Mar 312023
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Debt Rattle March 31 2023

Pablo Picasso Dora Maar au chat 1941   • NYT: Donald Trump Has Been Indicted (Techno Fog) • The Impact of Sanctions on the De-Dollarization of Int’l Trade (Gonzalo Lira) • Saudi Arabia Makes Move Towards Russia-China Bloc (RT) • Brazil and China Sign Pact To Abandon Dollar (RT) • Russia, China Have To Take Measures To Protect Relations – Zakharova (TASS) • Beijing Demands That US Stop Provoking China (TASS) • Senior Orthodox Bishop Invokes Woe On Zelensky (RT)

Mar 302023
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Debt Rattle March 30 2023

Roy Lichtenstein Woman With Flowered Hat 1963   • Lies, Nuttery & Craziness Everywhere in America – James Howard Kunstler (USAW) • Musk, Wozniak Call For Pause In Developing ‘More Powerful’ AI Than GPT-4 (ZH) • The Government Is Fomenting Mass Hysteria (Whitehead) • Moscow Outlines Ukraine Peace Demands (RT) • Kremlin Only Sees Military Solution To Ukraine Conflict (RT) • West’s War Against Russia Is Bound To Last – Peskov (TASS) • Ukrainian Army ‘Almost Destroyed’ – Wagner Chief

Mar 292023
Debt Rattle March 29 2023

René Magritte Sixteenth of September 1956   • Vax Report: $147 Billion in Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured, Disabled (ZH) • The Best Way to Protect US Troops in Syria (Ron Paul) • Global Security Dialogue Should Replace Arms Race – Belarus (TASS) • Bolton Issues Warning On Belarus (RT) • Zakharova: ‘Summit For Democracy’ Reflects US’ Neocolonial Practices (TASS) • Russia Knows Why It Fights In Ukraine, Russians Must Be Freed – Lavrov (TASS) • Serbian President ‘Very Afraid’

Mar 282023
Debt Rattle March 28 2023

René Magritte The song of the storm 1937   • US Democracy ‘A Facade’ – Patrushev (RT) • Russian Security Chief Calls US World’s Biggest Dictator (TASS) • US Politicians ‘Held Captive By Their Own Propaganda’ – Patrushev (RT) • Russia’s Newest Jets Provide Air Superiority – Ukrainian Official (RT) • The EU Is Losing Relevance In The Emerging New World (Fomenko) • Conscription May Be Intensified In Ukraine (RT) • Ukrainian Refugees Targeted For Sexual Exploitation (RT) • Moscow

Mar 272023
Debt Rattle March 27 2023

René Magritte The seducer 1953   • Us ‘Shoots Itself In Foot’ By Limiting Use Of Dollar – Putin (TASS) • Russian Economy Will Remain Balanced – Medvedev (RT) • China Could Be ‘Safe Haven’ Amid Banking Turmoil – Citi (RT) • China and Russia Top List Of States With Largest Trade Surplus (RT) • What You Must Know About Russia & China, But Were Afraid To Ask (Lukyanov) • Seizing Russian Assets Is ‘Challenging’ – EU Task Force Head

Mar 262023
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Zelensky Admits Ukraine Already Ran Out Of Ammo

Jasper Johns Three flags 1958   Andrew Korybko: The US-led West’s Mainstream Media (MSM) began reporting more accurately on the military-strategic dynamics of the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine since the start of the year, but the true test of their comparatively improved integrity will be whether they raise awareness about Zelensky’s latest damning admission. In an interview with Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, he candidly told his interlocutors that “We do not have ammunition. For us the situation in the

Mar 262023
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Debt Rattle March 26 2023

Jasper Johns Map 1961   • Ukraine Not Ready For Offensive – Zelensky (RT) • No Ukraine Offensive Without More Weapons – Zelensky (BBC) • Biden Downplays Russia-China Ties (RT) • G7 vs BRICS – Off to the Races (Scott Ritter) • Hungary Comments On Ukraine’s NATO and EU bids (RT) • Biden Snubs Türkiye And Hungary For ‘Democracy’ Summit (RT) • Putin Indictment Deals Fatal Blow to ICC Legitimacy (Develay) • Western Economic Prosperity Is Over And Not Coming

Mar 252023
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Debt Rattle March 25 2023

David Hockney Nichols Canyon 1980   • Brazil To Propose Ukraine ‘Peace Club’ With China (RT) • The Iran-Saudi deal: A Bid To End Endless War (Shakil) • China’s Xi Has Sent ‘Very Troubling Message’ – Pentagon (RT) • There Could Be No Winner In War Between Russia, US – Medvedev (TASS) • Russia Warns Of Radioactive Disaster In Ukraine (RT) • EU Censorship Regime Is About To Go Global (Spiked) • Biden and the ICC: ‘A New Level of

Mar 242023
Debt Rattle March 24 2023

Gustav Klimt Pine forest II 1901   • US Facing New Global Reality Post Xi-Putin Summit, Says Expert (TASS) • US ‘Uneasy’ About China’s Peace Plan For Ukraine – Media (RT) • Pompeo Warns Of Biden Administration’s ‘Enormous’ Mistake (RT) • The ‘Junior Partner’ Meme Gives No Insight To Real Changes (MoA) • ‘The United States of America Is Our Enemy,’ Says Medvedev (TASS) • Medvedev Says Diplomacy Doesn’t Always Work, Special Op Was Right Move (TASS) • Effects Of

Mar 232023
Debt Rattle March 23 3023

Gustav Klimt Pine forest I 1901   • In Moscow, Xi And Putin Bury Pax Americana (Escobar) • Multipolarity Was Triggered By The 2003 US Invasion Of Iraq (Kneissl) • Why Hypersonic Weapons Change Everything (Krainer) • EU ‘Delusional’ In Its Push To ‘Decouple’ From Russia – Austrian FM (RT) • Results Of Xi’s Visit To Russia Matter, Not Western Reaction – Kremlin (TASS) • China Gives US Advice On Ukraine (ZH) • West Wants Ukraine To Be Destroyed –