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    @ MaryBallon, Mr House, Michael Reid (and any others who have an actual interest in who is behind the plandemic)

    It took me a while to track down the quotes Mr House posted in #92986 and 92987 because I found partial quotes in the comments section of other sites (***) left by someone posting as “allen”. I bet there’s more out there on various sites.

    But I believe this is the original source for Mr House’s quotes. He’s probably “allen” too.

    I’d also like to strongly recommend 2 analyses – here and here – by Fabio Vighi.

    And, for desert, I offer this explanation by John Titus.

    If you digest all of this you’ll understand what we’re up against. At which point you may also find yourself wondering why it is that so few of those pushing back are interested in exactly who they’re pushing back against.

    *** (which I tried to include here but TAE’s make-believe blog software blocked it)

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    @Mr House

    What is the source, please, of your excellent analysis in posts #92986 & #92987 ?

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    @ Mister Roboto:
    It has been frequently noted that forums such as these have a tendency to attract the INTJ type.

    Sorry but as a strong INTJ my experience has been that this forum tends to be overpopulated by xNFx types (where x = either choice). To oversimplify, “T’s” tend to be less “guided” by their emotions and more by what appear to be “facts” – whether those “facts” are desirable or not. (research Myers-Briggs personality types to understand what i’m talking about)

    If our host and those collected here to follow his thoughts were “NT’s” then the content here would be much more like the excellent Dr. Chetty video posted by Michael Reid. Because our real problem is not Covid or governmental stupidity. It’s not the “Little Managers” problem that our host can’t seem to move past. – it’s the horrifying fact that there’s a GLOBAL PLAN to replace all existing governments with the world’s first planet-wide Totalitarian Corporate State.

    This threat seemed to come out of nowhere in the beginning of 2020 but the WEF has been working outside of our peripheral vision for years. And because their immediate problem is financial they had no choice but to spring this takeover now – before the global financial system goes “poof” – along with their make-believe “wealth”.

    They may have jumped too soon – and we’ll probably know within the next 6 mos whether that’s true or not. But that only points out the scale of the human tragedy here – that our best hope to come out of this with any freedoms left at all depends on their ineptitude or poor timing rather than our response to it. Because the fact that we outnumber them a zillion to one has not helped us at all. For 2 reasons: (a) their use of their overpowering but invisible weapon – propaganda – and (b) the fact that their agenda is TOO MONSTROUS for normal people to accept.

    So instead we rationalize with them. We explain sensibly how their policies aren’t medically necessary. Or fair! How they don’t seem to understand how science is supposed to work. But this response is not really aimed at them at all! It’s a response tailored to maintain our comfort level – our mythology that we still live under a rational democratic system of government. Because the alternative – the reality that we actually face – is too horrible to contemplate.

    But if we actually had any cojones, if we were collectively willing to face the reality of the world as it is today this threat would be gone in a week. Instead I pray for their miscalculations rather than waiting for my fellow “deplorable’s” to give up their comfortable delusions.

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    NAC, like vitamin D, is NOT something to take to protect yourself again the alleged ravages of C-19 – it’s one of the supplements you should already taking every day to protect your general health.

    Here’s a plain English explanation of why NAC is important from someone who i’ve been reading for years and have developed great respect for:

    Availability: My understanding is that the FDA “asked” Amazon not to sell it anymore. (we can all theorize why) But it’s still available on eBay ( I just bought a year’s worth – just in case)

    in reply to: The Vaccines Kill Many More People Than They Save #87654


    Thanks for showcasing Steve Kirsch’s works. Your concern for your fellow man shines in all of your posts. But, unfortunately, your post also shows why your efforts, so far, have been in vain.

    When you say:

    “We have gone outrageously mad.”
    “we kill over 6 kids to save 1 kid from a COVID death.”

    You are lying.

    Neither you nor I nor any of your readers have done ANYTHING to kill 6 kids. Nor are we mad (ie: insane). You are just parroting your programming. Because:


    This mythical collective group DOES NOT EXIST. The cruel REALITY of Western “Civilization” today is there are 2 groups of citizens: The obscenely rich, and therefore powerful, and then the rest of us – who are rapidly sinking into our newly designated roles as serfs.

    Please try to understand that this is NOT a minor linguistic quibble – it is, by itself, the tool that enables the sociopaths in charge to do WHATEVER they want. Because they have brainwashed every single one of us – for generations – to believe in this imaginary “WE”. So if “WE” are (collectively) enforcing a suicidal global health policy or “WE” spent 2 trillion bucks & 20 yrs to turn the Taliban into the Taliban then “WE” are all collectively responsible – aren’t we? We have been tricked into being complicit in crimes that we didn’t commit!

