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    For myself, in recent recalibration and on reflection, I’ve decided to replace the mental concept of (Western) “Nations” with “local Franchises of Globohomo”.

    With that simple substitution, my historical expectations of independence, rationality, citizen representation etc are “right-sized”.

    That is the simple reality we need to adjust to, though it is by no means the only option for the future.

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    The MSM have all reported in lockstep the PMs characterisation of the protesters as rioters who deserved what they got.
    I hadn’t realised the conflict was still ongoing all day, so it was 7pm before I got down there. The protesters were pretty much gone, but there were still hundreds of police surrounding the district. Which for anyone who knows Wellington is not a large area. A huge forklift from the port was there to move the large concrete barriers the police had installed.
    I was feeling outraged and bolshey and got in the face of several of the cops there. They were impressive in terms of deescalating our discussion. Between repeating the official line, they quietly made it understood they weren’t comfortable with what had taken place.
    Then most of the cops formed ranks and marched out, leaving a handful to tidy up the pizza boxes off the concrete barricades. The police helicopter that had been hovering all day left. I took a photo of the beehive, with a couple of cops standing outside the level 9 office of Ardern surveying the carnage below. Try as I did, I couldn’t take it all in. I was both outraged and numb simultaneously.
    I logged in this morning and tried to work, but by mid-morning I had to call in sick and logoff. Sick to the stomach, sick to the soul. My work colleagues all cheery and apparently oblivious to the ongoing descent of the country into a tyrannically led shithole.
    This open letter to Ardern posted today by an NZ business owner captures it so well:

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    Goddam WordPress keeps eating my homework… I’ll try breaking it up

    It’s hard to express the sadness and rage I feel after yesterday’s riot police attack on the NZ protesters. All the main news media turned their back and turned off their live feeds. The only genuine footage to emerge was captured on cellphones.
    Tear gas, pepper spray, water cannon and sonic controls, all used by police, who descended in the many hundreds.
    At first the protester’s resistance was peaceful – they linked arms and refused to be dragged away. The cops responded with violence. Later in the day, mask-wearing, brick-throwing Antifa “mysteriously” joined the protesters and the violence escalated:

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    Breaking – Ardern has sent in large numbers of cops early this morning with riot shields and pepper spray to clear out the protesters in front of the NZ Parliament.

    As the protesters said: the Ardern administration talked to the Taliban, they talked to the Mongrel Mob (an NZ motorcycle gang that they financed with community projects), but they wouldn;t talk to us.

    Just like Canada – dark days for another of the 5 eyes pseudo-democracies..

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    Ditty de jour:
    The grand old Duke of York
    He borrowed 12 million quid
    He gave it to someone
    He’d never ever met
    and for something he never did”

    in reply to: 2 Predictions #100668

    Re the DMED data, I’ve recently started following Mathew Crawford on Substack,who is brilliant and prolific in his analysis and writing. Today’s piece covers DMED and pledges to delve deeply into the data itself.. I look forward to see the outcome:

    Re truckers, prtests and NZ – yesterday saw NZ police arrest ~50 protesters in some ugly scenes. From the many video clips I’ve seen taken by the protesters, they did a remarkable job of maintaining a peaceful and often cheerful demeanor. The MSM of course have reported the complete opposite.

    The whole of the NZ parliament remained silent on what was taking place right outside their doors. Interestingly, several high-profile ex-politicans have come out today loudly condemning the arrogance of current pols refusing to meet with genuine protesters and deploying police against them. Rodney Hide, the ex-leader of the ACT libertarian group launched into the parties current leader (who has been on a roll lately, but turned into a bit of dick as a result..) contrasting all the things the party nominally stood for against the current leaders behaviour. Whack! Pop! Kowee..! Holy smoke Batman – lat volley landed with aplomb!

    With the weekend approaching, it appears a large number of people are heading to Wellington from around the country to reinforce the protest. The weather is supposed to be terrible tomorrow, but hopefully they persist.

    Myself, I felt guilty for working yesterday and not getting myself down to support the protesters. This morning I talked it over with my 8yo, and she is keen to go down there on the weekend and see what a protest looks like. It’s a balancing act for me, as her mum is much more compliant and doesn’t want the issue becoming extremely divisive between the three of us.

