Jan 312019
Debt Rattle January 31 2019

René Magritte The key to the fields 1936   • Dovish Fed Sparks Stock-Market Rally And Tanks The US Dollar (MW) • Will The EU To Cave On May’s Brexit At The Very Last Minute? (ZH) • China Manufacturing Contracted For The Second-Straight Month In January (CNBC) • Macron Has Declared War On The French People – Yellow Vest Activist (RT) • UK Consumer Borrowing Slowed Sharply In December, Says Bank of England (Ind.) • British Car Production Slumps To

Jan 302019
Flash-Balls, Pitchforks And A Backstop

Jan van Eyck Madonna and Child at the Fountain 1439 (height: 7.4“, 19 cm)   It’s educational and even somewhat entertaining to observe the role of the western press in the ongoing erosion and demise of democracy in Europe. But while it’s entertaining, it also means their readers and viewers don’t get informed on what is actually happening. The media paints a picture that pleases the political world. And it it doesn’t please politicians to lift a veil here and

Jan 302019
Debt Rattle January 30 2019

Pablo Picasso Bathers and dog 1922   • French Police Weapons Under Scrutiny After Gilets Jaunes Injuries (G.) • May Regains Control Of Brexit, But Has No Idea What To Do With It (Ind.) • UK MPs Vote To Renegotiate Irish Backstop (G.) • There Will Be No Renegotiation Of Irish Backstop, Says EU (G.) • British Parliament Rules Out Hard Brexit (MW) • UK Demands Brexit Deal Change, EU Says: ‘Non’ (R.) • Theresa May’s Victory: A Pyrrhic Success

Jan 292019
Debt Rattle January 29 2019

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Four elements – Earth 1566     • Over Two Thirds Of UK Public Don’t Feel Represented By Political Parties (Ind.) • Risk Of Accidental No-Deal Brexit ‘Very High’ – Key EU Negotiator (G.) • Will UK MPs Take Control Of Brexit? (RT) • Theresa May In Fresh Crisis After Anti-EU Tories Reject ‘Plan B’ (Ind.) • Bank Of England Urged To Give Juan Guaidó Venezuela’s Gold (G.) • US Announces Sanctions Against Venezuela State Oil Company (G.)

Jan 282019
Debt Rattle January 28 2019

Pablo Picasso Bust of woman with arms raised 1922   • US Sanctions On Venezuela Are Killing Citizens – Former UN Rapporteur (Ind.) • PBOC Fixes Yuan Dramatically Stronger Following Gold Spike (ZH) • China’s Real Estate Loan Growth Slows Further In 2018 (CNBC) • Britain’s Biggest Lender To Offer 100% Mortgages To First-Time Buyers (G.) • UK Cannot Simply Trade On WTO Terms After No-Deal Brexit (G.) • May To Seek Binding Changes To Irish Backstop – Boris Johnson

Jan 272019
Debt Rattle January 27 2019

René Magritte L’éternité 1935   • Mueller Hunt For Russia Collusion Turns Into Circus Show With Stone (Turley) • Disgraced Wasserman-Schultz Now ‘Fixing’ Democracy In Venezuela (RT) • Non-Yellow-Vest Protests Are Good? Macron Hails Venezuela Coup Attempt (RT) • Ireland Dismisses Suggestion It Should Quit EU And Join UK (G.) • Only Two Votes Really Matter Now On Brexit (Ind.) • Juncker Warns May: Permanent Customs Union Is Price For Revisiting Backstop (G.) • UK Firms Plan Mass Exodus If

Jan 262019
Debt Rattle January 26 2019

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Four elements – Water 1566   • Roger Stone’s Indictment Proves No Contacts With Assange – WikiLeaks (RT) • Roger Stone Indictment Packed With Details That May Make Trump Sweat (G.) • Congress Clears Stopgap Bill To End Shutdown, Trump Sends Warning (ZH) • Elliott Abrams, Prominent DC Neocon, Named Special Envoy For Venezuela (Pol.) • In the Deep Mid-Winter (Kunstler) • EU Elections In May Could Oust Those ‘Who Really Believe In Europe’ (CNBC) • Protests in

Jan 252019
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Debt Rattle January 25 2019

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Four elements – Fire 1566   • Trump, Pence, Pompeo Star In The Pirates Of The Caribbean (Galloway) • US Pulls Out Venezuela Staff, Urges Americans to Leave (G.) • Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó Offers Nicolás Maduro Amnesty If He Goes Quietly (G.) • US Seeks To Divert Crucial Oil Revenue From Maduro (Ind.) • Don’t Criticize Trump — We Need Him, Dutch Prime Minister Says (CNBC) • UK Firms Ramp Up Stockpiling Due To Brexit Disruption Fears (Ind.)

Jan 242019
The CIA, Lost In The Orinoco

René Magritte The black flag 1937   One thing I am not is an expert on Venezuela. What I know is the country has the world’s largest oil reserves, mainly in the Orinoco Belt, but they come in a form of tar sands that while they are not as hard to exploit as Canada’s (viscosity), they’re far from easy, and buried deep. And I know Venezuela had Hugo Chávez as its president, who, for a socialist, was quite successful at

Jan 232019
Debt Rattle January 23 2019

Pablo Picasso The classical head 1922     • David Attenborough And Prince William Urge World Leaders On Environment (G.) • The Super Rich At Davos Are Scared Of Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Proposal (CNBC) • EU Fossil Fuel Subsidies Still At The Same Level As 2008 (G.) • Shutdown Reveals Most Americans Are Unprepared For The Next Recession (MW) • Unusually Large Drop In US Home Sales Has Real Estate Agents Baffled (CNBC) • Moonwalking with Theresa May: Unboxing Brexit ‘Plan