    We have been told that “we’re all in this together” for our entire lives. And now it’s an unconscious but automatically recited response to ANY situation where we SHOULD be asking why did THEY do that. But we can’t ask those questions because we have come to unconsciously believe that we’re (partially) responsible.

    What i’m pointing out here is undeniably true but it will be vigorously denied by 95% of those who read these words. Because none of us wants to admit that we’ve been hoodwinked. Which is the evil beauty of propaganda. It’s the perfect crime. Because the victims all deny that they’ve been victimized!

    But think about this for a minute: If we – the real we – could erase this specific programming then the world would change – literally overnight. Without this schizophrenic affliction we’d be free to see WHO is actually behind these crimes against humanity. And the sickos that are actually responsible would be dethroned within a week.

    So I ask all of you – in fact I beg you: please write “THERE IS NO WE” on a sticky note and put on your mirror. Recite it 10 times every morning while you’re shaving. (yes, ladies, you too.) This one single thing will get us closer to being able to expose the source of the evil that threatens to deliberately destroy our lives than any other single act

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2021 #84607

    @ Raul:

    you said:
    “you look at Afghanistan and you STILL think they’re capable of executing some grand plan?”

    You’re Whistling in the Dark, Sir.

    Their incompetence is not going to save us just because their plans that won’t ultimately work. Yes, The People in Charge are, in many ways, inept because they’re clinically insane and in total denial of the reality of Life on Earth in the 21st century. (As we all are) But, they ARE still in complete charge. Their minions still turn the screws tighter every day and every day we meekly allow them to nudge us towards our assigned fate as disposable serfs. Because they have the power to do so and we’re too spoiled and pampered and weak to do the only thing that could save our sorry asses – which is to physically resist.

    I respect what you’ve done here. I’ve learned most of what I know about C-19 and the Plandemic here and i’d like to see the expose continue. BUT…… a very real sense what you’re ALSO doing here is arguing with “them” AS IF they were not very bright people who simply hadn’t done their homework correctly and that once shown the Truth™ would come to their senses and lift all these pointless restrictions, etc. But it’s not they who don’t understand – it’s you. They know very well what they’re doing. They know they lie 24/7/365 with a straight face. Their job is to keep you distracted – to keep you worked up – to keep you trying to get them to be “reasonable”. Because they know that if they keep you spinning your wheels that they’ll keep you from doing the ONLY thing that can work – which is to say NO! – and mean it.

    Back when people lived in actual (instead of virtual) communities when a revolt became necessary we checked with our friends & neighbors for consensus before grabbing our pitchforks and lighting our torches. But over the course of my lifetime “they” have successfully destroyed the nuclear family, making us “individuals” who’ve become completely dependent on to corporate state. We can’t check for a consensus on any response to these injustices because “they” now own the entire means of public discourse. The tiny minority that has seized power owns and controls 100% of the public conversation. We’re left wringing our hands and gnashing our teeth with our imaginary online friends.

    I understand that you can’t accept what i’ve said here because it implies a level of Evil that’s monstrous in scope. And normal, decent human beings like yourself simply can’t allow themselves to believe that they’re surrounded by monsters. But, as P K Dick pointed out some time ago, the fact that you won’t accept our current reality doesn’t mean that it goes away. In fact the cruel irony is that it’s only the refusal of 98% of the normal, decent human beings to accept the reality of our times that prevents us from overturning it!

    Which is why a few thousand “monsters” are able to destroy what’s left of Western Civilization as we “disbelievers” stand by like impotent ghosts at our own funeral.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 7 2021 #82794

    A Suggestion for Raul::

    There seems to be a natural progression to the lifespan of blogs written by thoughtful & perceptive authors who have a “non-mainstream” message. The early comments will come from people who tend to be on a similar wavelength but also have the ability to understand the subtleties and complexities of the author’s POV. Then, as time goes by, the blog will increasingly attract another group of people who sort of get the message but like the “feel” of the site so they “move in” and, over time, tend to become the majority voice in the comment section.

    The 3rd and, very often, final stage of blog evolution happens when the blog’s controversial subject matter becomes visible enough to attract skilled trolls who’re being paid to sabotage the blogs effectiveness. This ignites the comment section – which, by now, has become just an Echo Chamber that radiates heat but no light – as the majority of your posters help out the trolls by arguing with them!

    This 3rd stage of blogdom often causes authors who are fed up with commenters who have, in effect, hijacked the blog and shut down the site out of frustration. I hope you don’t take this route as you’re providing an important educational public service that, to my knowledge, isn’t duplicated anywhere else.