    Lastly, re trust in GPs – prompted by this article:
    ..yesterday I started drafting a note to my GP and the medical practice asking how they’ve reconciled their oaths and intellects with their behaviour in being rabid jab promoters in the last year. I don’t want to change practices – as individuals I’ve been impressed with every one of them I’ve met, but as a collective they’ve been ghastly on this issue.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 9 2022 #100550

    @Sumac et al
    One of the NZ media tropes common recently in coverage of anti-jab-mandate protests has been to observe the range of people present (everything from Trump flags, to Maori-sovereignty protesters, to ownership of water assets) and comment “these people don’t even have a consistent message”. I’ve heard the meme repeated by intelligent friends and challenged them:
    It used to be well understood in politics that groups with very different agendas or identities could (and should) come together to make common cause where their interests and concerns converged. In the current environment that seems heresy to a great many people. I’m not entirely when or how it happened (though I can speculate), but it’s crystal clear to me that the primary beneficiary of the change is vested interests. And that being so, it’s in the collective interests of minor powers to overturn the trope.
    Similarly, one of the main protest instigators here (recently jailed for his activism) is an evangelical pastor (and self-anointed Bishop) who makes my skin crawl. Yet he has stood up when the Left, the Intelligensia (not much of a presence in NZ.. ;-), the medical and legal councils, the courts and vast numbers of the general public have not. I trust him as far as a rattlesnake, but I’ve attended protests alongside his kith and kin because on mandates we have common cause.
    I don’t mind admitting my younger, more idealistic self would probably have baulked at that, but these days I’m more about pragmatism.
    Unlike previous decades, we share the planet with a generally apathetic and uninformed mass, who have little concept or interest in genuine history and politics. We don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing the perfect running mates.
    Or, as a more base analogy, I think we need to be looking for a good time – not a long time – in our choice of political partners to confront the mandates with urgency, ie those with agency, willingness and availability. Yes, optics are a consideration, but peer pressure is precisely what inhibits many from raising their voices. It’s a time to put less emphasis on how we look from the outside.

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    @Phoenixvoice (and DocR)
    Trauma often causes a person to pick up on patterns that others don’t pick up on as readily — such as patterns of abuse — and can cause hypersensitivity to authoritarianism.
    Well said.
    If the shoe fits, I’ll happily wear it. Significant childhood trauma here – tick.
    I suspect the correlation is partly hypersensitivity as above, but also that the upside of experiencing and recovering from childhood trauma is death of the naive belief that mummy and daddy can fix everything which causes “normies” to regress and become passive, expect others to magically fix things.
    From my childhood experience I’ve become a believer in the importance of childhood parental attachment, and I parent my daughter in the attachment model. I perceive a correlation between healthy attachment and a happy, positive kid.
    BUT, as others have observed, the lack of that for me was not an unmitigated tragedy.. the self-reliance and ability to step back and observe, and even to tolerate a degree of social rejection that normies might find intolerable.. in times like now is most definitely an asset.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 22 2022 #98744

    Factors to consider – whether the job is public sector or private, contract or permanent, which industry:

    The majority of the public sector here is moving toward mandates even bean counters working remotely. Not because of any science, but because TPTB feel they can and must. The private sector is not so uniform. Some are leaning heavily toward mandates, especially where the Board and/or senior exec are heavily virtue signalling (eg looking to leverage their stance into other Board positions). Others are more rational, given the practical realities of the need to source staff to make a profit.

    In many industries, NZ has relied on open borders to source staff, meaning the closed borders have led to acute staff shortages in some areas (reflected in those salaries rocketing up). IT has typically had a large intake of South African, Indian, Indonesian staff.. this supply has now been closed for two years.

    My employer (as with many) allows staff to work remotely but expects them to be in the office at least half the week. They’ve just introduced a policy which precludes unjabbed from coming into the office, which should logically lead to termination of unjabbed. But they’ve left themselves wiggle room by stating each situation is up to discussion between the individual and their manager. Currently I’m being permitted to work fully remotely, but it’s a complete limbo, subject to change by fiat or whim at a moment’s notice. I suspect I’m being permitted this latitude solely as I’ve demonstrated my value over the past few months, whilst there have been several unfilled positions in my team.

    My crystal ball view of the future (to be taken with a healthy dose of salt) – Jacinda et al have painted themselves into a very tight corner and will not be dropping mandates for at least several months, even as the UK, Ireland etc open up. They are idealogically wedded to the 5-eyes group in particular Australia and Canada, where coercion is still increasing rather than receding.

    There is a strong and vocal anti-mandate movement led by the groups Voices for Freedom amongst others. The media portray these groups only in the worst terms with portraits of the extreme fringe elements. But the core VFF group, started and led by a trio of 30-something media-savvy mums is working steadily and with focus to build strong alternate communities. Eg they just launched a group facilitating sport for all kids, particularly those excluded by mandates. When the SHTF – economically, politically, even militarily (eg Ukraine) as I expect to happen in 2022, groups like VFF have the platforms, communities, people of goodwill etc to be the foundation for strong and effective coping mechanisms and networks. The energy present at protests etc organised by these groups is strong, focused and positive.. the opposite of the way they’re typically portrayed as disaffected weirdos.

