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    Dr D Rich


    Great post at 5:17 pm today

    “…pre-al quesedea…”

    Ha ha ha ha!

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    Dr D Rich

    Heard and seen amongst the lush vegetation.

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    Dr D Rich


    “Safe harbor”

    Go ahead and expound upon the seminal brilliance of certain ‘economists” and their supposed understanding of markets, selling debt and fanciful models predicting the future(s)

    Spare me the politicians’ and sociologist’s nonsensical prescriptions about human behavior around money.

    No need to ever talk ever again about the Feds prime rate, the interest rate on 15yr/30yr home mortgages nor LIBOR.

    Barney Frank, he of the Todd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, said it best and honestly when he finally wasn’t confabulating to the masses on behalf of the banks.
    “I need to make money”

    Don’t we all….need.

    So, show me who enjoys the status conferred by the two aforementioned terms, “super-priority” and “safe harbor”, and I’ll show you The Winners, as in guaranteed winners. So, when REPO operations are publicly announced again as in September 2019, this fanciful term will again be used as cover for Big Boy Bank Bailouts,. Those (((individuals))) will cut and run with (((their))) money at the expense of bankrupting ordinary people and small banks greased, oops I meant indemnified against loss by their ((friends)) at The FED and Treasury. The rest might get up to $250,000 FDIC dollars or 1/4000 of a billion. I digress.

    Bankruptcy is the faster way to the payout rather than waiting for a debtor to make interest payments. Imagine you can do that with impunity, safe harbor and the other guys are subject to the tender mercies of bankruptcy law.

    So, REPO and derivatives come first and those individuals making those ((calls)) not only can force default, foreclosure and/or bankruptcy on the lesser/debtor. They ruin others with impunity (((again safe harbor))) AND also indemnified for any potential losses by the (((Janet Yellen))) and ((The Federal Reserve/Treasury))).

    BlackRock ejoying the same position, safe harbor and super-prioroty, is engaged in the same behavior in France while attempting to bankrupt an entire class of people. French retirees.

    I suppose Sam Backman-Fried is presently invoking the same (((safe harbor, super-priority))) in the Silicon Valley Bank scheme.

    “…(((chairman of the FDIC))) (((Martin Gruenberg))), revealed (emphasis addedThe FDIC estimates that the cost to the DIF [Deposit Insurance Fund] of resolving SVB to be $20 billion. The FDIC estimates the cost of resolving Signature Bank to be $2.5 billion. Of the estimated loss amounts, approximately 88 percent, or $18 billion, is attributable to the cost of covering uninsured deposits at SVB while approximately two-thirds, or $1.6 billion, is attributable to the cost of covering uninsured deposits at Signature Bank.”

    The latter is confabulation as is most of these musings on economics. This Gruenberg guy might very well be low on thiamine. It’s in beer after all. Just ask John Day about the miracle of thiamine.

    Confabulation: “In general, [people who confabulate] are very confident about their recollections, even when challenged with contradictory evidence.”

    Define the financial terms “cost of covering” and “resolving”.

    Something, some ruse had to be concocted to distract the unwashed masses from the grand theft. In 2001 to 2011, it was 911, the Iraq Wsr, Anthrax, Summary Execution by Presidential decree and Torture. So far since Sept 2019, we have Wuhan lab leak, COVID non-pandemic, Gottlieb/Fauci inspired medical Insurrection, the J6 Non-riot Non-insurrection and the Ukraine War.

    All in all the ((Gov’t))) is in bed with some genuinely bad actors. ((they)) indemnify the worst calling to mind the bill for legal services presented by Torturers Mitchell and Jessen to the Federal Government. And it was honored.

    “…defendants’ contracts contained “an indemnity provision . . . under which the CIA has paid the considerable defense litigation expenses for this action,” see Mem. Op. at 20, in retrospect, Mitchell and Jessen would have been well-advised to avoid “personally administering” any of the EIT, a factor which seemed to drive many of the court’s negative findings. Knowing when to say “no” is especially important when the government asks contractors to exercise significant discretion in high-risk situations because many so-called ‘indemnity provisions’ in government contracts contain exceptions for “willful misconduct or lack of good faith.”