    You have, at the moment, 3 – count ‘em – 3 regular posters who are an asset to TAE. Period. You know who they are as well as I do. Plus 2 trolls and 20 – 25 regular “participants” who have turned TAE into their own personal perversion of Twitter. You also have an unknown number of readers, like myself, that rarely or never post here for various reasons – including the unfortunate fact that your comments section is no longer receptive to suggestions that challenge what passes for thought on this forum.

    Your “cheering section”, in the abstract, respects what you do but then uses the comment area for their own selfish purposes – which ruins the potential usefulness of a forum for insightful and infomational posts that add to rather than subtract from what you’re trying to do.

    Let me offer you a suggestion: Will WordPress allow you to limit all posters to one post per day? As you saw yesterday your plea for reason and moderation – to say nothing of usefulness by commenters – was universally agreed to and then completely ignored.

    Stronger measures are needed I think.

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    Tom Luongo is suggesting that the authors of our current insanity – the Davos degenerates – are getting nervous and have no choice now but to come further out from behind the curtain since a stubborn irrational majority hasn’t swallowed their KoolAid yet.

    “The panic many will feel will be real but the question is who is actually panicking? At every turn the Biden Administration lost major political battles in the past week……It ensures the anger and frustration over the direction of the country post-Trump will be unstoppable come the mid-term elections despite even the expected voter fraud next fall.”

    “We can count on that…….But the bigger question I have now is whether or not <B>we’ll actually have those elections</B> if it looks like we’ll have a landslide on the populist side of the political ledger?”

    “So, the odds rise everyday that they will suspend elections in Germany or France as a trial run for next fall’s mid-terms.”

    “If you don’t realize that the Delta Variant only exists to make the excuse to cancel any election that is set to go against Davos then you really aren’t paying any attention at all.”

    “The ride from here will only get worse and our only recourse is to look to shoring up our local communities rather than hope for any saviors at the ballot box.” “The rules have changed.” “Democracy has been outlawed and the courts neutralized.” “The push for total control over your movement, your thoughts and your basic right to make your way in the world is no longer protected by law.”

    “In fact, the law is openly hostile to your very existence.” “Just ask Australians and Canadians.”

    ”The storm created by Davos has made landfall. The next two months will tell us just who is and who is not still on their payroll or is compromised by them.”

    <b>”Either way, we’ve run out of time to prepare.”</b>

    His post is here.

    Meanwhile our French cousins are hitting the streets to reclaim their “rights” while we perpetually pampered Anglos spend our days online in our PJ’s whining to our virtual friends about how there’s “nothing we can do” and the awful injustice of it all….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 13 2021 #79617

    @absolute galore: I am not a believer in a fully functioning cabal of global elites, complete with secret handshakes.

    Me neither.

    That’s a cartoon version of tinfoil hat conspiracies which is not what we’re up against. If you had the opportunity to hang out with obscenely rich people you’d find that (a) they very sincerely believe that they’ve earned and have a right to every penny they’ve stolen and (b) like us they have views on how they feel the world should be but (c) unlike us they have the power (money) to bring their visions into reality if they choose to.

    The cartoon version of fat guys in smoke-filled rooms conspiring evil deeds is just that – a cartoon. The reality is that they do tend to associate with others that see things they way they do – just as we’re doing here on TAE. It’s only natural that they should cooperate with their peers to accomplish their mutual goals. Goals that they sincerely believe in with their (sociopathic) hearts.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 13 2021 #79616

    Polder Dweller: …the one big problem they (Russia) have there is already a declining population

    Well there was a decline for several years after the USSR breakup but that shifted back to an increase in ’09 which held through 2020. Now it turning down again due to demographics – like Japan, Spain, Italy and many Western countries.

    What if – as most of us here suspect – the vaccines (even Sputnik V) reduce life expectancy considerably?

    Well if this report is accurate then you can’t blame the Spudnik effectively rate because apparently only 15% of the population has allowed themselves to be vaccinated!

    Supposedly it’s the notorious Delta variant which, as we know, has a CFR less than the flu so Russia’s “emergency” is just more FUD.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 12 2021 #79539

    @Michael Reid: With respect to Karl Denniger, my assessment is that he is speaking the truth and comments on how he has presented or communicated the truth are irrelevant as the truth is not changed by the way it was presented

    Sorry, Michel, but you’re missing it here. The problem with putting on a performance to attract a wider audience is that this locks him into the limitations of that chosen audience. Yes, he can show the inconsistencies and lies of the official sources but he can’t go any further than that. He can claim that Fauci should be hung from a lamp post and his audience will gobble that up but what he can’t do is point to the people who are actually running the show. Because the 99.98% of the audience he’s performing for is 100% under the spell of the programming that’s convinced them that our Elites™ are always benevolent and are working in our best interest.

