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    This post is so true. Our minds do not like uncertainty. My old brain hates change.

    Messenger RNA dispersed in lipids and injected into humans is a new way to induce an immune reaction. Different from traditional vaccines that use live or killed viruses. This raises toxicity and immune response concerns since these formulations have not been tested in laboratory animals (which takes years). Gene therapy has been used to treat cancer where long-term effects are not of particular concern. The dengue fever vaccine failed after injection because if infected with one of the three wild variants, the vaccine caused severe adverse reactions. The mRNA vaccines could be produced now and increase corporate profits, and hopefully return the economy to normal. The risks are ignored and the media disparages anyone who points out the uncertainty.

    My take is fairly simple. The billionaires and multinational corporations simply do not want to pay for a functional national public health system that can control the virus as proven in Asia, New Zealand and Australia. This would make government supreme over global big business, once again. Ending their ability to take profit over lives. The establishment simply does not care that half a million Americans have died, so far. As a result, the Western Empire (US, UK & EU) has been shown to be so corrupt and incompetent that it will not survive the pandemic intact. There is a reason there is a Green Zone around the US National Capitol.

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    One wonders at the cognitive dissonance. The Green Zone in DC serves the same purpose as the Green Zone in Baghdad; it is to protect the Occupier’s government. It keeps the money flowing solely through Wall Street, not anywhere else. The propaganda and scapegoating of others has gone to such an extreme to keep this hidden. But it is impossible in a middle of the pandemic when the US public health system has failed. The only thing that will save the new world order is the three warp speed vaccines working despite, at the same time, the for-profit healthcare system (17.7% of the US GDP) purposefully exploits the ill.

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    The Congressional hearings on the Storming of the Capitol are ignoring the elephant in the room just like all of the earlier US government failures. The Plutocrats and their Overseers simply do not want government to work except to increase their own personnel wealth.

    Insiders simply cannot conceive that Outsiders (non-corporate/state actors) could attack the Twin Towers or the Capitol. In reality, there have been numerous blowbacks since the proclamation of the Carter Doctrine, arming of Islamic Radicals, globalization, outsourcing of middle class jobs, or intensifying ethnic hatreds (Woke Identity Politics). Ultimately, the global top class will never admit that corporate profits outweigh the deaths of little people. They can bank on it and avoid jail too.

    There is a direct correlation of the failure of national public health systems in the Americas and Europe and the number of COVID-19 deaths. Donald J Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci together with supporting players are responsible for the failure of the US public health system and the death of 531,652 Americans to date.

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    I second the question about Mexico being in a major war. I last vacationed there 30 years ago. There was no major war. I’ve been there and seen one. But I did see Huey helicopters parked in an open field used in drug raids. Senator Ted Cruz took an aborted tour of the war zone a couple weeks ago. The Establishment cannot admit that a major war is ongoing within the Americas with Drug Cartels. They finance Wall Street. The USA is a major market. Plus, this is how the connected earn their bribes and bonuses.

    If drums start beating for a war in the Americas, then the Corporate/State Generals will have to start talking about winning “hearts and minds” and “pacification” – not just in Mexico but the Elite will include the seditionists in “El Norte” (the 75 million MAGA voters and roughly 40 million Progressives). There is no way Canada can avoid collateral damage.

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    A fact that is ignored is the US government has been a continuous string of failures since losing the Vietnam War. With the proclamation of the Carter Doctrine, the USA has been stuck in the Middle East Sandbox for 40 years. The Clinton/Bush II Administrations failed to prevent 9/11. Obama gave corporate CEOs a free get out of jail card. Donald Trump failed to prevent the Wuhan coronavirus from entering the USA. 527,226 Americans have died to date from the virus.

    This was intentional. The failures lined the pockets of war profiteers, corporations; the connected. The Corporate State now reigns. All that matters is increasing corporate bonuses and the speech, seminar and book fees for public overseers. There is no “We the People”.

    The tragedy is that public health services, democracy and the truth work. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is just in the West, today, billionaires and multi-national corporations have no intention of allowing functional national governments that would raise their taxes, jail them for their crimes, and save the lives of its citizens.

    The three Warp Speed Vaccines are profit makers.

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    I admit that I voted for Barrack Obama twice. I didn’t see the light until the Ukraine Coup and the USA got all upset that Russia kept Crimea where they’ve had a naval base at Sevastopol since Catherine the Great in 1783. This was before the US Constitution was adopted in 1787 and way before California (San Diego) was annexed in 1850 and Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) in 1898. Yes, the naval base that Imperial Japan attacked less than 43 years later and ended with America’s last victory in 1945. The same World War when Russia defeated Germany to regain control of Sevastopol.

    Joe Biden is too far gone.

    Then there is the malarky about the Administrative State. This is a big lie. It is deregulation and privatization of energy corporations and the deep freeze that killed Texans and likewise wildfires caused by winds downing power lines that killed Californians. The current problem is the globalist controlled Corporate State which freely exploits the little people and the earth. Profit over lives. It is no coincidence that the last American CEO jailed for their crimes was Enron’s Jeff Skilling in the second Bush Administration.

    Likewise, for-profit healthcare is incapable of controlling the coronavirus pandemic that has killed half million Americans. The USA is solely dependent on the three Warp Speed vaccines working. The functional national public health systems in Asia and the South Pacific (that have controlled the virus so far) assure success as much as humanely possible as long as these nations keep billionaires from flying the virus into the country in their private jets.