    If you want to discuss more you’re welcome to contact me at huskynut20 AT gmail.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 4 2021 #91569

    Reflecting on that paper yesterday by Thornley et al re spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy – surely that implies a major dip in births as this group approach full term which will be very visible in live birth stats vs typical in the next short while. I wonder how TPTB will attempt to spin that one?

    btw – Thornley is one of the principal movers behind the CovidPlanB group in NZ, who were pushing back against lockdown etc from the very beginning, so I have plenty of respect for him.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 28 2021 #88554

    Interesting piece here around graphene oxide in vaccines:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87957
    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87942

    How about..

    Patient visits (compliant) doc.. in Mexico or elsewhere if not available in their own country.
    “Doc, I want the vax but I have a psychological condition – I can’t stand anyone else seeing me get stabbed. If you load up the syringe and stand over to the side, I’ll do it myself”
    Doc complies, looks away. Patient hands back empty syringe. “Thanks, Doc”. Doc write out cert, including dose serial number.

    Hard to see how that in any way violates the Hippocratic oath.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87940

    @ Saul
    Without diminishing your genuine dilemma, I’m sure “slippin’ Jimmy” would contrive a creative third and fourth option somehow.. 🙂

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87935

    Question – why does every mRNA-vaccinated person not test positive for Covid immediately after being jabbed (or do they)?
    If the PCR tests identify the partial genetic sequence of the spike protein AND
    mRNA vaccines cause the body to produce the spike protein, THEN
    shouldn’t every recipient then test positive for Covid, at least for a short period after getting jabbed?

    Genuine question.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87932

    The Chumbawumba track referenced above deserves to become the anthem of the resistance. It’s exhuberant and contains intemperate drinking references.. the antithesis of the “safety at all costs” crowd!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 20 2021 #87666

    thanks.. feeling a bit better today. Good to be able to share and be heard.

    I got an email back from my Dad this morning.. he was very impressed with that same vid which I’d sent on to him. He didn’t mention anything further about being jabbed, past or future, but i realise there’s nothing more I can do apart from practice what I preach, ie share info and try to manage my own fear/anger/stress as best as possible.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 19 2021 #87586

    Thanks very much for the highwire interview today Ilargi and whoever posted it yesterday.

    I saw my 81 yo Dad over the weekend.. first time in a few months.
    He reported a range of ill health symptoms including a facial palsy, periods of very impaired cognition, feeling unwell enough to see the GP. they referred him to the hospital for further tests.
    He reported that they were unable to attribute a cause but had lowered him blood thinning medication which he’s been on for years since a heart attack with no previous problems.

    Having watched that video clip today, the symptoms he reported are very similar to the common symptoms they discussed of patients showing adverse vaccination events, including the inability to use blood thinners for presenting cardiac issues.

    He denies having had the jab, but admits to having been strongly pressured by one of my brothers who lives close by, who is well-meaning but naive. i could imagine him saying “we don;t want to bring the grand children over and risk killing you, so please get vaccinated”.

    It looks like we’ve reached the reverse teenage part of our relationship, you know:
    “son, where did that dent in the car come from”
    “it wasn’t me, Dad.. I didn’t drive it anywhere”
    “”yeah sure you didn’t son.. it just appeared magically…”

    So many conflicted emotions arising in me.. anger at my brother, fear of further adverse medical events, and on.. I wound up calling my other vaccine-skeptical brother just to talk it through and get it out of my head.. I was reluctant to cause him any fear, but at the same time needed an external perspective. He asked me why I thought my Dad would lie about having been jabbed (as he’s generally pretty straight-up) but I could picture him either not wanting me to worry (knowing my thoughts on the jabs) and/or his pride not wanting to admit he hadn’t listened to warning ie the teenager scenario.