    In other words Denninger can present the Truth but only a small part of it. He can show you the evidence of the crime but he can never point to the criminals!! Don’t know about you but that’s not good enough for me because the only serious problem we face today is that the sociopathic Globalists / Transhumanists are out of the closet and you & I are have just become an Endangered Species.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 12 2021 #79528

    @Polder Dweller: I also wonder about Russia and why they aren’t rolling out the ivermectin.

    It helps, I think, to be aware of the global context here. Russia has been the West’s designated bogeyman for most of the last century. Not, for the most part, because of it’s actions but because our “leaders” needed a bogeyman to carry out their agendas. Putin has done an amazing job at rebuilding Russia from the ashes of the USSR but his country should be forgiven if it suffers – to any degree – from an inferiorly complex. They are exceptionally proud of their accomplishments as a nation. Their military, computer & space technology is second to none. And just as they were 1st in space they were also 1st to market with a (conventional) C-19 vaccine.

    I suspect Putin chose to enhance their reputation by not only having the 1st vaccine but being able to offer it to countries at a lower cost than the Western alternatives. Of course he was blocked in the West (who are pretending, once again, to have the only option) but it’s the 75% of the world that’s not Western that he’s appealing to. Also remember that when the decision to not only join but win the “vaccine race” was made there were no treatment alternatives. To switch gears now would be to diminish Russia’s technological reputation which, I suspect, they can’t bring themselves to do…

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    @Bill7: Karl Denninger’s purposely-inflammatory act is getting a bit stale, IMO

    Yes, I react the same as you to Karl’s “performance”. He’s another of what i’ve come to call the “Entertainers” although I suspect nobody else knows what I mean by that.

    People who do this are attempting to increase their audience size by appealing to the “lowest common denominator” of the potential readership population. Those who have become acclimated to constant levels of audio-visual stimulation that pushes all of their buttons relentlessly and have been trained, essentially, to react, to wait for the next jolt, then next hit, because their role in this exchange is that of a passive consumer. Like a rat in a cage pushing a button to get another hit of coke.

    I know Karl’s site is text rather than videos (which his intended audience would prefer) but he attempts to make up for that with his Shock Jock act. It’s a cynical & disrespectful choice on his part because he’s catering to people he doesn’t respect in order to become more “Successful”. It is the American Way.

    And, yes, you have to wade through all the shouting and arm waving to get to the actual research that he’s done – which is often quite good. This also means, as you pointed out, that he can’t talk about what this plandemic is really about because his target audience isn’t ready for that level of reality yet. (and probably never will be)

    I suspect he’s actually a smart guy and we’d prefer that he talked to us as grownups but the sad fact is that most of the sites linked to from TAE may well present non-mainstream info but are also designed for “readers” with an attention spans of micro-seconds. It says much more about the state of our culture today than it does about any specific site.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 10 2021 #79382

    @Formerly T-Bear

    You might find Kevin Dutton’s book “The Wisdom of Psychopaths Lessons In Life from Saints, Spies and Serial Killers”…of interest.

    Thanks! I’ll check it out. Much of the “popular” literature on the subject is pretty poor.

    And anyone else who’s interested can download your recommendation for free at:
    The Wisdom of Psychopaths (epub)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 10 2021 #79381

    @germ (re: #79310)

    Thanks for the MC Miller link.

    My micro quibble with his talk is that I think it would tend to leave many with the impression that a propaganda campaign of this magnitude is brand new in the US. And, no, he didn’t actually say that but that’s the impression that I was left with which is obviously not the case at all (or, i’m sure, his intent).

    As your Bernays quote (“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government”) implies “managing the narrative” on ALL aspects of our collective existence has been increasing in both intensity and sophistication for the last century. What we’ve actually seen in the last 18 mos is the “curtain” being drawn back to some degree as the “String Pullers” lose their fear of exposure. (And we can only hope they’ve exposed themselves too soon)

    BTW, here’s a site where you can download the following classic books on propaganda:

    They have:

    — Propaganda by Edward Bernays
    — The Engineering of Consent – Bernays
    — Crystallizing Public Opinion – Bernays
    — Propaganda by Jacques Ellul
    — Taking the Risk Out of Democracy by Alex Carey

    all highly recommended

    (as well as billions of other books – it’s a gold mine)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 10 2021 #79374

    In my longish post of 3 days ago (#79122) I attempted to summarize several subjects – each of which could benefit from multiple books – so my coverage of each topic was superficial at best. I’d like to take one of those subjects – Sociopaths – and talk about it in more debth because it’s my strong belief that unless we truly understand the sociopathic personality then it’s impossible for us to understand the culture that we’re attempting to survive in. Yes, that’s a strong claim to make but please read on and see where this goes.