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    The freeze damage and deaths in Texas is directly due to deregulation and privatization. Energy producers couldn’t be bothered to spend the money to winterize their natural gas facilities and cut their profits. The exact same reason PG&E didn’t bother to maintain their power lines and killed 84 when Paradise CA burned down. This will keep repeating until C-suite executives who kill Americans are jailed for manslaughter.

    The Coronavirus pandemic has killed half a million Americans for the same reason. A prompt thorough public health response in New Zealand (#174) limited the deaths to 26 and in Australia (#111) to 909 deaths. Roughly equivalent to 10,000 Americans dying instead of 500,000. The reason for the difference is Big Pharm, Hedge Funds, and their bought politicians whose sole goal is to increase corporate profits; not save human lives.

    This has led to disinformation and confused messaging since the truth is unwelcome. The mRNA jabs are more like gene therapy than traditional vaccines. If you are rich or Jimmy Carter, the brain cancer genome is identified and selected genetic portions of the tumor reproduced and injected to trigger an immune response to the cancer. If diagnosed with cancer, long term effects are hardly the main concern. A conscious high-level decision was made to give billions to Pfizer and Moderna and protect their patent rights. Public Health and alternative treatments were ignored. Global corporations developed Warp Speed mRNA “vaccines” with no long-term health studies. Humans are the guinea pigs. The mRNA injections seem to be working and no adverse effects are reported for except some allergic reactions so far and perhaps a hematological reaction.

    The ultimate outcome is that all trust in government and the media is gone. The US is nearing Civil War casualty levels. America’s little people are in the same vulnerable position as the Texas Veteran who was scammed with a $17,000 energy bill automatically deducted from his banking account due to the big freeze.

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    Both California and Texas have had wild weather events. But more basically, both have Enron designed energy markets. Since the ruling ideology believes markets are perfect and are a perfect reflection of value; external distortions like increasing extensive wildfires or a polar vortex induce distortions into the power grid that cause wild variations in pricing and kills people.

    Simply put, government is required to force business to plan for future events which cut into company profits and saves human lives. The USA appears to be at the tipping point, the costs of the private and public debt and of unaccounted for externalities have grown so enormous that the nation is unable to plan for future calamities. It is everybody for themselves until something catches up with you and then it is over.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 15 2021 #69755

    I have only been in Texas in its airports and traveling on Amtrak. I spent a couple nights in El Paso going to Mexico and back to ride the Copper Canyon train in the early 1990s. Texas is big and once was a nation. It has its own power grid; separate from the US regional ones. I take at face value that the Texas Permian Basin Gas Wells are frozen solid. No gas. No gas heating. No gas turbine electrical generation. But I doubt it was environmentalists. I’d bet the real cause is deregulation and energy companies out for the big bucks now switching to cheaper fracked natural gas.

    This is tragically typical of the new America, absolutely no planning, no stockpiles, no preparedness for future events — a polar vortex, a pandemic, or the fracked wells drying up faster than predicted.

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    At the beginning of the 21st century, a fellow cubical inhabitant with a Russian wife said she told him that the Soviet Union fell because they didn’t believe the propaganda anymore. The neo-liberal West is in the exact same position today. If history is correct, Joe Biden’s fate rhymes with Yuri Andropov’s. From another life, I am now getting MoveOn e-mails demanding “defeat the seditionists”. Sure, all 75 million of them.

    Since I am still alive with a 4.8 out of 10 chance of death if exposed for half an hour indoors without protection to a coronavirus shedder, I must accept being isolated for a year served a purpose and continues to do so. Caitlin Johnstone discusses this disconnect between “The Real World and the Narrative World”. The conflict that arises when the notational human mind tries to understand the real biological world. The Trump 75 million live in a different world than the top ten percent meritocracy that earn a living serving Plutocrats. In the real world this is the difference between the crowded russian roulette on a Spirit Airlines flight or a catered Lear Jet.

    This disconnect is most obvious to me in the discussions of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Donald Trump would still be President, if the US Civil Service had not been decimated, and America had a function public health service like Australia’s and New Zealand’s. But he didn’t and at his core Donald Trump was and will be a know-nothing, anti-science, bully. Joe Biden will not be any more successful as President. He still has the same dysfunctional government and Dr. Anthony Fauci remains his chief medical advisor. Joe Biden is so faded he melts into the woodwork.

    I can’t decide if the outcome was conscious planning or if Americans are so incompetent that nature overwhelmed their intellect. I am trending towards a conspiracy to keep the status quo.

    Dr. Michael Mina points out basic public health procedures that were never implemented:

    1) Lack of cheap paper daily antigen tests.
    2) Not vaccinating the most vulnerable first
    3) Prioritizing mRNA and spike vaccines only.
    4) Lack of population screening for the virus and genetic variants.
    5) Lack of funding for alternative treatments or dispensing known prophylactics like Vitamin D.

    The bottom line; fund and start universal testing. “That would actually allow us to predict with a whole new level of accuracy when these viruses are transmitting, how they’re transmitting, who are the main culprits, where are they?”

