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    following on from last TAE post…

    Twitter is now more powerful than the (ex-) most powerful man in the world, the POTUS, as it can censor and then ban him, illico, presto!

    Imagine a phone Co. blasting a recorded message to Obama when he tried to call Michelle or Renzi (Italy PM) saying “Your call cannot go through this circuit you are not accepted as a bona fide proper subscriber as your words are fuzzing (sic) and incite confusion, hatred of humands (sic) ” – 🙂 –


    Twitter blocks medical journal after it published a positive study on Ivermectin treatment for corona virus.

    Twitter blocks medical journal after it published a positive study on Ivermectin treatment for coronavirus

    Goobye Science, not flash news for sure, Med. Science has been corrupted and manipulated for ages, steathily for a long time. A slow, invisible, build-up to say 1990, then, an acute phase progressively kicking in in the last 20, 15 years or so.

    Now it is official: having a financial interest in whatever snake oil (today, vax-s), being paid off, or being blinded by propaganda / group-think / having to adhere to get along, all act to supress, bury, what might be seen as valid, interesting, information, data, studies, conjectures, etc.

    .. to hopefully — help people who suffer and may die? No! Financial gain overrides, as does bowing to the Tops. (aka, PTB, Deep State, Trillionaire Club, Big Pharma, MegaCorp Fascist group, other, take your pick.)

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    Talk of China invading Russia (> Mr. House, WES, madamski..): adding my two cents, that would be imprudent to say the least on the part of the Chinese. Folly! (As madamski points out the minor border disputes are quickly settled.)

    The Russia-China alliance (such as it is, i.e. not set in stone) is very much a matter of we are facing the same enemy – ll et’s see how the collaboration, cooperation, goes. The relationship is enhanced as Vladimir and Xi are quite like-minded, if from very different cultural backgrounds. They are both history and political philosophy buffs, are generally even-tempered and manage to keep an air of ‘above the fray’ and are (ostensibly) ‘for the people’ of their country.

    However internal socio-political management is very different in the two countries, as are their foreign policies / exchanges with the ROW (rest of the world) / long-term goals (though these are moot for all.)

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    So, the USA color revolution is completed successfully, though lacking a dramatic ending, for now.

    Voices clamor for Trump to be impeached, cancelled, removed, hounded out of town, fleeing for his life (or legal equivalent), as such is supposed to occur, to punish the Illegitimate Leaders, Dictators, Despots, who are booted to oblivion to make room for corrupt cronies, US stooges, Mafia-cum-CIA types, who will sell their ppl down the river. (E.g. Yanukovitch replaced with Poroshenko and “our man Yats.” Poor result: Crimea returned to Russia, a huge blow. Note, no longer mentioned, and the Minsk agreements are dead.)

    Under Trump, no new color revolution, aka régime-change operation, was conducted, or concluded satisfactorily from a neo-con, neo-lib, US point of view. The previous Obama sorties, Syria, Lybia, Ukraine, limped along (DAESH in Syria was more or less defeated – the Donbass is not officially a Russian protectorate but getting close, Ukr. army is in tatters – Lybia is a hellish pit..) and were, are, failures except in the sense of destroying killing others, imagined competiton. Or! ensuring certain ‘top’ failed sons, relatives, might extract piles of money, as in a Globalist Corrupt Op.

    The epitome was the ridiculous Venezuela botched coup affair, with Random Guy-do performing clownishly all over the place …

    So, for lack of successful or even just disruptive color revols / régime changes or creative novel devastating genocidal wars, Trump is subject to color revol. himself…

    >> Only one aspect, yes, for sure.

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    WES posted: I find it interesting that the Greek church is now opposing the Greek state’s lockdown.

    Yes…. The Catholics have joined the PTB, see for ex. Excerpt:

    In the past, the Pope has also criticized people who refuse to wear masks or who protest against coronavirus restrictions, commenting that they move in “their own little world of interests.”

    Ugo Bardi (member of the Club of Rome, Prof. in Italy), often has posts a bit exagerated It-style, argues COV19 has killed off the Christian Church. Heh.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 5 2021 #67742

    From the Intelligencer. The Lab Leak hypothesis, quoted in top post:

    <i>SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, began its existence inside a bat, then it learned how to infect people in a claustrophobic mine shaft, and then it was made more infectious in one or more laboratories, perhaps as part of a scientist’s well-intentioned but risky effort to create a broad-spectrum vaccine. ..</i>

    This story rests in part on a MA thesis, or take-up / reports of, about it.

    By Li Xu, 2013. Abstract, snippets:

    The analysis of 6 patients with severe pneumonia caused by an unknown virus sent to the Dpt. of (…) Emergency in (…) 2012. They were all workers at the same mine where bats and bat feces (..were prevalent..) The type of bat in the mine…was Rhinolophus Sinicus from which was extracted SARS-like-CoV when Scientists in China were looking for SARS pathogen.

    —3 patients died and 3 patients survived.–

    The thesis is trans into Eng. Incl. x rays of lungs, PCR tests, meds given, course of treament, etc.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 5 2021 #67736

    When ppl say Judge Baraitser’s ruling was ‘unexpected’ or ‘surprising’ etc. they are signalling that they believed the protests, demos, and other actions in favor of Assange, would have no effect whatsoever. Odd. And the mood is most emphatically not “We Won” …

    /- My first thought on reading a short article on the judgement was, the refusal to allow extraditon is on humanitarian grounds only, and does not address the underlying issues, sticking with that for now.-/

    There was a minor surge in various quarters ‘for Assange’ in the recent past exemplified by the Guardian (I have no respect for that outlet, turncoats, really) publishing an anti-extradition piece:

    Baraitser is not an independent judge applying the law in the most conservative, strict, way possible. She is on a scale from: directly dependent on orders from the PTB >> to influenced by hints, nudges, “best to..” public opinion, hubby (if she has one), etc.