    Safe Harbor
    Sovereign Immunity

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    Dr D Rich

    Fauci on masks.

    Tony: Ever preening, self-absorbed, dissembling Lectured his inquisitor on the meaning of recall and remember.

    Indeed, as i mentioned a hundred times THAT’S the guy I met in 1985. He/it was as obvious then as he/it is now.
    Who observes a creature like Fauci and says “I’m promoting him or he should be in charge?”

    From Fauci’s fraudulent claim on discovering the AIDS virus¹ to promoting the lethal concoction on those same AIDS patients to COVID’a ongoing debacle just what did anyone expect from this
    megalomaniacal monumentally petty little tyrant?

    1. Tony and his bud Bob never had the HTLV/HIV agent in their possession until they obtained it from Luc Montagnier’s Pasteur Institute lab. Gallo and Fauci possessed some other virus than the causative agent of AIDS AND they knew it. Then the machinery of the US Gov’t from NIH leaders up through the Reagan cabinet involved themselves in Tony’s n Bob’s theft, er ah, I meant acquisition.

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    Dr D Rich

    Marx had nothing to say about a couple of our nation’s greatest, Jeff and Patty Raytheon, and their recent demise.
    Mr. Raytheon is, rather was, an associate director at Raytheon and notoriously devout Catholic.


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    Dr D Rich

    Neither Russia nor China are going to defend Saudi Arabia from the United States because Xi and Putin definitely don’t take orders from the same Overlords directing the stupidity from these United States. Hell, even Dr. D recognizes the latter.

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    Dr D Rich

    It’s worth the time to check out TCT’s post on Xi and Macron.
    Btw the Chinese seriously bitch [epic panda] slapped Vonder Leyen (all apologies to the ladies and you too noirette)

    Epic Panda!

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    Dr D Rich

    Btw, does anyone remember the Moskva now that one this site’s commenters observed a Russian ship in Saudi Arabia?

    Well, doesn’t it appear a chess piece has been moved that IS casus belli for U.S. military “intervention” against MBS’s impudence in particular and the Arabian peninsula in general?

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    Dr D Rich

    To no one in particular except you know who you are:

    “The only thing any of us should want to kill is the lies, and killing liars does not kill lies.”

    1. If I learn to balance this tack hammer on my head, then I can defeat my foe with a balanced attack. credit: Mystery Men
    2. Colonel Jessup said “You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.” There are bad, murderous folk out there and they have no inhibitions. However, the most sophisticated monsters are cowards who convince proxies to carry out those malignant deeds. The latter the world calls Leadership, the kind devoid of gallantry, chivalry and restraint.

    “You never hate outsider-enemies as much as you hate your internal apostates.”

    1. Internal apostates are interchangeable with The Antithesis in Eric Berne’s Alcoholic Games practiced the world over. As in, The Antithesis, he who refuses to drink or play the game is accorded the most horrific treatment, even worse than the Drunk/Alcoholic or his whiny Persecutor. Berne describes the Antithesis’s horrific mistreatment as usually one of three outcomes: a. Court/trial b. Emergency room for treatment c. Morgue

    2. Apostate is also interchangeable with Prophet. As in, a prophet is not without honor except in his own town.

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    Dr D Rich

    @D Benton Smith

    Ha ha ha!
    You’ve been there….you know!

    We don’t need RFKjr’s martyrdom on-the-way-to sainthood at all. We need Bob the “pipe hitting homey” to avenge the aforementioned and 16yo Jonathan Zhao. RFKjr’s first target ought to be Fauci, but I’d nominate, if he consults me, The Antichrist himself, Scott Gottlieb.

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    Dr D Rich


    I’d like to know, too!

    If you’ve been to Pensacola and observed the U.S. Navy’s coddling of those preening pansies, self-entitled Arabian ‘aviation officer candidates’ from Saudi land then y’all never fully understood how deep the mindset penetrates.

