Apr 272019
Joe Biden Works for Donald Trump

Egon Schiele Death and the maiden 1915-16   Joe Biden is working for Donald Trump, right? I haven’t heard either of them say it outright, but it’s the only reason I can see that would explain why Biden is running for president. And if Biden works for Trump, that means he works for Putin, because Trump is Putin’s puppet, no matter how often Robert Mueller denies it. Then again, if we would suggest, purely hypothetically and for entertainment purposes only,

Apr 272019
Debt Rattle April 27 2019

Vincent van Gogh Pietà (after Delacroix) 1889   • The Big Mystery In The GDP Report – Where Did The Inventories Come From? (MW) • China Finds Dollar Hegemony Is A Tough Nut To Crack (WS) • Nearly 102 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now (Snyder) • Trump Makes Post-Mueller Vow To Release “Devastating” FISA Docs (ZH) • Blowback Is a Harsh Mistress (Kunstler) • Marina Butina Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison (ZH) • Labour Party

Apr 262019
Debt Rattle April 26 2019

Francisco Goya The dummy 1791   • Trump Has Just Taken The Biggest Economic Gamble Of His Presidency (AEP) • A Nation at War With Itself (Pat Buchanan) • Trump Attacks Democrat ‘Coup’ In 1st Post-Mueller Interview (RT) • US Is Investigating Assange Under Espionage Act – WikiLeaks (NP) • UN Special Rapporteur On Privacy Meets Assange In Prison: “I Will Act” (Maurizi) • Macron Responds To Gilets Jaunes Protests With €5 Billion Tax Cuts (G.) • Macron: Smaller Schengen

Apr 252019
Crossfire Boomerang

M. C. Escher Relativity Lattice 1953   From Twitter: Remember Spying on Trump was called “Crossfire Hurricane”? Well now it’s renamed to “Crossfire Boomerang”. BOOM. Karma!     From the moment the Special Counsel investigation into Trump-Russia collusion began, we’ve been presented with a portrait of Robert Swan Mueller III as a man of unassailable character, a straight shooter, as impartial as can be. But Mueller was director of the FBI for 12 years (2001-2013), he was the king of

Apr 242019
Debt Rattle April 24 2019

Giovanni Bellini Pietà 1474   • Bipolar Markets in the “New Mediocre” (Roubini) • Fed Key Interest Rate Keeps Climbing, That Could Become A Problem (CNBC) • Cut the Price and They Will Come: US New Home Prices At Dec. 2014 Level (WS) • Chinese Banks Are Running Out Of Dollars (ZH) • Hillary Outlines “Roadmap” To Trump Impeachment (ZH) • The Conspiracy Against Trump (Giraldi) • Theresa May Accuses Labour Of Dragging Its Heels In Brexit Talks (Ind.) •

Apr 232019
Debt Rattle April 23 2019

Eugène Delacroix Pietà 1837   • Donald Trump Plans State Visit To UK In June (G.) • House Democrats Subpoena Ex-White House Counsel (G.) • The Nervous Here and Now (Kunstler) • Chelsea Manning To Stay In Jail After Federal Court Rejects Appeal (RT) • The Trump Administration’s Iran Policy Will Hasten Imperial Decline (Krieger) • When the Non-Rational Trumps the Rational (Crooke) • Lower Mortgage Rates No Relief for US Home Sales (WS) • Greece Will Demand Germany Pay

Apr 212019
Debt Rattle April 21 2019

Rembrandt van Rijn The deposition 1632-33   • Yellow Vests Back In Action Despite ‘Unifying’ Notre Dame Disaster (RT) • Mueller Team Ignored Findings Of Former US Intelligence Officials (SP) • The Deep State vs. WikiLeaks (Escobar) • Julian Assange Put Through ‘Hell’ At Embassy, Says Former Diplomat (Sky) • UK PM May To Be Told To Quit By Top Conservative (R.) • London Home Prices Had Biggest Monthly Drop Since Lehman (DQ) • Battle To Save Amphibians From Global

Apr 202019
Debt Rattle April 20 2019

Tintoretto The crucifixion of Christ 1568   • UK Home Secretary: “Full Force Of The Law” Against Extinction Rebellion (G.) • Warren 1st Democratic Presidential Candidate To Call For Impeachment (CBS) • Admitted Russian Agent Butina Asks US Court To Be Lenient (R.) • Debunking All The Assange Smears (CJ) • An Empire of Bullshit (Jim Kunstler) • China Has Not Wasted A Single Penny On War (NW) • Juncker: There Is Still A Risk Of A Car Crash Brexit

Apr 192019
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They Were All Lying

Rembrandt van Rijn A woman bathing in a stream 1654   A dear friend the other day accused me of defending Trump. I don’t, and never have, but it made me think that if she says it, probably others say and think the same; I’ve written a lot about him. So let me explain once again. Though I think perhaps this has reached a “you’re either with us or against us’ level. What I noticed, and have written a lot

Apr 172019
Debt Rattle April 17 2019

Jacques-Louis David Coronation of Napoleon in 1804 in Nôtre-Dame Cathedral 1805-7 (10 metres wide, 6 metres tall)   • World Trade Suffers Biggest Collapse Since Financial Crisis (ZH) • Iran Parliament Declares US Central Command A ‘Terrorist Organization’ (RT) • CIA Director Used Fake Skripal Incident Photos To Manipulate Trump (MoA) • Affidavit Tries To Put WikiLeaks In Cahoots With The Taliban (ZH) • Suzie Dawson on Julian Assange’s Mistreatment (Unity4J) • Jesus Christ, Julian Assange: When Dissidents Become Enemies