    When it is clear that the death and trauma were unnecessary, the rulers and ideology responsible, “profit over lives” will be thrown out. On the other hand, if like the Spanish flu that killed two of my Great Grandparents, it disappears after this Winter’s third wave; coronavirus will be forgotten too by the next generations. But tragically, being endemic in the Americas, and continual mutating; new variants makes this unlikely.

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    I admit to being stir-crazy and old, so instinctively, I know that everything comes around again. The counter-revolt that seized the Western Empire starting with Ronald Reagan was the result of new money merging the surviving intellects of the Austria-Hungarian Empire and the old money plantation caste to birth a supra-money-making global autocracy to supplanted democracies that were bought and compromised. Joe Biden and especially Kamala Harris are supra-global members.

    What is interesting is that Larry Summers is no longer an Insider. The fatal flaw was that the new/old aristocracy firmly believed that government is pointless, a hindrance, a curse; especially democracy. But the US government failed on 9/11, let coronavirus become endemic, threw its essential workers into the trash, and had two fiscal crises in 12 years. Government is necessary to prevent the Four Horsemen from running wild. Rich and poor are equally vulnerable to chaos.

    For the Hamptons to survive, democracy and good government must be restored. Blaming 75 million Trump voters and Russia for everything will only bring on a civil or a world war. It is time to recognize this is a multi-polar world again, withdraw to North American, and make the New World a violence and illness free zone as much as it is humanly possible.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 5 2021 #69357

    Yesterday, V.A. asked why I was so glum; thinking the USA could collapse this year.

    The Alberta graph above and the rise of new variants in UK, Brazil and South Africa puts neoliberal countries like the USA between a rock and a hard place. To control the virus requires going a war footing and nationalization of the for-profit healthcare system that is clearly incapable of coordinating, funding, or fighting the pandemic. Vaccines at best will protect the rich who can afford the semi-annual or annual corona-jabs until a non-lethal version of the virus predominates and the susceptible hosts are dead.

    There is a possibility that the 1889 to 1895 Russian flu pandemic was caused by one of the now five human coronaviruses.

    The USA is too corrupt, greedy and incompetent at the moment to mount an effective public health campaign against the virus. Coronavirus is nearly endemic in the Americas. Without a functional government, it is nature, the effectiveness of local healthcare systems, and death that will decide want happens next.

    in reply to: The One Year Emergency #69338

    @ V. A.

    I’m not sure. I edited a typo and hit submit, twice, the screen changed but it didn’t post.

    Basically it said that the truth has become a conspiracy theory. The judiciary in the USA is a branch of government in the USA along with executive and legislature. All have been bought. Vaccines alone will not eradicate the virus; it is endemic and mutating. With no functional national public health campaign, barriers to alternative treatments, and a never-ending economic Depression; America could fall apart this year.

    in reply to: Forecast What? #69234

    Dr. D is right; “the times they are a changing”.

    It one is alive it is simply impossible not to believe in conspiracy theories. Take Bill Gates. He is buying up farmland in the USA. In a renter economy with 0% interest rate, land is about the only way to make more money if one has created a monopoly like Microsoft. Or is it to produce corn and soybeans to sell to Asia to feed the workers where all the Windows computer hardware is manufactured.

    I have the last episode of “The Looming Tower” on Hulu yet to watch. I already know what is going to happen next. The end result, 9/11, was blamed on hubris, keeping the House of Saud on the throne to support the petrodollar, and wasting trillions of dollars on purpose in the Global War on Terror (GWOT) to line the pockets of war profiteers. If you are peeling onions what is further underneath?

    In disaster B-movies, TV reporters set the stage for the action to follow. What is weird about reality is that corporate media cuts out anything that adversely effects their owner’s profits, so the truth isn’t the truth. There is no prelude. The US Postal System stops working and nobody reports it. What else isn’t working? There are hints that global manufacturing is shutting down due to failure of just-in-time logistics i.e. Toyota shut a US auto assembly line due to lack of computer chips.

    Today’s post below links to the dire resurgence of COVID-19 in Manaus Brazil that has prostrated the city. It is right on the Amazon River just around 300 miles just south of the equator with tropical humidity, lack of a breeze, interior location and cloudy most of time that cuts down on vitamin D made by the skin.

    The United States has the highest number of deaths in the world followed by Brazil and then Mexico. What is it with the Americas?

    The US federal government has once again failed spectacularly to protect its citizens. I agree with Chris Hedges. My take is that the great reset is unintentional, but inevitable, in a society governed solely to enrich the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 31 2021 #69140

    Corporate Media has gone silent on the contradictions that are splintering the West caused by incompetence and corruption that purposefully transferred of all of the wealth from the former Western Middle Class to the top 1%.

    The Pandemic was publicized to get rid of Donald Trump but with him long gone, the goal now is to pass on as many bucks from every vaccine shot given to as many people as possible to Big Pharma.
    The reality is that the US for-profit healthcare system has killed 452,279 Americans to date. More have died in one year from COVID-19 than in the four years of WWII (405,399).

    The Robinhood App was used to squeeze naked short stocks. Paper silver appears next. Sooner or later, like 2008, a vital cog will break and the deregulated Wall Street will seize up, once again.

    The swamp creatures that brought the world Libya, Syria and Ukraine are back in charge.

