Aug 132016
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Debt Rattle August 13 2016

Harris&Ewing Red Cross Motor Corps, Washington, DC 1917 • The Central Bank Bubble And The Suspension Of Reality (CNBC) • US Farmland Bubble Bursts As Ag Credit Conditions Crumble (ZH) • China Property Oversupply Dampens Growth Outlook (R.) • IMF Says China’s Credit Growth Is Unsustainable (R.) • Negative Rates Reduce Japan Big Banks’ Profits By $2.96 Billion (R.) • Airing The IMF’s Dirty European Laundry (Eichengreen) • UK Treasury To Guarantee Post-Brexit Funding For EU-Backed Projects (G.) • The

Aug 122016
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Debt Rattle August 12 2016

G. G. Bain At Casino, Belmar, Sunday, NJ 1910 • Private Lenders Increase the Risk of a Global Debt Crisis (TeleSur) • US Homeownership Dips to Lowest Rate Since 1960 (RCM) • The Next Huge American Housing Bailout Could Be Coming (TAM) • China’s Stimulus Efforts Show ‘Malinvestment Is Still Hard at Work’ (BBG) • The UK Is the New Engine of Bond-Market Distortion (WSJ) • A Really Vicious Circle Is Threatening UK Pension Pots (BBG) • IMF to ECB:

Aug 112016
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Debt Rattle August 11 2016

G. G. Bain The new Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge over the East River, NYC 1909 • ‘Deutsche Bank Must Be Nationalized’ (Express) • Deutsche Bank Capital Gap Larger Than Its Entire Market Cap (ZH) • Beware The EU Dog That Doesn’t Bark (IE) • It’s Not Going To Be Pretty: German GDP Set To Stall (CNBC) • The Worst Place In The World To Bank (Simon Black) • BLS Just “Revised” Away Obama’s “Fastest” Wage Growth Since The Crisis (ZH)

Aug 102016
Globalization Is Dead, But The Idea Is Not

Dorothea Lange Youngest little girl of motherless family 1939   We can, every single one of us, agree that we’re either in or just past a -financial- crisis. But that seems to be all we can agree on. Because some call it the GFC, others a recession, and still others a depression. And some insist on seeing it as ‘in the past’, and solved, while others see it as a continuing issue. I personally have the idea that if you

Aug 102016
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Debt Rattle August 10 2016

Lewis Wickes Hine Workshop of Sanitary Ice Cream Cone Co., OK City 1917 • Bank Of England Suffers Stunning Failure On Second Day Of QE (ZH) • Bank of England QE and the Imaginary “Brexit Shock” (AM) • Negative-Yield Debt Is Doing The Opposite Of What It Was Supposed To Do (CNBC) • The Private Pain of China’s Economy (WSJ) • Oil Companies Face $110 Billion Debt Wall Over Next 5 Years (BBG) • The Problem With Europe Is The

Aug 092016
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Meanwhile in Greece..

Jodi Graphics 2014 Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Greece had its spot in the limelight last year. It is now no longer famous. We have all moved on to bigger dramas, or so we think. The French feel they are the victims because of terrorist attacks, the British because of Brexit, Americans because of Trump. Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame line is as much about the average human being’s attention span as it is about anything else, like the

Aug 092016
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Debt Rattle August 9 2016

Harris&Ewing Woodward & Lothrop dept. store trucks, Washington DC 1912 • The Fed Is Losing Control of Global Monetary Conditions (BBG) • Are Negative Rates Backfiring? (WSJ) • Fannie And Freddie Could Need $126 Billion To Get Through A Crisis (R.) • UK Government Has Gambled Hundreds Of Millions On House Price Rises (TiM) • One In Three British Families Are A Month’s Pay From Losing Homes (G.) • Vulnerable UK Banks Still Pay Billions In Dividends To Shareholders (Ind.)

Aug 082016
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Debt Rattle August 8 2016

NPC Dr. H.W. Evans, Imperial Wizard 1925 • The US Market Has Been And Remains Today, The Last Ponzi Game Standing (Adler) • Priced Out Of The ‘Open Society’ (McKenna) • Shrinking Imports And Exports—A Far More Meaningful Counterpoint To BLS (Alh.) • China’s July Exports, Imports Fall More Than Expected (R.) • China Crude Imports Fall to 6-Month Low, Fuel Exports Surge (BBG) • China’s Great River of Steel Swells as Trade Tensions Build (BBG) • Draghi Jumps Brexit

Aug 072016
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Debt Rattle August 7 2016

NPC KKK services, Capital Horse Show grounds, Arlington 1938 • Globalization and its New Discontents (Stiglitz) • Brexit: This Backlash Has Been A Long Time Coming (O’Rourke) • The US LOST 1,030 Million Jobs in July -Teachers’ Summer Break- (Sanders) • China’s July Forex Reserves Fall To $3.20 Trillion (R.) • Bitcoin’s Latest Economic Problem – (Worstall) • Theft And Mayhem In The Bitcoin World (Coppola) • Over 100 Americans Are Rich Enough to Buy the Election Outright (I’Cept) •

Aug 062016
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The Media Choir Worked So Hard All Week..

Fred Stein Streetcorner, Paris 1930s The media choir worked so hard all week to talk down Donald Trump. A collection of headlines in the past 24 hours has the BBC going as far as: “Trump Campaign Teeters On The Brink”. Business Insider ran with: “Hillary Clinton Looks Like She’s About To Crush Donald Trump”. Bloomberg gets in on the action: “Trump Is Cratering’: New Polls Signal Deep Trouble for Republican Nominee”. WaPo does one ‘better’: ”A New Poll Has Trump