Oct 312018
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Debt Rattle October 31 2018

Francisco Goya Witches’ Sabbath 1798   • US Calls For Yemen Ceasefire, Peace Talks ‘In The Next 30 Days’ (AFP) • Erdogan Urges Saudi Prosecutor To Find Out Who Ordered Khashoggi Hit (AFP) • Housing Market Now ‘Reminds Me Of 2006′ – Robert Shiller (MW) • China Debt Bomb Ready to Explode (Rickards) • China Factory Growth Weakest In Over 2 Years, Export Orders Slump Deepens (R.) • Ray Dalio Hails Paul Volcker As ‘The Greatest Man’ He Knows (MW)

Oct 302018
Debt Rattle October 30 2018

Pablo Picasso Sleeping peasants 1919   • Global Wildlife Populations Have Fallen By 60% Since 1970 (R.) • Alarm As China Eases 25-Year Ban On Rhino And Tiger Parts (BBC) • Climate Change Is ‘Escalator To Extinction’ For Mountain Birds (BBC) • Massive Canadian Glaciers Shrinking Rapidly (G.) • Fed May Have To Adjust The Way It’s Raising Rates (CNBC) • Amazon Shares Are Cratering – Down 6% Monday, 23% In The Past Month (CNBC) • China’s Economic Slump Accelerated

Oct 292018
Trump Is America's National Piñata

Mestre da Família Artés The Last Judgment and the Mass of Saint Gregory 1500-1520   It’s been quite a while since I first wrote that I resented the MSM (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC etc etc) for effectively monopolizing the entire discussion about Donald Trump. Don’t remember exactly when I wrote that, do remember Jim Kunstler sent a mail and thanked me for saying it. Because he felt- and feels- the same way. The 24/7 daily Trump bashing

Oct 292018
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Debt Rattle October 29 2018

Vincent van Gogh Roofs of Paris 1886   • Volcker Rebukes Bernanke and Yellen Feds (Whalen) • China Takes Delivery Of Massive Amount Of Gold From London, New York (Greyerz) • Getting Out: A Godfather Story (Ben Hunt) • Why Do Investors Hate Everything? Maybe Paranoia (BBG) • Desperate IBM Buys Red Hat For $34 Billion In Largest Ever Acquisition (ZH) • The IMF Has Learned Nothing From The Greek Crisis (Coppola) • Greece Reiterates €288 Billion Claim For Damages

Oct 282018
Debt Rattle October 28 2018

Salvador Dali City of drawers – The Anthropomorphic Cabinet 1936   • OECD Countries’ Retirement Assets Surpass $43 Trillion In 2017 (PiO) • As The Housing Market Stagnates, American Homeowners Are Staying Put (MW) • Economist Slams ‘China Model’ That ‘Inevitably Leads To Confrontation’ (SCMP) • Rand Paul Seeks To Punish Saudi Arabia For Khashoggi Killing (Pol.) • Saudi Arabia Says It Is A Beacon Of Light Fighting ‘Dark’ Iran (G.) • EU To Make Contingency Plans For A Second

Oct 272018
Debt Rattle October 27 2018

Pablo Picasso Mandolin and glass of Pernod 1911   • Global Selloff Erased $5 Trillion From Stock And Bond Markets In October (MW) • Dow Down 300 Points, S&P 500 1.7% In Another Wild Day On Wall Street (CNBC) • Jeff Bezos Loses $11 Billion In One Day After Amazon Sales Disappoint (F.) • Trump Adds A Global Pricing Plan To Wide Attack On Drug Prices (Tribble) • Swedish Central Bank Makes U-Turn on Cash as NIRP is Ending (DQ)

Oct 262018
Debt Rattle October 26 2018

Ernst Haas Greece 1952   • Expect a “Lost Decade”, Stock Market Rout “Only Just a Start” (Mish) • Asian Stocks Hit 20-Month Lows, S&P Futures Slide As Investors Flee Risk (R.) • Friday Hasn’t Even Started Yet, But It’s Already Ugly (WS) • ECB Keeps Rates On Hold But Reaffirms QE Exit Plans (CNBC) • UK Labour Pledges To Reverse Cuts And ‘End Austerity’ (G.) • Grassley Refers Avenatti And Swetnick For DOJ Investigation (G.) • World’s Billionaires Became

Oct 252018
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Debt Rattle October 25 2018

Pablo Picasso Circus 1918   • Donald Trump Attacks Media ‘Hostility’ After Attempted Pipe Bombings (G.) • CNN President Jeff Zucker Blasts Trump White House After Bomb Threat (THR) • Dow Falls 600 Points And Wipes Out 2018 Gains (MW) • Asia Pacific Shares In Freefall Amid Fears Over Global Economy (G.) • Value of Euro Zone Banks Drops by a Third From 2018 Peak (R.) • Spain’s Mortgage Market Seizes Up, Bank Stocks Sink, Legal Uncertainty Reigns • It’s

Oct 242018
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Debt Rattle October 24 2018

Paul Gauguin Fatata te Miti (By the sea) 1892   • The Stock Market Faces ‘Unlimited Downside Risk,’ Warns Veteran Trader (MW) • Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker Thinks ‘We’re In A Hell Of A Mess’ (CNBC) • Trump Says Saudi Crown Prince Could Have Been Involved In Khashoggi Killing (G.) • How Congress Can Force Trump’s Hand On Saudi Sanctions (CNBC) • Trump Has “Strongest Negotiating Position Ever” With China – Kyle Bass (ZH) • China Talks Up Stock

Oct 232018
Debt Rattle October 23 2018

Pablo Picasso Still life 1918   • Turkey Yet To Share Information On Khashoggi Case With Any Country: FM (R.) • Erdogan To Reveal ‘Naked Truth’ About Khashoggi’s Death (G.) • Turkey Believes MBS Bodyguard Took Khashoggi Body Part To Riyadh (MEE) • Khashoggi Case Has Put Saudi Prince Right Where Erdogan Wants Him (G.) • The Real Reason They Hate Trump (Gelernter) • Twitter Removes More Accounts Affiliated With Infowars (R.) • Facebook And Google Are Run By Today’s