    There will be a concerted effort to silence Redditors, Peaceniks, Trumpeters, the 90% riffraff – The Unwoke.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 30 2021 #69096

    I know enough to know to stay away from the stock market. The 401K is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on working Americans. Linked above, the GameStop play comes down to; ‘The only “fundamental” that matters, 62M shs (shares) short with 50M share float. It is physical impossible to cover this short.’

    In 2008, the market seized up when value of the securities tied to real estate plummeted, inter-bank transfers stopped because of fear of who would be the next Lehman, and derivative calls could not be met (AIG went under).

    The big Casino could be on the point of not being able to make a payout despite all the digital dollars flowing into the market.

    However, it is only tens of billions of dollars. Perhaps trading will be stopped on the targeted stocks. The punters will lose their money and current system of shorting stocks will collapse. Janet Yellen (enriched by $800,000 from the hedge fund Citadel) and the FED will huff and puff and a new old system of shorting stocks will be implemented by the SEC with new restrictions on retail investors.

    We shall see what happens on Monday. Will the government cover all of the losses on Wall Street? Then everything stays the same in the middle of a pandemic depression with the shell-shocked managerial class about to implement a pacification program against Trump riffraff.

    Will Americans allow 6.2% of their salaries go to Wall Street with absolutely no guarantee of any retirement benefits when Social Security is privatized? If punters can’t play on their smart phone, who stays in the game?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 29 2021 #69035

    This will be a long weekend. $800,000 paid to Janet Yellen buys the freedom for hedge fund rescuer Citadel to do anything they want. Just as millions of Americans lost their homes after 2008 financial crisis, retail investors are going to lose every penny they put into the Robinhood App. But this time thanks to infinite leveraging with derivatives and naked shorting, Wall Street crashes for good. Just as with the Coronavirus Pandemic, the federal government today is too incompetent and corrupt to save the big casino or protect its citizens.

    The veterans of the Storming of Capitol Hill are afraid and traumatized. Scared shitless of the other cult members in the Chambers. Pacification of 75 million American Trump voters is their #1 priority. The Empire is gone. The 50-state Union is next.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 26 2021 #68878

    Whomever controls the nuclear armed ICBMs and does not fire them will be the new Western Warlords. Bill Gates will gladly pay his last penny to mercenaries to leave him and his family alone and live one more day. Literally, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi had to get the Pentagon’s buy-in for the “peaceful” transfer of power. They still screwed it up. The troops didn’t get the calories to pull 16-hour-a-day guard duty or cots to sleep on due to privatization of logistics. This is all due to politicians’ corruption, the flushing government down the toilet and restoration by neo-liberal globalists of the old-world caste system. The troops will stay in DC till March for the impeachment trial. This implies a fair amount of fear of the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

    Comments like this will soon be censored on the internet as conspiracy theories. But the real cabal was the Clinton Campaign who funded Christopher Steele dodgy dossier and blamed Russia for the election of Donald Trump. The West is so saturated with PR (propaganda) it is literally impossible to know up from down and communicate with others of a different cult.

    I am watching “The Looming Tower” on Hulu. Long ago, I concluded that the two-decade global war on terror (GWOT) was not in the best interests of Americans and the wars unwinnable. But to be exposed to Al Qaeda’s powerful and moving propaganda of self-sacrifice for one’s family and religion is shocking.

    True believers that profess money is the only means of determining value in life are part of a self-destructive sect. Greed and war-profiteering are destroying America. The Empire is gone — killed by coronavirus. The US federal government is incapable and the Overlords disinclined to pay for healthcare for all, find alternative effective treatments, or implement a strict public health campaign to shut down everything. Paying for testing daily of everyone, contract tracing, isolating everyone at home or in safe shelters and free treatment of the ill in two months would stop transmission and eradicate the virus. Instead, sometime this Spring, as many Americans will have died from coronavirus as died in the American Civil War. It is still unclear if the mRNA vaccines will stop the transmission of the virus. If they don’t, a million or more Americans could die if the Pandemic response remains an incompetent disorganized mess.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 23 2021 #68776

    “There is not really a downside for seniors to be vaccinated” — as long as it makes money for corporations.

    The emergency approval of the vaccines is fudged over since it is the only tool available in the West. The pandemic was used to oust Donald Trump but the fact remains that the US government response failed from the very beginning from the top down. De-industrialization, corruption and drowning it in the bathtub made an effective response impossible. In February against federal CDC orders, Washington State testing proved that there was asymptomatic community transmission since January 2020. I isolated myself with the first death in Maryland on March 3rd. By April it was likely too late for strict quarantine measures such as Australia and New Zealand implemented in March to work. In England and Wales after the first wave of infections and deaths, with the semi-privatized National Health Service care and with three lockdowns, the excess deaths in the graph above shows a steady increase — due to coronavirus. In the USA, the privatized healthcare system has been overwhelmed with new spikes when the virus moved into a new uninfected region; unhindered by haphazard lockdowns and assisted by know-nothingness and holiday travel. Perhaps there are also new variants that inadequate US testing has yet to detect. The US death rate may be plateauing. If permanent and if any correlation to the start of the vaccine injections on December 14th, is too soon to tell.

    The mRNA vaccine emergency use was based on no acute toxicity in the first trials and less severe illnesses comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated. Israel is doing the first real-world study of the vaccine. One shot provides 33% efficacy against infection. The effectiveness and long-term safety of two shots are still unknown. “If a vaccine protects 80 percent of those immunized and 75 percent of the population is vaccinated, this could largely end an epidemic without other measures such as social distancing.” If the vaccine is less effective, if there are delayed reactions, or if there is jab resistance in the population; public health measures will be needed to control the pandemic.

