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    WES, interesting about russia. i’ve never been there. I’m a fan of mines and grottoes and underground stuff generally. one of those childhood fascinations that persist to adulthood. heh.

    Gatto is a must read, Doc Robinson thx for posting those links.

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    > madamski (previous thread) about Putin, yes, and he may surpise us.

    Lavrov’s warning, paraphrasing — Those who try to start a war in the Donbass will destroy Ukraine — seems to have been completely ignored. Or, there are no visisible signs it was taken on board, or not ones noticed by me.

    Lavrov meant (as I interpret it) that Ukr. will split into parts if more deaths, unrest, war, etc. occurs. (About 14, 15 K or far more ppl have died so far, this isn’t merely a nasty border skirmish.)

    The present situation is untenable in the long run, with Donesk + Luhansk Independent Republics in a kind of limbo, with on one side the miserable dangerous contact line and on the other a border (> Russia) that has become progressively less of a barrier: Use of the rouble, FTA in various forms, passports given out, permits similar to ‘green cards’ given out, foreign registration in Russia special status for Ukrs., the supply of military matériel and advice, etc. (Banking = other topic not adressed.)

    That Donesk (particularly..) was not messing about (and that Russia would support..) was evident right away.

    One of the first things they did was to immediately change the school system to conform to the Russian one. They adopted the Russian marking system (completely different) and a major, or large, part of the Russian curriculum. Russia sent the school books.

    Now, to understand the serious effort, one has to know that Ukr. has the weirdest bi-lingual edu. system: Parents can choose if their children will attend school in Russian or in Ukrainian (both streams have lessons in the other language..) ( >> See Repression of Russian after Maidan.)

    In the DLPR a switch to Russian occurred naturally (imho), but teachers in Ukrainian or of Ukrainian were not fired or retired, they were recycled, to math, gym, science, etc. (From news, personal contacts.)

    Today, all DLPR graduates (any level) can integrate the Russian system without tests or any barriers, incl. to top Tech / Unis. “Inevitable” madamski wrote, yes. Right away, all first thoughts were for the future – the kiddos.

    Another powerful sign: in Oct. 2014 DLPR switched to Moscow Time, which is not geo. adapted.

    some visuals:

    A Brit vlogger travelling in Urk. in eng / with subs. He is hunting for Soviet Mosaics. His “politically slanted” descriptions are *total* BS (maybe just there to not be taken down?) — however the vids and pix are well done. Plus, I love mosaics.

    This episode, Solo thru War-Torn Donbass, has more than 2 million views.

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    Why Zelensky signed on March 24 a Prez. order affirming that re-conquering the Donbass and returning Crimea to the Ukrainain fold was Ukr. official policy is opaque.

    Ze was elected as a ‘peace’ candidate (Russian speaker, Jewish, not a pol, also a minor TV star 🙂 ..), got nowhere, and is obviously deadly afraid of the powerful Ukr. war-hawks, Pravy Sektor, Banderistas, neo-nazis, and the like, with reason, they are the ones on the ground with the power to implement serious violence. (There have been demos and riots, Gvmt. building burnt, defaced, etc. though those acts are symbolic.) (Idk the precise situation / parties / votes in the Rada.) All this has been building up for a while.

    The new US Biden admin dialled everything concerning Ukraine back to where it was put on pause by Trump who refused to have anything to do with it, with all / many Russia 3x! Horror! pols put in charge of foreign policy. (Nuland, etc.) -> straight back to Obama policy. Unfinished bizness, resurgence, doubling down.

    Ukraine is a failed state with an economy in the pits, ginormous debts, dependent on its Patrons (USUK-EU) and their funding arm (IMF), for endless always-forgiven loans and now (soon) the loss of transit gas fees thru Ukr. to Europe, with the advent of the completion of Nord Stream 2 (in May-June) which will have to be somehow compensated for (or not!)

    Once again, Ukraine is pushed to agitate even if impotently againt the Russki Demons, to display its allegiance and dare I say ‘Purity’ against the no. 1. enemy of the USA (not of the ‘West’, see ex. Germany.)

    What happens next? Short answer: Nothing spectacular. I hope. Merkel, Macron, Putin don’t want strife — as before. (Putin has no interest in taking over the Donbass, though he will make strong moves to defend Russians in that region, now 600K as passports have been handed out), Merkel and Macron prefer stasis, some limp show of upholding the MInsk accords, or recently, a return to the Normandy – 4 format, whatever.

    Yes there are flash danger points, some potential cracks.

    Ze may have been egged on by US bodies, to return to the original question. Maybe. In any case, despite Slo-Joe assurances, the US will never do more than furnish some Aid (military materiel, maybe some credit) to Ukr., and everyone know this.

    To spell it out: re-conquering the Donbass (to re-integrate it into Ukr) or even hallucinating about taking back Crimea, is admitted by ALL to be illusory.

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    Ugo Bardi, a post from Jan. 15, 2021:

    The Pandemic as a Worldwide Ritual of Purification.

    Excerpt. … All the trappings well-known to be involved in these rituals are present: from the ritual ablutions to the wearing of special clothing, including the believers being involved in various forms of penance in order to purify not just the body, but also the spirit.
    The correspondence is nearly perfect: face masks, compulsive hand washing, isolation of the cathecumens and the generalized punishment of all the “ludic” activities, from restaurants to tourism. If you read the piece below, written by prof. Sherry B. Ortner and published on “Britannica.” You could be thinking that you are reading a description of the current Covid-19 pandemic, yet it was published more than 20 years ago, in 1999.
    So, we are going through this ritual just because we have to. The only problem is that the rituals observed in “primitive” societies tend to last for a short time and to end with the believers ready to restart their normal life. Here, there is no end in sight for this series of rituals that seem to be going on forever.