    ….because I LIKE you don’t understand why LIKE Iraq, Syria, Libya the Saudis and particularly Prince MBS don’t have the Noriega/Gaddafi/Saddam Treatment coming his/their way.
    Surely, the U.S. military and its fat-challenged leader Msrk Milley believe they can take out the Saudis, repatriate, er ah, I meant steal the oil fst more quickly than the aforementioned. How quickly does one think those NAS Pensacola trained Arabian pilots will go tits up at the first sign of danger?

    Here’s the rub. As you noted, someone must be greenlighting MBS’s openly defiance of Biden and America. That Someone also allowed “gundecking” of Saudi pilot training at NAS Pensacola because not even China or Russia are going to raise a hand in defense of Saudi Arabia should the U.S. decide to “pave it low”.

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    Dr D Rich



    Stating the obvious might get you admonished, excluded or targeted for sanctions here and everywhere.
    Maybe you too, like me, were mistaken about The Ukraine and its people’s religious affiliations.
    Could The Ukrainian Catholics be oppressing the Orthodox church?
    Is Zelensky Catholic, Orthodox or some other ((religion))?
    Come on, this distinction is important if the goal is to take over a country whose population worships predominantly, 80 to 85%, in the Orthodox church…by annihilating that country’s population of young men, again predominantly ages 18 to 36 and 8 out of 10 Orthodox.

    Now that the Zelensky regime openly and covertly oppresses people of a particular faith by arresting Orthodox clergy, one cannot now take the position that religion is not a pertinent issue in this war/conflict.

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    Dr D Rich

    I get it wasn’t a drone strike overseas but she was killed by a SEAL strike overseas…..

    Let’s not forget the Tuesday Death Council/Murder by Drone Barack ordered the HIT, but Trump didn’t turn off the operation conducted on his watch as one of his presidency’s first signature moments.

    …Nawar al-Awlaki
    …….8 years old
    ………light of the world, hope for the future
    …daughter of Cleric Anwar al Awlaki whose murder was ordered by Barack Obama
    ……sister of 16 yo Abdulrahman whose murder was ordered by Barack Obama

    So, the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg can crow all he wants about equal protection, due process and the rule of law while convincing the world of the monumentally stupid ass he is.
    However, he is no closer to throwing His buddy Barack Obama in jail with Trump for murdering Anwar and his two children than his puny brain is to remembering the names of those two dead children.

    What a monumental distraction…hat tip to zerosum

    Always universal and timeless
    “If we in America have reached the point in our desperate culture where we must murder children, no matter for what reason or what color, we don’t deserve to survive and probably won’t.

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    Dr D Rich

    “Their democracy is a pretty facade for the political system, which serves to hide the neglect of the rights of ordinary Americans.”
    Nikolay Patrushev, Secretary of the Russia Security Council

    This statement, this very reasonable construct spoken by a Russian and that tip John Day non-native speaker of American English IS the most obvious thing about our country’s political system.
    Yet, this sentiment is anathema in these United States
    However, this idea which fills my waking moments is uncomfortably if ever spoken here evincing a weird form of deliberate denial.
    Why do all the Russians seem more insightful and more reasonable than our leaders?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 28 2023 #132237
    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    “Take offense” …..I’ll let the my attorney reply. “misplaced characterization”

    My observation IS your’s, D. Everybody is at everyone else’s throat. To me it looks pretty damn Borderline, that is, the collective insanity reached another unforeseen level.
    However, being MacGregor’s contemporary, having been in the same combat action? as MacGregor and Ritter I don’t see how y’all don’t see it with those two guys as “it’s” so obvious.

    So, my intent was neither provocative nor rhetorical. Their words today don’t match their deeds. So, my question remains. How have you reconciled Ritter and Macgregor?

    The best proscription is to ignore them as it with other people labeled borderline, narcissist and antisocial except that’s the precise moment one feels their wrath….triggered by impending abandonment.

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    Dr D Rich

    Russians are saying so many sensible things about America, things sensible Americans say about America’s business class and politicians, that it’s hard to keep up.