    It is manslaughter not to provide universal healthcare and a functioning nation public health system for Americans in a time of plague. Today is not too dissimilar from the past when the English exported food out of Ireland during the Potato Famine.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 22 2021 #68740

    Since vaccines are all the neoliberal West has, they went the vaccination route with no clear knowledge of their safety and efficacy. There should have been extensive reporting required for their emergency use but that is asking too much of a government that has problems just distributing them. The 90% figure touted for the mRNA vaccines is the reduction in the severity of the disease compared to those who became ill in the unvaccinated group, a fairly small number since testing was done at the start of the pandemic.

    The Israeli report would indicate the Pfizer mRNA vaccine does reduce the infection rate by 33%.
    This is a better than none. The vaccine and face masks will lower the RO value. The question is how low. Another of my gut feelings is that since around 50% of the infected shed the virus with no symptoms to get the RO under 1 and eradicate the virus will require public health measures; daily testing, isolation, and school and work bubbles. Vaccines alone will not be enough.

    But to avoid taxing corporations and the wealthy, there will be no healthcare for all or a working national public health system in the USA. For the foreseeable future, the Americas will have an endemic illness and a steady death rate of thousands per day of Deplorables (who clearly do not matter since they are led by Vladimir Putin and are racist). The military has already been called in once to save current US political system. Further unrest is assured.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 21 2021 #68685

    There is no getting around the fact that 25,000 troops and turning DC into a Green Zone were necessary for the peaceful transfer of power back to the new/old Obama Administration. PR won’t hide overflowing for-profit hospitals or an economic depression. When nothing changes, the same old same old, geriatric Democrats will blame the 75 million Trump voters led by the Russians.

    Former middle-class Americans will not continue the fall into poverty, homeless, addiction, illness and death peacefully. The Obama’s response to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis of PR (propaganda) while bailing out Wall Street with no reforms or jail time and making millions of Americans homeless (which elected Donald Trump in the first place) will not work the second time around in this existential Pandemic/Depression. The 10% multi-cultural global bi-coastal elite cannot continue the financial bloodletting of the heartland, there is nothing left. Indeed, the Biden/Harris Administration has a perilous challenge ahead. They must actually end the pandemic, provide family supporting jobs, and halt climate change, all of which require taxes and competence. Good luck with that.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 19 2021 #68596

    In the USA, private public partnerships never work. Higher profits and the public good are contradictory. The neoliberal cult says only markets determine value but they keep trying again and again to cut into the stream of public money. The US Vaccine partnership will likely fail too from the virus becoming endemic, jab reluctance, and mutations. Since there are no long-term studies on mRNA vaccines, the emergency injection of millions of Americans should have been treated as a very large testing trial and extensive reporting of adverse effects and efficacy required. Israel apparently still has a working government for members of its state religion. With 50 states injecting the vaccines as they want, this is impossible. US Corporations today get away with billions of dollars for vaccines, stock buy backs, bonuses, and manslaughter.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 17 2021 #68500

    The Biden/Harris Administration has itself in a straight jacket even before being sworn in.

    They will try to restore the Empire when the homeland is quarantined in a multi-polar world with China controlling coronavirus and its economy supplying the world. Impossible.

    The new Administration is completely subservient to multi-nationals and big pharma. No CEO will be jailed for their crimes for the next four years. The USA is solely dependent on the mRNA vaccine program to control the pandemic. But Americans were told a lie that there was a reserve for the second shots. There is none. Herd Immunity will be impossible if half of the population won’t or can’t get jabbed. Note the articles above on the elder deaths in Norway and USA don’t compare numbers to the normal death rate of 80-year-olds. My gut feeling is that the vaccines are more deadly to elders than stringent safe isolation to halt the transmission of the virus. But the Biden/Harris Administration is adamantly against healthcare for all and a functional national public health system. Someone should ask why is Vietnam controlling the coronavirus pandemic and the USA has the most deaths in the world? 407,202 Americans have died to date which is approaching WWII casualty levels in one year.

    As the comments here point out the haphazard lockdowns and the overwhelmed for-profit hospitals increase the number of deaths. Without vaccines, there must be daily antigen testing, isolation if positive, contact tracing, public health bubbles at school and work, safe quarantine locations and free healthcare. Nothing else will work. In an insurgency this is impossible.

    The only way to avoid a civil war, control the pandemic, and end the economic depression is to restore government by a for the people. The current system has failed. It will always fail. Rich getting the richer on the backs of everyone works for a while until it is overthrown or collapses. Aristocracy always loses. Except this time around, civilization may not comeback in a depleted finite world armed with nuclear weapons. No wonder the richest man on the world wants to be the First Martian.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 13 2021 #68293

    I am old enough not to trust my memories. Beliefs are like that, the ones that calm the force are reinforced. The top 10% Congress Creatures are shell-shocked. The brain does not like unpleasantness – pain. This is what causes addictions. Drugs make the brain feel better. To take away the pain, the Swamp is going to blame the 90% that don’t look or talk like them. They will never ever blame corporate government, themselves, for 1) the loss of jobs, 2) the lower life expectancy of Americans due to illness, homelessness and drug addiction or 3) their use of identity politics which are the root causes of the unrest.

