Mar 222019
His Name Means Peace

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern leaves after the Friday prayers at Hagley Park outside Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand March 22, 2019. REUTERS/Jorge Silva     Dani Lebo is the wife of Nelson Lebo III, a regular contributor at the Automatic Earth. They are two Americans who have settled in Whanganui on the North Island of New Zealand. Whanganui is over 600 km (400 miles) from Christchurch on the South Island, but that is where Dani found herself

Mar 212019
Debt Rattle March 21 2019

Pablo Picasso Bathers with ball 3 1928   • Why The Fed Keeps Propping Up The Market (Colombo) • Fed’s New Balance Sheet Plan: Get Rid of MBS (WS) • EU Will Only Back Short Brexit Delay If May’s Deal Passes First (G.) • Remain Would Win Second Brexit Referendum Clearly, Poll Indicates (Ind.) • Theresa May: Don’t Blame Me For Brexit Crisis, Blame MPs (G.) • MPs Furious After May Blames Them For Crisis (Ind.) • New Zealand Bans

Mar 202019
Green New Physics

Johannes Vermeer The lacemaker 1669-71   You could probably say I’m sympathetic to the schoolchildren protesting against climate change, and I’m sympathetic to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her call for a Green New Deal. Young people are the future, and they deserve a voice about that future. At the same time, I’m also deeply skeptical about their understanding of the issues they talk about. In fact, I don’t see much understanding at all. I think that’s because they base their comprehension

Mar 192019
A Tide In The Affairs Of Men

Leonardo da Vinci First anatomical studies c1515     Sometimes we find ourselves merely pondering, not so much solving big problems. Is there playing out, in the world at large, or at least the world of men, something akin to the Kondratieff cycle in economics, a larger cycle, a force, a tide, an energy, that we mostly ignore, but which drives our ‘affairs’? Dr. D. thinks there may well be. But if so, what happens to free will? Dr. D.:

Mar 182019
Debt Rattle March 18 2019

Albert Gleizes The football players 1912-13   • How Boeing, FAA Certified The Suspect 737 MAX Flight Control System (ST) • Boeing’s Doomed 737 Max’s (Margolis) • The EU Has Never Had More Power Over Britain (G.) • Dutch PM Compares Theresa May To Monty Python Limbless Knight (G.) • 100,000 Children in UK ‘Could Become Undocumented’ Overnight After Brexit (G.) • ‘Pupil Poverty’ Pressure On School Cash (BBC) • With Brexit Approaching UK’s Voice In Brussels Grows Quiet (G.)

Mar 172019
Debt Rattle March 17 2019

M.C. Escher Gravitation 1952   • Steele Admits He Used Unverified Information In Dossier (CNN) • Even A Vacuous Mueller Report Won’t End ‘Russiagate’ (Stephen Cohen) • The Blind Leading the Deaf and Dumb (Kunstler) • EU War-Gaming For Fall Of May’s Government (O.) • Disbelief In Europe At Another Lost Brexit Week (G.) • ‘White Men Are Considered Everyone’: Ocasio-Cortez (G.) • Deadly Air In Our Cities: The Invisible Killer (O.) • Good Enough To Eat? The Toxic Truth

Mar 152019
David Holmgren: A Baby Boomers' Apology

Raphael The miraculous draught of fishes 1515     There are days, though all too scarce, when very nice surprises come my way. Case in point: yesterday I received a mail from David Holmgren after a long period of radio silence. Australia’s David is one of the fathers of permaculture, along with Bill Mollison, for those few who don’t know him. They first started writing about the concept in the 1970s and never stopped. Dave calls himself “permaculture co-originator” these

Mar 142019
Debt Rattle March 14 2019

Pablo Picasso Studio with plaster head 1925   • Zugzwang Brexit : How the UK Can Escape The Checkmate/Stalemate (English) • May Issues Final Warning To Tory Rebels: Back Me Or Lose Brexit (G.) • EU On No-Deal Brexit Motion: ‘Like Titanic Voting For Iceberg To Move’ (G.) • ‘No Delay From EU – Or We Elect 73 Nigel Farages Into European Parliament’ (RT) • US Grounds Boeing 737 Max Planes, Citing Links Between 2 Fatal Crashes (CNBC) • Battle

Mar 132019

René Magritte Personal values 1952   Commenting on my own essays has never been my favorite activity, because before you know it you land into Russian doll territory. But a few recent comments from readers have me rethinking that, for once. Of course I understand that my expressed views over the past two years and change on the era of Donald Trump and his presidency do not please everyone out there, whether they’re long time Automatic Earth readers or new

Mar 122019
Debt Rattle March 12 2019

Robert Rauschenberg Buffalo II 1964   • Theresa May Claims ‘Legally Binding’ Changes To Brexit Deal (Ind.) • Legal Uncertainty Hangs Over Brexit Vote (EUO) • May Tries To Claim Victory – But The EU Has Conceded Next To Nothing (G.) • Britain Must Leave EU By May 23 Or Hold Own EU Vote (R.) • Former Australian PM Calls Brexit Trade Plan ‘Utter Bollocks’ (G.) • Mueller Probe Already Financed Through September: Officials (R.) • Marco Rubio Accuses CNN