    First some guidelines:

    — If I use the word Sociopath i’m NOT using it as an insult (ie: “wacko” or “nutcase”). I’m only using the word in a strict clinical sense – some one who exhibits most or all of the aberrant personality traits as listed in DSM 5 or other authoritative sources. (Yes, I know, “Sociopath” was last week’s term so now the DSM calls this “Antisocial Personality Disorders”. DSM 6 will have a new name…)

    — Psychopath = Sociopath in my book. I prefer to use Sociopath and am not interested in the pseudo-psychological syntax.

    Ok, what’s a Sociopath? It’s an adult who exhibits most or all of these personality traits:

    Complete lack of Empathy for Others
    — Strong desire for Power over others
    — Grandiose Sense of Self
    — Manipulative
    — Pathological Liar
    — See their Self-Serving behaviors as Right & Necessary
    — Glibness and Superficial Charm – often to extreme degree
    — Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt.
    — Incapable of Love
    — Need for Frequent or Constant Stimulation

    Sociopaths reportedly make up approx 2-3% of the general population. Consistently. Male / Female ratio reported to be around 10 males to 1 female. Appears to have a strong genetic component. (which the Mental Health Industry discounts – bad for business, don’t you know)

    Ok, lets talk about why this is important to us today:

    In traditional cultures that lived in villages or small settlements where everybody knew everybody else personally (search: “Dunbar’s Number”) sociopaths could not become a problem for the tribe or clan because everybody knew Jake was not to be trusted or relied upon because he wasn’t a “team player” and so Jake couldn’t get any “traction” to follow his instincts because his “cover” was blown. He had no choice but to work with the tribe or get exiled. (which, in early times, was often a death sentence)

    But we don’t live in tribes or extended families anymore. In fact many of us are physically and/or emotionally separated from our birth families. Most of us today live in areas where we don’t even know our neighbors. And our friends? Well they’re on FacePlant. And we don’t really know if they’re real or just bots. We used to shop at neighborhood stores but now it’s Amazon & WallyWorld. In fact most of our interactions with other people (?) are digital or virtual.

    Now think about it. If you wanted to design a world where sociopaths could thrive – where they could use their “talents” to rise to the top – could you do any better than the fractured, atomized world we live in today?

    One of our normal human traits is to see ourselves as a personality-type model of how all people “are”. IE: all people are like us – which, obviously isn’t true – but it does seem to be “normal”. So we tend to expect others to act & feel as we do. And because the worst sociopaths tend to be the most charming (at first) their true nature tends to be invisible in autonomous societies like ours. Until it’s too late.

    I know a local therapist who did her PHD thesis on sociopaths. And her research showed that at least 50% of American Corporate CEOs have most or all of the traits of Sociopathy. Do you want to guess at the likely % for our politicians?

    Depending on your definitions there have been something like 2 dozen civilizations that existed before ours. Every single one of them collapsed. Every one. (score so far: Mother Nature: 24 – Civilized Man: 0) Joseph Tainter(*) and other have written well reasoned explanations for this phenomenon but i’m offering up another one. The observable fact that in any culture that gets too big sociopaths automatically rise to then top and suck the very life out of it. As they’re doing right now to ours.

    (*) Jos Tainter interview w/ Chris Martenson:

    The Collapse of Complex Societies – J Tainter (epub) (free)

    The Collapse of Complex Societies – J Tainter (pdf) (free)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 10 2021 #79372

    @absolute galore (in #79193):

    My belated apology for my comments re: Jim Kunstler. If I can’t express my thoughts without getting snarky then I don’t deserve the soapbox.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 8 2021 #79220


    “I don’t believe “they” have control of 65% of the world’s hearts & minds. You seem to be primarily referencing the hearts & minds of western societies … how about we include the so-called 3rd world societies…and try to gauge where their hearts & minds are?”

    Thanks for catching my sloppy generalizing – which, unfortunately, blurred the points I wanted to make. You are absolutely correct that what i’m describing is the deliberate destruction of our Western Industrial Civilization executed BY Westerners directed AT Westerners. And the Plandemic has focused on the major Western countries for the last 18 mos. In fact I did an analysis last December on how effective the West was in protecting their citizens from the “ravages” of C-19 vs the results from the mainland Asian countries – using deaths / million of pop. as a proxy for their success (or failure). What I found was that the 14 significant countries of mainland Asia (24% of world pop) had average death toll (per million pop.) of FIVE while the US, Canada & the 12 major EU countries (10% of world pop) had an average death toll (per million of pop) of SIX HUNDRED & THIRTY THREE. In other words the richest, most technologically advanced Civilization that has ever existed on this planet did 125 times WORSE at protecting their people than an area that is, in total, poorer and less “advanced”. (Considering the narrative that we’ve been spoon fed for generations) how is this possible? Unless it’s intentional. Unless it’s part of the overall plan. AND unless it’s scripted and organized and executed by people with more resources and more power than any member nation.