    There is no indication that the Joe Biden will govern any different than before when 10 million Americans lost their homes and the endless wars expanded to Libya, Syria and Ukraine. Forever War Veterans deeply in debt with nothing left to lose add to the volatility. Surveillance and jailing won’t work.

    Peace is only possible if the pandemic and the economic depression are controlled which is unlikely unless a unified national program is undertaken to control the virus and jobs are given to all able-bodied workers. Food, shelter and healthcare must be provided for all Americans. Banning corporate election money and paper ballots counted in public are necessary as starters. Violence and eventually secession are a given unless true democracy is restored.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 12 2021 #68183

    The spike in cases in Ireland is frightening. The US federal government never grasped the dire consequences of asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus even if the virus is relatively less lethal to the middle aged and younger population. Temperature screening was and is pointless. They never considered the need to quickly develop accurate cheap tests to self-determine if one is infectious and self-quarantine. No scheme was ever prepared for reporting or forming bubbles or getting free medical care. Simply the hierarchy is more interested in giving billions of dollars to corporations to increase their profits than American lives. The number of deaths of Americans is now reaching in one year the casualty level of the four-year World War II. Plus, enough time has elapsed with enough people infected for a mutant to develop that defeats the lockdowns and wearing ineffective face masks and maybe PPE if healthcare workers are getting infected with the new British variant. The whole western political and executive hierarchy is corrupt and incompetent.

    This is obvious but not acknowledged in corporate propaganda. On January 6 2021 the professional leadership class felt fear for the first time. The USA is now without a government. The tragedy is that they’ll blame the Air Force Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan for getting herself killed. They will never admit that it is their fault. But the truth is that the 10% aristocracy cannot rule over the 90% working classes if the sole purpose is to exploit the healthy and let the sick, addicted and old die off, so the Brahmin top caste of global billionaires can get richer. The current American system is simply incapable of controlling the pandemic depression. The insurrection will continue and spread. Only restoration of government by and for the people can fix this.

    Censorship of the US internet is coming, but it won’t make a difference if cassette tapes brought down the Soviet Union by telling the truth. People must and will find ways to communicate. But it will make my cabin fever intolerable.

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    In reply to yesterday’s “but the US oligarchs will do all they can to prevent anyone from leaving”:

    Yes, the future is not “Red Dawn”. Working Americans in a coronavirus infected nation are not going anywhere. But Harvard Boys will continue making even more money from privatization and asset stripping. They can’t help themselves. Donald J Trump documents the psychopathy of the ultra-rich. The current US government has fallen but hopefully the nation will make it through to Inauguration.

    The Biden/Harris Administration in order to save the USA must make the government functional again, rebuild the public health contact tracing system, and provide free healthcare and isolation centers for all to control the pandemic if the Warp Speed Vaccine Program fails. Wall Street’s control of Washington DC and their predation of Americans and the environment must end. The gig economy, exploitation, no healthcare, homelessness and the endless wars all assures continued unrest on top of community destroying wildfires and hurricanes due to climate change

    A continued uncontrolled coronavirus pandemic makes New York City unlivable for Jet Setters. Global Masters of the Universe can live in mansions anywhere with high walls, electricity and guarded by mercenaries. They’ll depart the sinking ship and will move to where it is safe. The richest wants to live on Mars.

    There is nothing to stop the USA from becoming the latest Yugoslavia except its citizens rising above identity politics and preventing it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 10 2021 #68114

    When the USA became a global empire two things happened; 1) corporations purchased politicians, got “get out jail” cards and demolished democracy and 2) the old world caste system of Brahmins, Warriors, Farmers, Laborers and Outcastes was imposed upon Americans. The 2016 election was the culmination of Americans loss of income, status and declining life expectancy. Donald Trump seized the Republican nomination from the corrupt incompetent corporatists.

    The big divide in the USA today since the Storming of the Capitol is between those who blame Donald Trump solely for the pandemic, depression and unrest and those who recognize that he is just a symptom of the real cause, a failed government. The propaganda is no longer working.

    Unless democracy and the rule of law are restored, the USA will splinter apart like the USSR did with the loss of the Empire. Joe Biden will fail just as the Communist Politburo failed. Perhaps like Russia in the chaos that kills millions, a charismatic authoritarian who isn’t off their rocker will arise and save the remnants. Maybe not. Too many guns. Too much anger. Identity politics and color revolutions too successful.

    in reply to: The Swamp Swallowed Trump #68035

    The Western Empire is kaput. The USA government has failed, it cannot protect its people from the plague or defend itself. Vandals were allowed to enter the inner sanctums of power.

    Russia and the USA are similar. European expansionist settler nations who conquered Siberia and North America. Thirty years later the USA is suffering the same fate as the fall of the USSR. Maybe an authoritarian will save the remnants before the devastation of a second civil war. But it is clear by its ascent that the Biden/Harris Administration is bought and paid for by multi-national corporations. If there is no change, no restoration of functional democracy, millions of middle-aged Americans will die as they did in Russia.