    Imho it was perceived in many quarters that allowing the extradition at this point was going a step too far as in making a mockery of ‘free speech’, ‘investigative journalism’, right to publish and so on. “Best to hold on for now” – though many darker motives, hidden plots, underground quarells, may exist.


    Relations between Trump and Assange appear to be very convoluted.

    The Atlantic on corr. between D. Trump Junior and Wikileaks, 2017.

    Roger Stone also corresponded with Wikileaks. Computer weekly, 2020.

    There is also the story of a possible Trump pardon of Assange if Julian would admit the ‘hacked’ DNC emails didn’t come from Russia. Market Watch, 2020

    Sorting all this out historically would make a fantastic book (involves Seth Rich etc. as well.) Me, idk.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 4 2021 #67698

    France. (Quoted up top. France-Soir is sort of ‘rebel,’ even dissident media.)

    A while ago, Macron asked to meet Pr. Didier Raoult (the hydroxychloroquine guy,;.)

    Raoult, admired by a large section of F ppl, made Macron travel to Marseille, he, R, refused to go to Paris, too busy. Nobody quite knows what they discussed, R spoke about it in vague terms, but it made an impression for sure. (Macron may be wily in some ways but he is totally ignorant in many areas, and is poor at math, a handicap in finance and medecine..)

    Maybe ‘common sense’ (whatever that is, it is not hysteria about ‘cases’, a rush to lock the population up, buy a pile of non functioning vaccines..) is getting a bit of a grip. Or maybe not, there is, a-hem, pressure to later roll out a French Vax!

    Généralistes (family docs, paid by the State) are being paid 5.40 Euros for every covid-vax, as it entails:

    – a consult, meeting the person
    – obtaining their signature on a consentment form (so presumably some ‘explanation’ etc.)
    – entering all details of vax (type, lot, no.) and person into a national data base. So there is a real follow-up (some might call it a vaccine trial writ large.)

    The MSM is screaming about the scandal of almost-no or go-slow vax, Germany way better, etc. Macron himself has been going on about the ‘shameful’ performance re. the vax, so who is he blaming? Err?

    Macron has been pegged as governing like in a ‘start-up’ in this case, Nation. So apt, some lower guy in charge of some data-base or other is castigated and then either grudgingly forgiven or fired, to be replaced with a clone, who has a nicer hair-style and brings in ‘fresh’ (chirpy but stale) ideas.

    Besides that, there have been several doctors (well-known ones), and other med. personnel, advocating in public for the kind of approach outlined in the article, and they have a HUGE following.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 3 2021 #67651

    Stella Moris: President Obama’s administration realised this, and understood that charging Julian would require them to prosecute international media outlets. (…) With Trump, however, the mood has changed dramatically and under his administration, journalistic practices have been pursued as crimes. WikiLeaks …

    Very stupid, and detrimental to Julian.

    She — her advisors, handlers (? maybe a mistake listening to them..) — should have stuck to only:

    first, Julian, my partner, our children, our family ‘have hope’ – ‘pray for mercy’ – (can come in various forms from the lacrimose pity-seeking to stalwart support from outside the prison, strident calls for justice, demos, in various forms.. etc. .. OK ..many possibilities …), second, Julian as journalist.

    Not more, not extra, not different.

    Politicising his plight as contra-Trump and pro-Obama makes a mockery of human rights and freedom of speech, negates any over-riding principles one might want to invoke.

    Bad news for Julian.. Of course her appeals / actions etc. will be totally ineffective in any case. (She may be protecting her sons’ futures, other story.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67634

    madamski, yes to Thatcher using arms against ‘coal’ (coal-miners..) She had a degree in chemistry or related and from what I have read of her sayings she understood the ‘emissions’ thing well. Of course she had some short-term aims, but she also saw herself as a ‘leader’ and ‘tech advancements’ and ‘moving on to better’ etc. as energy advancement is solidly ingrained in the GB pol. class since say 1850…Ex. around 1914 or so The Royal Navy switched from coal to oil (Winnie.) N. Sea oil boomed / became more profitable / more was discovered – extracted (leaving out details) after the 70s oil ‘crisis’ and Thatcher was PM at the time of its high production.

    The idea that natural gas is cleaner than oil (correct in a way) was, and is, also very strong. Now, renewables are the all rage, see for ex. Merkel and her handling of ‘energie’ – she obviously thinks she is on the front-line of ‘newness’ or pretends to be so and prefers to support certain ‘green’ industries (subsidies etc.) while doing everything to sell cars worldwide.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67578

    It appears that the Pfizer vaccine is not super popular, the new rage, etc. in Europe.

    A paper in Nature, from Oct. 2020.

    A global survey of potential acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine

    .. is hardly encouraging, and since then (afai can judge) what is now called ‘vax’ “hesitancy” or “skepticism” (to avoid ‘refusal’ / ‘anti’) has but grown.

    France. Guardian:

    Covid: France ‘pandering to anti-vaxxers’ with slow vaccine rollout. 31 Dec.

    …just over half of French people said they were happy to be vaccinated…

    By Wednesday evening, only 332 people had received the vaccine, according to health ministry officials. The ministry has said the aim is to vaccinate 1 million elderly and at-risk people in January, requiring more than 31,200 vaccinations every day…

    From about low 100s a day to 31K every day is a leap. If, incredibly, 1 million ‘at risk’ ppl are vaccinated in Jan, at that rate, it would take more than 5 years to vaccinate everyone in F.

    One possible obstacle is that F ppl have to sign an agreement form to accept the vax. Which relates to F’s bureaucratic, contractual mindset. E.g. during lockdown, going out to -x/y..- requires ppl to carry a signed personal affidavit, as to purpose, timing, etc.

    Macron has been warned, by ppl above him, that he cannot make the vax obligatory, there would be a revolution, heads would roll, and not metaphorically. (The proverbial last straw, following the Gilets Jaunes, etc.)