    (Ok, back to your suggestion): I don’t believe the people who are organizing this “Reset” give a rat’s ass about the “3rd world” and what they may or may not think. Too much money does bad things to people. If you have enough money to pay for a global Plandemic-to-order then it’s likely that you’re not too concerned about Malaysian public opinion. And in case that there was some global “right to choose” implied with your suggestion let me point that very few of out Western countries can still be considered democracies in any realistic sense of the word. (including the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, France, etc, etc)

    But having said all of that you will notice that Raul posted an article (on Julian’s BD) about “Indonesia’s Harsh Lockdown”. Now that the West has been terrorized into submission it’s now time to spread some of that fabled Western Expertise to some of our less fortunate neighbors.


    “then how come THEY are able to completely control the narrative and thus win the hearts and minds of most of the world’s population? “

    Let me try a bit of personal experience from many years ago: I began to “wake up” to the reality of the world we actually live in when my kids were in their early teens. And I tried to share my insights with them but, to my horror, I found that it was too late. Mother Culture’s influence through the media and their peers was stronger (and more exciting) than my perspective on the world. What was to become their world. I came to realize that Mother Culture had stolen my kids from me. (mission: destroy the nuclear family) And I never got them back.


    “If we can’t win the minds of our loved ones…“

    You & I have mixed success at influencing the opinions of those we care about because (hopefully) we’re open & honest about our POV and the people we’re trying to influence can weigh our opinions with their conscious minds. BUT, way too often, they’re weighing our input against “opinions” that were instilled in them without their conscious awareness. They never heard Mother Culture whispering sweet nothings in their ears. In other words it’s a stacked deck. A rigged game. We lose out to an invisible advisor that they don’t know even exists!


    “they most certainly can’t win the minds of EVERYONE”.

    Yes they can because propaganda (a) WORKS and (b) it’s INVISIBLE.

    I know you can’t buy this because you don’t feel hypnotized and besides you’re too smart. But try this: Ask everyone you know if they feel that they’re influenced by advertising (which, of course, is just commercial propaganda). Iv’e been doing this for years and am still waiting for my 1st “yes”. But the US advertising industry takes in almost a quarter of a trillion dollars a year! One side here doesn’t know what it’s doing and I don’t think it’s Business.


    “Controlling the narrative is not complete control. To believe that to be true, is to believe we might as well crawl in a hole and pull the dirt down on top of ourselves.”

    I’m an old man. I’ve had 3/4 of a century to watch the evolution of the American Way of Life™ from “Leave it to Beaver” all the way down to “Drag Queen Storytime”. The more I see, the more I learn, the more fascinated I become in the degenerate ingenuity that we homo sapiens are capable of as we devolve further into a means of existence that Mother Nature never intended for this hopelessly lost species. But i’m riding this bus to the last stop. I’ll need the full story in order to write my account in my next life. ;^)

    BTW, “crawl in a hole” is Kübler-Ross’s 4th stage (Depression). Which means you’re only one stage away from accepting that Propaganda is Real. Come on , brother! You can do it! We can double the number of Believers on TAE overnight! As Arlo said: “It’s a movement”.

    and: “I call them elites because it’s a term everyone understands”

    Uh huh. Because everyone “understands” that those who have stolen our wealth as a nation and now are intent on stealing our very lives are properly to referred to as “Elites”? Sorry but i’m afraid that the fact that the media ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL refers to them as our (benevolent) Elites makes more sense to me. But then I believe that propaganda exists so my opinion won’t count for much here.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 7 2021 #79145


    “There is fairly effective control of the NARRATIVES the sociopaths push. But those narratives are not lived reality for what is, most likely, the majority of people on this planet. To think that a few thousand sociopaths CONTROL 7+ billion people? Um … No. They. Don’t”.

    Sorry but once you truly understand the mechanisms of propaganda you understand that controlling the Narrative IS, effectively, complete control. As you know most of us can’t even convince OUR OWN CHILDREN, let alone our friends & neighbors, not to get jabbed. This IS our “lived reality”. The fact that you & I & 12 other troublemakers can talk about this on a sorta public venue doesn’t change the picture at all. Control, coerced or by force, is never 100% and doesn’t need to be. With control of 95% of the narrative and 65% of the hearts & “minds” then they have to power to do whatever they want – whenever they want. And they do.

    If you were to examine your instinctive reaction to the word “Control” I suspect you’d find the threat of physical force lurking in the background. It’s this instinct that causes some people to stock on M-16 ammo while they still watch 4 hrs of TV a day. They’ve already lost because they don’t have a clue about how this battle is being waged.