    “There are so many p*ssies surrounding your presidential campaign on both side, that I prefer not to comment about it”

    As entertaining as it is and the host was titillated too, I put odds on it being deep faked by Palantir’s boys from ch……

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 27 2023 #132160
    Dr D Rich

    “MacGregor is one of those men, as is Scott Ritter.”

    …because in your mind MacGregor is reformed and Ritter was unjustly prosecuted??

    in reply to: Zelensky Admits Ukraine Already Ran Out Of Ammo #132145
    Dr D Rich



    Are Europeans as beguiled by Obama’s “lit state” as Americans ignorant to Biden’s senility?
    Can delirium, alcohol intoxication, alcoholism, and dementia (any subtype) be a continuum the recognition of which rests upon an observer’s position? That in America from my mountain, Obama is abhorred not adored for a degree of self-possession that exceeds general measures of malignant narcissism. Yet, few recognize the public Obama smirk as the result of drugs, albeit the drug alcohol, by which he ties one on to relax any manifestation of social anxiety (stuttering).
    Most Americans feel genuinely sorry, compassionate for dementia patients just not as a qualification for President. As Eric Berne opined long ago, The Alcoholic Game is so prevalent as to be ignored in general and violently removed if you happen to be that rare Antithesis.

    Vis a vis Charles Lieber and pumpkins

    “] In a taped interview, Lieber admitted traveling from Wuhan to Boston with bags of cash containing between $50,000 and $100,000, which he said he never disclosed to the IRS.[13] He faces up to 26 years in prison and $1.2 million in fines. He will be sentenced in March 2023″

    ” His 1,870-lb pumpkin in 2014 was named the largest pumpkin in Massachusetts and ranked 17th largest in the world that year.[95][96] In 2020, the year of his arrest, he grew a 2,276-lb pumpkin that currently holds the record for the largest ever grown in Massachusetts.[97″

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    Dr D Rich

    “Their “leaders” are all on the same team, the one that keeps the masses warring with each other rather than turning their pitchforks and torches against the ruling class.”

    Why the overuse of pronouns without preceding, referenced proper noun? Let me offer an edit since we’re not permited to name the dialectical specialists ((()))).

    Their ((leaders)) are all on the ((same team)) the one that keeps the masses warring with each other rather than turning their pitchforks and torches against the ((ruling class)).

    Well, here’s a revelation for Dr. D and our host.
    The ((((instigators/perpetrators)))) are not the Chinese, Buddhists, Syrians, Quakers, Scots, Branch Davidians, Filipinos, Martians, Klingons, Presbyterians, Lutherans, 7th Day Adventists…so on so forth.
    However I bet quite a few of the former are bribed with money by the (((former))) to carry out these terrible deeds

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    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    …but they’re both (they as in JRH and PCN allergy):
    1. available in the same human, your patient
    2. part of the same immune system
    3. each of one (T)type of Hypersensitivity Reactions available to your patient, a human
    4. (They) both cause a rash in your patient
    5. (They)’re both manifestations of Memory, albeit a crude memory of the immune system. Yer, I thought memory was restricted to brain function and here it is completely independent.

    You gotta choose…because one will kill ~2% of your patients and the other results in zero mortality in many retrospectives.

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    Dr D Rich

    Seymour Hersh is Anthony Fauci, that is, taking all the credit, Acquisitive Projective Identification. And Hersh has been doing it since My Lai alongside his bud, the first prototype Obama, Colin Powell. Hersh has nothing but disdain and disregard for the victims of these Big Boy’s schemes. Ask Frank Olson’s son Eric the PhD.

    Btw, Redfield alludes to Science, codename Fauci. Funny guy

    So said Dr D, the occasionally right One: “Of course Fauci just hitches his wagons to everybody else’s work while being entirely absent, but nevermind that.”
    Mind THAT!!! It’s everything.

    Blame America again???

    Really Dr D and AFKTT? Who is really running this show you call America if indeed the Deep Fakes go way back in time?
    Perhaps Putin and Jinping are surgically removing the (((parasite))) from the Host=America. Btw if you know any thing about medicine, no matter how you remove the ((parasite))), intact without damaging the capsule for instance, the Host’s immune system reacts overwhelmingly and kills the Host.
    John Day probably knows which came first, the penicillin allergy or the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. And were JnHx describing anything really unique at all let alone common to our immune response to infectious disease?