    When asked recently, will he be a candidate for a 2nd term as Prez? Macron answered that he might not be able to ‘present himself’ as he may have to enforce some measures so ‘draconien’ that…


    Why did (some .. EU) Gvmts. buy these huge nos. of vax doses that they knew they could not ‘roll out’, or efficiently administer (see temp. requirements, timing, already broken by UK as I posted previous, for ex.), or that wouldn’t be accepted by the sheeples, or that might in fact be completely ineffective, etc. ?

    The answer that they were going for a ‘magic bullet’ that would stop COV19 in its tracks and ensure a return to normalcy (seen this touted on F MSM TV, in CH as well) is nonsense.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 31 2020 #67494

    UK officials announced Tuesday that they would prioritize getting people their first doses of coronavirus vaccines instead of holding enough to ensure they can get a second dose on time. (..) The idea is to boost the number of people getting vaccinated with the country’s initial supply of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. (..)

    Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is supposed to be given as two injections 21 days apart. The new guidelines allow people to wait up to 12 weeks between receiving their first and second doses.

    from Business Insider (not paywalled from here so?)

    This supposed super-sophisticated innovative vaccine (aka gene therapy? total scam?) with all its difficult-to-follow directives, storage temp, time constraints, manipulation at injection site, etc. in a protocol that is supposed to be rock solid — is blithely junked for some kind of random first jab, followed by who-knows-what, probably nothing.

    I’m guessing Pfizer has cashed in, so the ‘vax’s’ semi ‘failure’ or ‘relative success’ or whatever soft formulation, will be attributed to:

    — ppl refusing it – not enough ppl taking it, 50% loss (or so) at second dose – the fault of human psychology not Pfizer

    > due in part to media, social media, conspiracists, who hyped horrible effects of irrelevant unconnected individual problems

    — dispensers not doing their job – roll-out too complicated for them, not properly planned for. not following the laid-down protocol (as GB now), the fault of health services not Pfizer

    — ‘vax’ not adjusted to new ‘strain’ (i.e. variant), this corona virus ‘mutates too fast’

    other / BS /

    In any case drug cos. are not responsible for deleterious effects, that falls to States, who are not liable, but may ‘compensate.’ (Europe.)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 30 2020 #67447

    Dr. Soumya is quite right (prev. thread vid. clip) to say there is no guarantee the vaccine prevents infection, transmission of the novel corona virus, etc.

    Here she is at WHO in Sept. 2020, vid 5 m., from WHO site. All she says sounds more or less reasonable, ex. re. dates, testing of vaccines, their roll-out. (Within the general present framework ..for sure nothing new / interesting / smart > these are well-paid functionaries.)

    Note in this clip the questions fielded are pointed — to social and irrelevant issues, such as convincing others, ideals, i.e. NOT solliciting clear medical information.

    What happens is that many ppl working for these orgs. are sincere and trying to do their best, and automatically believe their superiors (adhere to what their bosses tell them.) The bosses give hints and pointers (e.g. the public needs to be convinced, one ex.) I mean, it is not all a ‘fake’ show, that is, an orchestrated performance by a multiplicity of actors. It is the covert subversion or take-over of an int. org. that *was* a ‘hope’ after WW2.

    Gvmts., the front face of Corps, the MSM (by now maybe just one entity) distort and spin and outright lie about anything that doesn’t suit their agenda. They are the first to ‘deny Science.’ They hold the cards to impose a ‘dominant narrative.’

    The WHO is now funded for a large part by ‘outside contributions’ (=> not contirbutions thru the UN scheme, per country member at some rate.)

    WHO contributors to WHO according to WHO on their main public site:

    From WHO, more detail..

    All that ‘off the top’ large categories hides much.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 29 2020 #67441

    Mr. House, someone sent me a link to the Mark Crispin Miller affair.
    It looks like the witch-hunts are stepping up. Who exactly the targets are for the moment is not quite clear to me. The details of individual cases are interesting. I’m listening to the link so thanks.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 29 2020 #67416

    What happened to BLM? .. prev. thread.

    BLM is not grassroots, it was set up and funded by powerful ppl to serve cerain purposes, trigger demos, agitate, on command, via a ‘legit’ sounding cause, etc. Serving pol. aims (Derm), for which ‘organisers’ are very handsomely paid. Part of the ‘color revolution’ handbook, applied at home, not quite the same in style as >> abroad (ex. Ukraine.)

    BLM has become hugely rich and its finance is a black hole.


    Specifically, BLMGN spent nearly $900,000 on travel, $1.6 million on consulting and $2.1 million on staff during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 fiscal years. Financial statements show that this totals 83.3 percent of its total spending during the three year period. BLMGN only granted $328,000 to outside organizations, which include local BLM chapters, during that time frame, a number that represents about 6 percent of its total spending.


    see also:

    US mega-corporations donate almost $2 billion to BLM

    US mega-corporations donate almost $2 billion to BLM

    Where is the money donated to BLM going?

    Idk about the accuracy of this, I haven’t traced the dollaris, to ActBlue – sounds likely.

    Transparency Matters: BLM Should Change Its Name

    in reply to: Thank You 2020 #67406

    Like others, thank you Ilargi, for all you do.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 28 2020 #67367

    i tried to edit this post but it didn’t show ..apologies if double.
    Raul posted in a previous thread: The way the Pfizer “vaccine” is “rolled out” at least makes one thing blatantly obvious: “believe in science” is nothing but a slogan. It has now been replaced by “believe in the vaccine”. And those two things are not the same at all. (…)

    The similar directive was “Follow the science”. I complained about it before, as in “flatten the curve”, “reduce R0 to below 1”, “masks are protective for all” and more .. that kind of talk is not science but represents political decisions that supposedly rest on ‘science’ as claimed by pols and the MSM.