    This struck a chord as I have just been to the hairdresser and to a dental clinic. The purification / protective rituals were passing strange (e.g. hairdresser disinfects scissors 5 times but shouts at me without mask to overcome noise of hair dryer, not that I mind; dentist is super dressed up in triple type protective gear, but the waiting room is packed with 30 children and their minders, 4-5 older ppl, all jammed together.. – all of whom filled out a form, as I had to do, about ‘symptoms’, ‘contact with ppl with covid’, ‘health probs’ and on and on.)

    The vaccines, seen thru such a lens, are imposed / accepted self — other harm devices, designed to induce suffering and pain (like self-flagellation, punishment, deprivation) which within some cosmic, esoteric or even devilish exchange scheme will be protective, beneficial – one suffers for future indulgence or gains.

    On show at the hairdresser, ppl were arguing about which vaxxes were ‘da best’ (AstraZ deadly, Pfizer wonderful) and that they could all make you grave malade – very ill… but it was necessary, and at the same time, measures would have to be even stricter (masks, social distancing, disinfection..), that is life, get used to it. In any case, without being vaxxed, soon one won’t even be able go to the market to buy food. (!)

    Of course much of this discourse is ‘for fun’ / ‘cynical’ / ‘tongue in cheek’, this is CH and everyone mocks, ups the ante. Still.

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    Double mutant is horrifying! One mutant is already scary on its own, and if it’s twice as bad, Yikes.

    On this topic, madamski posted:

    “When the people realize that what was needed was a general health campaign not a carpetbaggers’ vaccine scam, the people are going to be angry.
    And yes, the people will figure this out. I state that as a fact. Sue me.”

    Imho he is being optimistic. Agreed, a general health campaign -> taking care of the sick, the suffering, was needed.

    I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Docs saying, there is nothing to be done, stay home, sip herb tea and take Doliprane. (F Paracetamol pill.) Scandalous. (2020, France.)

    Then the vaccine(s) – so obviously a scam, as even officially ‘medically judged’ as not preventing infection or transmission — simultaneously Gvmts and the Media tout them relentlessly as Our Way to Win the War against the Virus.

    Covid 19 is *so deathly* that all and every measure against it has to be implemented at once. Vaxes – but as they don’t protekt (sic) – masks, social distancing, obsessive supervised cleaning, not to mention quarantine, etc. have to continue, and even be more stringent than before. Infected people become even more ‘dangerous’. Testing, testing, has to be ramped up. Then there is the VAXPASS… other story.

    How will ppl become angry about the vax scam? As far as I can see (ok limited vision in Europe..) ppl are very accepting of the vax, it is ‘cool’ as it ‘offers protection.’ Top class science (sic) is awesome, innovative, but can fail, because, variants, super variants, and increasingly, deplorables who won’t comply to achieve herd immunity.

    Even if the vaxes are judged useless *in fine* what will happen? Nothing. Hundreds of ‘med’ pills – cures – procedures – scandals have passed by without comment in the past 40 years. Who will take the big Pharma Cos, Pfizer, Moderna, etc. to task for their fakery?

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    ON CNN, this bird explains frankly that mandating vax passports for all is the way to force ppl to get vaccined; there has to be a carrot for ppl to get the vaccine! You can get the freedoms! Otherwise ppl will take these freedoms anyways! She says. (short – CNN)

    Ha Ha 🙂 The interviewer doesn’t cut her off.

    The VAX passports are problematic. Legally, dodgy. “Private venues” can within some margins triage their clients (no blue jeans / need to be a member / nobody under 18 / other ..) but non-discriminatory laws also exist.

    For W Gvmts. to set up a 2-class system is of course not impossible (provided we accept they are the top legislators and efficient enforcers) but backlash might be horrendous, so they hesitate. This state of affairs creates a lot of fiddling about at the margins. Part of that is also due to the fact that they don’t know what they are doing, beyond alliances to ‘mates’ (thinking GB here) who have ‘interests’ – it is all ‘complicated’ – there are many criss-cross influences, e.g free, unregulated market and ‘biz’ vs. control of ppl for forced profits vs becoming top of the heap..etc.

    For ex. Bojo ditched the VAXPASS (as I will now call it) for pubs, see previous thread. To instore the distinction between vax and non-vax in these public venues would take new laws, which would have to passed by Parliament. Which can’t be done for the moment, the Tories are against (afaik) as they understand that popular rebellion might be provoked.

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    In case there is some confusion, thalidomide was never approved for use in France (nor in the USA btw), so, officially there never were any effects in France.

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    Yes, upstateNYer, thalidomide, right to point to it, was a bit earlier than my time-line, horrific.

    See BBC for a NEW, 2018, missing limbs scandal in France.

    And thalidomide was approved for use in France and Belgium much later, for the treament of rare cancers, link is in F. Idk what the result was.

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    The French are very mistrustful of Big-Pharma and of the Gvmt. as far as medical matters are concerned. There have been so many scandals over the decades, most ppl can remember some, and quite some no. of ppl have been directly affected.

    I wondered how the present Cov-vaxxes compared.

    Some scandals I remembered, others I had to look up. (Some minor ones are left out.) Summary.

    1950 – 1997. Distilbène, a synthetic hormone, is prescribed to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages. It turns out girls born to the mums that took it had HUGE risks of cancer in the F reproductive system, and their babies had a HUGE risk of serious malformations. The grandchildren – first case was 2011, the court admitted the relationship — are now being paid damages…slowly (don’t count on the MSM..) Horrific.