    What an apt analogy for fomenting an insurgency and turn a country in on itself! I wonder from whom this America you reference adopted and perfected that tactic?

    However, we’re delimited by this blog and many others from identifying the (((parasite))) (((controllers)) as We, America=White Deplorables referenced above go the way of the American Indians who btw warned us about this very future.

    What is your price?

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    Dr D Rich

    Let me ask, do you believe your nephew passed the test?

    ….similar unforgivable crimes were “forgiven” officially by Marine brass and more than one NCIS investigation for unequivocally murderous acts by Marines. Those well-documented criminal actions took place at Haditha and at the Fallujah charnel house execution of an injured Iraqi injured who had been rendered hors de combat.
    No doubt we have only been exposed to the tip of the iceberg. The Army did as bad on a far larger scale. None of those atrocities defended our nation in the least bit.

    William Faulkner got it right when he wrote about the murder of a child, Emmet Till. The words are universal and timeless
    “If we in America have reached the point in our desperate culture where we must murder children, no matter for what reason or what color, we don’t deserve to survive and probably won’t.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 21 2023 #131761
    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    Mattis’s orders at Fallujah constituted punishment of the general population, an obvious violation of any number of domestic, international and warfare laws.
    AND far worse than his atrocious personal demeanor in the contemporary fashion those orders specifically targeted all boys above age 14 and in practice included kids as young as 11. These facts were known to at least one pediatric surgeon at Fallujah and she was under the nominal charge of another pediatrician David A. Tam before she left garrison and then after she returned. California requires all pediatricians and their sub-specialists to report all proven and suspected cases of child abuse.
    Both individuals, in my opinion should have be suspended from medical practice permanently and not enjoy their exalted status in Delaware and NYU respectively. As for cowardice, that is their fear of retribution from James Mattis, they can live daily with that self-inflicted humiliation.
    California’s medical board has been notoriously indifferent to these cases and those of Torture Psychologists Mitchell and Jessen.

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    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    Therapeutic Nihilism is nothing new and still saves a few lives and lessens suffering. I wrote about it in 1985 and ppl noticed.

    Kristi Noem can prattle on about outlawing cryptocurrency but the NSA and Feds writ large didn’t and their/the answer is/was Monero:XMR at least since 2017.

    In an O-6 uniform i stood against Torture and its Bush Presidency Advocates, against the Marines Run Amok at Haditha and advocated for the prosecution of military physicians that were present at The Monumental War Crime that was Fallujah. Yet it’s more than atrocious symmetry that spares ICC Indictment for all those aforementioned malevolent actors who targeted children intentionally while ICC indicts Putin for removing children from Harm’s Way.

    There’s only so much time to live


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    Dr D Rich

    “At issue is a demolition of the remnants of Pax Americana, and that means rearranging contemporary combined West into the entity, or entities, which will forget about causing wars and violence around the world for a long while. That’s the prize and Russia is succeeding in capturing it. Xi knows it, he is a very smart and educated politician.”


    We know who ((they)) are and I suspect Xi and Putin want the idealized America they knew and respected to be rid of useless ticks and festering sores.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 20 2023 #131682
    Dr D Rich

    Am I wrong to think Ron Unz is anathema for this website?

    On the other hand, this statement from Unz is fantastic and what I thought was emblematic in my career.
    UNZ: “Every regime can always recruit opportunistic hirelings to mouth its party-line, but when some of its leading thinkers become so alienated that they risk severe retribution by publicly denouncing official policy, its basic legitimacy begins ebbing away.”

    However, here and there my observation is we’re still stuck “…recruit(ing) opportunistic hirelings to mouth its party-line…” because:

    If Macgregor or Ritter or Carlson or Gabbard or Jeffrey Sachs represent the leading thinkers then the point of severe retribution won’t be reached since it won’t be recognized…by the shrewd political operators who coopt the stylized image of a plucky, bedraggled striver.
    In other words, let Trump rot in jail for as long as Lynne Stewart, Julian Assange, Jeffrey Sterling, Scott Ritter or John Kiriakou before we pass judgment again on his commitment to the cause or his bonafides. Patience is a virtue.