    “Follow the science”, “believe in…”, first, sound very much like, you dull dopes and deplorables, take the advice of your betters who are not pig-ignorant like you, how dare you! *question* Science…

    Second, clearly the seat of authority is shifted from instituted Governance (representative republic, local Governor, head of Health Emergency, etc.) to outside actors – Scientists. Apparently the first can’t take responsibility because they shore up their moves by referring to ‘expert’ others (idiot Neil Ferguson comes to mind, yikes.)

    However, I am afraid that the situation is worse than ‘weak, insecure, hesitating’ Govmts / Health Authorities (USA, EU) and represents some type of melding between Big Pharma (amongst the most powerful Corp-congomerate if perhaps not the most lucrative, that is the MIC) and Govmt.

    Of course the relationship between Science and Politics has always been complicated, with the two imbricated and / or dancing around each other.


    Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2.) Roger Seheult, MD. One hour, perhaps good for passing on. (?)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Christmas Day 2020 #67295

    Fauci admitted he lied – many others have used the same ridiculous story. E.g. saying they stated masks were not helpful / necessary (following WHO advice) and then later admitting they ‘lied’ – so as to keep the small stock available for hospital personnel. (Macron for ex.)

    So blatant lies are excusable because somehow some motive to manipulate ppl is positive if the lies are somehow later revealed as to be ‘for the common good.’

    This amounts to accepting low-level abuser aka con-man moves on a large scale. (“Honey I lied to you for your own good, that man would have kidnapped Kristy” – “Darling, my sweet, I couldn’t tell you the truth at the time, you might have gone off the rails, now the problem is solved”..)

    Of course for a pol. or public figure to admit they lied is terrible, it is an inexcusable violation. They do it because they have no other choice. They didn’t lie at the time, they believed what they said (Fauci on immunity, Macron on masks) but they have to follow those who control them, who change the messages / principles rapidly. So they prefer to say they were not ‘sincere’ at the time and had ‘hidden motives’, confessing to, hopefull,y a minor sin, to avoid acknowledging they are pressured, or controlled, or haven’t a clue what is going on, etc. To keep their positions! Fauci of course knows all, but even he has to ‘review’ and correct what he says.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Christmas Day 2020 #67293

    On the Medical-International-Complex (MIC II?): Fauci, vaccines, etc.

    Twitter, a-hem, this caught my eye, WHO’s change in the definition of herd immunity.


    Laboratory Escapes and “Self-fulfilling prophecy” Epidemics.

    by M. Furmanski

    This paper presents an historical review of outbreaks of PPPs or similarly transmissible pathogens that occurred from presumably well-funded and supervised nationally supported laboratories.

    PPPs = Potentially Pandemic Pathogens.

    14 pp. 2014. First ex. is from 1966 (smallpox ..), and the last concerns Foot and Mouth disease, 2007. Good read / refresher.


    Violation Tracker on Pfizer.

    <i>Penalty total since 2000:  $4,712,210,359</i>

    I knew they lost many cases paid compensation etc. but this sum is staggering. These are games of astonishing gains – billions – with some losses …


    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Christmas Eve 2020 #67270

    Imho Trump won the election fair and square. Who knows by how much, at the least 5% (pop national vote), probably v. much more, but see US electoral system.

    Trump is a hugely popular person and Biden is a nobody, even much disliked, a point I have tried to make with little success in some venues.

    Here is Paul Craig Roberts arguing similar:

    … “Consider that Joe Biden’s Twitter account has 20 million followers.

    Trump’s Twitter account has 88.8 million followers.

    Consider that Joe Biden’s Facebook account has 7.78 million followers.

    Trump’s Facebook account has 34.72 million followers.

    How likely is it that a person with four to five times the following of his rival lost the election?

    Consider that Joe Biden, declared by the biased presstitutes to be president by landslide, gave a Thanksgiving Day message and only 1,000 people watched his live statement. Where is the enthusiasm?

    Consider that Trump’s campaign appearances were heavily attended and that Biden’s were avoided. Somehow a candidate who could not draw supporters to his campaign appearances won the presidency.

    Consider that despite Biden’s total failure to animate voters during the presidential campaign, he received 15 million more votes than Barack Obama did in his 2012 re-election.

    Consider that Biden won despite underperforming Hillary Clinton’s 2016 vote in every urban US county, but outperformed Clinton in Democrat-controlled Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, the precise cities where the most obvious and most blatant electoral fraud was committed. ….”

    —> more at link

    The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen

    in reply to: Cows and Acres and 1840 #67150

    Great post from Dr. D.

    Being in Switzerland, and insofar as I could get my mind around the non-metric measures, about cows this is all spot on. Home-grown beef in CH (as well as imports from Uruguay, Ireland, some from France ‘zone’ – proximal) is horribly expensive because inputs— I could go on… stop.. heh..


    Growing up poor our summer vacations during my childhood were on a farm where we helped out, owned by richer family members. Another caution about ‘back to the land,’ a USA popular fantasy.

    Describing history from 1950s – as it was told to me – to about the 80s, of course the changes were considerable over time, her the gist.

    The farm, in the S. of France, supported between 15 and 20, 25 counting kiddos, ppl (seasonal), with a few ppl (3—4…and then more thru time) bringing in pay checks for ‘ordinary’ work, local teacher, secretary, house painter, truck driver.

    Growing vegetables and fruit in abundance, enough for all with surplus, was always OK, as well as olives for oil (sold but not very profitable, many others do it too), grapes for wine (personal consumption, traded informally), oranges (also turned into wine), and nuts. All this requires steady water which was always available from the stream down from the mountains, managed and shared by the community. Very complicated to do, but it worked, thru ‘neccessary cooperation’ I suppose. Fossil fuels for some transport, digging, repairs, pipes, building and maintaining houses, etc. were available.

    Animal products: chickens, rabbits, and a few goats. Other meat had to be bought with money.