    1978. 36 babies die from talc powder made by Morhange. (Was laced with hexachlorophene.) Baby-killers stick in the memory, even if small no, it made a big splash, so included.

    1985. Cyclosporine is touted as a miracle cure for AIDS by 3 docs who experiment on patients without following any of the rules, protocols, including patient consent, etc. Media, Gvmt. proclaim “original and wonderful” (or whatever) cure. All the patients die. Luckily there were at most 5-10. This one is important, because it had an enormous impact on the reputation of the Med. community, the whole story was crazed hype. (Imho the docs and others really believed, so the rules were thrown out by everyone.)

    1985 bis. The worst: the Contaminated Blood scandal. A circular early on advised to not accept blood donations from homosexuals and drug addicts. This circular was ignored, and other mistakes were made. Contaminated blood was distributed until 1985. Hundreds, or in the thousands, were contaminated with AIDS. Hemophiliacs were hard hit, 1,350 infected, about 1,000 died of AIDS. For this prison sentences were ordered, but they didn’t amount to much, top guys got off, remand, release to probation, for maybe 3-4, etc.

    1983-85. Growth hormone. 1,698 children receive ‘growth hormone’ contamined with a prion (> Creutzfelt-Jacob disease), 120 die. Court cases continue till 2016. Nobody goes to prison.

    Late 90s – 2009. Mediator, a drug made by Servier was first for diabetes, and then used as an appetite suppressant. 2,000 ppl or more died. Servier paid a fine.

    Begins 2015. Dépakine, an anti-epileptic made by Sanofi, turns out that between about 2,000 and 4,000 babies born to women treated with this drug were malformed, and about 16,000 to 30,000 children had, have, neuro-developmental problems… (rise in autism?)

    (Other, more industrial: PIP, Poly Implant Prothèse, silicone breast implants that were filled with ‘junk’ and didn’t follow the directives. About 40K women in France were affected: their breasts were ‘recalled’ by the manufacturer, like a mixer that might give electric shocks! so they have to get rid of them..)

    The Covid vaxxes have all the characteristics of the scandals outlined above simultaneously.

    Not following directives (of Gvmt med. bodies, of drug cos., such as –not for pregnant women or children– and then… well… why not? .. go for it…!

    No conjectures, considerations, or prudence re. possible long-term effects (see third generation in one ex. above).

    Hype of ‘believing in a cure’ that will ‘get us out of this horrible situation’, it somehow has to be, so damn the rules! See AIDS miracle drug.

    Another aspect is: the deciders don’t feel they are or will be affected…they won’t catch AIDS, they don’t have children who are hemophiliacs, are stunted, etc. Today, won’t catch Covid or if so will be treated with top class drugs, no problems…

    The profit motive is a great driver in many cases – but not only, or always, see above, hope, ignorance, laziness, and ahdehrence to top-down instigated group-think, are clear components.

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    Wes what an interesting life history. You are the miner guy, right?

    I was thinking about, I once visited a mine in Keele (GB) as an ‘exclusive’ visit, it was fascinating. It is afaik closed today. But I got to, with 5 others, go up and down, visit, crawl around, etc. About 25 years ago, was sent there by Gvmt. and the visit to the mine was one of several ‘sorties’ proposed by the hosts – other were chamber music and a Shakespeare play – ha ha – only 6 ppl inscribed for the mine. Which was great, as we had all the old miners attention, much history etc. Spent the day and didn’t go the programmed dinner, beer and sanwiches with the ex-miners.

    As for mines in Switz. – not coal – but for ex. salt. I can recommend this, the visit is good, of course touristy, yet fascinating, well worth it. (Went last year.)

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    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2021 #72076

    I was going to post the link “docs forbidden to prescribe hydroxycholoroquine, invermectin…” by Ilargi at Testing 1,2,3 -> 29 March.

    Gvmts. of course regulate much of medical practice, directly and indirectly. As I posted previously, the then French min. of Health, Buzyn, had hydroxychloroquine put on the F list of poisonous substances, thereby practically, on the ground, preventing its use, excepting some v. constrained ‘emergency’ cases, for hospitalized patients (forbidden in general practice, etc.) (January 2020, became official in Feb 2020.) In May 2020 (link 1 below, F MSM) its use as treatment for covid became ‘unlawful’, using that term because the penalties are not spelled out.

    Big Pharma and the MIC (medical-industrial-conglomerate) have infiltrated and now control Gvmt. branches dealing with ‘health’, i.e. food sanitary control, drugs, public health management, and of course vaccines. Not flash news, but the level-up for control has taken a gigantic leap in the past year.

    One Doc (MD) on F TV (someone sent me the clip) expressed rage, outrage. He ranted that at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ most / all med. person. were with Macron, all together we must face this, etc. Macron made promises (better infrastrc, equipmnt, facilties, higher pay for overtime, etc. etc.) which were not honored. We are angry and fedup (various scandals, etc.)…and…here was the important part… he was hearing about a plan to create an ‘intermediary level’ of doctor. (no link)

    me: Without a ‘full degree’ and the responsibility that comes with it, these ‘intermediary’ docs will be servants of Gvmt/big MIC and would have almost no decisionary powers (much like nurses in F today – nursing in the US is different.) They would be much cheaper to train (recall, in the EU, higher ed. is pretty much free..), would be subservient, etc. Dispatched to ‘specialities’ and ‘locales’ (like teachers in F) of one kind or another. They would be well trained in computer use, because the next step will be algos: algorithms are already today v. good at predicting time of death, and many other results, events. What the algo produces, with its ‘best plan’ will have to be carried out. These docs will be robotic executives, éxécutants (used in F for perfomer, actor..) of policy decided elsewhere, at the top, with the calculations etc. performed by the algos on a pre-determined data set.

