May 312019
Debt Rattle May 31 2019

  • Julian Assange Shows Psychological Torture Symptoms – UN Expert (G.) • Julian Assange Must Never Be Extradited (Matt Taibbi) • The Unrelenting State (Craig Murray) • Trump Announces Tariffs On Mexico Until ‘Immigration Problem Remedied’ (G.) • Futures, Peso Tumble As Trump Unleashes Tariffs On Mexico (ZH) • GOP Senator Grassley Blasts Trump Over Mexico Tariff Threat (Hill) • Russiagate Is #1 Threat To US National Security – Stephen Cohen (RT) • Malaysia PM Wants Evidence To Show

May 302019
Debt Rattle May 30 2019

  • WikiLeaks Expresses ‘Grave Concerns’ for Assange’s Health (CN) • Press Freedom is Under Threat in the Land of its Birth (CP) • Putin Has A Mueller Pee Tape (RT) • The Limits of American Destructiveness (Dmitry Orlov) • China Accuses US Of ‘Naked Economic Terrorism’ (AFP) • Why Tesla At $10 Is Not Far-Fetched (Colombo) • UK Car Production Plunged By Nearly Half In April (G.) • Boris Johnson To Face Court Over Brexit Claims (R.) • Boeing

May 292019
Debt Rattle May 29 2019

  • Assange Request To Postpone Alleged Rape Hearing Due To Bad Health Denied (RT) • US Crusade vs Assange Blueprint For Criminalizing Journalism – Greenwald (RT) • Christopher Steele Refuses To Cooperate With AG Barr’s Probe (ZH) • Pence Predicts Perpetual War at West Point Graduation (Maj. Danny Sjursen) • The Geography of War: No Iraq…? No Iran! (OffG) • China Steps Up Threat To Deprive US Of Rare Earths (AFP) • Corbyn Set To Back Second Brexit Referendum

May 282019
Debt Rattle May 28 2019

Photo: Steve Biro     • Abuses Show Assange Case Was Never About Law (J. Cook) • Rumors of War (Kunstler) • In Honor Of Memorial Day, John Bolton Announces 7 New Wars (Babylon Bee) • A Million Americans Could Lose Their Pensions (HP) • Michael Avenatti To Face 2 Arraignments In One Day (Fox) • Canada’s Ontario Province Says Will Sue Opioid Makers (AFP) • Macron and Merkel At Odds Over EU Top Jobs After European Elections (G.) •

May 272019
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Debt Rattle May 27 2019

Pablo Picasso Landscape 1928   • Europe’s Biggest Blocs Lose Grip On Power (BBC) • Centrist Bloc Loses Majority In EU (CNBC) • UK Tories And Labour Savaged As Voters Take Brexit Revenge (G.) • Nigel Farage Demands A Seat At Brexit Talks (R.) • US Efforts To Jail Assange For Espionage Grave Threat To Media (Rusbridger) • S&P 500 Would Be 19% Lower Between 2011 And Q1 2019 Without Buybacks (CNBC) • Fiat Chrysler Puts Merger Offer To Renault

May 262019
War and Young Americans

Joseph Mallord William Turner Teasing the Donkey 1827   So we’re going to do this all over again? Well, not if I can help it. Not that I have much hope that I can, mind you. As the bastions of war chime on, my voice, like so many others, will be drowned out. The military industrial complex knows how to do propaganda, better than anyone. But I’ll try. Vietnam gave the US its biggest ever defeat, both militarily and morally,

May 262019
Debt Rattle May 26 2019

  • Pence To West Point Grads: You Will Fight On a Battlefield for America (Taer) • Global Elites Started The Russia Nonsense (Farnan) • Indictment of Julian Assange is a Clear and Present Danger to Journalism (EFF) • The US Media Is in the Crosshairs of the New Assange Indictment (Lawfare) • The World: What is Really Happening (Murray) • Europeans Vote, With EU Future In Balance (R.) • Who Gets To Choose The UK’s Next Prime Minister? (BBC)

May 252019
Debt Rattle May 25 2019

  • What Assange Charges Could Mean For Press Freedom (Jonathan Turley) • A Threat to the Press and the American People (IC) • Professional #Assange Smearers Finally Realize His Fate Is Tied To Theirs (CJ) • The Belligerence of Empire (Orphan) • Australian Government Urged To Intervene In Assange Case (G.) • Trump Wants Investigation Into Australia’s Role In ‘Russian Hoax’ (G.) • The Golem Strikes Back (Kunstler) • Political Media Is a Hucksters’ Paradise (Taibbi) • Trump Declares

May 242019
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Debt Rattle May 24 2019

    • Either You Are A Worthless Coward Or You Defend Assange (CJ) • Trump Orders FBI, CIA To “Fully Cooperate” With Barr (ZH) • Lone US Senator Decries Use Of Espionage Act Against Assange (RT) • Chelsea Manning and Her Lawyer On Today’s Superseding Indictment (SpM) • Amnesty International: Julian Assange “Not A Prisoner Of Conscience” (Wsws) • Theresa May Announces June 7 Resignation (G.) • A “European Empire” Won’t Make Europe Richer (Azihari) • Humans Causing Shrinking

May 232019
Debt Rattle May 23 2019

Leonardo da Vinci The madonna of the carnation1478-80   • Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi Warfare Hits New Level (USA Today) • AG Barr Puts Former Intel Bosses Clapper, Brennan On Notice (Brock) • Trump To Declassify “Bucket 5” Russiagate Docs (ZH) • Avenatti Indicted For Defrauding Stormy Daniels, Extorting Nike (ABC) • Inside The Epic Fall Of Michael Avenatti (VF) • Credit-Card Charge-Offs Rise Across Banking System (WS) • The Corporate Maginot Line (Lebowitz) • The Truth About US Inequality