    It sounds rather wonderful, it was possible only because:

    -> A cash crop was grown and sold at high price. Flowers, jasmine mostly but some others too (roses), to the perfume industry. (No longer exists today because of ‘synthetics.’) This was the money-maker that kept the farm alive.

    -> Subisidies from the F. Gvmt and later the EU to keep small farmers afloat, with various types of ‘compensation.’ Including paying for unused ground.

    in reply to: Virus 1 – Media 0 #67101

    “But to me it looks like we’re betting everything on red, just because certain parties and interests like it that way. Can mRNA vaccines save us? Perhaps. But we have no way of knowing, we’re just gambling.”

    It is very end-times, isn’t it. Dysfunctional, or rather, non-functionning governments in the grip of Big Pharma (and the other organisms it controls or influences heavily, WHO, CDC, etc.) who rigorously condemn actually taking care of sick patients (this first principle has been lost in many places..even if some ppl are hospitalised) as well as prophylaxis, blasting and lying about any medecine that might help, cure, mitigate, the disease, or even halt the pandemic…because a pile of money is there to be made if Authorities can be pushed to become desperate enough to put all their hopes (and maybe cash in themselves!) in some wacky vaccine. (The social-distancing and masks play another role, not discussed for now.)

    The vaccines will have no effect (imho) on the ground, though some lowering of ‘cases’ will take place. The ‘tests’ will be judged not-so-great, efficient, less nos. will be raked up, and deaths may return to the columns labelled flu-pneumonia / heart / etc. (How deaths are categorised as to cause is really bewildering, different in different countries / places, subject to central control (often), can even be changed after the fact. Co-morbities.. etc.)

    However, the review, ‘bilan’ in F, will stress,

    a) some ppl die anyway, b) a few ppl have bad reactions, normal for any vaccine, c) a vaccine can’t really protect everyone unless more than 90% of ppl take it, well freedum – fault of Gvmts. who won’t do a mandate, + anti-vaxxers.. d) the vaccine is innovative, truly wonderful, but its distribution and end-point use was badly managed (minus 70 C anyone? for the Pfizer jab .. nurses in parking lots?), that is just too complicated, e) our health systems are not up to speed for such a roll-out (quoting other aspects than those mentioned so far…), f) the virus has mutated and the vaccine is poweless against this new hyper killer version, g) …..

    Education For-Profit, Health-Care For-Profit suck out what there is to grab and then scuttle away, leaving destruction in their wake. Then…sometimes… they manage to completely change tactics and are re-born – to handle the destruction!

    in reply to: Automatic Earth in Athens Christmas 2020 #67025

    Ilargi I will donate again in Jan. Some ppl loathe PayPal ( .. Patreon) or for other reasons don’t want to / can’t use it, and as you point out their commission is huge. I have seen that Craig Murray (blog) adds to his appeals to send him an e-mail for his bank coordinates. (Iirc? he has even posted them at least briefly on his site, because I have seen them and I don’t donate to him.) I know one other well-known blogger who does this as well. So might it be an idea, to add to your appeal, “if… send me a mail and I will provide banking coordinates.” Banks take a commission as well (particularly for exchange, say from dollars to euros) but afaik it is not as high, though that depends on the Bank, country of origin, etc.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 17 2020 #66992

    madamski (prev. thread.) wrote: Recap: there IS an authentic health crisis. It’s proper defanging would have required measures totalitarian in nature (like we saw China do when this thing started). What has been done instead is awful at best and is moving rapidly toward worst.

    Yes, the virus exists, it is not a hoax, and is quite deathly, far worse than a bad flu — long covid is a real thing — plus damages not yet well understood, etc.

    Idk if this corona virus was manufactured, not a virologist, can’t judge. Possibly, yes.

    The virus was present from about July/Aug 2019 (see all the signs of ‘previous cases’ – have posted about some, and even the MSM admits ‘early’ mystery cases or detection of the virus in sewage etc.) but perhaps even well before that.

    A slow-ish spread amongst ppl who meet a lot (youngish, affluent, travel) passed by unnoticed in many places. (“Weird cold”, “ugly flu”…”we all coughed..”)

    Its existence and spread was, at first, covered up. See the Chinese condemning Dr. Li and his mates for ‘creating panic’ – see several mysterious illness outbreaks in the US, Italy, France, etc. that were passed off as ‘pneumonia’ – ‘odd diseases’ (vaping illness), etc. The cover-up was either deliberate (keep it all quiet) but probably most often just baked in, the top bosses (pols, corp CEOs, oligarchs, high-up docs, local potentates, etc.) don’t want problems, ppl getting hyped up, med. cases exploding, no point in upping med. care, profits and present arrangements, are impacted, etc.

    Then, in Wuhan, it was recognized, isolated, described, and became official.

    So, the principle of “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste” kicked in.

    From being a nothing-burger, the novel corona virus became a terrifying star. It was hyped up to pandemic proportions with false positive tests, shifts in death categorisation, etc., to allow authorities (States, etc.) to induce fear, followed by hyper controlling measures, unexpected but oh so welcome profiteering by certain parties, and so on.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 16 2020 #66935

    Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for an Unapproved Product Review Memorandum

    (for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine/ BNT162b2)


    p. 41

    As specified in the protocol, suspected cases of symptomatic COVID-19 that were not PCR- confirmed were not recorded as adverse events unless they met regulatory criteria for seriousness. Two serious cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 were reported, both in the vaccine group, and narratives were reviewed. In one case, a 36-year-old male with no medical comorbidities experienced fever, malaise, nausea, headache…


    Among 3,410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1,594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group. Suspected COVID-19 cases that occurred within 7 days after any vaccination were 409 in the vaccine group vs. 287 in the placebo group. It is possible that the imbalance in suspected COVID-19 cases occurring in the 7 days postvaccination represents vaccine reactogenicity with symptoms that overlap with those of COVID-19. Overall though, these data do not raise a concern that protocol-specified reporting of suspected, but unconfirmed COVID-19 cases could have masked clinically significant adverse events that would not have otherwise been detected.