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    On Immunity.

    Serological test for antibodies to Sars-Cov2, Canton Geneva.

    Study on ‘representative sample of population’ (i.e. includes children and v. old ppl; may include ppl infected; ppl with xyz condition.. etc.)

    April 2020 6%

    June 2020 11%

    Dec 2020 22%

    link 1

    Canton Vaud (similar study)

    June 2020 7%

    November 2020 17%

    February 2021 24% *ppl who were vaxxed excluded from this number*

    Canton Zurich, one ex.

    For children under 16 (random, in schools)

    Nov 2020, 8%

    links to news articles in F, Ok reports of the conclusions, if not very detailed.


    Quite high it looks like, perhaps because such nos. are almost never bruited about. It appears that specific antibodies are present close on to 25% of the CH population, a rough guess. The lower estimate for F-speaking CH is 20%. Controversy as to how long these antibodies ‘last’ exists – my take is, = an irrelevant question. Sars-Cov2 is fought off in many ways (see children..) by for ex, T-cells, other mechanisms. Specific antibodies are just a part of the battle (as I understand it.) Those who fought it off once will do so again (yes, sigh, the scary variants – color me sceptical…)

    CH numbers as % are likely similar to France, Germany, Italy, with some high margins for variation.

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    Ilargi wrote:’s also that the volunteers who work in the kitchen get even more of a sense of pride and self-worth from doing something that really changes human lives. Don’t underestimate the loss of pride, of having a goal in life, there are so many facets to this, of not being able to do your job for 5 months. And then to be able to contribute to helping the neediest people in your society, it gains a whole new meaning.

    I volunteer 2 mornings a week for a large ‘religious’ charity. All the those who work there are either: volunteers – ppl sent by social services (paid a bit by them, to get experience, learn stuff, be someone, etc.) – properly paid employees (e.g. truck driver, cleaner, decorator, seamstress, accountant) – ppl working part-time for reduced pay (because they get a state stipend for disability for ex.) – other.

    A big crowd, from a ret. prof (much respected), to a girl ‘say’ from the gutter. Sometimes there is some uneasiness …but Swissie culture is good at overcoming class / educ. distinctions. All are committed to raking in as much as possible to give to the disadvantaged, the shared goal works (more or less…) And “goals in life” (see Ilargi)… yes…

    The sad story of the day, is the ret. prof, aged about 80, who was previously complaining about not having his vax appointment honored (some screw-up?) got it, then drove home, arriving there, got out of his car, passed out, fell down, was found by passers-by, and hasn’t been back since… though reportedly he is ‘doing OK.’

    Working for an entity that considers that everything done must be for profit is not only destructive of society, but sears the soul (as seeing or not the soul of Putin etc. was a topic previous) of those who are coerced or forced, thru lack of alternatives, to participate in it.

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    other link maybe of interest:

    Scientific Analyses and Papers on Lockdown Effectiveness

    “Here collated are the papers of shame – the lockdown ideology is destroying our societal health, selling the lie of saving lives. Lockdowns cost net suffering and lives – by a huge margin. Here we gather together the evidence.”

    Exposition is one-sided, contra lock-downs.

    Personally, I don’t for now have an opinion about the effect of various ‘lock-down’ (restrictive, quarantining, stopping movement, travel, meetings, congregations, etc.) measures taken in various countries, locales, types of places, etc. There are just too many variables. Still, the aspect of never let a good crisis go to waste is terribly strong.

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    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 25 2021 #71758

    under: ..follow the science rubric :

    Re. comparisons between industry funded / vs not so medical research .. recommended:

    Epistemic Corruption, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Body of Medical Science by Sergio Sismondo, Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada

    Front. Res. Metr. Anal., 08 March 2021 (link below)

    Paper is short, gives some review of previous attempts.

    quote: My focus here is on how the pharmaceutical industry corrupts medical science.

    Sergio rightly points out:

    -> that the ‘conflict of interest’ concerns / shows of clean hands are really facticious

    -> that much of the industry clinical research trials are ‘farmed out’ to contract research orgs – this part is the meat of the paper

    A point he might have made but did not (see e) .. in the paper) is that somehow it has become widley accepted and shrilly touted that there is a **gold standard** in med. res. i.e. the double-blind w. placebo trial. Some ‘methods’ are superior to others, are the tops!

    —BS. Different questions / problems / potential ‘scientific’ support for practices, call for different research approaches, methods, it all depends on many factors, and all have contstraints on them, e.g. ethical, theoretical, etc. etc. —

    This attitude serves to decry purely observational studies, which are just as good. (Other point which I may tackle later.)

    The nitty-gritty is that such trials are very expensive to run, and Big-Med-Pharma can afford it, while others either can’t or consider them not needed, useless, or a waste. (More pointless endavours, jobs, etc.) (Natch cheating even in such supposed ‘rigorous’ efforts is easily accomplished.)

    I think it was madamski who ironically wrote “Science following the Science” or something like that, it made me laugh, but it is so apt. Here we see that certain interests define what “The Science” should aspire to, or be, or display itself as, as engineered by powerful moneyed interests, Big Corps, and by extension, their paid-up politicians.