    But American hopes and dreams won’t fade away as long as the Gettysburg Address exists; “all men are created equal” — “these dead shall not have died in vain” — “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 7 2021 #67915

    The picture of the Deplorables inside the Capitol above reminds me of the 17 year old carrying a M-15 in Kenosha WI before he killed two. They look like what they are, losers. A professional job interviewer wouldn’t waste a second on them. They stormed with an assist by others the symbol of their suppression. They will keep it up until the USA splits apart. They have nothing better to do.

    This is a result of why the Western Empire has fallen and pandemic spread unchecked killing a third of a million Americans to date. The US government for the last decades solely worked to increase corporate profits not for the people. It’s failed. Jobs, security, health and a purpose in life are necessary to prevent the rising chaos or a reign of authoritarianism.

    The tragedy is the Inauguration in two weeks won’t change a thing; no New Deal nor an end to the perpetual war. Secession becomes inevitable.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 6 2021 #67816

    The Storming of the Capitol.

    VP Mike Pence authorized the use of National Guard troops. One Woman Protestor Dead. Curfew in effect in DC, Arlington and Alexandria. Electoral Ballots saved for another day. Capitol retaken. Another day of utterly incompetent government. This wasn’t unforeseen.

    The top 10% have been in denial. Their exploitation of the 90% is ending. The Empire has fallen. The bureaucracy will remove Donald Trump and install Joe Biden. They must to get paid. But the Capitol has been spray-painted – “Restore the Constitution and government by and for the people by assuring that future elections are free of corporate money plus end the Pandemic/Depression, or the USA is finished.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 4 2021 #67717

    The USA has been an Empire since the Mexican War. All those forts in the South to be renamed since the veto override of the defense bill veto, were built, and named after backwater Confederates to keep the Empire together. This, the pandemic, and Ted Cruz’s secession movement signify that the globalist run hegemon that uses identity politics to separate and spread ethnic conflict across the globe is no more. It is a multi-polar world once again.

    The incompetent Pandemic response and Vaccine distribution show that USA is a failed state. If Americans want to remain a North American Empire, like before, they must keep Southerners, Heartlanders, Latinos, and Bi-Coastals together. The only way to do this is restore the Constitution and the rule of law. All the election shenanigans would end with paper ballots if counted in public combined with prohibiting corporate money being spent on elections. Government by and for the people would be restored once more.

    If not and the states secede and a big if, war is avoided, most likely, North American will splinter into around twelve ethnic regional states centered on military bases armed with nuclear weapons and corporate headquarter cities with lots of no man’s land in between.

    “Mad Max” is 2021!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 2 2021 #67604

    Being old, I hate all the harbingers of change that will continue through 2021;

    Suffering Montezuma’s revenge in Maryland, all of today.

    No US federal public health system.

    Rushed vaccines with no efficacy or long term safety data.

    Gas tank filled a year ago that is still more than half full.

    Paying thousands of dollars for dental and auto insurance that I am not using.

    Electricity going out for hours in the middle of the night for no reason.

    Two Chase credit card accounts that didn’t receive my analog checks that I mailed weeks ago – now with late charges.

    Paying credit cards yesterday on a slow internet with digital payments from my bank’s checking account.

    Senator Ted Cruz taking the first steps for the secession of Texas.

    Governor Gavin Newsom’s incompetent California hypocrisy.

    The fall of the Western Empire. The ascendancy of nations that controlled coronavirus.

    Going stir crazy while trying to stay alive.

    Joe Biden/Kamala Harris

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 1 2021 #67552

    The efficacy and long-term safety of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is unknown at this time. It is apparently not acutely toxic with one Swiss death reported in the millions of first shots. Without functioning public health systems in the West, the only alternative is the vaccines.

    Important people will get funding. Both corporations will do the minimum necessary, fudge questionable results and oversight by the US federal government will be next to nil. Since the states are still reporting COVID-19 deaths, if the vaccines are having any effect on the transmission of the virus and the severity of the illness, it should show up in the state morbidity data. If there are excessive extreme reactions to the second shots or reinfection, it will likely appear in the alternate media.

    Everyone is playing Russian Roulette. Death is about 50/50 risk for me if infected – a two chamber revolver. Going to the doctor’s office is a moderate risk. Say 50/50. So getting jabbed is a four chamber risk. But, being isolated, the only risk is from a virus fomite contaminated resupply which hasn’t happen yet. So, I am stuck at home unless the vaccines work spectacularly in the next three to four months. More likely, things remain fluid, the government does nothing, mail delivery stops, and when the internet goes down, nobody gets paid.

    On January 6th it looks like the Democrats will get one last shot at good governance with Congressional acceptance of the electoral vote. If they replay the first neoliberal Obama/Biden Administration, the heartland will eventually secede from either coast unless a second civil war or third world war destroys it first.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 29 2020 #67422

    The effectiveness of mRNA vaccines on the transmissibility of coronavirus is being testing right now with the millions of humans being jabbed with it. It was rushed into use without testing the effectiveness and safety because there was no alternative in the West. There are no effective public health systems or functional governments in place to control the virus unlike Asia and the South Pacific nations. Democracy had been dismantled to increase global trade and profits. Daily testing, contact tracing and safe quarantines are too costly for global billionaires. Basically, lower castes do not matter.

    If the number of COVID-19 cases decrease where injections are underway, this will prove the effectiveness or not. But it will be at the cost of all who have long haul diseases and those who died too soon – 356.579 to date in the USA.