    Also I can’t help but notice that you continue to refer to the people behind this crime as “Elites”. It isn’t an accident that EVERYBODY uses the EXACT SAME TERM. Do you really think this is by accident? “Framing” (in a linguistic sense) is a key element of effective propaganda. If I can trick you into consistently calling me an Elite than i’ve successfully elevated myself in relation to you in YOUR (unconcious) mind. George Laykoff explains how that works:

    Framing 101

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 7 2021 #79122

    @absolute galore on 6/6/21:

    “Jim (Kunsler) has been predicting the imminent collapse of… everything….in pretty much every column for years. His special genius is writing about it in a unique and entertaining way each week”.

    My thanks to absolute galore for zeroing in on JK’s “special genius”. Which is to:
    — predict the imminent collapse of… everything – (pretending that collapse is ALWAYS just around the bend)
    — entertain your readers (because they’ve spent their entire lives being distracted, titillated, enraged, scared, and otherwise manipulated by our 24/7/365 global propaganda system and we don’t know any other way to exist without continuous external stimulation.)

    In other words JK is, like every other Well Known Figure, just an Entertainer. Someone who’s real job, while pretending to talk about Serious Issues, is to divert you from your responsibility to yourself & your family to try to solve those very issues.

    Cue the Wayback Machine: After I discovered the Energy Depletion problem back in the mid 90’s I began looking around to see if anyone else had noticed this minor problem. I remember when JK, who use to be an unknown architectural critic, “discovered” collapse and jumped aboard the gravy train. I remember when TAE was two voices rather than just one. And I remember Dmitry Orlov’s remark decades ago that “predicting collapse wasn’t going to be a very lucrative career choice”. But he’s since found, like the rest of his Collapsitarian peers, that actually one can do quite nicely at this – as long as you can keep the dreaded collapse from ever arriving. Or, baring that, at least convince your readers that it’s not here yet.

    And that’s a problem for the Pundits because collapse – the actual disintegration of the world’s first global, industrial civilization – is here. Now. Today. This Chaos all around us is what collapse looks like. It’s been oozing slowly downhill now for 2 generations but over the last 18 mos has turned grimly serious. I’m sorry, friends, they don’t ring bell at the top anymore. They don’t pass out silly hats & party favors. Musical Chairs has already started and I know you didn’t get the memo either but most of the chairs are already taken. And our chances of getting a seat at the table are slim to none.

    And that’s solely because we delude ourselves that propaganda is something that happens to other people. Sorry my friends but the Western Propaganda system is not some vague, shadowy menace – it’s how our culture is disseminated now. And it’s the most sophisticated & effective system of “managing people” that’s ever been invented. It’s Mother Culture sitting on your shoulder, whispering inaudibly in your ear, from the day you’re born to the day you die – telling you all that you need to know to belong to the “club”. And the accumulated sum of this indoctrination is inside every one of us because intelligence is no defense to this. (it’s actually a handicap!)

    So just imagine that you’re infinitely powerful (ie: rich) and your research minions explain to you that Western Civilization is in it’s last days (for a # of reasons that we won’t go into today). And further that this planet is massively over-populated and a dieoff of unprecedented scale is likely during your lifetime. And further imagine that you got to be this powerful because you’re a very clever sociopath who has no intention of sharing your hard-stolen wealth with “useless eaters”. So how do you make sure that you & your friends come out of this unpleasantness on top?

    Well you and your friends actually own what is, essentially, the entire Western Media system. So arranging diversion & dissension amongst the populace shouldn’t be too difficult. Let’s promote the dissolution of the nuclear family to advance “individualism” (ie: isolation & dependence on the Corporate State). And Race (BLM) & Gender (LGBTQ+) warfare will keep them too busy to notice that the real war is between the classes. But it’s crucial that obscenely wealthy people are portrayed as benevolent and ALWAYS referred to as “Our Elites”. Always. And the beauty of this system? The people on the receiving end can ONLY discover the truth IF they’re willing to admit that they’ve been duped for they’re entire lives. It’s the Perfect Crime. Because we victims will do anything to avoid admitting that we’ve been had.