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    link 1 – vid, anchorage meet, 1 hr 11 mins, in eng, chinese

    link 2 – radio free Europe, print, eng

    link 3 – F blogger in Moscow, print, french

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 24 2021 #71688

    While the int’l news has focussed on:

    The Blinken – China diplomatic disaster in Anchorage. Vid. of locale shows desperately ugly place, already an insult… (link 1)

    (Recall, the Chinese speak and understand English, the trans. are for the public and for the Americans.. Note there are cuts.. this is when the US asked for reporters to leave the room, afaik…an epic watch..)

    and … Biden’s response on a US TV show that Yes, Putin is a killer!

    The EU reaction has been abysmal. EU politics has gone bonkers.

    Putin phoned Charles Michel, Pres. of the EU Council, on 22 March, before the session of the EU council that is to discuss relations with Russia, on 25 – 26 March.

    While the F MSM hasn’t reported on this at all, except with vague condemnations of whatever Russian thingie, and I can’t find a transcript of the call, the EU site offers a run-around, a PDF with no content, this article in Eng. gives some pointers, from RadioFreeEurope. (link 2)

    What Charles Michel demanded (!) according to Russian sources, and some F ones, and in line with link 2:

    > Russia must implement Minsk accords. (The problems with this accord are endless and merely denoucing Russia is ridiculous.)

    > Russia must give up hybrid war and its cyber-attacks

    > Russia must respect human rights

    (see for ex. link 3)

    links below

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 21 2021 #71531

    I am having trouble in understanding why Biden was appointed President.

    I can only see this event as a strong indicator of the weakening and coming effritement, slow shattering, splintering, degrading, of the Pax Americana, of the USA as a dominant power, or even, in some time, of the USA as a viable, cohesive entity.

    // Taking it for granted that the election was stolen and Biden was chosen by a DNC cabal – see all the other candidates quitting – / by the PTB / aka Deep State / some combo / or all. //

    Reasons. Heh. ? .. ?

    1. Biden is the perfect puppet, as he doesn’t understand what is going on. US presidents are all puppets in a way, since Bush J., just to quote an arbitrary point (as in other countries as well), the trick is to find one who looks good.

    But, Biden presents a decrepit, abysmal, public face, doing *irreparable* harm to the USA’s image. Similarly, the idea that “the aim is for Biden to die / quit and Harris to become President” is lame, this can be accomplished with any President. Moreover what would be the advantage of having Harris as Prezzie? Just another puppet and not competent.. loathed by many…> It all seems like a shoot-yourself in the foot exercise.

    In the ROW, all important ppl, pols, etc. know that Biden is a senile basket case, not even a real person .. (Medicos consider his being hoisted to the post elder abuse.) The Biden – Russia, Blinken – China events show that expressed resistance to and disdain of the US has risen, and cynical triumphant laughter from round-about is echoing loudly.

    2. Is the aim WW3? A blundering idiot Prez. and crossed signals provoke growing animosity – Russia, Russia, Russia, bis repetita, resistance to China’s rise and development, etc. Which then goes ka-blooie…and most of us die. Yet, in the US some survive, etc. Heh sounds like future-fic. If so, this isn’t well thought-out.

    3. Might certain factions desire a break-up of the USA to return power to more local forces? Leading to some split-ups, aka secessions, the US states? For more control?

    4. A few powerful ppl hope for tremendous financial returns. That is a constant, but what they do / how etc. is another story.

    5. Other?

    ROW = rest of the world

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 19 2021 #71503

    Is it that my left leaning friends were always this credulous? Is it just because so many are stuck in these digital media bubble silos that surround our minds in cottony propaganda? Because we are not interacting face to face and it this is preventing many from obtaining accurate bearings on what is going on in the world? – phoenix voice.

    If by left-leaning one means, in the US, voting Dem, or being a “progressive”, ppl who might consider for ex. the Obama admin not ‘left enough’ etc., or being a Bernie Bro, angry at how he was treated .. In France, as the similarities are striking, adhering to the Socialist Party, having voted for Hollande (Socialist) as opposed to Sarkozy (who was supposedly ‘right wing’) — In fact the both were centrists but colored their positions to appeal to different demographic groups, then:

    These left-leaning ppl are, yes, credulous in the sense that they believe, or pretend to believe, adhere to, the touted facts, stances, opinions, positions, of the lefter faction within the ‘allowed’ politics in the US and France.

    They belong to, or aspire to join, or feel they truly desperately need to embrace the ethos of the 20%, of – not the richest as that metric is often used – but the 20% who occupy positions of expertise and power. E.g. sitting on decision nodes, important position in Gvmt. in education, health, working in the MSM and molding opinions, being a U prof, an expert in some kinda science, or demonstrating special gifts in the various arts, etc.

    Their main motivation is to be part of the professional-managerial class (PMC, as opposed to ‘workers’ lowly types, deplorables..), with vociferous hangers-on (spouses for ex.), or wanting to sell to those who can pay. (Hot Art, etc.) Their status, with the attendant super perks, monetary and other, is attained, or should be awarded! they feel! .. Because of moral criteria, ethical probity, political correct vision, a genuine caring for ‘lower groups.’

    Therefore, they use preachy wide-eyed posturing that appears to favor the oppressed, the victims of society (it is necessary to perpetually invent new ones..!) without ever having any impact whatsoever, for ex. on Black ppl being imprisoned for minor drug / other offenses… or the Prison Industry as a whole.