    Richard Engel, NBC foreign correspondent, at the beginning of the pandemic in Singapore identified the virus as a “Killer Cold”. An apt description. But the term disappeared immediately. The Western Empire would not, could not, tell the truth; a deadly pandemic is engulfing the world and has crowned Joe Biden, the Last Emperor.

    in reply to: Thank You 2020 #67388

    Marvelous writing. It is true. How one dimensional the world has become when the only thing that matters is money, not the pursuit of life, liberty, fraternity and happiness.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle Boxing Day 2020 #67329

    It is obvious (unless your paycheck is involved) that the Western response to the coronavirus pandemic is solely injecting profitable vaccines. Clearly Pfizer was across the line first and gains the riches. Second there is no “greater good” anymore. With the privatization of healthcare in the USA, the public health system was decimated.

    Los Angeles is running out of oxygen for its COVID patients. Vaccine logistics needs to be straightened out. There are indications of significant allergic reactions to mRNA vaccines. Yet, corporate propaganda is shameless. Dr. Anthony Fauci who didn’t control either the HIV and coronavirus pandemics is idolatrized, not called a Loser like Donald J Trump. The US Government failed across the board. Profiteering is rampant.

    Unless the US Constitution and the Public Health System are restored, the dog fights over the remains between national oligarchs and global high caste billionaires are sure to result in the secession of the US Heartland from either coast like a nightmare Brexit. Only the most deluded would call that good. This is on Joe Biden and the Democrats if they continue down the current path. Today’s coronavirus death toll of 339,921 is sure to climb well above the US Civil War’s 750,000 dead. Millions more will die if a second civil war breaks out.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 23 2020 #67249

    By next year to travel by air, get on Amtrak, get a driver’s license, any public function that has guarded gateways, you’ll have to show a digital certificate. If you don’t have a smart phone, you’ll have to go to the slow lane. The only thing that may stop this is if there are significant allergic responses to the second shot or if reinfection kicks off a cytokine storm.

    I am still shocked that, despite the evidence, the media does not point out that coronavirus pandemic in high inequality states without functioning public health systems overwhelms the for-profit hospital systems. To date, the lockdowns only address this problem. If the nation was united on restoring the public health system and doing what is necessary to defeat the virus, it could be done. It is just that the oligarchs and the paid politicians don’t care and will block any attempt to use upper-class wealth to fund a public health system. But the wealthy do support spending billions of dollars on for-profit corporate vaccines since they get a cut of it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 21 2020 #67168

    Amazingly Time magazine blows the silence and compares the Pandemic Depression to the Great Depression and publishes a telling “Edward Hopper” picture of 2020 mid-Manhattan:
    Their graph adds the Great Depression that was conveniently left off the one above. Literally the world is replaying 1929 again, except now it is with a fiat currency. Austerity is the equivalent of going back on the Gold Standard. This time, a World War would be an extermination event.

    WaPo continues to blame everything on Donald Trump and Russia not the ruling Plutocracy. Donald Trump’s “Denial, Mismanagement and Magical Thinking” defines the Elite. If there is fraud in Facebook giving 400 million dollars to state election offices or if Dominion Voting Systems were hacked, using it after the fact to stay in power is Republican hypocrisy.

    But, no matter, Joe Biden’s selecting of General Lloyd Austin as Defense Secretary assures that he has the Praetorian Guard at his back.

    in reply to: Cows and Acres and 1840 #67119

    My Grandfather had a farm. He immigrated with the knowledge and culture of the Swedish family farm. It got the family through the Great Depression with no income until the Naval Shipyard started hiring carpenters again. He sold it in the early 1950s when he could fulltime work in Seattle. This knowledge and culture are gone except for one great granddaughter that lives on a goat farm but is trained as a Pediatrician.

    I was raised with the tradition that the eldest son gets the farm. But that has disappeared along with the knowledge how to live without money. When civilizations crash and cash disappears, prepping is futile unless you are already off the grid.

    The fraying at the edges is impossible to ignore. My mailed Neflix DVDs are held up somewhere in the postal system. Operation Warp Speed apparently did not do any trial runs. We shall see if ZeroHedge’s CDC report of 3150 health impact events in 112,807 injections (2.7%) is real.

    A worthwhile plan is to survive the next five years by any means possible in the hope that democracy and a functional government are restored like the New Deal was in 1932.

    in reply to: Virus 1 – Media 0 #67068

    This is beautiful writing and wistful vision of reality; what is beneath the skin.

    Mark Shields Democratic pundit for 3 decades retired from Friday Nights on PBS’s NewsHour. I respectfully watch for decades. In a sense we were of a similar generation who passed through the military into civilian life. The last remaining Draftees are old and lame now and passing away like the WII and Korean Vets before. The US Army is dying; what are left are global mercenaries.

    The world turned upside down with the Iraq Invasion by the crazy Republicans but in 2014 the Democrats were just as insane with the stupid aggression against Syria and Ukraine. Mark Shields continued in denial. I belatedly awakened.

    The Coronavirus Pandemic documents the fall of the US government and the passing of the public health system and democracy. The sole purpose of life is to make more money for the global rich and die when no longer needed. Corporate media really doesn’t want you to see what is underneath – the “Blood Diamonds”.

    Depending on which political clan, Russia or China is scapegoated to keep the scam going.

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