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    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    Wtf you cracked me up today.
    Riffing on the meaning of O-6 or Colonel or Captain or full bird but the genuine brain trust resides below that rank. Then there’s Scott Ritter and Tulsi, the former won’t make it but the latter is “self” guaranteed.

    You proffer Col. Macgregor, my fellow O-6, as an antidote to Milley’s incompetent insubordination but you pay service, (or insincere is it?) to the lower ranks. Perhaps, you wrote the screenplay for Saving Private Ryan.
    Here’s a hint: junior officers become senior officers and a few become flag. If you think idiocy and criminal psychopathy is less prevalent among the enlisted, well, then you just don’t know why a commissioned officer on watch carries a sidearm.

    Beloved is not a sincere term among the troops and sailors.

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    Dr D Rich

    No one is gonna riot for Donald Trump.
    Jesus H Christ, hell no.
    Isn’t he the POTUS who didn’t prepardon any J6protesters between January 6th and Biden’s inauguration? Did he bankroll the defense or provide bail bond (like SBFs parent’s friends) to those incarcerated for the January 6th NONinsurrection?

    Monero (XMR) is it in U$ CBDCs.
    Don’t prove me wrong.
    Prove Palantir Pete, William Luther PhD, WannaMine, WannaCry and those math whizzes at NSA wrong.

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    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    If $31,000,000 paid to TBFCT keeps us (U.S.) out of War then I’m all for bribery. Why aren’t you or do you advocate the Israel Prixy War as currently practiced in Syria, Ukraine to name a few places?

    TBFCT= The Biden Family Crime Trust

    Was Peter Thiel a depositor in Si (silicon who knew Periodic Table was part of cool kids club) VB (SiVB)? Pete, according to you, “signaling” as opposed to telling others to removed $20billion in advance of said “bank run”, but we are to understand what only the local economists can understand. That Peter Thiel’s advice and withdrawal WASN’T a Bank Run. Pete says he left or lost $50,000,000 “of his own” in SiVB as he was unable repatriate those $100s that had ‘Peter Thiel’ stamped on them.

    You see D, I think Peter Thiel exercising his own special brand of Risk Management exercised his own little (as in few individuals but dominant in monetary value) Bank Run on SiVB.
    However, in the fractional reserve system, how did Palantir Pete know which particular Benjamins stored in SiVB’s vault had Peter Thiel’s and His Buddies’ names stamped on them or were they only entitled to a fraction under pre-Bank Run rules?

    I say let free markets discover their own prices and risk management be damned.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 16 2023 #131397
    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    By they in they’re you mean (((they))) who can’t be named on Raúl’s blog, right? Or maybe you’re saying because ((they))) also mistreat and steal from ((their own people)) that they are just like the rest us….people in glass house so on so forth.

    D said: “Sounds a lot like they’re taking it in the teeth like the rest of us”

    Wait? Because deBlasio spoke harshly to the scofflaw Hasidics who defied the critical ublic health prescriptions against a pandemic that Taleb and Fauci was gonna kill a “Fibonacci number” of humans, you conclude…
    “yet somehow they don’t run NYC, their 2nd largest center.”
    That “2nd largest center” label doesn’t by itself convey the scale and scope of “their” running the show.
    I mean, I don’t see “them” here running Johnstown, Seward, New Florence or Nanty Glo.
    Yeah, Nanty Glo, look that one up.

    Bribing isn’t bad? Let fat man Desantis adopt that strawman casus belli for his presidential platform War on China plank. Bribing is bad enough to go to war while the Navy, Army and VA bribe loyalty out of servicemen and Veterans through disability evaluations AS the money is channeled through Lockheed’s aircraft maintenance division named QTC.
    How’s that for loosening of associations!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 15 2023 #131329
    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    Come on D. It’s too easy today.
    Predictably you’re going after the Chinese again today for giving money to Biden. What’s inherently wrong with money or anything Chinese?