    But wait! It get’s worse. Now that their control is almost absolute they’ve given us the C-19 Plandemic. And 18 mos later anyone who’s not already sleepwalking to their Final Solution can see that this Dog & Pony Show has been stage managed for somebody else’s benefit. And it isn’t being orchestrated by your mayor or governor or the CDC or WHO or Fauci because EVERY governmental official at EVERY level in EVERY Western country in the Entire Western World is reading from EXACTLY the same script. It’s almost a perfect 3 part harmony. So who do we blame? The people behind the scenes who are actually pulling the strings? No, we blame the actors hired play the black hat roles in this melodrama. Sigh…

    Even though it’s blindly obvious that there’s only one……..entity on this planet that has the resources to pull this off we can’t raise our fingers in accusation. Because we aren’t allowed to confront our benevolent “elites”. Instead we waste our time proving and reproving and proving once again that C-19 isn’t any worse than the flu. And that their “vaccines” – which may actually be part of their depopulation program – aren’t really safe or effective. Instead of talking about our ONLY REAL PROBLEM – that a few thousand sociopaths now effectively control an entire planet of 7+ billion people. A problem that could be solved overnight if we were all released from our collective trance. And the people pulling the strings are laughing up their sleeves at us while we continue tilting at their windmills – just as we’re programmed to.

    I am left with nothing here but the homespun wisdom of America’s greatest philosopher: Pogo

    “We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us”.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2021 #75469

    Thanks for the link, Doc


    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 17 2021 #75453

    A link to the source of your lead-off entry (covid-19 vaccine risk-benefit data for those under 18-years old ) please


    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 1 2020 #63982


    Off topic perhaps but you should read this Plain English explanation (by an MD) of why the SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test is worse than worthless.

    “The PCR test is best utilized as a diagnostic test to confirm the diagnosis of an infection based on clinical signs and symptoms. It certainly should not be used as a screening test when there is low prevalence of disease and should NEVER be used as the sole determinant in the diagnosis of a case.”

    The only thing the test is good at is keeping a clueless population dependent on the “experts.

    in reply to: A Social Experiment #62022

    It’s been an “interesting” year so far – in the same sense of usage as the ancient Chinese curse. I know, intellectually, that we homo sapiens are emotional, irrational & illogical creatures but I wasn’t prepared for not only the staggering degree of ineptitude by virtually all Western governments to the current pandemic but also the bizarre and self destructive reaction to the threat by virtually all of it’s citizens. Including many of whom i’ve long respected as intelligent and usually sensible people. So it’s taken me longer than it should have to see this but I think Kubler-Ross would recognize this collective psychoses as classic denial to the circumstances that are too threatening to deal with when they arrive. It took me too long to get to this point because I saw that the virus *could* have been neutered with relatively little social & economic disruption – as most of Asia has just proved – without destroying our entire Way of Life as all of the Advanced™ countries have just done. But we did the opposite! And this doesn’t make any sense until you put it into context. The crucial context is that our Western Civilization is 40 years into it’s decline and as the last 6 mos have shown we, collectively, seem to have a collective death wish. We’re tired of waiting I guess.

    I’ve been watching our decline for many years now, grudgingly admiring the resiliency of our “Road Runner”culture that’s well into rigor mortis but manages to stagger on by shear momentum. Yes, I understand that collapse is a process and not an event but the process is not linear. It can and will annoy irritate us collapsitarians with it’s stubborn persistence but when conditions are right we’ll get a trigger event that will dramatically and abruptly steepen the downslope. That’s where we are now. There will be no Recovery – “V” shaped or otherwise. What’s ahead of us in the next few years will make us wish it were just a “Depression” that one might suffer through. is And none of us are ready – if by “ready” we mean being able and willing to acknowledge the reality and full significance of this point in our lives.

    For many years I read the “doomers” and studied the causes of civilizational collapse but that was the easy part because it was all somewhat abstract and intellectual. But I notice that none of the prophets seem to be able to rise to the occasion now that it’s turned real. J M Greer has apparently retreated to mysticism. Dmitry and J Kuntsler have become entertainers – pushing our buttons for cash. And Ilargi? Well after decades (?) of sage advice he seems to be stuck in 1st gear – unable to shift up to cope with the terrain we’re on now. What he warned us about is about to kick our door in but all we’re getting on AE now is the minutiae of the degeneration of our social collapse rather than calling it as it truly is and talking about what’s in store for us in the short to mid-term future. If we wanted to follow the antics of Pelosi, Schiff, Clinton, Mueller, Trump or watch videos of cute puppies to distract ourselves from the ugly future then we know where the boob tube is.

    What kicked off this rant was reading today’s editorial. There’s an underlying assumption here that on some level Ilargi knows simply isn’t true. To point out that the (corrupt) opposition is threatening the integrity and sanctity of our (corrupt) system of government and our (AWOL) constitution is to pretend that such things still exist in reality. We have no agreed upon system of government. The constitution joined the Dead Sea Scrolls years ago. We are probably just months or weeks from when the shooting starts for real and most of us are still pretending that we have Rights protected by our Democratic Government. Time to grow a pair and begin to accept that the future we hoped not to see in our lifetimes has just pulled into our driveway.

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