Jan 312023
Debt Rattle January 31 2023

John M. Fox WCBS studios, 49 East 52nd Street, NYC 1948   • The War Against Us (Jim Kunstler) • Ukraine Will Never Retake Crimea – Croatian President (RT) • Is NATO Helping Ukraine Fight Russia Or Using Ukraine To Fight Russia? (Diesen) • Ukrainian PM States Timeline For EU Membership Hopes (RT) • Beijing Explains US Role In Ukraine Conflict (RT) • US Skeptical Of UK Military – Sky News (RT) • Erdogan Questions Macron’s Competence (RT) • Russian

Jan 302023
Debt Rattle January 30 2023

Charles Camoin Village Street in Collioure 1912   • Boris Johson “Reveals” Vladimir Putin’s Threat To Assassinate Him (DM) • Ukraine: The War That Went Wrong (Chris Hedges) • Is The Mood Shifting In Washington? (Livshitz) • Scholz Says He Will Continue Telephone Talks With Putin (TASS) • German MP Condemns ‘US-led Proxy War Against Russia’ (GPE) • Latin America Refuses To Send Ukraine Weapons, Despite Western Pressure (Norton) • 2nd Hunter Biden Email From Laptop With Classified Information Uncovered

Jan 292023
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A Tale of Two Presidents: Biden vs. Trump

Joseph Mallord William Turner The Tenth Plague of Egypt 1802     Highly appreciated Automatic Earth commenter TAE Summary presents another one of his series “A Tale of Two..”, and if only just for the obvious effort he put into it, let’s dig in. How do you feel about what each president has achieved? No wrong answers.     TAE Summary: Biden is a Great President and Trump was an Awful President   Biden • Appointed a diverse cabinet •

Jan 292023
Debt Rattle January 29 2023

Edward Hopper Cat boat 1922   • What’s Next? (Helmholtz Smith) • Ex-Polish FM Names Two Major Ukrainian Problems (RT) • Neutrality and Peaceful Multi-Ethnicity (Rosel) • Air Force General Predicts War With China In 2025 (NBC) • NATO Ready For Direct Confrontation With Russia – Official (TASS) • If WWIII Breaks Out, It Won’t Start On Tanks Or Fighter Jets – Medvedev (TASS) • White House Confronted Over Tanks To Ukraine (RT) • Britain ‘Modeling Cyber Strikes’ On Russian

Jan 282023
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Debt Rattle January 28 2023

Rembrandt van Rijn Man in Oriental Costume (The Noble Slav) 1632   • US Can Turn Back Doomsday Clock (CN) • Doomsday Clock: 90 Seconds To Midnight (Escobar) • World War III: Has It Begun? (Jim Rickards) • Pentagon Think Tank Warns Against ‘Long War’ In Ukraine (RT) • Ukraine – RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War (MoA) • Pretend-O-Rama (Kunstler) • Kyiv Improving Airfields Anticipating Western Fighters (Drive) • Zelensky Issues Warning Over Abrams Deliveries (RT) • Russian

Jan 272023
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Debt Rattle January 27 2023

Edward Hopper Office in a Small City 1953   • Blinken Concedes War Is Lost – Offers Ukrainian Demilitarization (Helmer) • Blinken Ponders The Post-Ukraine-War Order (Ignatius) • American Abrams Tanks Vulnerable Even To Soviet-era Weapons (TASS) • Nobody Told Me We’re At War – Kroatian President (RT) • Involvement Of US, Collective West In Ukraine Conflict Grows – Kremlin (TASS) • France Denies The West Is At War With Russia (RT) • West Discussing Handover Of Fighter Jets To

Jan 262023
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Debt Rattle January 26 2023

Elliott Erwitt California, USA 1956   • Is This Western War On Russia Simply Stupidity? (Alastair Crooke) • What Heavy Weapons For Ukraine Will Mean On The Battlefield (Khodaryonok) • Ukraine Demands Jets And Missiles (RT) • Ukraine Will Now Push For F-16 Fighter Jets (Hill) • Russia, Now The South And East’s Counterpoint To Israel (Mazaheri) • NATO Has Already Destabilized Europe, Asia Is Next (Lukyanov) • German Foreign Minister Just Essentially Declared War On Russia (ZH) • Ukrainian

Jan 252023
Debt Rattle January 25 2023

Edward Hopper Tables for ladies 1930   • Germany: Ukraine Losing Hundreds of Soldiers Every Day (Antiwar) • The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being Sent to Ukraine (Scott Ritter) • US and Germany Ready To Send Tanks To Ukraine – Reports (RT) • Biden To Announce Deliveries Of Abrams Tanks To Ukraine On Wednesday (TASS) • Stoltenberg: Putin Is Planning For New Offensives (Az.) • Ukraine Advises West On How To Negotiate With Russia (RT) • Kremlin Comments On Direct

Jan 242023
Debt Rattle January 24 2023

Vincent van Gogh The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 1884   • Russia and West On Verge Of ‘Real War’ – Lavrov (RT) • War Between West, Russia No Longer Hybrid, But Real, Says Lavrov (TASS) • Why the End of the American Empire Was Delayed (Batiushka) • US Plans Threatened WWIII And Forced Moscow’s Hand – Medvedev (RT) • Germany Rewrites History To Blame Russia For Its Own Bad Decisions (Marsden) • Hungary To Oppose EU’s Anti-Russian Nuclear

Jan 232023
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Debt Rattle January 23 2023

Edward Hopper Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina 1929   • Zelenskyy: 50 Tanks Will Not Solve Problem (Az.) • US Lawmaker Proposes ‘Just One’ Abrams Tank For Ukraine (RT) • Macron Comments On Heavy Tanks For Ukraine (RT) • Medvedev Predicts New Anti-US Military Alliance (RT) • AOC Heckled Over Ukraine Weapons (RT) • Moldova Fails To Remain Neutral In Global Proxy War – Ex-Leader (RT) • The Nord Stream Pipeline Could Be Repaired Within A Year (OP) • Immaculate