Aug 312022
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Debt Rattle August 31 2022

Henri Matisse Bathers by a river 1909-16   • UK Inflation May Top 22% Next Year – Goldman Sachs (RT) • Thousands Of UK Pubs ‘Face Closure’ Without Energy Bills Support (G.) • Greek PM: Resources Against Energy Hikes Not ‘Infinite’ (K.) • The Real Problem Is That Europe Doesn’t Have Any Energy Supplies (Every) • China Is Aggressively Reselling Russian Gas To Europe (ZH) • Poland Warns Of EU ‘Implosion’ Over Ukraine Conflict (RT) • US Urges Shutdown Of

Aug 302022
Debt Rattle August 30 2022

Henri Matisse Open window, collioure 1905   • Europe Warned Of Danger For Many Winters To Come (RT) • Europe’s Economic And Social Suicide (MoA) • Western Europe Headed For ‘Energy Collapse’ – Hungary (RT) • One In Four Britons Won’t Turn On Heating This Winter (RT) • ‘A Horrible Winter Lies Ahead’: Next PM Will Inherit An NHS On Its Knees (G.) • White House Sets Date For First ‘Hunger Conference’ In Decades (RT) • Zelensky Promises To Recapture

Aug 292022
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Debt Rattle August 29 2022

Samuel Peploe Beach scene 1907   • Wave Of European Ammonia Plant Closures To Exacerbate Food Crisis (ZH) • Russia Can Afford Complete Halt In Gas Supplies To Europe – Bloomberg (RT) • Hungary Says It ‘Won’t Even Negotiate’ Energy Sanctions On Russia (RT) • The Real World Consequences Of Europe’s Coming Energy Crisis (ZH) • You Have No Idea How Bad Europe’s Energy Crisis Is (FP) • Germany Vows To Support Ukraine ‘For Years’ (RT) • Britain’s Financial Support

Aug 282022
Debt Rattle August 28 2022

Henri Matisse The terrace, St. Tropez 1904   • All The Way To Odessa (Escobar) • Blame West For Global Inflation — Former Czech President (RT) • China Calls On Putin To End Russian Roulette At Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant (iN) • US Comments On American Fighter Death In Ukraine (RT) • Amnesty Issues Warning About Donbass Tribunal (RT) • Sanctions War Isn’t Going As Well As Planned – The Economist (RT) • Serbia Comments On Russia Gas Supplies (RT) •

Aug 272022
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Debt Rattle August 27 2022

Felix Vallotton Verdun 1917   • An Ill Wind (Jim Kunstler) • UK Facing ‘National Disaster’ – London Mayor (RT) • Power Costs In Germany Hit Historic Highs (RT) • Ruling German Party Split On Ukraine (RT) • EU Nation Bulgaria Wants To Resume Buying Russian Gas (RT) • It’s Time To Worry About Greece Again (R.) • Zaporizhzhia: World Narrowly Avoided Radiation Accident – Zelensky (BBC) • Only One In Three UN Members Back Ukraine’s New Anti-Russia Resolution (RT)

Aug 262022
Debt Rattle August 26 2022

Pablo Picasso Dora Maar 1937   • EU Should Brace For ‘Winter Of Great Suffering’ – Spanish Minister (RT) • Europe Branded ‘Third World’ Economy (RT) • UK Gov’t Warned of “Civil Unrest” Over People Unable to Pay Energy Bills (SN) • Four In Five Canadians Pinching Pennies (RT) • Greece’s Price Cushion Tops EU (K.) • Czech President Blames “Green Madness” For Energy Crisis (SN) • Dutch City of The Hague Seeks Exemption From EU Sanctions Against Russia (R.)

Aug 252022
Debt Rattle August 25 2022

Felix Vallotton On the beach 1899   • Geopolitical Tectonic Plates Shifting, Six Months On (Escobar) • Putin Bets Winter Gas Chokehold Will Yield Ukraine Peace – On His Terms (R.) • Nord Stream 2 ‘Only Sensible’ Solution To Gas Crisis – German MP • Belgian PM: “Next 5-10 Winters Will Be Difficult” As Energy Crisis Worsens (ZH) • Exploding Prices Will Impact Trade Balance More Than 1970s Oil Shocks (K.) • The Electricity Subsidy Shock (K.) • ‘Weary’ Europeans

Aug 242022
EU: Controlled Demolition

Eugène Delacroix Liberty Leading the People 1830 (French Revolution of 1830)     As I read through the multitude of daily news articles about Russia, Ukraine, NATO and EU, it’s getting ever harder to escape the idea that there is a controlled demolition of the continent happening. And that neither its “leaders”, and certainly not its people, have any say in this. All we get from those “leaders” are NATO or World Economic Forum talking points. The only independent voice

Aug 242022
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Debt Rattle August 24 2022

Edouard Vuillard The flowered dress 1891   • Ukraine Will Seize Crimea ‘By Any Means Necessary’ – Zelensky (RT) • No-Fly Zone (Schryver) • Evidence Of Ukrainian Shelling Of Zaporozhye Provided To UN • In Memoriam: Daria Dugina (Batiushka) • German Military Stock At Its Limit After Supplying Ukraine – Der Spiegel (RT) • World in the Process of Bankrupting – Bill Holter (USAW) • China’s Growth Sacrifice (Stephen S. Roach) • Biden’s War On Natural Gas Will Kill (Shellenberger)

Aug 232022
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Debt Rattle August 23 2022

Samuel Peploe Paris-plage 1907   • Fly Like An Eagle, Darya Dugina (Escobar) • The Coming Of The Ukrainian ISIS (Escobar) • Darya Dugina Killer Identified – War Of Attrition Continues (MoA) • The World Is Splitting In Two (Macleod) • Epic Asset Collapses, Higher Inflation, Poverty & Social Unrest (Von Greyerz) • The Great Patriotic War as Seen Through Soviet Cinema (Saker) • Dr. Fauci To Step Down By End Of The Year (JTN) • More Billions to Ukraine