    Tough times..

    in reply to: Five Alarm Fire #86224

    A couple of days ago a new NZ action group called Voices for Freedom hosted a real-time Zoom session with Reiner Fullmich. I’d read a number of his pieces here but I generally loath watching videos (feels too passive), but I was impressed. Not only did he speak cogently and concisely, but the format with three kiwi women interviewing him really connected me back to my country and culture which I’d been feeling extremely alienated from.
    One of the key things I took away (though it was not a big theme of the night) was the understanding that resistance to the official narrative is necessary but insufficient. We must find things – anything at all – that jams up the gears of the machine.
    One of the things that makes right wing memeing so effective is that is self-generating and self-sustaining. It doesn’t require energy to support and defend.. memes arise and are circulated, they decay and are replaced. They’re a form of asymmetric narrative warfare that is very energy efficient.
    Consequently I’ve turned my mind to what narratives can – at this time and place – be highjacked energy effectively.
    The MSM lives off controversy. Anything which is related to a live (ie fashionable) social narrative thread can be injected into the borg’s live-for-drama messaging. My job now as I see it is to find the live threads and to inject the subversive controversies.
    I have sooooo much more energy now that a way to fight has become apparent, and also that there are other kiwis actively alive and fighting.
    Resistance is life!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 28 2021 #85685

    he and I couldn’t get together where I could fulfill my function as an irritant to the familial social set.
    That’s my fear as well. I emailed my 80yo dad with the modest Covid PlanB article I posted a day or two back.
    He responded that he agreed with much of it, but couldn;t see that the mask mandates could be dispensed with.
    I replied that (from previous mask studies etc) I thought the mask mandates were essentially a voodoo compliance element and he could achieve as much by tying garlic around his neck or wearing a crucifix.
    it’s hard being in that position of keeping up with the information day-to-day, but then knowing even where to start where someone’s been fully exposed to the cool-aid without any prophylaxis.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 26 2021 #85480

    In NZ we dutifully await the emergence of St Jacinda this afternoon and her pronouncement upon the land vis a vis the future of lockdown.

    The CovidPlanB team have savvily reemerged from a long silence in advance of the official prognostication to offer their alternate strategy in a well-worded post here:

    in reply to: The Covid Coyote Conspiracy Theory #85003

    Ezlxa – your link above doesn’t work for me.. when I hover on it there’s no click-through

    in reply to: How Little Clerks Become Mass Murderers #84900

    @ My Parents Said Know

    What did the drummer name his kids?

    Anna 1, Anna 2…

    in reply to: How Little Clerks Become Mass Murderers #84899

    Which had me reflecting.. a few years ago i worked with a woman who was a Thalidomide baby, with all that entails.
    I doubt many kids these days even know of Thalidomide, let alone have met someone fro m that era.
    My colleague was a lovely woman in every way, but she also had to deal with the reality of her physical deformities every day.
    That grounding in reality doesn;t (or shouldn;t) leave anyone

    in reply to: How Little Clerks Become Mass Murderers #84898

    The NZDSOS group today posted a link to NZ’s Ministry of Health website. The MoH policy is now that kids 12 yo and older can provide “informed consent” for themselves, without needing parental consent.

    Which is still marginally better than Australia where they’re talking of compulsarily vaccinating 12+ yo,but only slightly.

    In NZ it’s illegal for a child to be left alone in the safety of their own house up till the age of 14. Yet these same kids are capable of “informed consent” to an experimental medical procedure?!

    in reply to: Stop Mass Vaccination Now! #84534

    Go to supermarket.
    NZ be like, Level 4 – have to wear mask.
    Wear motorcycle neck sock, pulled up over my nose.
    Entertain self making loud Darth Vader noises all the way around…. Tssss,.! Poooooohh..!
    Disturb a couple of folk.
    Leave, feeling fulfilled..

    in reply to: Stop Mass Vaccination Now! #84521

    JMG linked to this piece this week:
    Dr D may feel like he’s been plagiarised, but excellent reading.. highly recommended.
    – that opening quote of Schmitt’s is what we observe: the technocratic society we live in is inherently unstable in that it can disrupt effortlessly, but as it lacks the countervailing stabiliser of social conservatism it’s incapable of equilibrium. The constant lurch from crisis to crisis we are experiencing is not just an unlucky series of bad days, but a fundamental bug of our technocratic reality. We will never see the end of it unless/until we find a new way of social governance/government. That’s the stuff of revolutions and collapse – buckle up!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 17 2021 #84172

    PS – if I’ve asked that before and you’ve responded, please just link to the previous reponse.
    I’m not sure quite what’s going on, but recently I find myself frequently thinking “have I said that before..? have i asked that before?” and I’m worried I’ll self-censor without getting the answer, so apologies in advance for any repeated questions or statements..

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 17 2021 #84171

    Can anyone assist pls – I’m sure I’ve seen a story in the last day or two on how/why the three international press agencies (AP, Reuters, APN(?)) enjoy untramelled access to domestic reprint. Can anyone provide the link to that story?

