on Syria would be massive and also targeting the Russians. One article suggests that it was Mattis who stopped it being just that. Had the Russians been forced to respond by, say, sinking US ships then I am sure it would have escalated to a final conclusion.

    This is serious, and I feel sure it hasn’t ended. It is claimed the white helmets have supplied several canisters of chlorine gas to various terrorists so another incident can be arranged at any time. If Mattis gets sacked worry a lot!

    There appears to have been no chlorine attack according to local medical staff. The Russians claim to have definite proof that the UK contacted the white helmets in advance of the ‘attack’ urging them to hurry up with their propaganda video.

    Many wonder how the Germans during WWII could ignore what was going on in the death camps. Well western interference in the Middle East has now resulted in around two million deaths of mainly innocent people and few seem to care. It is exactly the same.

    It will be interesting to see if Russia supplies S300 systems to the Syrian government. A suggestion which really upsets the Israelis! There are already two Russian freighters heading to Syria laden with tanks and other equipment.

    The US forces in Syria are supposed to be fighting ISIS, but I can not remember any incident when they actually attacked them. One ‘attack on ISIS’ in a Syrian city meant destroying the local power station! In Mosul an ‘attack on ISIS’ was claimed as being carpet bombing the town. US bases in northern Syria peacefully co-exist with ISIS bases.

    It appears that for the first time in ages a US regime change operation has been thwarted and some powerful people are incensed by the fact and will risk everything to stop it. I expect something bad to happen which will disrupt the football world cup.

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    It gets much much worse!

    Now there is talk of involving France and Britain. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are ‘on board’ with the US.

    There is talk of ‘regime change’ in Syria which would mean taking out the Syrian government AND the Syrian army AND probably the Russian S400 systems and aircraft.

    It sounds like it will be a truly major assault, and may even include Iran and Lebanon.

    Qatar has the largest US airforce base in the Middle East, plus there is Incerlik in Turkay and Allied bases in Cyprus.

    The US would love to disrupt the Football World Cup, but are they insane enough to do so by provoking a war with Russia.

    Hopefully I am just being overly paranoid.

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    What worries me most is that the US will do something so stupid that Russia will be forced to respond. If Russia does respond I think it means they are prepared to go all the way.

    I notice in Trump’s accusations about the chemical atack [that probably did not happen] he mentions Russia and Iran as being complicit. Hopefully his attack will be limited and rational.

    I was relieved when Hillary lost the election as it seemed the threat of nuclear war had receded. Now we are back on the brink again – for no real reason.

    Russia, China, Iran and North Korea simply want to be peaceful trading nations AND to be left alone. Unfortunately unless they become US vassals the last part does not seem to be acceptable.

    It takes so little to destroy civilisation. They reckon two EMP explosions over Europe would be enough to fry all the electronics and possibly take out the power grids. With no transport, communications, food and water, and little possibility of help, most people will die.

    If civilisation ends it will be almost impossible to rebuild as all the resources that made it possible have been used up and the remaining resources are far more inaccessible.

    What is so frustrating is that it is all pointless. The US feel they can kill/destroy anything without fear of response. The lack of response is thought of as weakness rather than restraint.
    They will keep up the provocation until they get a response then blame the other so they feel justified in escalating the situation.

    Hopefully we will still be alive in a month’s time.

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    Don’t worry folks, the ‘greenhouse effect’ doesn’t exist! It is easy to show :

    Take the Sahara desert – the temperature can change by 40C in a day, a round trip of 80C in a 24 hour period! Absolutely no sign of a ‘greenhouse effect’.

    By contrast Brazil, a comparable distance from the equator, only changes a few degrees during a whole day. The only difference is the amount of water vapour whose effect is so huge everything else is miniscule by comparison.

    Clouds act as an insulator – reflecting sunlight during the day and preventing warming, and trapping heat overnight preventing cooling.

    Worried about methane? Don’t be. It has the same absorption as water vapour so any effect is drowned out. Also it is highly flammable so is unlikely to last in the atmosphere for any length of time.

    Worried the oceans can’t absorb enough CO2? Don’t be. At higher levels it reacts with the chemicals in seawater to form insoluble carbonates which sink to the seabed. There is no limit.

    Worried the land can’t absorb enough CO2. Don’t be. CO2 is an essential part of plant growth – the more CO2 the better plants grow.

    What to worry about : global cooling. Global temperatures are expected to be fairly flat until 2035 when cooling is expected, possibly quite severe.

    The bronze age warm period [Greek civilisation flourished] was warmer than the Roman warm period [Roman empire flourished] , which was warmer than the medieval warm period [European population flourished], which was warmer than our current warm period. A sequence of lower highs suggests the next downturn in global temperature could be more severe than the Little Ice Age, when a significant proportion of the European population died.

    Finally, I must point out that humans produce only 3.5% of the annual CO2, so even cutting annual levels of CO2 by 1% would have a massive effect on quality of life. Don’t expect renewables to save us – it is just a scam. If it needs a subsidy it is not ‘renewable’.

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    Facebook is nothing special.

    We know Google takes information from all its products to create a very detailed profile of everyone. I would assume Twitter does the same and I am sure there are others.

    We know all operating systems have back-doors for the US government [possibly excluding Linux].

    We know all Android and Apple phones record our GPS locations and upload them.