    All very odd, not very ‘scientific’ and dressed up in obfuscations.

    I interpret the first sentence quoted (very unclear, a case of COV-19 can’t in itself be an ‘adverse effect’ due to some medication / vaccine / other, or at least not so in the frame of such a review!) and the general gist, to mean that in all the Ss studied, some experienced the kinds of symptoms and ‘feeling ill’ that resemble those of COV-19, but they were not tested for it, so who knows. The ppl ‘feeling ill’ 7 days after the vaccination vs. placebo were 409 (vac) vs 287 (placebo.) The conclusion is that all those vaccinated ‘feeling ill’ may be exhibiting symptoms that represent a reaction to the vaccine that “overlap” (that is the word used) with those of COV-19.

    No accusations of fraud / lying here, simply all this has become so murky sense-making is difficult. Reports are hard to find, spun and twisted by the media, cherry-picked, sometimes downright turned upside-down in the reporting. The originals are (imho) written to allow this, and support wildly different statements and critiques. The reports are not sincere, or honest, or ‘best efforts’ – they are marketing, propaganda efforts, dressed up in ‘scientism’ (aka deceptive concepts, wordings) language. Based on – who knows what. Big Pharma Triumph in the US, EU….

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 14 2020 #66874
    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 14 2020 #66871

    phoenix voice to add to your list,

    — proper sex-ed about how babies are made in /whatever/ schooling. It is actually amazing how many teens (world, but incl. the ‘developed’ countries) don’t know the straight ‘facts’ or have given up understanding it because of conflicting information and muddying issues (e.g. moral) or believe ‘weird stuff’.

    — allow, self-decided, assisted, euthanasia. Imho some ppl in old homes (a bad scene to begin with) in v. poor health would prefer to quit this earth. Their families take pride in keeping Gran-Gran alive and don’t want her to go (sincerely, mostly.) Plus, old ppl care homes provide jobs, are a money maker for some branches of Med. and Big Pharma, etc. It is a for-profit ‘industry’ very much supported by the State, aka the tax-payer (.. in EU countries.) I’m not in any way suggesting getting rid of old ppl; merely making helped along and agreed-to (by docs, family, etc.) helped suicide acceptable socially and legal. For anyone.

    Terry Pratchett made a doc about assisted suicide (in Switz.) Link > you tube, 2013, 47 mins. I remember it as OK, watched it at the time.

    Most societies today are built on ‘growth’, the growth ethos. That often includes or assumes population growth – in the shape of more workers (cheap and controlled if poss..) and more consumers while the organisors, the overlords, manage the relationship between the two to skim off about between 10 and 50% (off the cuff obviously).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 13 2020 #66772
    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 13 2020 #66771

    Mr House asked: Where did c-19 come from again? Have we figured that out yet?

    Imho this qu. is vital.

    One answer. (I’m not a med. doc or a virologist – and might list many questions and some objections)

    Dr Luc Montagnier, co-winner of a Nobel prize for discovering the HIV virus, says that the Sars-cov2 virus is a human creation. Montagnier is derided as a nut-case in F. MSM, since a long time.

    He says it was manufactured in a lab as a part of an effort to create a vaccine for HIV, the virus somehow escaped from the level 4 lab in Wuhan – they were working on bat-corona-viruses.

    sidebar: In Spring 2018 alarms about safety at the Wuhan lab were signaled by US authorities. The US collaborated with that Lab, visited it.

    link > Daily Mail, yeah, — a short summary w-out paywall

    link > Mint, gives a brief description of an interview of Montagnier. Eng

    the interview – intro text, audio, in F

    And now in Australia a Covid vaccine trial is stopped because of false HIV positive tests.


    That can’t be accidental, no way.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 12 2020 #66745

    First they all bury the story, and now even NBC is after Hunter? ¿Qué pasa?

    The original NY Post story was about extraordinary, blatant, corruption, illicit use of influence / power for staggering sums, by the ‘son of’ with the nod from the ‘Big Guy. (Joe Biden.) Banana Republics pale in comparison with their in-groupy money churning. The story included illegal and ugly looking (crack pipe) habitual drug use, as well as hints to put it mildly of inappropriate sexual behavior (not prostitutes etc. I prefer not to go there because it sends ppl hysterical.)

    So now all this (the last was the most damaging and absolutely HAS to be covered up) will be reduced to tax evasion, not paying tax on what were bribes (sums lowered for sure) but will be passed off as ‘legit’ earnings (that is what one pays tax on, right?) and it will all drag on for a while and then Hunter will have to pay ‘back taxes’ plus ‘penalties’ or what not, not familiar with the US system.

    So the Dems / Bidens will be able to argue that Hunter made some stupid financial errors (was at a bad time of his life, though his divorce can’t be mentioned either, it is hair-raising, the testimony I mean) anyone can make dumb mistakes and he will pay his dues … See! All the other accusations were baseless, ridiculous inventions by Trumpers, haters, racists!

    That is the plan imho. Could it fail? Doubtful. Yet, Age of Uncertainty – volatility, startling events, etc.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 11 2020 #66743

    Mr House you may be right…

    yet…Bill Gates (Melinda contributed nothing) becoming so rich in the USA_capitalist_monopolistic system is not extraordinary. Someone wins the ‘monopoly’ (partial in Gates’ case) and that person need not be smart, that is highly intelligent, hard-working, dedicated and diligent. Is J. Bezos smart? I doubt it very much. These ppl are just in the right place at the right time, they develop good connections (political), they hire a bunch of bright ppl to do the job, and a winner there has to be, and they are the lucky ones.

    Also, what I call being ‘an idiot’ is helped along by the wilfull blindness of the rich (or those who consider themselves successful) and total lack of care for others (which is not limited to ppl like Gates.) I just can’t see Gates as an evil genius who wants to control (fill it in: the population, the world, the destiny of the US, the future of computers, or anything..)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 11 2020 #66716

    We Hadn’t Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts – Melinda Gates

    I believe it. These ppl are idiots. Looking to use their ginormous wealth to impact the world, gain status, organise everything, be top of the pyramid, the New Lords and Ladies, adulated.