    The context is I took a couple of complaints to the NZ Press Council three-odd year back and they were rejected – the paper argued that they were incapable of fact checking the articles they published as they lacked international presence.
    it just occurred to me that argument/ruling + the mainstream evidencing of the minimal diversity of international coverage is quite a good illustration of why we can;t have nice things (or at least a substantial debate),
    Wish I’d saved the article now – I hope someone else has.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 17 2021 #84169

    To our (NZ) Western cousins.. my sympathies on the retarded lockdown mandates that we now share

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 16 2021 #84162

    The queues at the local community shops here are insane.. I suspect by 11:59pm tonight when lockdown starts the shelves will look like those of a South African mall riot (ie the bookstores will still be fully stocked..)

    Based on some of the txts I’m seeing, I also wonder whether our goofy-toothed gonzo hasn’t just stepped off a precipice, and that gravity will soon assert itself

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 16 2021 #84161

    Aaaannnd…. BOOM…

    We’re going “hard and early” (wait, won’t that be unsatisfying for our consensual partner…” perhaps it’s not consensual, so we don;t really give a shift about their satisfaction…)

    Level 4 lockdown from midnight tonight, for 3 days, while the officials figure out a good tale to spin us…

    At least i’m employed and can WFH this lockdown..

    But the kids… messing with the minds again,,,

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 16 2021 #84160

    Farce alert – NZ is huddled over their TVs right now in anticipation of the announcement of a Level 4 lockdown across the North Island (ie including Wellington and Auckland) because of…. drumroll… one case of Covid in Auckland.

    But, but……. Delta!!! OMG….!!!!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2021 #83509

    An allegory

    A man (for narrative purposes, and not indicative of the presence or absence of any particular gender (s)) stumbles into an ornery bar. Picks a fight with the whole room. Gets handed his ass. Comes back the next day.. rinse and repeat. And the next day.. and the next day.. winds up reduced to insult-by-proxy ie linking to sites that insult dissenting readers.

    People wonder – what gives? Some oppositional-defiant Cool hand Luke shit, maybe? The bar is an odd choice of place if so.. the predominant vibe is intellectual-individualist, borderline anarchist sometimes. There is no hierarchy, no membership dogma. Much better to choose a church or military if continuous smackdown for defiance is what the man craves.

    A Groucho Marx thing maybe? Y’know, “don’t want to belong to any club that’ll have me”. OK, but if so then again: wrong bar – it hasn’t exiled even the most in-your-face provacateurs. There are much more promising joints just up the street.

    Simple attention-seeking? Well, they’ve certainly monopolised lots of attention, but that’s rapidly waning. Not much juice left to squeeze there.. will they leave?

    A religious quest perhaps? Y’know.. look the devil in the eye, wrestle zhe to the ground. Convert some backwater heathens and earn a place in the ever-after. The official back-story says yes, but the facts say no. I mean, these are really the most lightweight “heathens”.. relatively polite and accomodating, genuinely enquiring.. A knight vanquishing in such a place wouldn’t win a place in the ever-after so much as a warm cup of tea and a lie-down.

    Back in real-time, the story continues..

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2021 #83491

    Deflationista … what is your stake in how us cranks think? Why bother investing time? (asking for a friend)

    My hunch is that deflationista has a role (perhaps even a paid one) – not to change existing minds at TAE -but rather to try and ward off any wavering n00b who stumbles into TAE with the crazy flailing tube-man act

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 11 2021 #83407

    18 months ago, you literally couldn;t have made this sh*t up without being laughed off the face of the planet:
    The threat landscape has barely changed (improved actually, as we’ve validated and improved the early treatment protocols, based on history and (genuine) science), but the hysteria lurches onward like a lunatic on a full moon..

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 11 2021 #83406

    Sorry to hear that Canberra is locking down.
    In NZ, they are preparing the waters for the Level 4+ lockdown (WTF is that?!!).
    I guess when the droid-view mantra has been “go hard, go early”, the only political response can be escalation..
    At least if (ie when) it happens, this time I have employment and can WFH.. a large mercy..

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 5 2021 #82589

    Actually I’ll settle for one one these gismos for WordPress, but if anyone is able to create one for wider life, let’s have that as a stretch goal… 😉

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 5 2021 #82588

    Or even better, that add’s a “mute” button to the rendered screen with a user-selectable time delay (say 5 days by default).
    Hey, everyone has bad days and I’d hate to lose access to a smart commenter forever for the sake of one dumb remark, but getting back to the days of parsing focused TAE comments numbering a few dozen would really crank my handle.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 5 2021 #82587

    So suddenly I’m interested in sourcing a browser plug-in that will filter out comments from specific posters on WordPress websites. Does anyone know if such a glorious product exists?

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