    They are hypocrites, aren’t ‘left,’ in the old sense of ppls control of production, worker’s rights, care for the weak (helping families, med care needed, education, advancing society, dealing with x y z…) They have zero interest in an egalitarian society, they just want to climb up the ladder to join the Tops, and be pandered to, admired. They thus support Big Pharma, the MIC, the Banks (Obama was a champ on that score) and ally with the neo-cons, etc. or whomever is killing efficiently.

    The ‘right’ in this frame is another story – less hypocritical.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 19 2021 #71442

    The vaccination of children and v. young people contra-covid is totally crazy and beyond the pale (see upstateNYer, Doc Robinson, others, in previous thread.)

    What has happened with the Pfizer, Moderna, vaccines shows there is a breakdown between ‘official’ – Gvmt. produced so to speak – advisories, and what happens on the ground.

    For ex. the UK advisory for the Pfizer jab stated clearly that,

    It is unknown whether /vaccine/ has an impact on fertility. (For men and women)

    Safety for under-16 not demonstrated.. and more …laid out pretty clearly…

    On the ground, the advisories are not followed because of hype and propaganda for the VAX which works via ascarcity thus desirable model as well as the ‘emulation model, popular movie stars, fantastic ppl, take the vax, some saintly women are even willing to die from it, and so on.

    Just like the ads strategy used for ex. for expensive handbags (some models from Vuitton) and watches (Rolex top of range..) These AD methods are used because they are the only way of by-passing the Gvmt. official strictures, not that those are in fact ‘independent’ or ‘rigorous’ or ‘best science’ etc. Many of them have been corrupted by corporare funds and the attendant melding of corps – “humanitarian” – other, ex. UN orgs – and State, and are on the take / have thru corruption become completely incompetent. Still, these various instituted bodies are obliged to pretend, and display a weak, imho unconvincing, version of ‘clean hands’ and “fulfilling our mandate.”

    Pregnant women should not be vaxxed, but on the ground, they are, and are mighty proud, and that is all fine with >> the MSM, others, nobody objects.

    So part of all that swampy mess is that if the VAX promotes health and Proteks (sic!) it must also be good for our little kiddies, who should be allowed to ‘get’ it, but, for their safety, you never know, we will test it first!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2021 #71389
    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2021 #71390
    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2021 #71391

    links didn’t post

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 18 2021 #71388

    From around here, France, Switz. some legal issues re. Covid.

    1. In F, as the vaccines are approved only for ‘emergency’ use, informed consent is required. In principle, a pre-vax meet with a medico who explains, at least 5 days before, must be done. Consent can be verbal, and withdrawn at any time. —Note Spain has had two court cases where the judge ruled that forced vaccination was legitimate – both cases involved old ppl in care homes with family opposed to the vaccine.—

    No doubt the letter of the guidance is not rigorously followed, particularly in old ppls homes, yet, such is the legal frame. Once the person has been vaccinated, it will be (imho) well-nigh impossible to prove ‘error’ or ‘coercion’.

    Life Insurance Cos. have made their position public, in F, for now only thru interviews, e-mails, responses to individual queries, etc. ..>..

    Dying post cov-vaccine is tantamount to a voluntary participation in an experiment. Put for ex. in these terms, trans. participating in a bio-medical experiment, which is an exclusionary case ..

    In ‘official’ Med. trials, the subjects, as willing participants, either forego compensation for insult, or the responsibility falls to the drug Co. or the State, or is shared, all as agreed to, signed, beforehand.

    So, in F, for post-vax death, insurance policies won’t be paid to the beneficaries. *Unless the State intervenes.

    2. In Switz. small biz owners have discovered that many of them had (private, personal/own biz) insurance against biz losses in case of an EPIDEMIC. Typically, a medium-end popular restaurant I know of, with two venues, making money hand over fist. But as the WHO declared a PANDEMIC, these biz. are not being paid the compensation. … *Unless the State invervenes..

    Such snarls may concern many others in other places…What about ppl’s, private, or public (or mix) health insurance / guarantees / State policies. Ex. What about long-haul Covid in various settings? How are the sufferers going to be ‘classed’, treated? Disabled? Chronic infection?

    2 links MSM in next post.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 13 2021 #71106

    USA: Texas Senate Testimony of Dr. Peter McCullough who makes the point that Covid-19 patients are not being taken care of which I agree with. (Not all he said natch.)

    I never thought the Medicos (with some valiant exceptions of course) would simply abandon their mission to take care of patients and do their very best (even if not super effective all the time..) but that is what has happened. Naive me, sigh.

    We see that medical circuits (doctors, clinics, hospitals, professional associations, Gvmt regulation and oversight, as well as medical research as reported scientific journals) have been infiltrated and taken over by ‘big money.’

    As desperate ppl will pay everything they have and go deep into debt for help, cures, and saving a loved one.

    (re the “West”..)

    In no particular order, the culprits are Big Pharma, Big Corps who run hospitals, care-homes, outpatient clinics, networks of med. practices. Pharmacists (on the ground practioners, also part of Big Corps in many places), medical machinery and equipment producers (huuuge industry, very expensive products, profitable for share-holders), and at another post, Health Insurance, private cos. in first place but not only, Gvmt. tax payer supported is not exempt.

    20 mins, March 2021. search on you tube: McCullough testifies to Texas Senate

    in reply to: ONLY #71035

    links didn’t post.

    in reply to: ONLY #71033

    Following the Vanden Bossche screed in the previous thread see Israel, the top-star-vax country. All nos. from Our World in Data.