    We know all our phone conversations are recorded.

    There were a few articles about how intrusive Windows 10 was at looking at your data and uploading information, although previous operating systems are also suspect.

    You must suspect that anything in the cloud is available to ‘other’ people.

    I know my Yahoo emails have been read by them. I doubt this is unique.

    We know all the websites we access are recorded to give a unique fingerprint, even if you switch to VPN.

    Most, if not all, of these organisations will freely share information with the US government.

    Another aspect of this is that most of the leaders of these organisations support the Democrats and are willing to use their influence to suppress alternative views. Most notably in recent times Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

    Welcome to your world!

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    Although this article is 3 years old it covers recent events with Facebook.

    A Very Disturbing and Powerful Post – “Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 16 2018 #39446


    Does Novichoks Exist?

    When Putin decided to destroy all Russia’s chemical weapons and manufacturing facilities it was carried out under the supervision of the OPCW. Novichoks was not listed. Considering that Putin found chemical weapons morally repulsive it is unlikely that any were hidden.

    The only ‘existence’ of Novichoks is from a book by a Russian dissident called Vil Mirzayanov. In 2016 Dr. Robin Black, who had worked at Porton Down, wrote ‘No independent confirmation of the structures or properties of such compounds has been published’.

    Okay, so how did Porton Down identify Novichoks when its’ only ‘proof’ of existence is from a book by a Russian dissident?

    The UK is sending a sample to the OPCW but they have no information to compare it to! If OPCW confirms it is Novichoks then you know the organisation has beeen corrupted.

    It would also explain why the UK is loathe to follow the treaty and send a sample to Russia.

    New evidence has left Theresa May’s Russian spy story in tatters

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2018 #39399


    Krill and overfishing

    I have never understood why overfishing has become such a problem.

    Fish lay thousands of eggs but most of these are eaten by predators. Then the fry join the plankton and again suffer further predation.

    It would seem to be simple for the fish to be taken from the wild and their eggs and fry protected until they pass the point when 99% of predation has been avoided when they can be released back into the sea.

    I had thoughts of a converted oil tanker where they could mate naturally, or milk them of eggs and milt and mix them in a large bucket!

    We already do this with other fish, like salmon. It is not rocket science!

    I can go to my local fish and chip shop and buy cod roe, or go the local supermarket and buy taramasalata. Cod eggs seem plentiful so why not turn them into cod?

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    Skripal poisoning

    When you have exotic assassinations then you need to be suspicious.

    [1] Russian nerve agent used
    [2] Ex Russian spy so suggests Russia
    [3] QED!

    As Russia pointed out, stocks of the nerve agent could still exist in ex-Soviet countries such as the Ukraine, and the UK security forces had the recipe so could make their own batch.

    When you want to kill someone you usually want to cover your tracks, not use an ‘It was me!’ method! It’s like a mugger having their address printed on their t-shirt!

    Litvinenko :

    The story is that polonium was transported unshielded on a public plane in an easily traceable way rather than shielded via a diplomatic pouch. In fact ‘evidence’ could have been added at any point. Also why polonium rather than a less detectable method. It is almost as if someone wanted the most newsworthy story.

    In both cases you have to assume the Russian government is totally incompetant using bizarre methods which points the finger at them! Russia does not strike me as being a ‘Keystone cops’ kind of organisation.

    The whole storyline is unbelievably ludicrous, except for the Western media of course, which has the credulity of a 6 year old.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 8 2018 #39326



    Yes, I was out by a factor of 10 and it is only the plutonium 239 which has a half life of 24,000 years. So only potentially dangerous for a 100 thousand years or more.

    I think the ‘6 grams’ comes from a suggestion by Ralph Nader that one pound of plutonium dust in the atmosphere was enough to kill 8 billion people, but a more realistic estimate is only around 2 million people – lung cancer from inhalation mainly.

    This still does not alter my opinion that Fukushima is a global disaster and it should have had all resources required and all the experts needed to stop it happening as soon as possible.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 8 2018 #39323



    This is a global disaster but is being treated like an ‘unfortunate incident’.

    The reactors had recently been converted to MOX [mixed oxides – a combination of uranium and plutonium].

    I did read that 6 grams of plutonium was enough to kill everyone in the UK. Also it has a half-life of 250,000 years so will be in the environment for millions of years.

    On a related note – I have recently been wondering about the effect of intercepting incoming nuclear missiles, each one containing several kilograms of plutonium which would burn up in the atmosphere and be distributed over a wide area.

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    When you have exotic assassinations then you need to be suspicious. The article below suggests that

    [1] Litvinenko was accompanied at the cafe by a criminal who was known to sometimes work for the CIA.
    [2] Litvinenko was desperate for money and was trying to blackmail Russian oligarchs and the Russian Mafia
    [3] Litvinenko is thought to have smuggled nuclear materials

    Three ways to die!

    The newest assassination is also suspicious :

    [1] Nerve agent suggest a government involvement
    [2] Ex Russian spy so suggests Russia
    [3] QED!

    In both cases you have to assume the Russian government is totally incompetent using bizarre methods which points the finger at them!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 6 2018 #39276



    If the US media keep saying that Rusiagate is true then it means the CIA and FBI have failed badly, and apparently continue to do so.

    Surely Trump needs to sack senior leaders in these organisations for their utter incompetence!

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