    Then you fault deBlasio for doing his job. You know, (as his duty demands) go after the Social Distancing and Mask-wearing (((scofflaws))) among a certain (((religious subset))) of New York City citizens. However some people just gotta have alotta whine with their cheese.

    Regarding the tweet below courtesy xymph: Let me know when they find a few LDSers, Catholics, Mennonites or Quakers responsible for the bailout, first and foremost, of certain selected SVB (((depositors))) before ?Americans?. Then I’ll lay some well-deserved criticism on those Quakers, Mennonites, Catholics and LDSers.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 14 2023 #131260
    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    Mike Hudson also said this about the poor beleaguered bankers….

    “But in doing so, its (The Fed) policy has turned into a war against the banking system as well.”

    Reading or hearing an economists words is like trying to interpret the hieroglyphics of a physician’s cursive writing.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 14 2023 #131237
    Dr D Rich


    I think your hitting on something pretty close to the truth.
    However I think it’s a matter akin to something like accumulation, distillation or concentration.
    Where the people you described were are chosen, selected or selected for at some point or under a certain condition display the malignant traits you elucidated.
    Cluster Bs all can look absolutely psychotic, detached from reality at any moment especially under the stress of leadership.

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    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    Don’t neglect the vicious abuse heaped upon attorney Lynne Stewart on behalf of her client the Blind Sheik or for that matter the extrajudicial Presidential-directed executions of 8yo Nawar, 16yo Abdulrahman and their father Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 14 2023 #131223
    Dr D Rich

    20-something year old COVID vaxxed in boot camp and felt numbness/tingling in all extremities a few days later. Handsome brilliant kid was looking to “serve his country”.
    Goes to sick call and told “you’re a malingerer”.
    I’m pretty certain only malingerers enlist in the military. Maybe John Day can opine.

    A couple weeks later he refuses the second shot but under threat acquiesces.
    Within 2 hours he develops diplopia, ptosis, weakness in all extremities and vision loss. Goes to sick call again to be discharged and relabeled a malingerer. Unable to breath on his lone walk back to the barracks and awakens 9 days later in a local ICU with Guillain-Barré syndrome Miller Fisher variant.
    Except, his case isn’t “self-limited” and he’s a shell of the 21 yo he used to be with incomplete resolution.
    My fellow USNA alum and SecNav Carlos DelToro should be keel hauled for sticking to his guns. All those sick call providers and SES that’s senior enlisted supervisors should be subjected to pretrial confinement in lieu of court martial.

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    Dr D Rich

    Re: graph of Share of global manufacturing value added

    Are we looking at a rigged statistical game or have my Pittsburgh Punjabi Overlords at 1.4+ billion a pop really not at all kept up with their sworn enemies (and Dr. D’s) from China?

    Say it isn’t so!

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    Dr D Rich
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    Dr D Rich

    To a certain degree this debate on whether “this” bank debacle is the big one depends all on position and perspective.
    Take a stand and find out.
    Take a stand against torture then find out CO, CFO, Harvard, Hopkins, Cornea, Retina, job security, private practice bank rolling, Seattle, San Diego, and even Pittsburgh are off limits as controlled by the IDFers, Punjabs and Chinese PhD overlords pureeing chick retinas.

    Yeats was right.
    What’s left individually is major depression or PTSD or why not both?
    Collectively, WB said there’s no middle ground since it cannot hold/we all run out of steam or life and “The best lack all conviction, while the worst  Are full of passionate intensity” like those opportunistic girls at SVB.

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    Dr D Rich

    Murtha was murdered at Bethesda…same place SecDef Forrestal leaped to his death.
    Murtha’s botched lap-chole at Bethsda occurred 4 days after Jack signed personal correspondence to investigate the bishopric double dipping from the Navy and QTC-Lockheed…probably would have uncovered triple dipping at the VA

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    Dr D Rich

    Bishop William Connare
    Fr. George Pierce
    Raped 10 year old boy, found out by Connare and dutifully transferred to our unsuspect8bg parish when I was a 10 year old…..altar boy

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