    Israel, number of daily deaths (7 day rolling average) per million ppl:

    Highest point 2020 Oct 14 ………………. 4.47
    Down, down -> lowest Dec 9………………0.79
    Steep rise -> highest Jan 25 2021……… 7.49 (note 1)
    Then sinking -> latest March 6 2021……..2.05

    Vaccinations. Doses per 100 people (Pfizer vax, 2 doses needed.)

    is an almost perfect linear trend, going from

    Dec. 23 2020………1.62
    Jan 25 2021……… 46.8
    March 11 2021……106.5

    Haaretz March 11 2021: 56% pop received first jab, 43% got 2 jabs, fits with the nos. above.

    The death numbers, provided one accepts them, do not support the idea that vaccines are creating a ‘surge’ in deaths within the quite narrow time period (their long-term effects are another topic), nor the claim that vaccines have lowered deaths.

    No relationship between the two can be discerned. *Imho.*

    There is the time lag – about 1 or 2 weeks to note infection, another 2 weeks or often far more till death. Plus, overall the numbers of deaths are too small. As are at various dates the ‘fully vaccinated’ (what groups?) etc. Many other variables can be presumed to play a role and are left aside.

    1. On Jan 25, to compare, UK 18, USA 9, Italy 7

    //this post with links didn’t stick so i removed the links and will post them below.//


    About the article Scientists Accuse CDC Of Misinterpreting Their Research For ‘Harmful’ School Reopening Guidelines posted in previous thread.


    …States that K-12 education is open in Switz. since the UK variant. Yes, but not the whole story.

    After the summer (say, as UK variant is mentioned), all outside-home venues for children, young ppl, were kept open.

    Including “crèche” (day-care age 0 – 4/5 years, including private care, like a group of moms sharing), para-school (day-care for lunch, activites, outside of school hours, i.e. canteens, play and sports venues, and the like), primary school to age 12, lower secondary school to age say 14-16, special Ed. (all ages, incl. adults), upper secondary or high school to age 18-19.

    Vocational training has taken a hit (one can’t be an apprentice in a closed facility) but class time is maintained, and the ‘practical side’ is, it is claimed “compensated for.”

    Number of ppl allowed in a group is suspended, annuled, for approx. ages 0-18 (it is not the age that counts but the activity) for sports, group outings, and the like, provided it takes place in a state, para-state, or accredited private setting, and is supervised by adult(s), and proper measures are adopted (masks for ex.) Sports training of under-18 continues as usual (v. important in Switz, ski, ice-skate, tennis, marathon, etc.)

    The Universities (age 18, 19 plus) are closed. U Students are in a bad way. Another story.

    Here, everyone, afaik, approves of these measures. No way young ppl will bear the sacrifice. No way. They are life, they are the future, and deserve the best.

    The covid stats (imho) don’t show negative results, outcomes, of such policies, as compared to other countries, => a very complicated topic.


    Dr D. : Geert Vanden Bossche is Belgian, Flemish (Dutch dialect vs. French-speaking.) His written English is very typical “Dutch”, so we know he wrote it himself. No editor or even vague advisor passed by there. (was posted in top link)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 10 2021 #70902

    At the top of the page, click on the FIRST “fait marquants” report to download it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 10 2021 #70901

    Surveillance of Covid vaccines effects, France.

    Data is hard to find, one has to get around a ‘page doesn’t exist’ thingie. Links in a 2nd post.

    * = my comment*

    From the French Public Health site. Nos. are cumulative to 5 March (or noted if different)

    *All are certainly undercounts; the report does not warn about this.*

    Total vax so far: 4,315,000

    *this is jabs and not ppl fully vaccinated, fully vaxxed maybe about 5% of the population*

    Pfizer 3,954,000 (rest: Moderna, Astra Zeneca.)

    Undesirable effects (for all) 9,174

    For just one week, last week in Feb, 29% serious, 71% not serious.

    Pfizer (leaving out Moderna and Astra Z.)

    cumul. to 25 Feb: 7,000 undesirable side effects

    *the no. is not given, I’m peering at a shoddy chart*

    22% serious
    78% not serious

    75% for women, 25% for men.

    *Vaxxed, from other stats, is 60% women and 40% men, as the group ‘working in med / health / old ppls homes etc. are predominantly F. Still .. ?*

    68% aged 16-64 —32 % aged 65 +

    *As the huge majority of ppl vaxxed have been elderly, this shows that relatively ‘younger’ ppl experience more serious side effects. All the F stats have been very reticent re. age-groups, and this info is often missing, or obfuscated somehow. For ex, in the report summarized here, no “effects” / the deaths are detailed by age.*

    Serious effects of ‘special interest’ – implying not all are listed – total on the list is 834:

    >> most frequent:

    259 “heart” (various)

    65 convulsions

    64 strokes

    49 Covid 19

    49 acute respiratory distress

    54 hemorragic disease (idk what exactly this refers to)

    37 anaphylaxis level II and III

    30 facial paralysis (Guillain-Barré is a separate category: 1)

    21 thrombosis

    16 pulmonary embolism

    217 deaths

    *this cat. appears as the last entry on the table, it is not a total, but a separate category.* (very sneaky)


    peculiarly Diabetes is on the list (9)!

    The list is incomplete because accompanying text mentions zona (shingles) while stating “most cases weren’t serious” (91 cases.) High blood pressure is also mentioned but not on the list.

    So the F official site logs 217 deaths as directly caused by the Pfizer vax. Implied as well is the Pfizer vax causes Covid-19, if only in a very few cases.

    I have never seen such a mess in F. stats. The F. are good at math, good at stats, and many of the d-bases and Gvmt. reports on all kinds of topics are well done, or OK, acceptable, and can be downloaded, checked, etc. Caveats are regularly in the prelude, introduction. E.g. employment (in all its forms), leukemia cases, prisoners, etc.