    The Gates Foundation fell for one of the classical mis-interpretations of statistics. They supported *small schools* to the hilt. (Links below are just off the top of goog, there are 100s of others, and all this is well-known.)

    They did this because outliers – ex. those who have high success rates in schools, just like high colon cancer rates, or a high number of lottery winners, etc. are always from ‘small communities’, ‘small or low numbers,’ by definition. E.g. death rate for colon cancer in a small, 500 ppl. F village for one year can be 100% (one guy met mates in hospital, etc.) while in Paris or other large is it “say” 5 %.

    boosting small high schools in NY City:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 11 2020 #66712

    About Switz -China ties, Guardian article.

    This all could very well be more or less correct, or might be hyped somewhat, or a lot. Idk. Not surprising in any case. Some background.

    Switzerland – CH – is not part of the EU – NATO, and has never ‘belonged’ to any such previous orgs. So, it had v. good relations with Turkey (….no longer), and had ties with the satellite USSR countries, before the Fall of the Wall. (Historically, Russia = communist = red devil.) These relations were commercial, organisational, educational, Gvmt. and Biz driven and subsidised in areas like the Arts, etc.

    Since Putin, CH – Russia relations are excellent if rather sub rosa. (CH is obliged to implement sanctions imposed by the UN, it perhaps doesn’t really…this topic is used by anti UN-types.)

    At the same time CH had, has, a good relationship with China (contrast to Japan). CH lobbied hard for China to be admitted to the WTO (achieved 2001), and the Swiss credit themselves for that in part though they were imho minor movers.

    CH signed an FTA with China in 2013, it is quite broad. Negotiation was, reportedly, strange and confused, or charmingly quirky – two so very different cultures meeting (Linnaeus vs. Confucius, or something like that) but it worked out ok. Reportedly, all of the negotiators enjoyed Swiss white wine and smoking on the pavement, and Chinese spring rolls at the other venue. (Fondue, chicken feet, not so much.)

    Here, graduating students from the Top Techs go on study trips to China. India second. Not to the US since 9/11, visa insuperable difficulties.

    msm: – pic shows many ppl in CH object to close CH-China ties. Tibet! So there is a lot of stress as well.–rating-for-swiss-chinese-trade-deal/44427848

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 9 2020 #66611

    UpstateNYer, prev. thread. Russia-Russia-Russia was chosen by the Clintonistas and the servile Obama (2016) as an easy distant enemy, scapegoat, bogey-man. Russia is not that powerful and everyone was quite certain that under Putin (or a successor chosen by him) Russia would not do anything rash or foolish following the US hysterical blame-game.

    Moreover, the Trump-plan of tightening relations with Russia to isolate China (pick one of the two other powers to neutralise no. 3) was in the cards. Plus, of course, economic ties between the US and China are considerable, whereas Russia belongs to a different circuit, cutting it off economically costs the USA nothing. Russia is a *safe*, even cartoonish, traditional, external enemy. Ironically, it is quite possible that Putin (aka Russian Gvmt, PTB, etc.) would have preffered Hillary as Prez. See Uranium One deal. Plus, it is always easier to negotiate with corrupt ppl on the take (Clintonistas) than an unknown quantity – Trump.

    was ref. to this:

    The Biden’s ties to China are being surpressed. Trump’s trade ‘crusade’ against China was one of the reasons for trump MEGA HATE.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 8 2020 #66575

    Tim Garett, saying we will not save ourselves, ‘decarbonize.’ (from previous thread.)

    He is right. We humans prefer to go out with a bang leaving the whimper behind and see where the chips fall. ( 🙂 I’ve been reading old English novels.) For many reasons.

    While individually, or small-group wise, many are ready to make sacrifices (so to speak) or ‘change’ their life style etc. collectively we cannot do it. Because the feared and loathed *one world Gvmt.* doesn’t exist (I’m not advocating for it), and because any consequent reduction in energy use renders countries, communities, and even individuals, weaker.

    ! Giving up eating meat, and not using plastic bags, and living in a glitzy mini-home or van is not going to cut it.

    Switzerland as an ex.

    A rich, European country (the richness does not come from banks – less so for ex. than for France or GB – about commensurate with the US, around 10% of GDP, which includes insurance) but from old-style cheap (coerced) imports transformed and sold on (e.g. coffee, gold.) Arms production is also a big money maker. Big Pharma looms LARGE. Tourism was a huge money earner. (Snow and safe, friendly spaces..)

    In case of an energy crisis, a severe one, the plan comprises (I’m not sure of details but I participated a bit, and we all know “la musique”), first, all residents double up. About 50% of energy is consumed in CH by buildings, constructing them, maintaining them, heating and cooling them, providing hot and cold water – human activity within NOT counted (cooking, TV watching, making stuff, etc.) (Industry other topic.)

    In 1960 the build up space occupied by one person was 25 sq. m (includes corridors, hallways, attics, entries, communal spaces for laundry, etc. but not garages which house cars) to double that in around 2010. So returning to a 1960s space would be perfectly possible, but natch energy consumption would not be cut by half. The doubling up would have to be for a good part Gvmt. managed to occupy the most viable buildings (all the others would be left to rot) but also to tabulate, organise movement, travel, cutting it down. So some ‘hubs’ or organised viable places would persist, others would turn into ruins.

    Agriculture would be boosted immediately, with the Army / others / working hard (more conscription?) pronto. (CH might just be agri. independent, that is a hard call. It imports about 50% – but exports a lot too – so, the question is, where / what are the borders? Agri would go local big time..) Distribution routes would have to be figured out…

    That is just the start of what would have to be done – to reduce energy consumption by less than 50%.