    Naturally, many damning or sensitive numbers / topics are simply not published, the control is tight.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 8 2021 #70790

    V. Arnold posted (prev thread):

    The public education system in the U.S. is irreparably broken. The poor are sentenced to ignorance by a malfuntioning educational system.

    Yes, for ex. Beyond inherited privilege, which sees the children of the rich attaining ‘well paid positions’ and so on, thru contacts, etc. – other reasons, factors, are well documented.

    E.g. often mentioned as an emblematic ex. (correctly..). High-earner Silicon valley types don’t allow their children to have smart phones or tablets, at all. Zero. (I have read, not a far stretch .. know of one family where this rule is applied..) The children attend private schools following a Montessori line, or other ‘soft’ similar philosophies / educational principles.

    The children mess with paints, play guessing games, sing (old fashioned!), write how they like, do ‘estimations’, and ‘discussions’ (math lessons), and so on. The teachers are not better trained / more benevolent, simply, the system is different.

    The rich children are not subjected to skill-n-drill (rote learning perfomance when useless, though some is always obligatory, basic mental math, multiplication tables, reciting the alphabet, for ex.) and not punished or degraded for failure, as testing / marking ‘down’ / is avoided as it makes no sense. The kiddos aren’t treathened by violence, in the shape of scary drills, possible and real police interventions, etc.

    The distractions of the EVIL You-Tube links for under 12-s (as just one ex.) can’t be viewed by these children. In their environment, the ppl around them talk and chat to them, like and accept them, ppl joke around, don’t have score-cards,

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 7 2021 #70749

    The only global trial of potential COVID-19 treatments is languishing. The World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Solidarity trial, set up last year to quickly test potential COVID-19 therapies with tens of thousands of patients, produced headlines in October 2020 when it showed that four candidate treatments offer little benefit. But since then, it hasn’t launched any new tests. On 27 January, John-Arne Røttingen, who works at Norway’s foreign ministry and chairs the trial’s executive group, pulled the plug on the study’s only remaining arm, which tested the antiviral remdesivir. “The Solidarity trial is now on pause,” he says.

    Science 05 Mar 2021:
    Vol. 371, Issue 6533, pp. 972-973
    DOI: 10.1126/science.371.6533.972


    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 5 2021 #70635

    links, all thru a link shortener, bitly, and didn’t stick. all originals in french so prob not much read anyway, can do better if requested

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 5 2021 #70632

    French medical staff are quite reluctant to have the vaccine, if keener than the general public. Before their arrival, in Nov. 2020:

    53% French public was opposed to the covid vaccine(s).

    Amongst libéral (non-gvmt) medical personnel:

    Docs and pharmacists, 80% said would accept it for themselves, and 85% would recommend it to their patients.

    Midwives and physiotherapists: 60%, and 80% would reco. to their patients.

    Nurses: 50% … 80%.

    —link 1

    Dec. 2020. Med. staff (including ‘aides soignants’ – nurse helpers) working in old ppls homes. 76% are opposed to corona vaccines, and 5% ‘don’t know.’

    —link 2

    As for general attitude to vaccines, here the % vaccinated against flu for season 19-20

    Docs 67%
    Midwives 48%
    Nurses 36%
    ‘aides-soignants’ 21%

    —link 3

    These numbers are explained by social stratification. Med personnel (see 1) consider themselves socially above their patients (as younger, better educated, in better shape, more attractive, maybe in many cases ‘richer’, etc.) I do find the no. of those who won’t accept a dodgy product for themselves but who will recommend it for their patients quite alarming, but *there ya go* – social superiority, bis.

    Those working in old-ppls homes (see 2) are way down the social ladder as compared to independents and public hospital employees. Much of elder-home care in France is privatised, and are pure profit-making machines.. salaries in the pits.. work conditions disgusting..

    As for actually being vaccinated (for flu), the % (see 3) speak for themselves. (In F, midwives have higher status than nurses, which is why they are treated as a category apart.)

    As the vaccines are being produced and promulgated by the top power echelons (Corporations, aka Big Pharma, Gvmts. and rotten NGOs in web of alliance, be it uneasy) higher-placed followers or hangers-on adhere through self-interest, fancifully assumed or aspriring group-belonging —> approval sinks steadily lower down the social scale.

    It follows that the corona vaccines are being advertised and boosted (sic) by primitive prop methods. (There are no ‘scientific’ arguments to be made, invented ones might contravene some still existing laws / conventions.)

    E.g. famous ppl being jabbed on TV, some proudly announcing their vax status, etc. as if a vaccine is akin to some fashion move, like a super symbol artsy tattoo or wearing X highest-end shoes, a visible sign of belonging to the in-crowd. This also ties up with the ‘vax-status pass’ issue, which will certify not only that ‘you’ are a good, moral person (protecting everyone and all grannies) but admire your betters and imitate them, i.e., submit to them — or not.

    links in next post

    in reply to: Covid Rattle March 4 2021 #70575

    My own comment got lost in the split up. It wasn’t profound so no matter.

    in reply to: Covid Rattle March 4 2021 #70574

    Nearly six out of every 10 people who died with coronavirus in England last year were disabled, figures suggest. (Feb. 11, 2021.) BBC

    in reply to: Covid Rattle March 4 2021 #70573

    Why Is There A Correlation Between The Vaccine Rollout And Increased COVID–19 Mortality? (Feb. 2, 2021) by I. Davis.–19-mortality

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