    If Switz. did all that it would need to keep up a Land Army in top form to defend its borders. The soldiers would have to be ready to kill. Big investment.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 6 2020 #66473

    Here are the UK Gvmt. instructions for health professionals re.:

    COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 Created by BioNtech and Pfizer

    Excerpts (quotes):

    This medicinal product does not have a UK marketing authorisation but has been given authorisation for temporary supply by the UK Department of Health and Social Care and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus in individuals aged 16 years of age and over.

    No interaction studies have been performed.

    Animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed.

    It is unknown whether /vaccine/ is excreted in human milk.

    It is unknown whether /vaccine/ has an impact on fertility.

    In the absence of compatibility studies, this medicinal product must not be mixed with other medicinal products.

    PDF gov. doc.


    Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: meta analysis of 22 studies

    Posted for info, I haven’t read it carefully, so idk.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 5 2020 #66442
    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 5 2020 #66441

    We are now seeing, with COV-19, a frontal, in your face, assault on old structures, first of all on National Gvmts, their institutions. Stealth ‘privatization’ and ‘take-over’ of large parts of what used to be Gvmt-controlled or Gvmt-functions are now a done deal.

    Not an ex. of ‘lobbying’ (ex. a Pol, a Senator, pushed or bribed to vote for a budget that aguments x, y, or z; allocating more Gvmt. largesse (laws, rules), to a, b, or c.) Nor the ‘privatization’ of some periperal profit-making thingie, like spinning off a railway line to a friend…

    It is take-over.

    In the domain of Health / Illness and the fight against it (heh I meant illness), the Corps have won.

    The Private sector – for profit-corps, NGOs that are the soft propaganda arm (they are cheap to buy / set up, easy to disband), and the buy-out of Gvmts is almost complete. Ex. Gates Global Fund owns and directs more in that field than X Gvmts together. Laboratories that do research are owned and controlled by Corps.

    Ex. the Wuhan Level-4 lab was set up in conjunction with France – See pic, the bi-lingual text and the Chinese and F ppl cheering:

    It is funded partially by the US:

    “Mike Pompeo has already been on record confirming and defending this funding, saying it was “to protect American people from labs that aren’t up to standard.” ..” (ha ha)

    The Wuhan lab has close ties to the Galveston Bio lab:

    Fauci backed contoversial Wuhan Lab for coronavirus research (committing 3.7 million to it, for research, including gain of function):

    And so on, links are merely top of the iceberg. This is a world-wide circuit that has no National ties or oversight, a collection of ppl who are fighting for power, control, and huge profits, with many others behind the scenes investing gigantic sums, counting on mega-profits.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 3 2020 #66364

    Humans waging suicidal war on Nature – Guterres.

    Surprising how no-one, not even Guterres (who possibly just might be considered to be in a position to do so..) mentions that WAR is a fantastically huge contributor to emissions and to temperature rise.

    This graph of global monthly air surface temp. 1880 > shows WW1 as visible, and throws WW2 in your face. Have a look.


    Other stats, ex. CO2 emissions – GG emissions – FF use, etc. show similar spikes if tallied over the long run and not too badly done, or over-smoothed, etc. – I cherry picked, using the the end-point of temperature, that is what counts after all.

    Apparently War’s pyrotechnics, all the blowing up for killing, annihilating, destroying, as well as moving, doing, industrialising, constructing, to carry out such aims — the tremendous extraction involved, endless hyper fuel use, the resulting pollution, the factory processes (‘war economy’), the crazed destruction that then ….. leads to rebuilding (more resources, more digging, burning, built in) is unmentionable.

    in reply to: PCR Tests and COVID Vaccines are Useless #66280

    It looks like COV-19 has vanquished the flu!


    <i>In week 46, four laboratory detections of influenza were reported. To date this season, 19 influenza detections have been reported (Figure 2), which is significantly lower than the past six seasons where an average of 1,115 influenza detections were reported between weeks 35-46. </i>

    canada public health services

    USA – CDC data (scroll down) shows for week 46, 16 positive test for Influenza A, 25 for B.


    For week 46, the number of consultations for flu per 100,000 inhabitants (aka judged to be flu) was 100 (from chart), for week 48: about 80.

    swiss official stats site – one has to download the d-base

    In short, flu is no longer a meaningful official category. (Note for the first two it is no. of pos. tests which rests on no. of performed tests which may be near zero; Switz. counts differently.)

    So the flu that killed lots of elderly ppl year by year – with ups and downs – has poof, vanished, just like that?

    Are Docs + hospitals and such are supposed to log cases (deaths..) in favor of COV-19 (no ‘other’ causes shows spikes imho) ? Or, the flu has died out completely (due to lockdowns, distancing, etc.) Maybe Nature has acted in weird ways that we don’t understand, mmmh.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 30 2020 #66192

    Small biz. teri, on prev. post, a fair description of the positive aspects of France, yes.

    Countries differ, there are many paths to reach a fair or accepted outcomes (hopefully 🙂 )

    Here (Switz, one canton) for small biz. e.g. vet clinic, indy restaurant, bicycle shop, tax accountant, hairdresser, etc. the Gvmt. could not intervene directly to help because of the principle of ‘free contract’, which specifies that anyone can contract anything with anyone (many limitations exist of course..) and all is up to them. Liberty! Individual responsibility!

    So, the Gvmt. concocted the following scheme: if the tenant and the landlord come to an agreement, they can together request that the Gvmt. pay the landlord half the rent – the other half would be the landlords’s loss, the tenant paying nothing. * Note the landlord takes a big hit. In CH, and particularly in this canton, landlords are mega-property-conglomerate owners, very unpopular – roughly 80% + of households and small biz are renters.

    This seems to have been working OK till now. The end result is unknown. Many small biz are collapsing nonetheless. Some merely out of boredom.

    * until the tenant can pay / the situation is sorted / etc.

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